Friday, June 24, 2016

Milk and Cookies Picture Show, Part III

So... I don't know what I time I woke up last Friday morning. But I was all excited because my nephews were at MY house. Still, so unexpected. I rarely have folks over, so this was such a treat.

And of course, I was taking pictures again... EARLY in the morning.

Milk and Cookies Junior was the first to wake up and get his shower. He was running around the living room, and I snapped a picture on the stairs.

No one is this bright-eyed and bushy tailed that early in the morning.

(Note: You see the cat kennel sitting there. But there are no cats. Callie and Mitch were hiding out under my bed. They want NO parts of children. Nope!)

Then it was time for them to eat breakfast. My brother had cereal for them.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any milk.  Well, I had almond milk.

 I explained this to them. Even their father was looking at me half crazy. I poured a little in a cup for them to taste test.

My brother said "That's interesting."

I could tell by the scrunched up look on his face that he didn't like it.

Both of the boys tasted it. The oldest said it was alright, and would be okay for his cereal.

The youngest didn't like it. "I like cow milk," he said.

So he decided to eat his cereal dry.

Sigh. I would've had some for him if I knew he was coming through.

Of course I bothered them while they were eating cereal.

I think I was bothering them too much.
I think they wanted to eat in peace. Whatever. I know the next time I see them, they'll be taller than me. So I'm taking pictures!

But all was well. They finished up their cereal and were all smiles...

I have a ton of candy in the fridge. It's for Sharbucks, our bootleg Starbucks at work. I poured it on the table so they could choose what they wanted.
Now this was interested. They each picked six pieces of candy. I gave them baggies for the candy,and Junior labeled the bags.

They even counted their candy.

I asked my brother what was up with that. Children will grab ALL the candy they can.

"They are very conservative," my brother said.

I guess so.

And they were AMAZED at my television on top of a television.
I told them that their other Auntie bought the bottom television at a yard sale for $35. I would feel bad getting rid of it. And the top television is hooked up to my Roku.

They have a Roku at home, so they were ALL about that.

We hung out for a few minutes. I needed to go to work, and they needed to get on with their day.

Of course I took a few more pictures outside. 

It was so good to see them...

My brother with the beard, tho...

It was such a good visit.

I only thought I would see them at our grandmother's house, but it was good to get time with them there.

I told my brother to give me a call when he arrived at our grandmother's house on Saturday. Maybe I would come over.

Well he called me up... and I went on over.

And I am so glad I did... because the look on my grandmother's face from getting to spend time with here great-grands was priceless...

Stay tuned. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Milk and Cookies Picture Show, Part II (Sleepy Milk and Cookies)

(Click here for Milk and Cookies Picture Show, Part 1)

There is something about children who try their best to stay up late with the adults... it almost never works out.

I can remember it not working out for me as  a child. And it didn't work out for my nephews Milk and Cookies, Jr. and Milk and Cookies 3.0.

Both of them stopped and dropped. They fell asleep where ever they happen to be sitting.

Milk and Cookies Jr. was the first to drop, around midnight, right there on the couch beside me.

Oh my... he sleeps like he has a bit much on his mind.

There was no snoring, though. Just a little tossing and turning...

I was just ready to jump and make sure he didn't roll off the couch.

Now that other one, Milk and Cookies 3.0,  was hanging good. But he went to sleep some 30 minutes later.

I  was more concerned about him because he had some contortionist craziness going on. But he appeared to good and sleep.

My brother finally took them upstairs and put them in the bed.

Of course I took more pictures.

I didn't want to take pictures.

I wanted to shake them awake. They are so interesting. I wanted to talk to them more.

But that's not going down at 1 o'clock in the morning.

I stayed up and talked to my brother for another hour or so. I wanted to stay up longer, but I had to go to work in the morning.

I would talk with them the next day.

Stay tuned.

A Milk and Cookies Picture Show, Part I

So... I was sitting at home, minding my own business and I got a call from my brother Milk and Cookies. He wanted to know if he and the boys could spend the night.

Back up a minute.

Now I knew he was in town. I knew he wasn't here to see me, so my thing with him was to make SURE that he went by our grandma's house. ALL she talks about is his sons.

"Lisa, you know Kari say he gonna bring the boys to see me... blah blah blah."

That is ALL she talks about. So I told him that if he stops by there, then call me. I live 10 minutes away and I can get a chance to see the kids.

But, he wanted to come spend the night. OH JOY. Such a surprise.

I was sooooo happy to see them! I haven't seen the oldest one since his first birthday (he is six now), and I have never met the youngest one (he's four now).


(Whatever that means. It means I was very happy!)

I just kept grabbing and shaking and touching them. "Ya'll are so big and so real. And ya'll can TALK!!"

(I know they talked bad about me later. "That auntie... she is real crazy.)

Here's a picture of the whole Milk and Cookies Crew.

Milk and Cookies Senior has a beard now. I don't care for that. I still think of him as 5 years old, which means no beard. Clean shaven. And his voice is deep. I am not use to this.

I miss my brother so much. He use to be my running partner. Sigh.

Here's a pic of the whole family. 
Such a good looking crew! All teeth.

Another picture of the boys.
They are such delightful kids. I forgot how much fun it is to talk to little peoples. They had me laughing so much.

Stay tuned for more pictures.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ten TUESDAY Thoughts

Here we go with my extra special thoughts.

1. Today is Tuesday. I put TUESDAY in caps because I woke up this morning thinking It's Saturday. I'm so glad that I don't have to work today. 

2. How sad the moment was when I realized that it is really TUESDAY. So very sad.

3. I've been much too lazy lately. I think it's this heat, because it's HAWT in the ATL.

4. They say that it's 120 degrees in Arizona. So I guess the ATL's 95 degree heat is actually not that bad.

5. Someone has a VERY nice fan in the lab. They put their name on it, but I I have to admit that I thought about shoplifting it. Then I thought better of it.

6. I have no idea what I will eat for lunch today. These crackers that I'm snacking on will not do.

7. I have some training today, though. This may mean there will be no lunch. Sigh. But that means that I will just leave early. (Glory).

8. When it's hot out like this, I want something cold to eat. Very cold.

9.  I still have the bootleg TV set up going on in the living room.

Yes. It is bootleg. But I refuse to get rid of that tube television. My sister Kentucky purchased it at an estate sale for $35. She thought enough of me to buy it. I miss my sister.

10. Two little guys were completely intrigued by the two televisions.

"Auntie, why do you have one television on top of another television?"

*ladylee can't answer because ladylee is CHEESING too hard because she gets to hang out with the Milk and Cookies crew (nephews)*


To be continued...

Thursday, June 16, 2016