Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Freestyles

It is Friday!

And on top of that, it's a 3 day weekend.

Well for me... it's a FOUR day weekend, as I do have Monday AND Tuesday off.


I have much to do around the house. But the outside of the house looks a bit spiffy, as the grass was cut and the hedges were trimmed.

(My bushes look a bit suspect. They remind me of the asymmetrical hip girl's haircuts of the eighties. Hmm).

I think I need to wash down my front porch, free it of the pollen dust. I will spend no more than thirty minutes on that.

What I really want to do is prop a sign up in the bushes that states "No my house is not for sale. Take ya'lls azzes back to Alpharetta."

I got a letter in the mail from a realtor that owns a house on another street. Apparently, she has rented it out to some fellow name "Tommy". And the letter states, "You know Tommy, don't you? He walks his dog."

No I don't know Tommy. And a lot of people walk their dogs.

And my house is not for sale. Now SCAT.


Gentrification... When white folks do things in the spirit of Christopher Columbus, calling themselves discovering what was already.


Magic Shoes, Part II. So I jammed my toe a few weeks ago, and it's still in the healing stage. The swelling has gone down considerably, but I still can't wear regular sneakers. (As a matter of fact, I looked for my white pair of nikes. They are gone, and I can't find them. And that is fine by me. For now.

So for now, I am rolling with some cheap mesh sneakers.

They are a size too big, but they have memory foam and they are not harsh on my feet.
They don't match much of anything, but this Oldgirl is trying to heal.

I've jammed my little toe and my big toe in the past, but never a toe in between those. I want it to hurry and heal! I am feeling a bit incapacitated. I can get around, but if some mess jump off, I won't be able to get out of dodge quick enough. And we can't have that can we.

No we cannot.

That is it for my Friday Freestyles. I have a song of the week, but it is not on Youtube. Sigh.

Lots of good things planned for the weekend. Hope to get it allllll done.

On purpose.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ten Thursday Thoughts

It's been awhile since I have done a thoughts post, hasn't it?

So here we go....

1. Every time there's a terrorist attack, I think about the fact that we can plan for the future as much as we want, but in reality, we can't know what's going to happen in the next 5 minutes.

2. Who would've ever thought FOX news would be in third place in the cable news standings. How did that happen? Oh how the mighty fall. And when they fall, they fall hard.

3. This is a reminder to me, along with other things, to not plant bad seed. For we always reap what we sow.

4. I think one of the worse seed ever planted in the political arena was that President Obama was not an American citizen and that he wasn't born in the USA. No one ever apologized, i.e., dug up that bad seed. I am wondering what the crops reaped from that will look like.

5. So now there is a black Bachelorette. I watched the first episode, because I want to support the sister, but I'm not big on reality TV. But I wonder how this will all turn out. Will she meet the man of her dreams?

6. I will say what the old folks say about the whole situation. "Don't you get out here and embarrass us in front of these white people."  (Did any of you ever hear that craziness when you were growing up?)

7. Flynn said that he is pleading the fifth amendment. I don't blame him. Unless he gets full immunity, he should not say a daggone word. Nope.

8. Yet at the same time, it pisses me off that I as a 19 year government employee, had to fill out all that darn background paperwork (twice- I think we have to do it every 10 years), and then get sweated for leaving out where I was a month between jobs some 30 years ago. Humph.

9. I need a haircut, but my barber Soho has moved to South Carolina. Lawd help me with this 6 months of hair growth!

10. Work is so quiet since my friend in the cubicle across the aisle left. I remember getting all teary eyed this week, because I miss something as simple as kindness. I miss someone being happy to see me every day. Sigh. You never know what's important until it's gone.

Luckily the new person who moved into her cubicle isn't a jackass. I would have had to string up a thick curtain in my cubicle. Now I don't have to.

That's it for Ten Tuesday Thoughts!

Make it a great day!

On purpose.

Monday, May 22, 2017


So I finally got advanced copies of Atlanta Noir in the mail!

(Available for sale on August 1, 2017)

It contains my first ever published short story "Ma'am".

I can't tell you how exciting it is to see my name in print!

I got all misty-eyed... right there in the driveway of my house.

And that is alright.

Yes it is, honey. Yes it is.


*church spins in my driveway*

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Night Fights- The Onion versus The Sun


What a week it has been!

As I parked my car in the garage this evening and lowered the garage door, I reflected on the week. And I am just thankful to see the end of yet another week of my life.

Today was payday! And that's a great thing. I don't get much done on Pay Day, as the blinds of my mind are half closed. I should have been working from home, as I have been doing much technical writing over the past couple of days.

But I was reflecting because this week has been mentally exhausting.

Mentally exhausting for us ALL.

Today is day 120 of the Trump Presidency.

One question:

What the world is going up at the White House?

What the world?

Is it just me, or has there been some new scandal each and every day?

It reminds me of an onion.

The onion is being peeled, and more layers are exposed.

Just when I think things can't get any worse (or ridiculous) by the day.

Like I said, it's just mentally exhausting. And I don't care to watch the news, but I listen to a few political shows on my satellite radio app and...

It's too much.

I gotta give it to Comey, though... I TOLD YA'LL he was about to do some Shawshank Redemption on our beloved president.

If you haven't seen Shawshank Edition, then you should put aside 2-3 hours this weekend and watch it. I myself am going to watch it to refresh my memory.

Somebody answer me this, though....

How is it that Comey basically hands you the presidency, gift wrapped, pretty bow and all?

And then you fire the man?

And then you go so far to threaten the man? On twitter of all places!

And you don't stop there...

You call Comey, and I quote, "crazy, a real nut job".

Who does that??

My president does it.

(Yes he is MY president. I pay taxes. So I claim him as MY president).

Comey got something for him though.

Comey got them RECEIPTS.

He said he would testify in a public forum.

EVERYBODY is going to be watching that. EVERYBODY.

I think he's gonna snap, ya'll. And we will see more of this:

I am just FLOORED though. How do you fire someone, threaten them, then call them names?

I would have never dreamed that things would go down like this.

The only thing worse would be if folk started turning up dead. You do realize some 5 russian ambassadors have come up dead in the past 6 months. One man was even thrown out of a window.  And that window wasn't on the bottom floor of the building.


I think we, the United States of America, are better than that. I hope we are.

One thing that surprised me is that Comey said he was "mildly nauseous" concerning his role in this election.

Who wouldn't be?

And he STILL lost his job? That should've ensured him a job for life!

Oh my... this is taking up too much rental space in my brain. TOO MUCH.

'Tis like looking at the sun.

For FAR too long.

And you know what happens when that happens, right? You look away and YOU still see the sun. It's like it's burned into your mind.

Comey got something for them though.

Every time someone ask me a question, even on my way to testify, I'd tell them to go dig up the Song of the Week.

(And it happens to be my favorite piece of "trap music" right now, even though I don't fancy that genre very much).

I hope Comey can bounce back after this.

I hope he hires some bodyguards or something. Let's just face it: it will be hard for him just walking around the grocery store or catching the train, because you have folks like me walking up on him whispering

"What the world was your thinking?"

And let's hope he doesn't run up on some avid Trump supporter.


I hope he has a lawyer.

And I hope he gets a lucrative book deal.

And I hope he testifies and bares his soul.

Yes indeed.

With that said, I am looking forward to a good weekend. My eyes won't be glued to the news, but I have much to do around the house. I have some reading and writing to do also. So that's enough to keep me extra busy.

On purpose.

Have a great weekend!