Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Come Get Him... or Her (Rusty Dusty)

My garage is on the side rear of my house. And when I leave in the morning, I back out of the driveway sharp enough to make sure I stare at the garage to make sure I have let the garage door down.

There have been quite a few days when I haven't done this, and I turn around and go back home to make sure. Thank goodness I live only 5 miles from work. There is nothing worse than spending all day wondering Did I let the garage door down?

One day earlier this month, I was performing this daily necessary ritual, when I saw something on my front porch.

My first thought was OH NO, BIG MITCH GOT OUT!!!

But further inspection revealed it to be another Tuxedo cat.

I have seen him quite a few times walking around my backyard. He was even asleep on my front porch a couple of times. He is a rusty dusty looking thing in need of a good bath. He looks like an owl.

He looks nothing like BIG MITCH.

Mitch keep his body clean. His tuxedo is not rusty dusty like his cousin who hangs out around my house. Nope. His whites are bleachy white and his coat is shiny and black.

Whoever cat that is, though... ya'll need to come get him... or her.

Too Much Pork...

So I visited a new Farmers market a couple of months out along the Asian/Mexican corridor on the north side of Atlanta, and I saw something I usually see in such places.

Pork skins.

I don't know how one pronounces what they call these... chicarrones or something like that. I remember LadyTee buying one for her daughter. I can't bring myself to buy that. They had the smaller version, and I bought a couple of dollars worth of those, but that is it.

But then I saw something that left me a bit perplexed:
I first thought it was a big gallon jar of pickled pig feet. Such delicacies were a mainstay at the corner stores in the hood when I was a child. But upon closer inspection, I saw that it was cured pork rinds, pork snouts, pork feet and vegetables.


What in the world?

What do you even do with that? I mean, do you throw that in a pot of collard greens to give it flavor?

I don't know. And they had a lot of it. It must be popular.

There was no one around to ask.

And there was no way I was gonna buy it. That's just too much pork.

I do remember buying a whole pickled pig foot for a $1 back in the 70s, when I was a little girl and didn't know no better. LOL.

But not today, honey. Not today.

Friday, May 04, 2018

Friday Freeeestyles

It's Friday! And it's Payday!

Most importantly, it is the last lab day of a project I am working on at work... well, if it comes out right, that is. I won't know until I crunch a ton of data.

But I will worry about that when I get to it.

Not much to say, but I don't want to go a week without posting. Having trouble uploading pictures again, so... bleh.

My favorite Picture of the Week...

It's a faceoff between Big Mitch and Justin.

But for me there's some "food for thought lite" in that picture.

It reminds me to always be sure to face my challenges and fears. That something that's difficult for me.

Now in the above picture, I don't know if it's Justin or Mitch that's challenged or in a state of fear.

But we have to face up to them nevertheless.

Mitch usually goes on about his business, away for Justin. I think he may still be unsure of what Justin is. He's gotten close enough to be petted, but that's about it. And Mitch doesn't scratch or fight. (Well, he scratches and fights my girl cat Sister Callie Jo, but that's a whole 'nother matter.)

Movie of the Week. Avenger's Infinity War!

I saw it last night. (No I was not going to fight with the crowds. NOPE.

That was a GOOD movie. I don't usually like movies with a gazillion heroes in them, but this one was very good. I liked Black Panther more, though. But this was well worth it.

Black Panther comes out on DVD and digital this month. I will be downloading it the day it comes out! Correction: I will be downloading it the MOMENT it comes out.

Song of the Week. My favorite song by Destiny's child is "Girl"

My best friend LadyTee really likes it, too. That is how she feels about me after nearly 40 years of friendship.

Well, I was washing dishes the other day and I hear the first few notes of the song. I start to sway, and I was gearing myself up to sing. But the song sounded strange. I don't know, it was a little slow.

Lo and behold, it was an oldie. In other words, Destiny Child's version is NOT the original.

Go figure!

Well the original is titled "Oceans of Thoughts and Dreams" and it is by the Dramatics, a popular 70s soul group.

Humph. I don't like it AT ALL. But whoever found and used the sample - good for them!

Makes me yearn for some original music, though. These new songs... you never know who if they are sampled or not. Sigh.

Oh well!

With that said, I am done. I am ready for my weekend!

I'm going to make it a good one! On purpose!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Super Quotes of the Week- Deluxe Edition

Let's start the week off right with a quotes deluxe post.


I was in the other building one day, paying a visit to my supervisor. I think I may have needed to turn something in to him. It is rare for me to just trek one building over for ANYTHING. (And he is great about coming over to the labs. Otherwise, he would rarely see me.)

Anyway, I come out of his office and there is a large cubicle. And Lady K sits in there. That has been her cubicle space for a couple of years, but I noticed through the opaque panel surrounding her space a flyer of some sort taped to the panel. I couldn't read what it said. What I did notice was that the font was large, like, a size 72 font.

You know me... I'm nosey. I wanted to see what it said.

Now I like Lady K. Why? Because you don't hear her name caught up in a bunch of mess. She does what she gotta do and gets the heck out of dodge. Plus she is always kind to me. I like kind people. Plus our parking spots are next to each other out in the parking lot. She has a nice car with nice rims. And oftentimes I've rolled up next to her car and admired her car rims and tires.

Her rims are FIRE. And they look to be the same size as Lucy Jr.'s (my good car - my Lexus) rims.

I have a Menace II Society moment... I momentarily want to jack her wheels and put them on MY car.

But only in my head. I would never do that. And it would be crass to jack her wheels... and park next to her. I think she would notice.

Not cool.

Anyway, I stepped around the partition to see what she has posted on the wall.

And I tell you... she had every quote known to man up.

"Let me take pictures of these," I said, after much laughter.

She agreed.

Alas... Super quotes deluxe ensued.

I like that one. It might as well say, "Do NOT come up in here with your BS!!!"

Yes indeed.

This one is especially necessary when one DOES decide to run up on her with some craziness:

That's a good one above, as it speaks to the problem not being you, but the whole idea of people projecting their negative energy on people. Not cool.

This one is special in that it reminds me NOT to have negative energy. Nope.

And look at this one:

That's like, a whole quote story or something like that.

I know one thing: I will always approach her with joy and positivity. NO negative energy from me, homie. Nope.

I will always have a smile. And there will be NO thoughts of me, no imaginations at all, of me snatching her nicely rimmed tires off of her car.

Also... how much better will a day be if every time we look up from our work, we have some positive words to focus on?

And lastly, how much negativity do those quotes stave off? I bet much. It did much for my energy just standing there and reading all those quotes. MUCH.

I think Lady K may be on to something. Yes she is.