Monday, January 21, 2019

Martin Luther King Day 2019

Today is MLK day. And it's a national holiday.

Years ago, people fought to deny him a holiday. But you can't deny an American icon, a man who lead such a pivotal part of American History.

If he'd not been assassinated, he would have been 90 years old today.

Alas, that's not the case. We have the memory of him and all he did.

This day, I do not volunteer, but I take time to remember and pontificate.

And to simply enjoy the day.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

TWELVE Thursday Thoughts

Twelve Thoughts! On a Thursday!

1. I started this on Tuesday, wishing it was Thursday. And now it is Thursday. Soooo happy about THAT! The weekend is nigh. I can feel it!

2. The dayum gub'ment shutdown is STILL full in effect. LAWD. And they got the nerve to call people back in to work without pay. Stop it!!

3. We are hostages. Sister Callie Jo has the hostage face I have right now.

4. All I know is that they better figure it all out before a doggone plane fall out the sky. That is all.

5. What is interesting is that I am working and still getting a paycheck. And I am fine with that. Wasn't expecting it, though. And we have to figure out special timesheets and they BETTER be correct. You should see us up here filling those things out, like we are trying to solve a crossword puzzle.

6. But one of our directors was up here in my cubicle area visiting (and partaking of our group candy) and she was hollering out loud "What happens if your group runs out of money?"

7. As I watched her chew hard on miniature snicker bars, I thought I would have to rebuke her in the name of Jesus. Ain't nobody got time for that.

8. Do you notice that the CDC is not furloughed? You have not heard one peep out of the CDC peoples. Doesn't surprise me one bit. A disease is not going to stop just because there is a furlough.

9. This has been such a wonderful day. I got two surprises I wasn't expecting. Had me saying "Look at God." Glory!

10. This hasn't been the best eating day for me. So tonight I will have some type of salad for dinner.

11. Happy 55th Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama!!

Black cracketh not. No it does not. That is what "be best" looks like. And you know folk are JEALOUS, because they are always trying to say she is really a man. She is not. She is a beautiful woman. Amen.

12. Happy Birthday Betty White!

97 years young. She is one of my favorite actresses. And my heart jumps whenever she is trending in them twitter streets, because I think they may be announcing that she has passed away.But she didn't. I think she will make it to 100 and beyond!!!

That's it for twelve Thursday Thoughts!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A Special Visitor

So a special visitor stopped by my house on Sunday afternoon.

And he donned some interesting shoes.

"Dude, your shoes don't match,"
I said.
Of course he didn't pay attention to me. He took them off continued laughing and playing.

My special visitor was my nephew Justin. And my sister said his shoes, his mismatched shoes, are the new style.

I'm good with that. I was just happy to see him. With so much going on right now, it's rare to see him these days.

But he is growing up! He is growing up so fast.

And he loves to pose for pictures.

(And as you can see, he loves to drool, too).

And he has the best coats.

Kentucky found it at the Thrift store. She probably paid $5 for it. That's a deal.

Justin is always snazzy. On the cheap!

It was good to see him. He has all the energy in the world. I remember looking at him wondering "Does he take naps?"

I guess he does. But not really when he's with me. I can only wish I had his level of energy.

But it was so good to see him.

Even if I am worn out from chasing him to and fro.

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Special Birthday Memoir- Grandma

Today is January 14, 2019. It is the day before Martin Luther King's January 15 birthday.

And January 14, 2019 was also my grandmother's birthday. She was born January 19, 1929.

She passed in June of last year. If she would have lived, she would have been 90 years old today.

It is a blessing to live to be 89 years old. I know we all would hope to live that long.

I must admit I miss her so much. For so many years, I would call her up early on her birthday and wish her a happy birthday. I always remembered because she is one day older than Martin Luther King would have been if he was alive.

And we always played a game. I was born when she was 40 years old. So she would always break down my age based on hers.

I could not call her today, for she is no longer here. And if felt so strange.

My blog is some 13 years old. I am happy for that because I have so many pictures here. And it was nice to go back and pick out some old pictures of my grandmother.

It was nice to take time to remember her.

Grandma with her first great-grandson Champ.

Grandma with her walking stick, for just in case she needed to smack a dog upside the head.

I'd attended my paternal aunt's funeral near her home one Saturday, and I surprised her with a visit. She was sitting on her front porch cracking walnuts.

Grandma standing on her front porch. I was trying to leave, and she always watches me get in the car and drive up the street.

Grandma with two of her great-grandson's, the Milk and Cookies crew, Shawn and Tristan, aka Milk and Cookies Jr. and Milk and Cookies 3.0.

Grandma with her great-granddaughter Mya. She bugged me until I drove her over to see her.

My grandmother and grandfather, and my mother and auntie. This was back in the 50s, around the time of the Korean conflict.

Grandma on her front porch. I'd arrived to take her to one of her doctor's appointment.

Grandma with Milk and Cookies some 12 years ago. We'd gone to Red Lobster to have lunch, and to see him in action on his very first job. He was 16 or 17 at the time.

A visit with Grandma some 6 years ago after she'd been in the hospital.

A picture of Grandma at her oldest niece Virginia's funeral. Grandma loved a good funeral.
Grandma holding my sister Kentucky's baby. He was definitely a preemie here. And grandma was so happy to hold another great-grandson.

A picture of Grandma from the 70s. She was looking so serious.

And finally, Grandma's shock at seeing Milk and Cookies tattoo. That was a hilarious day.

These are but a few of so many memories that I have of my grandmother. But it was so nice to go back and relive all these wonderful memories.

I only wish I could sit and talk with her one more time.

I miss her so so much.

Rest in peace, Grandma.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ten Thursday Thoughts

I wrote this first as Ten Tuesday thoughts, then I realized it wasn't Tuesday. Then I got happy! Because the weekend is one day away. GLORY.

1. Whew wee... this has been a mentally taxing week. Why? Because there are only 10 people working in the whole building. Talk about eerie. I miss the busyness of the cubicle area. I miss the conversations and laughter of my coworkers.

2. With that said, I am ready for this daggone gub'ment shutdown to be over. I cannot believe that congress is allowing this.

3. Thank goodness for Nancy Pelosi and the women of congress, because most of the male members are Ken dolls. (If you don't understand what that means, go buy a Ken doll and pull his pants down. What do you see? That is all.)

4. Interestingly enough, I have to work during this shutdown. I may or may not get a paycheck. Who knows. I will not allow myself to be stressed, because...

5. The Lord takes care of me. That is all.

6. I had my appraisal hearing. I think it went well. They need to visit my property and measure my house, something like that. Information is wrong in the county system. So, I will wait around with that. Hey, as long as they lower my property taxes, I'm good.

7. I have to make sure that I keep up on my water intake, as I do not want to end up back in the hospital again. So I bring water to work.

8. Look at that glass bottle of water. That is some spring water from Italy. There is nothing like water out of a glass bottle. This particular bottled water has NO aftertaste. So that makes me want to drink it even more.

9. But lo and behold, look what's over behind all of that bottled water. Hmm.

Soda! Pomegranate soda! Ugh. I would love to drink it, but it ain't water. It's been sitting off in the back of my cubicle for 6 months, though. I will just leave it there until I can share it with someone.
10. I am coming to work earlier since the shutdown began. I do not like being one of four or five people in the building after dark. It feels good to get home in the evening while it's still daylight! I may have to keep this schedule.

That's it for Thursday thoughts!