Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday Freestyles

Man oh man...


Thank goodness!

This has been one heckuva week. I've been doing double duty with this detail AND stuff in my regular work group. This Oldgirl is all tuckered out. I am looking forward to the weekend.

I've been doing double duty because some folks from another lab up in Kentucky needed some training, and that was all prearranged.  This week, the young man "Mark" did a good job, but he was all out of sorts.

"I am a hillbilly from a small town in Kentucky," Mark said. "I feel like a fish out of water."

"I bet you do," I replied. "Atlanta is a large city. There's a lot going on."

Yes it is a big city. And my work place is on the male ho stroll. I surely hope he didn't have any run-ins with the male prostitutes hanging out on the street next to the building. It's a trip that us employees have gotten use to them, and they generate as much interest as a squirrel running across the street.

I remember parking out front if I'd come in at 6:00 am on the street and them knocking on the car window.

"You going to work today?" they ask.

"Yes I am," I'd reply.

"You have a good day." And then the hustler would walk away.

Now I would be in my car, sitting there trying to have a moment of silence and prayer before I start my day. What the world would I be doing with a male prostitute? LOL

So I hope he didn't get approached. That would be O_O for someone from a small backwoods hillbilly town.

Welcome to the ATL!!!

Ha Ha.

The young man did give me some sage advice when I told him I'd worked a couple of 10 hour days and I was tired.

"My Daddy worked in a prison for 25 years. I'm gonna tell you what my Daddy told me. It was the best advice I'd ever had: Do your eight... then hit the gate!"

"Wow, I said.

Mark nodded. "Yes. Best advice ever."

You got that right, Mark. Good advice. I will keep that in the back of my mind as a Mini Quote of the Day.  

I don't have much to say today. Just taking a small break, and it isn't even my lunch break.

Well this has been a quote filled week... Here's another Quote of the Week:

"Do not allow yourself to evolve into a microcosm of other people's expectations."

You got the right. You better be careful or you might wake up one morning and look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. Be careful.

That's it for me.

Oh yeah...

What would you do if you were driving and you saw this craziness behind you?

*ladylee hits the accelerator and drives faster*

Gee. I would be glad to get out of the way of someone like that.

Now... What would you do if you're happily cleaning your house and you look up and see this same joker in your living room!

AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGH." screams LadyLee as she drops the broom and runs from the house.


Just who is that?

No need to fear. Milk and Cookies is here.

Stay tuned for more next week.


  1. I am all for do your 8 and hit the gate! Um, both would scare the mess out of me...

  2. Milk and Cookies !!!!!! That scarf thingy looks crazy like straight out of Sons of Anarchy. He is even looking crazy in that last pic.

  3. Whoa I was surprised to see that was your brother. Lol

  4. I've been putting in some OT for the last month. I can't wait until I'm asked if I'm staying over so I can say "I'm doing my eight, then hitting the gate"

  5. I just shared your thought of the day. One of my friends is always talking about not having expectations.

  6. Hey Milk and Cookies! I figured it out with the 2nd pic

  7. Lawd...i was Lee get a pic of her murderer? Why wasn't she running? O! It's Milk and Cookies! :) That mask thing is scary!

    Love do my 8; hit the gate. Sometimes that is really hard to remember.

  8. Hitting the gate after 8 is my motto as well. My days of pulling 12-16 hour days are OVER!! That pic of M&C behind the car reminded me of a movie that my Dad took me to see when I was too young to see scary movies. I think it was called "Tales from the Crypt" or some such foolishness. Death following you on a motorcycle -- scary as hell.

  9. It would not bother me seeing that behind me while I was in the safety of my car. I have seen ppl with masks on while riding. BUT in my house? We would have an issue! LOL. Glad to see it's just Milk and Cookies.

  10. 8 might don't make it ... Lol
    Behind me I would be good but in my house not gon happen.


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