Thursday, May 26, 2016

Quote of the Week

I tell you something I don't quite understand.

What is the uproar over which bathroom the transgender use all about?

I don't know if I've ever been in the bathroom with a transgender person. Why don't I know? Because I really was concentrating on getting into a stall and peeing. Point blank.

So I don't understand what the hoopla is all about...

I mean, is it THAT much of a problem.

I know we have a transgender person near my workplace. Several, really. What is interesting about this particular one is that she is a dead ringer for Gabrielle Union. Dead ringer.

With that said, how do we know who is a man or who is a woman? Are they sending people to check? What kind of chaos will that cause?

Just questions about something that I think is much ado about nothing...

I really don't care. Just get out of my way, because I just gotta pee, man.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Free Stuff (Blessing)

I get free stuff from time to time.

The Cowgirl Cre has become quite the Coupon Queen lately. She called me yesterday wanting to know if I liked Zatarins rice.

I said yes, but only the Dirty rice. Haven't tried the others.

"They don't have that one. They have the jambalaya and red beans and rice." She went on to name other types.

"I like the Dirty rice, man," I said, a hint of disappointment clouding my voice.

Honestly, I would've taken any type of rice she offered.

After all, you know how I feel about free stuff.

*"Blessing," Ladylee whispers softly to self.*

She looked around behind other boxes of rice and found some dirty rice.

"I'll bring it to you tomorrow," she said.

And when I arrived at work, there was a bag on my desk. I looked inside. She left not one box of rice, but three boxes of rice.


I  whispered to myself as I held up a box  of  rice...


A blessing indeed.  Free blessing.

"This will last me the rest of the year," I told her later.

Her eyebrows raised high at my words.

LOL. I use a box in the summer, one in the fall, and one for Christmas. 

Stretch it out, man! Stretch the blessing out!!!  

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Freestyles...The Hot Sauce Edition


And it is PAY DAY.

And lo and behold, I haven't gotten much done today. This big project I have been working on is pretty much over. I have been doing a load of paperwork for the past month sparsely sprinkled with church jogs back into the lab to redo experiments that didn't come out right. Glad it is all over. I think it's suppose to crank back up again. I will lay quietly in a corner, balled up tightly in a fetal position hoping that no one will assign me to the project.

Enough of that! Today is Friday!

And UberEats has been giving away free hot sauce for our bags all week long.

It was a take-off on a line from Beyonce's "Formation" song.

"I got hot sauce in my bag swag..."

The advertisement gives that away...

The thing is that I didn't pay much attention to this, as hot sauce is one of the cheapest condiments you can buy. BUT today I looked it up and this hot sauce is $8 a bottle.

If I would've known that, I would've ordered it all week long.

"Peri-Peri" is a type of west african seasoning. It's a mix of over 8 seasonings, and I tend to buy the $20-a-pound powdered version at my local natural foods store. I only buy a tablespoons worth,  which comes out to about 40 cents or so.

So you know I had to get up for this free hot sauce!

And it's good stuff too. I tasted a drop of it. Still feeling it an hour later. But  it is a great feeling.

Anyway, this has been a decent week. I attended an off-site instrument seminar yesterday, and they let us go pretty much after half a day. They even provided us a free lunch.

Now I just have to get up the nerve to ask my boss if I have to use my leave hours because we were let out of the seminar early.

Ain't my fault that we were let out early. Humph.

But this has been a great week... Hot sauce and all.

Song of the Week. So I like to listen to music when I'm cleaning up the house. I had my 80s playlist going, and this song came on. "Special Kind of Fool".

Bet you haven't heard that one in a long time.

Oldie but goodie... indeed.

That's it for me!

Have a great weekend... on purpose!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tales of the Market

One of my favorite places as of late has been my local Municipal Market.

It's not really a farmer's market, per se. Well I don't consider it such. But maybe it is. I can get fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood, and such there. And they have some great restaurants, including an afro-Caribbean and soul food restaurant. I believe they even have a place serving Venezuelan street food.

Now, I go because there's a great juice place there called Rawesome Juicery. I would get one of their juices through Uber Eats and I was thinking that this place is down in the Sweet Aurburn avenue district and it's the halfway point between my house and my job (I live 4.5 miles from work).  Ain't nothing to just stop by and get some juice and save the delivery charges.

And I am particularly interested in some of their cut-up vegetables.

I've had some of the cut-up greens and they were great.  There's a place that sells fresh cut fruits and that's always convenient.

But what's interesting is that this place was called "The Curb Market" when I was a child. It's the Municipal Market now. But I did find a sign showing it as "The Curb Market".
Anyway, I have some funny memories of this place. It was my Great-grandmother's favorite place.

You read that right. Great-grandmother. So this goes back some 40 years at least.

I remember her saying many a summer morning, "Lisa, get up and get your bath, because we are going down to the curb market today."

My 4-year-old little self did not care for this. It meant getting out and walking a mile to the bus stop and catching TWO Marta buses downtown to the market. And once we got there,  I was a bit horrified by the sight of whole pigs hanging upside down from clothesline.

It was a bustling place with people hurrying to and fro. And at times, there were flies everywhere. This was overwhelming to my little 4-year-old self. There was nothing worse than seeing a dead pig covered in flies.

I don't remember what we bought. I was just ready to go. I just didn't like the long bus rides and the walking to the bus stop. I think about it every time I see the railroad over near my grandmother's house.

We use to take the path and walk way up the street and down a hill and wait for our bus. The bus was only 15 cents back then, and I remember gripping my nickel dime tight in my hand so I wouldn't lose it.

But I just couldn't stand the place. I remember wanting to just be back in house near the house fan. I would rather be playing with my dolls and not on the long journey to and from the farmers market.

I promised myself that when I grew up I would NEVER go back to this place. EVER.

And some 42 years later, I changed my mind. I decided  to go, and I am glad I did.

It's a nice place. No pigs hanging on clothesline. Not a fly in sight. Thank goodness for that.

I am so happy that it is near my house, some 2 miles away. They even have a small vintage book store. I take a bagful of books whenever I go for donation.

So that's my tale of the market. It took me 42 years to get back there. I guess it's okay for us to change our minds, even so many decades later.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tales of the Beams

My cats love the beams that criss-cross my living room.

Not much time goes by (usually every few days) that I'm trying to leave for work and I'm trying to locate cats that one or both of them are laying up on the beams looking down at me.

They don't care if I'm about to be late to work. There is more of the attitude of...

We gonna lay here and be quiet and watch this fool run back and forth downstairs looking for us.


I just be trying to make sure neither one of them is all shut up in my bedroom all day without food, water, or the litter box. 

But something interesting happened the other day: there was a stand off on the beams. And it lasted some 15  minutes, both of them standing erect as statues, chests out and at attention.

I let this go on. It's usually them just trying to get around each other. But this time, Callie Jo was intentionally blocking Mitch's exit from the beams. And he wasn't happy about it. As a matter of fact, Mitch would reach out and take a swipe at Callie.

And she would block his paw with some awesome Karate kid wax-on-wax-off ninja moves.

I was laying on the sofa watching television... and watching them. This was interesting to watch for awhile, but I didn't want either of them to fall the 10 feet to the ground below. I was not interested in spending any amount of money getting any broken bones mended.

So I yelled at them.

"What the hell wrong with ya'll?  Ya'll better stop all that mess!"

They didn't scramble or jump in fear of my booming voice, but the look they gave me was CLASSIC.

That look says... What in the world are you yelling for?


Soon after my shouts, Callie left the beams, and Mitch followed close behind.

I'm not sure what they got into after that.

I was just glad any potential high-beam fights were thwarted.

Thank goodness for that.

This all makes me wonder what they get into when I'm not home...