Friday, October 17, 2014

HaPPy 50th Birthday to the Uncommon One, Chele

I want to say a extra special Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers CHELE!!!


A Happy 50th Birthday!!!!

And this is what 50 looks like on Chele! 

Ummph, Ummph, Ummph.

That Chele don't look a day over 20.

I wish I could look that way at my age of 44. Might don't make it, ya'll. Nope, might don't make that one.

I look at her and think... "Lawd... I wish I could be uncommon like her."

She is uncommon... meaning unconventional, unusual, atypical, extraordinary.

Don't forget exceptional and noteworthy.

She is uncommon. In other words, Chele is ALL THAT and a bag of chips.

And like the caption reads in the picture above...  

"If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."


Chele has had such a powerful influence over the way I look at things over the years. So many times I've prayed about problems and I turn to one of her posts, and all the answers are laid out right before my very eyes. I have loved her transparency in so many of her posts, and I have learned much from her willingness to self assess and make the necessary changes. And that's saying a lot in this world that has the mentality of "I'm right and everyone else is wrong". With her, it's more of "I see a problem and I want to change to make things better and to make things right within my ownself".

And we know that true change comes from within.

I have never met her. She came to Atlanta one time several years ago, and I had a fleeting thought of asking if I could meet her... if only at a stoplight or in the Wal-mart parking lot.

But I was afraid. It would have been like that scene in The Color Purple, when Shug was leaving, and Celie wanted to say something... But she fainted.

Chele hollers  "Hey LadyLee!" in the Wal-mart parking lot.

I try to speak. But my words are caught in my throat. And I faint. I pass out on the hard concrete.

No way man. I would not embarrass myself like that. Un-unh.  So I just left it alone.

I will be like Celie, and just follow from afar.

She is iconic in my minds eye... so uncommon. Almost to the point of being mythic.

So Chele, I wish you a Happy Friday... and a Happy Birthday.

And I end with one of the quotes I've posted in the past that you seem to like.

"Don't discuss your uncommon dreams and goals with common people".

Dear Chele, the dreams you have had over the years are very uncommon, even recently. I have sat by and read what you've dreamed, and I have whispered a silent prayer of agreement. I have hoped your dreams, these uncommon dreams, will come to pass.

And I see that happening, right before my very eyes.

And what a blessing it is.  No hate from me... just a standing ovation and a mighty hand clap of support.

So here's to 50. 

Your 6th decade of life has begun.

And I am more than sure that you will uncover more layers of yourself, and make even more discoveries of who you are and find out just how far you can go...

I am sure you will reach more of...

The Uncommon.

Much love, Uncommon Original Oldgirl.

Enjoy your day...

From your fellow Original Oldgirl...


Monday, October 13, 2014

RIP Oscar-Tyrone... October 1997- October 13 2014

Oh man.

I tell you it was so hard to go and find Oscar-Tyrone gone this morning.  It was to the point that I didn't want to go check on him. I knew he would be gone. But when Tazzee texted to ask how he was doing I said not too good. I'd just woke up and wasn't looking forward to it. But I opened the hall closet door, and looked in.

And there he was, looking as if he was sleeping peacefully. All day yesterday, he would look up, and he would look up at me with that familiar surley scowl, as if to say "Gal, would you close that door?"

He didn't look up this time. He wasn't asleep. I shook his shoulder.

He was gone.

And I cried.

Poor Callie Jo is all confused, not knowing what's going on. She sat and watched wide-eyed as I put on some latex gloves and grabbed some plastic bags and removed his body. I placed him in a box I had ready for the past few days next to the closet.

That was so hard. But I was ready. But man... my heart wasn't ready.

He lived a good 17 years... He was my ex-husband's cat and he didn't want to break our cats up. So I was a little miffed that I had to take care of him. I guess it was just that he was a constant reminder of love lost.

But the Oldcat grew on me. He became more surley over the past couple of years. I guess a bad liver and gall bladder had him like that.

But 17 years is a long time. He has lived in many places, even in New Orleans.

And ya'll know how he do with his party beads...

Yes. He knew how to keep it gangster.

That's OT for you.

No one mean mugs like him. Human or animal. No one.

And there were many times when I was running around looking for him, only to find him staking me out from the beams above my living room.

He hasn't been well enough to get out on those beams in over a year now. I missed him out there.

And he even tried to get along with the feisty Callie Jo... She spent time grooming him in his last days. I think she knew that it was time to get serious and not give him a hard time.

Dear Original Oldcat...

Thanks for hanging with this Oldgirl for all these years. You were so good. Too good for me.

And now you're gone.

Thanks for always being there with me...

Rest in peace.



Friday, October 10, 2014

Get Yours...

I have three college degrees, and this young lady makes me want to go BACK to school and get some more education.

They tried to shoot and kill her to silence her... but it didn't work out like that. She's more vocal than ever.

And she has just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Take that, haters of women getting an education. 

Good for you, Malala... get yours.

And let us all be sure not to take getting an education for granted.

Friday Freestyles

It's Friday...

And it's PayDay.

And it's a 3 day weekend, seeing how Columbus day is on Monday.

I may turn it into a 5 day weekend. Or at least a 4 day weekend.

This Oldgirl needs some time off. Really.

We will see.

I don't have much to say today. But I do want to post.

I just got off yet ANOTHER national conference call. Somehow I ended up on this expert panel concerning something we do in the lab. It is not making me great because they are trying to initialize a new program and I am getting a box full of confusing emails from 20 different folks.

Do me a favor. Leave me off the email thread. Please and thank you.

And everybody uses such big words and such strong scientific language. I want to send out an email saying "Can ya'll bring this back down to earth?"

They are making my brain hurt.

Yeah, I know all ya'll are smart. We all got the same degrees. But make this ish simple and plain please. My head is not all the way in the game.

I heard one of my coworkers, Dr. Ling, ask a question on the call. So when the call finally ended, I marched across the hall to her cubicle area and we had a 10 minute vent/discussion about it all. We each filled in the O_o spaces for each other. I feel better now. And she does too. 

(I like her. And she's teaching me some Chinese. I know 2 or 3 phrases. I consider myself fluent now. Yes I do.)

But I am reminding myself to add this expert stuff to my resume when I do an update. Yes indeed.

Otherwise, it has been a good day. It has.

Quote of the week.  Uh, I have no idea. Let me look up something in a book I am reading.

Nerp... those are too deep for you. I am still trying to process it all myself.

Moving on.

Video of the Week. I saw this on Facebook today. It gave me life.

That is awesome. It takes me back to my 7 year old self, and how I would wake up on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons and then watch Soul Train at 11:00 am.

Fast forward to present times. Saturday morning is filled with news programs. And most of it's bad news.

Oh how I wish for the Saturday mornings of my childhood.

I am looking forward to the weekend. It's going to be a good one. On purpose.

You have a good weekend too!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ten Thursday Thoughts

I am so sorry, but I haven't felt much like blogging. I think it's because I am have a lot of food for thought posts in my head, and that takes up so much time. So for today, a Ten Thursday thoughts has to do.

1. I am enjoying these nice autumn days. My bank account will enjoy it more, as my electric and gas bill will be quite low due to ambient temperatures.

2. Someone is standing behind me talking to someone in another cubicle. It seems like he or she is introducing some salesmen around. (Luckily I am on a conference call right now, so I don't have to deal with the false pleasantries). The problem is, one of them has a strong onion smell, almost enough to make my mouth water. I know it's not me, because I haven't had anything since this morning's kale, blueberry and pear smoothie. It is quite distracting.

They just walked off. Thank goodness. Whatever they ate for lunch must've been REALLY good. Really.

3. Oscar-Tyrone is just a shell of his old self. It brings me to tears. Sigh. I take him outside in the evenings when I get home and let him lay in the grass until dusk. He can't run away, so he might as well enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. He walks over and explores behind the shrubs, and he walks up and down the porch stairs... slowly. If he gets much worse, I will have to have him put to sleep. Sigh. I am not sure I can take that, though. I want him to pass peacefully at home.

Okay, no more of this sad thought. Man.

4. I can't seem to wake up before dawn. If I wake up and it's dark, I go back to sleep. And it doesn't get "light" outside until 7:30 in the morning. Something deeply bothers me when it comes to getting dressed when it's dark. I need to work on that. Hmm.

5. I haven't had lunch yet. And it's after 2 in the afternoon. I am still on this conference call, though. Nothing worse than a conference call that lasts past an hour. We should be done soon, as I am sure some of the West Coast participants are getting hungry.

6. I walked in the lab and Commander By was playing Supersonic by JJ Fad.

Even though that song is over 25 years old... we still know ALL the lyrics. LOL.

7.  Rest in peace to the African who died from the Ebola in the USA. Ah yes, The USA and our top notch health care. It just looks so bad. And I won't even talk about why. It's so obvious.

Yeah. I hate to feel that way. But oh well. My biggest prayer is that there are NO more cases of it here. Time will tell.

8. I took Grandma to get her flu shot on Tuesday. I got mine also. When I don't get my flu shot, I get the flu. And it is HORRIBLE. I have learned my lesson. This will be me and Grandma's "girl thing" to do from now on.

9. Conference call finally over after 1 hour, 22 minutes. Good deal. Not sure why I am on the call. This was a specialists call, and I am not a specialist. I refuse to do what my specialist should be doing. They have dogged and used me for years, and I can't get the promotion to that. So I stay in my corner. I took some good notes, though. Good scientific food for thought. But my specialist needs to step up. Seriously.

10. Now I can leave and go find something to eat. *lee grabs work badge and heads for the door*

That's about it for my Ten Tuesday thoughts... I need to get back on track with my blogging because it is such good bootleg therapy.

And that I plan to do.

On purpose.