Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Freestyles



And it's PayDay!


And I just sat here this morning and paid all my bills, or lined them up to be paid. Something like that.

I'm at home, getting some work done on the house. I plan on going in sometime later, hopefully. Whenever they finish up.

So I am getting the house painted! And a few other repairs. But I am more excited about the paint.

And of course... the cats are all antsy about the noise. But they are dealing with it.

But I like how it's coming along.

Honeydew peach is the color. Not sure what that's about, but it's a peachy orange. Like a fuzzy navel drink.

You can see my house good from outer space. Yes you can.

Oh well. I think we have one or two more days, and we are done.

That's pretty much it for today. I just wanted to check in. Ya'll sure are reading, but not commenting. And that is fine. Heck, I might write something... crazy.

No I won't.


Have a great weekend. On purpose.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind (Can You Imagine?)

So uh...

What would you do if you walked out the house and saw THIS:


It would take a moment to register with me. I see myself blinking twice. The question "What the hell is THAT?" would not come out of my mouth, but it would fly lightning speed through my mind.

And then I'd scream so hard that I would faint. But not before taking my tail back in the house and closing the door. Closing the door hard!

Ain't that some craziness?  I thought  it was a small child at first. It even looks like it has on a pair of pants.

That's a close encounter of the worst kind.

Don't worry. That is a flying fox that is native to Austrailia. And it's a herbivore/nectiavore. That means no meat. They like nectar and they are good for pollinating stuff. (You  know I had to go read  about them).

But still...

I'm just glad that they are not indigenous to the USA.  Could you imagine a whole flock of those suckers flying over your head?

Got doggitt!!  That looks like something out of Jurassic Park. What the heck?  Can you imagine?

Not I.  No way. I don't even want to go to the zoo and see that.

And I live a mile from my city zoo. Every once in awhile, something gets loose. A snake, an owl...

But I would have to relocate if the flying foxes get loose (if they even have them).  And when they find them, then, and only then, could I move back home.

Only then.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


We’ve made this journey for well over three decades, this journey every March to my Grandfather’s grave site. Before we leave out the front door on the chosen day, my father would pour each of us an ounce of his father’s favorite drink: a glass of thick chocolate milk topped with frozen sliced strawberries.  We'd have a moment of silence, and it's so quiet that we can  hear ourselves breathe. And I wince every time from the brain freeze brought on by cold  fruit.

And then we make the long march to the grave. We walk a mile through dense woods, down to where the
river breaks from left to right. And right there, as the river turns, we rest. But only for a moment.

I get scared there, right at the river bend. Thirty years ago when I was a ten-year-old boy, we saw a bear, a big one. But lucky for us, a gentle wind blew, and the bear decided to follow the wind instead of following us.

After marching for awhile, we can see the grave from where we stand, covered in a thick blanket of bright green moss.

“Let’s clean Daddy’s grave,” my father says, his voice an odd mixture of excitement and sadness.

We his children are happy to oblige. The five mile walk is worth my own father’s sad smile. We clean my grandfather’s grave. We talk of good times long gone.  And after we pay our respects, we make the long walk back, the long march back home.

From: Workplace Creative Writing Group, Washington DC, March 17, 2015.

10 minute writing exercise: Use the following 12 nouns and verbs in either a poem or prose about MARCH. Title your piece “March”.

grave, pour, bear, breaks, rivers, rest, moss, follow, wind, turns, door, breath

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lucy Junior turns 100,000 Miles

On March 17, 2015...

While speeding down I-20 East from Atlanta to Covington...

A 16-year-old Lucy Junior turned 100,000.

(My goodness. Someone please remind me to dust the glass!  Wow!)

So glad to capture the turn. And I am so glad that Lucy Junior is still going strong!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Good Monday Afternoon

Good Monday Afternoon.

I could say I had a very long busy weekend, but I didn't.

I planned on working yesterday... but I didn't.

I looked out the window. I saw the dreary rain. It wasn't cold, but cold enough for a jacket. And I noticed my house was quite warm. So I closed my paper blinds and went  back to bed.

Actually I figured out that I could do what I wanted to get done at home. I spent an hour typing up some instructions yesterday. I also made up a detailed list of what I needed to do today. That took me all of 45 minutes to do.

So... I am officially finished up in my prior workgroup. GLORY!! *lee cartwheeling out of lab*

And now I can concentrate on my new workgroup. I have been here for some 6 weeks. Hopefully the other group will leave me be!

Nerdy Moment. So... besides the release of Kendrick Lamar's new CD last week (which left me close to fainting), something else happened.

(Please allow me a Dr. LadyLee nerd moment. Thank you).

I ordered a special book, something that could be a good reference for my new position. It came in:

My secretary peered at me curiously as I hugged it close and did a happy dance. I even sniffed the book pages, lol.

"Look at the structures," I said.

Oh that is some loveliness. 2238 pages of loveliness. 500 page index.  200 pages bibliography.

Ohhhhhhh, that is going to be some GOOD reading.

Sorry, I just love structures. My doctorate is in organic chemistry, and I don't do that anymore. I could sit around and draw the structures ALLLL day long. All day long. All the live long day!

*lee holding book closer and humming an old negro spiritual*

I cannot WAIT to read it. I almost took that book home this weekend. But it's as big and heavy as a telephone book. So I left it at work. Sigh.

Okay. That's it for my nerd moment. Back to regular programming.

Song of the Week. "Living All Alone" by Phyllis Hyman..

I love old early 90s R&B diva videos. The women are DRESSED all the way up. Sharp. The hair is perfectly coiffed. And the hats. My goodness. Such a throwback.

RIP Phyllis Hyman. It's been 20 years this year since her death. Gone but not forgotten.

That's it for me. I HOPE to post all week. I have lots of pics to load up. But we will see.

You have a good week on purpose.