Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Freestyles


And it is PAY DAY!

And as usual on payday, the blinds of my mind are at half staff. Pretty much closed, really.

And I am thinking of the upcoming thanksgiving holidays! I have a 5 DAY weekend!


Oh the things I will get done. Or better yet, the DREAMS of the things I will get done.

And it is alright to dream.

I know one thing we will get done: gumbo.

I asked my sister what she wanted for Thanksgiving since she and I will be spending that time together. She thought about it and she requested the gumbo. I sent her the recipe that I posted on this blog years ago ("The Original Oldgirl's Gumbo Recipe").. (And until this day, that is my most popular blog post searched in google).

She didn't want to make it herself, though.  But she wants me to watch her make it.


Wow. And I guess I will do this while holding the baby.

"Okay, Kay.. Keep stirring that roux until it turns the color of a penny. Okay, Justin is crying right now. Let me take over while you breastfeed him.When you finish, come back and give him to me. And finish this roux."

Yeah. That's how that's going to go.

We can make gumbo. And the best part of that is teaching my sister how to make it. Now, no, we are not from New Orleans, and the recipe was not passed down from some family matriarch. But I lived there and I had my share of good bowls of gumbo, and I know what I like! So I have a recipe that I've used over the past 15 years that leaves me satisfied. So yes, I will watch her make it.

But I wanted something for myself. And that is this right here.

Stuffed acorn squash.

I posted up the recipe a year or so go ("An Acorn Squash Tale").

That is quick and easy. I will basically throw the french doors of the refrigerator open wide and stuff the squash with whatever vegetables are there.

So that will be our Thanksgiving. And we will watch movies, movies, and more movies.

Song of the Week. So I went to lunch with a coworker. This is special because I don't go out to lunch with people. I may go no more than 5 times a year. And I save hanging out for lunch for people who have a good positive affect on me and my life. We went to a local korean street eatery and bakery, Sweet Hut, in midtown. They play an interesting mix of contemporary pop music. It was all music from the past couple of years, meaning that I didn't know any of it. I do NOT listen to current radio at all.

But then they messed around and played some old Michael Jackson.

Man, I had to do ALL I could not to bust out crying.

I told my coworker, "I'm going to go back to the lab and pull the Thriller album up on my Spotify!"

And I did. My favorite song on the album is "Lady in my Life".

Oh how I miss Michael Jackson! He had his problems, but the music from 30-40 years ago was AWESOME.

The last song by him that I like that I listen to often: "Heaven Can Wait".

That song is SO good.

That's off his final CD. Sigh.

He died in 2009. That is over 8 years ago. Wow.

Gone too soon. Music was his legacy. I am glad we still have that!

Well I am off to my weekend. And it will be a GREAT one, whether it is or I imagine and dream it to be!


You have a great weekend, too. On purpose!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Moon Grapes

Someone brought these to work. And they were very excited about them.

"What are those?" I asked the coworker who brought them and placed them in the general area for all to enjoy.

"Oh, those are moon grapes," she said, with way too much glee. "I got them down at Publix!"

I nodded.

But I didn't get any. Nope. They look mad crazy.

I'd never heard of them. And I didn't eat any.

Those grapes look special, They look like something we would see while stranded on an island and we were starving for food.  And we came across a tree with some bizarre fruit hanging from it.

I would still wait for someone ELSE to try them first because they may be POISONOUS!

Nope. I passed on those. I may try them...

Maybe next time.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Of Wallets and Reunions

So... a couple of months ago I had the opportunity to attend a family reunion on my father's side of the family. I considered this a challenge because first, I don't really know these people, and second, the older I get, the more I don't care to deal in crowds. So with that said, I saw the family reunion as a great opportunity to not only be around my own kin, but as a much needed opportunity to tackle these minor social anxiety issues that are creeping into my life as of late.

The interesting thing is that my father's family is as quiet and calm as myself. This is hilarious to me, yet it makes me understand more about my personality.

And it also afforded another opportunity: running up on one of the popular local outlet malls.

I felt bad about this because, when having a phone conversation with a cousin about the location of the family reunion, my eyes lit up.  I said to her "That's down there by the Tanger Outlet. I want to go to the outlet! I haven't been there in 20 years!"

I was thinking that in my head and it somehow slipped out of my mouth. There's an Oldgirl at work that has a Michael Kors wallet and we discussed it maybe being at the outlet. Hmmm.

So at the reunion I heard the question a couple of times... "Did you get a chance to go to the outlet?"

Yes I did.

I stopped by Michael Kors. And I went to the Coach outlet, which was nearby. I didn't have much time. I should've gone down there a few hours early, but I didn't. But I bought a few items.

There was some odd 70% off  sale. I only went for one wallet, but hey, I saw some others that I wanted.  I purchased some wallets for around $100 total!

I only went into the Coach store to look around. But I bought that small Coach wallet also.

I wasn't all that interested in Coach, though.


Because I have a Coach edition car!

Look close!

I always tell people that you can attach a strap or handle to my car and it would be a very fine purse for a dinosaur!


It was a good trip to the outlets, and a good family reunion. I was glad I went. My father's side of the family, and I've noticed this whenever I am around them, are some very kind, quiet and calm people. It makes me understand that part of my personality better. And it definitely helps me to accept myself as I am with glee.

Those important lessons (and a few nice wallets), are a good thing!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Freestyles... Holiday Edition

It is Friday. And I am off because Veterans Day is tomorrow. So since Veteran's day falls on a weekend, we get the closest weekday off. And that is fine with me.

This has been a pretty quiet day. I have a 1000 things I want to do this weekend, but alas, it is all in my head, and it's all a dream. I will most definitely get 1% of those things done.  And I am fine with that.

It is officially Autumn. Yes I know that the first day of fall was awhile ago, but I know it's officially fall when I see this:

Disposable bags of leaves at the curb. My lawn man has been busy at work raking up leaves, I see!

So today, there is some HUGE child molestation mess going on with Roy Moore, who I think is running for Senate in Alabama. Now, you would think that this would mean automatic dismissal from the race entirely, but nope. What's going down in Hollywood is not going down in Alabama.

They are saying it was so long ago. And "if it's true" jargon is flying left and right.

What it says to me is that they are sanctioning pedophilia.

No one sanctions that. But a special case can be made when they are trying to get some things done, you know.

Got to erase that black man's legacy, by any means necessary.

That whole Roy Moore scenario happened 40 years ago. Sorry, but that would have had to have happened yesterday, and it had better been caught on camera. Then and only then will it be acknowledged and action taken. But not now. Nope. Pedophilia- who cares.

And this is my thing: this man is way heavy on the legalism and religiosity. WAY heavy. This is ALWAYS a signal that they have some serious ingregious mess going on in their backgrounds. If we pull back the heavy velvet black curtain of their lives and take a look, we will see some straight craziness. And that's what we have here.

Hmm... Just my opinion.

Quote of the week. This quote comes up in my thoughts a lot these days. It is from Abraham Lincoln.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him some power."

Power magnifies character. Money does too, I should add.

And I am seeing it in context now, where all these powerful men are sexually harassing women. And we are seeing only the very tippy-tip of the iceberg. You know that. We would all probably pass out from stress if EVERY woman with a story of her run-in with sexual harassment surfaces.

Let's just say I've never met a woman who doesn't have a story to tell. Including me.

If you don't have a story to tell, consider yourself lucky.

Song of the Week. I love this song AND the cheesy video! "Don't look any further"

I LOVE that song. And that video is the cheapest EVER. Still great though, even better than these glitzy million dollar videos.

That is it for me. I am going to enjoy the rest of this day by working hard at crossing off stuff on my "To-do" list.

And I'm going to enjoy this weekend too! You do the same!!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Best of October 2017 - Grandma, Transport Chairs, and Grandchildren

This is the most important piece of equipment I've bought in the last couple of years.

It is a "Transport Chair". I'd gone to a pharmacy on the southside to buy it. (LadyTee had bought one for her aunt awhile ago and let me know where to get it).  I wanted it for my grandmother, as I take her to Emory Hospital for her medical appointments from time to time. She walks super slow, yet she somehow wants to blend in with the crowd and walk just as fast. That's not good. And I thought hard  about a solution to the problem.

So I decided to buy a wheelchair. And when I walked into the pharmacy to ask about a wheelchair, they told me about the transport chair. (Just that fast I'd forgotten the name of what I needed just that quick). They put it together and showed me how to use it.

My sister cautioned me on presenting this option to grandma. "The elderly don't take well to that type of thing," she said. I said it would be easier for us both. Well, I showed her the chair, told her the plan and she was all for it.

She took to it well, and she enjoys being transported back and forth.

Just like she took to her new great-grandson Justin well. I heard from my sister that she enjoyed seeing him for the first time!

I think this is her 6th great grandchild. There are now 2 girls and 4 boys. And she has gotten to spend time with them all. (Even though Justin was knocked out during his visit).

When I took her to the doctor last week, she talked about her time with Justin. And she could hardly get her whole story out without being full of giggles.It felt so good to see the joy in her eyes and hear the joy in her voice.

Later that evening, after I'd taken her home after her appointment, I thought about our time together. I thought about how she is like a child now, and how I prayed that I would have patience in helping her get to her appointments. I did, and I was happy for it.  And I was happy to talk to her about her about her new little great-grandson.

That had to be one of my best memories from October 2017. And it's something I'll never forget.