Saturday, April 10, 2021

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

AKA Colors Inspired Blanket

(This is my first time posting from my phone. Let's see how this works out).

So I have been quite busy... here is a AKA colors inspired blanket I made for a coworker's retirement.

This is a second one I made for a coworker, commissioned by her husband.
Here are some close ups of the detail.

This is my favorite type of blanket to make. I know I have made at least 20 of them in different colors.

(Right now, I do not want to see any.more pink and green yarn. No sir. No ma'am.)

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Happy 51st Birthday to ME!!

 I would be remiss if I didn't do my usual birthday post. 

It is my birthday!

Birthday# 51!

Man...I do not know what to think about that. First of all, I am happy to be alive and here. I had no idea what I would be doing at age 51. Birthday #50 is always the birthday thought of, as it is a milestone birthday. 

But who considers Birthday #51?

This has been a rather quiet day for me. I got up and prayed. I folded clothes. I attended virtual church and had communion (a pecan and some hibiscus tea in a shot glass).

I have been crocheting today. LadyTee dropped by and we had a visit with me up on the porch and her out in the driveway. She and her mother bought lovely flowers and cards. 

I had a very good lunch. Salmon and yellow grits on a bed of veggies (kale, mushrooms, onions, cabbage, peppers).

It was good. I only ate half the salmon, though. That was too much salmon. Saved some for later this week. 

I am not eating flour or sugar or processed food right now... BUT I did have some milk free, egg free carrot bread special for my birthday. It was good. Forgot what bread taste like, lol. 

But it was a good day. And I always have some internal wisdom for the day. 

What I have been thinking about as of late... especially in light of all the political shenanigans, and in other areas also...

There is my perspective, and there is your perspective...

and there is TIME.

TIME is the truth teller... always. 

Let enough TIME pass, and we will find out the truth...

In TIME, every tree bears its fruit. The fruit of any and every situation is revealed in TIME.

That is the truth right there. 

All day, every day.

I am looking forward to what year 51 has to offer. I pray for a great year. I pray that I have the courage to face my fears and starve my doubts. I pray for personal growth. 

I pray to be better. 

Year 51... here I stand.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Night Fights: The 50 Edition

 Another week has gone by... 

And I am still at the house. And I am at the point of just accepting things right now. 

This pandemic is NOT my fault is my constant mantra. And I think it is sinking in. 

You know what felt good this week? It is that I have my work review coming up and I had a FULL page of accomplishments. A full page. I got work done while teleworking. And that made me feel good indeed. 

Also, I had some good meals this week. I am working on my meals being 75% vegetables. Not sure how that is working out. All I can do is TRY. 

Happy 50th Birthday! Two Icons celebrate birthday #50 this week... 

Mary J. Blige and Regina King! 

I knew they were close to my age, but I didn't know they were 50 like me! OH JOY!
I so look forward to what the future holds for both of these ladies! 

Meal of the Week: Another juicy salad. 

This is one of my go to meals during the pandemic. And it is not only tasty, but so good for me :)


Song of the Week. I haven't been listening to to much music, as my eyes have been glued to the television like everybody else. All this ish going on is BANANAS. Ugh.

Anyway, more Busta Rhymes... with Bell Biv Devoe


I love the '90s feels I get from this video.

So everyone in this video is 50 years old or older. Why do they all look so young!? 

Oh what a joy to be 50!

That is it for the week. My goal is to post more this year. I have been very bored, and I am posting on Facebook, which means I need to pay more attention over in these parts!

Have a great 3 day weekend! On purpose!