Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Freestyles

I, Mitchell Eugene Lamar, Esq. . .

. . . Would like to wish you a joyful holiday season.

And I would like to remind you to always be fair and considerate during this time.

And always strive to be... proper.


Don't he look all polite and proper?

And that's what he is. He looks like he acts. Although he is beginning to pick up some of the Good Sista Callie Joe's habits.

I snapped that picture a couple of days ago. He figured out that the best way to watch me cook and clean the kitchen was to prop up on the couch back cushion.

He's been a very mannerable and polite cat so far. And Callie Jo is accepting him now.

Catnipped toys have had them both been slayed in the middle of the floor

Dinner together on fine china paper plates is always great.

He has discovered and taken a liken to the beams over the living room.

But with all that said, Sista Callie Jo has been keeping her eyes on him.

She gotta watch and mean mug him, just in case a sucka wanna buck and act crazy. She don't have time for any foolishness but her own.

Yes, he seems to be adjusting well.

All is well over here in these parts of the ATL.  The weather has been cool, somewhere in the 50s. I can get away with wearing a hoodie instead of a jacket.(I still don't own a coat).

The most significant thing I've done all week is get some electrical work done on the house. I blew out my doorbell and a couple of outlets around the door over the past couple of years. I decided when the outside light blew out that I needed to get that fixed. I live in the hood, so the house needs to be lit up at night.

This is my last full week at work, and next week I work only Monday and Tuesday. After that, I have a full 10 day weekend! Won't be back to work 'til next year!


*church shout*

And I have a TON of things to do while I am off chore-wise. Making a list already!

I haven't been Christmas shopping. I have a $100 budget, so there won't be much shopping going on.

I am trying to get my Christmas dinner menu together...

Baked Fish
Pretty fruit bowl

...That's all for now. I will figure out the rest this weekend. I'm trying to come up with an interesting soup. I will look through my magazines and find a recipe.

Song of the Week.  This song is one of my all time favorites. I was glad to come across it on youtube. Haven't heard it in a very long time... Melba Moore "It's been so Long".

That's an oldie but goodie!

Alright... here we are, not far from Christmas, and not too far from a brand New Year!

You only have a few more days to make it allll happen. Get those resolutions done!

No resolutions for me.

Like I always say, I don't need a resolution, I need a revelation!


Have a good weekend. On purpose!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Quote of the Day

I love good quotes. Here is one from one of Cowgirl Cre's relatives....

"Negative people need drama like they need oxygen. Stay positive and take their breath away."

You got that right.

Some folks you just have to figuratively suffocate.

And not feel bad about it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Favorite Gifts (Part I)

I'm kind of funny about Christmas.

I don't care for the commercialism of it all. As a result, I like to give homemade gifts.

When my brother and sister were teenagers, they would ask "Lisa, what you want for Christmas?"

This would irritate me something awful. "Just go find a nice rock and paint and glitter it up and paint my name on it."

My sister Kentucky would roll her eyes. My brother Milk and Cookies would offer the *blank stare*

Likewise, I like to give homemade gifts. And my budget for Christmas is a mere $100. Gotta get creative when I'm dealing with that amount.

So I have gotten some interesting gifts from folks at work. I got lotion from Lady M, and oranges from Sushi.

You see the lotion bottle in the picture. That's not what I am talking about. Well, Lady M gave it to me a couple of years ago. I remember her saying one day, "Girl, you're ashy," and handing me the bottle of lotion on her desk. She then left it to me when she left for Africa for a year. And as you can see, she placed "No Ash" on the bottle.

It is rare to hear of Caucasians who know what "ashy" is. She is quite passionate about it. It is hilarious, but I am glad for it.

But what is of interest here is the lovely creme flower in the palm of my hand. Lady M made those and gave those to her coworkers. They are her special concoction of cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax, and I tell you, a little goes a long way and they smell sooooo good.

Lady M is my "African American" friend. She lived over in The Motherland for over a year, so she gets a pass.

Now to the oranges. Sushi gave me those. She is the youngster our group. There was some fundraiser downstairs in another department, and this is the second year she's bought a bunch of oranges.

I peer at her curiously over all this. "Why they don't sell chocolate candy like everybody else?"

But they are her oranges. And she gave me a couple.

"Christmas Oranges!"

Long ago, one of my late coworkers told me that as a child, he and siblings received oranges for Christmas.

"And if there was more money, we also received nuts."

I laughed at this. You give a child a piece of fruit for Christmas, and you might get it thrown back at you.

I also read that the slaves got oranges for Christmas from their Masters.

I thought about all that as I grabbed a couple of oranges out of Sushi's box of oranges.

And I thought about how far we have come.

And how far we still have to go.

Because, you know, life just won't be right if you don't get that new iPhone or 60 inch TV for Christmas. Your Christmas just won't be right.

And we all will have to hear you complain about how horrible your Christmas was.

Just terrible. Horrible!


Just give me my nice homemade gifts. Made by hands with love.

Just give me some fruit. Something to give me the vitamins and hydration I need.

As long as it's from the heart.

That's all that matters to me. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hello there, Mitch!

There's a new fellow in the house.

Mitchell Lamar! Or Mitchell Tyrone. Not sure what he's going to be named.  I may name him Eugene. That's what my brother's name was suppose to be. Or maybe Samuel Lamar.  Or maybe Mitchell Samuel Eugene Lamar Tyrone. Who knows. He hasn't really told me his name yet.

His name is Mittens, but I like full human names. Just in case I need to get a SSN for him and do some tax stuff. (Just kidding).

Most likely, his name will be Mitchell, after LadyTee's dog that just died. Rest in peace, Mitch. She's always had a dog named Mitch, even since high school.  And you know Tyrone comes from the late Oscar-Tyrone.

He's such a sweet kitten. Very quiet. Very loving. So velvety soft. And he likes to cuddle and head butt me. But he is very quiet.  Maybe he's just getting use to new surroundings.

He's a month younger than Callie Jo, but outweighs her by a pound. 

I love his little white tip tail.

He'd been trying to sleep...

And then he actually got a little shut-eye.

It wasn't a great idea to do that, because there was Sister Callie Jo to consider...

You can tell... she is PISSED.

She is furiously writing in her Diary of an Angry Orange Woman. Writing hard in big bold angry cramped crooked letters.

"Sister Callie," I had to keep saying. "Sister Callie, calm down."

It was funny when I first walked in the house with him. He jumped out the box and saw her and was like "Oh, a cat. I will walk up to her."

Callie's eyes got big and she expanded to twice her size and was walking on tip-toes.

Mitch backed up. I could see it in his eyes. 

"This broad is crazy."

So she is all angry and scatting left and right.

He stayed in a cage last night. And he wailed most of the night. No sir, can't play with you. Callie was on alert, circling his cage early on before I went to bed. 

He's in an upstairs bedroom now, his "safe place".  (I didn't get this all together, as I was told that the adoption would be in a week or so). But I did all that this morning.

I have to keep them separated. I will switch their bedding in another couple of days. And as soon as they start playing under the bedroom door, then I will let them get together.

Then they can DUKE it out.

I think Callie will win that one. It's her house. And he is so docile.

I hope he will even her out a little.