Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

Ten Thoughts!

On a Tuesday, no less!

1. I am enjoying the nice cool ATLien temperatures these days. Although I admit it was a bit jarring to go from 98 degree days to 70 degree days and at times 40 degree nights. That is a big swing!

2. I refuse to turn on my furnace until November 1st. I want to take advantage of a month or so of low utility bills. But lets just say I was around the house shivering quite hard a couple of nights.

3. This has been my favorite salad in the past couple of weeks.

I wish I had a chef who could make that for me EVERYDAY! Every single day!

4. Song I'm listening to right now: "Nothing has Ever Felt Like this" by Rachelle Ferrelle and Will Downing

How GREAT is that song? My goodness! That is REAL music! I miss it much.

5.I am ready for the weekend. It cannot get here fast enough.

6. I hate that I feel this way, as it means that work is boring and meaningless. Hopefully this is just a short spell of time of it feeling like this. Or maybe it may mean that it's time to make a change.

7. I don't eat after 5:00 pm most days. I only drink water. And I notice I sleep a lot better. No more late night eating for me, especially after 6 pm at the latest. That is a goal for the 2020 season, though.

8. I am currently trying to get my mind right for the Christmas season, meaning getting ready to give out some cheap and useful gifts. That means plenty of cookies!

9. Are ya'll watching The Watchmen?

I am, but I am confused as hell. But I am down for some Regina King and Yahya Abdul Mateen II.

 ALL DAY. I will watch whatever they're in. Yes ma'am. Yes indeed.  Black love on the screen, man. I do not know what the hell I am watching, but my eyes are glued to the screen. Glory!

10. What I'm listening to right now: "Is it Still Good to You" by Ashford Simpson.

That too is a GREAT song. As you can tell, I like old music, because today's music is HOT garbage compared to this. Smoking hot!

That's all for Ten Tuesday Thoughts!

Have a great evening!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Freestyle Fridays: Them Good Shoes

Happy Friday.

And I am glad it is Friday. Would be nice if this was a payday, tho.


Shoe of the Week. Anyway, there's nothing like a good pair of shoes. I have a favorite pair that's in desperate need of repair, and so I need to work on that. Next time I see some shoes I really like, I will buy two pair, and put one pair away. Because it is hard for me to find good shoes.

But, I ran up on my workplace Mom, Lady P. And that woman knows some good shoes.

I happen to run up in her office and have a seat next to her. She was busy as usual, and she allowed me to jibber jabber while she tried to concentrate on sending out emails. I know she was busy, and I don't usually bother folk too much, but she has the patience of God when it comes to me. I saw her office door open and just wanted to see her.

While I was going on and on about something of no particular importance, I looked down at her feet. She had some designer sneakers on. NOT, Nike or Adidas... none of that.

She was donning some Louis Vuitton sneakers.

"Mama!" I hollered. "Look at them shoes, girl! That's them good shoes!!"

"Yes, these are some nice shoes. I like these. I don't wear them often."

I wanted to ask if they were fake. Like, if she got them from the local discount mall. The discount mall gets busted pretty often around these ways for carrying counterfeit merchandise.

But I didn't ask her, because I knew they were real. Mama like them good shoes, you see.

"I bet your daughter Mia looking for her shoes right now. Give her shoes back."
"Unh-unh," she said. "These are my shoes. Mia tries to raid my closet."

I would too. Because those are some good shoes.

"Turn around and let me get a pic of the back of those shoes, Mama!"

Yes those are the real Louis Vuitton shoes right there. Those look like they have pieces of the brown classic LV purses affixed to the back.

"Girl," Mama said, "when you get my age, you like to have nice stuff. You get what you like, you know?"

"I know that's right," I said.

Since I am getting up in age, I thought I'd go on and look up those shoes. Maybe I could run up to LV store in Lenox mall and get a pair.

When I saw the price, I just closed the website down. I will just pay my mortgage instead.

Maybe one day, tho...

I will just stick with my $50 sneakers for now.

But I love Mama's shoes. That's them good shoes.

Song of the Week. I try to post whatever song I've been listening to all week. I have 2 songs, and I cannot decide what to post. So I will post both.

"Trippin'" by Total.

"Don't Wait for Me" by Morris Day.

Both of those songs were songs that randomly came up on my Spotify streaming lists, and both had me like "Oh!! I remember that song!" I can remember the state of my life and what was going on when those songs came out. Some songs just transport you back to a place and time. A pleasant surprise indeed!!!

So I have had those songs on repeat.

That's it for Freestyle Fridays.

Have a great Weekend! On Purpose!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

When the Peppers are HOT...

So I made a visit to my favorite local farmers market on Sunday.

I love hot peppers, and I saw a pepper I'd heard about but never seen.

GHOST peppers.

I only bought a few, as I didn't want to just didn't want to eat them whole or even cut them up in food. They are too hot for that. In fact, they are the second hottest pepper on record (1,000,000 SU. (The Carolina Reaper is the hottest at 1,500,000 SU).

No, I wanted to dry them and make some infused olive oil. I like to use infused pepper oils for sautees. They give a great flavor. 

So I dried my peppers in my oven, as it has a drying setting that I rarely use. I dried them for 8 hours overnight at a low temperature.  Here's the result.

They look burnt, but they are not. I placed them I a plastic bag and crushed them up. I tasted a piece the size of a grain of salt and thought my head was going to pop off. That little bit was potent and HOT!

I remembered that I had some African birdseye chili peppers, aka African devil peppers in the cabinet. I keep these around.

I keep a baggie of these around. One or two of them flavor up a dish. They are hot, but Ghost peppers are up to ten times hotter.

But here's the result. The tall bottle is the ghost pepper oil, and the short bottle is the African devil peppers oil.

Aren't those lovely? I bought the bottles at a Container store on Saturday for two bucks each. Those will sit up in a kitchen cabinet in the dark for a couple of weeks. The oils should be good and hot by then.

I tried a little of the African devil pepper oil to sautee some two chicken thighs this morning. I used a half teaspoon of it, and dilute it the skillet with more oil.

It was good, and it was hot. Not the blow your head off hot, but noticeably hot and spicy.

Alas, I am afraid to try the ghost pepper oil. I may not recover. Maybe that bottle will just be... ornamental. Something very pretty to look at.

But it was something fun and different. I was thinking of making these and giving them as Christmas gifts.

I can do it, but maybe I should try it with a milder pepper.

Much milder peppers.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Meals of the Week

 Here are a couple of my favorite meals this week.

I try to make sure I eat my raw veggies during the week. Salads are the best route to this goal.

Now, what's interesting here is the radish.  It's called Watermelon radish. It's named from its very apparent similarity to a cut watermelon.

It was interesting. It did not taste like watermelon. It taste like radish. I am not a big radish fan. But it makes a very pretty addition to a dish. I'm not running to the store to buy it. It was on a salad bar, and that's as good as any reason to try it.

My second favorite dish was my bootleg version of barbeque shrimp!

I caught a special on head-on shrimp. For some odd reason, I couldn't get it as hot as I have in the past, and I didn't feel like fighting with it. But it was quite good with some warm French bread. Made me feel like I was in New Orleans all over again!

Good stuff!