Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two Tuesday Ruffled Feathers Food-for-Thoughts

Bet you can't say that title real fast 3 times in a row.

(I know I couldn't).

Two Tuesday thoughts for you... things that have ruffled my feathers

1. Trash Day. I was so glad to be off yesterday. The problem with that is that my trash pick-up day is on Tuesdays.  Since this is my first day back to work after a long weekend, I thought today was Monday. Imagine my surprise when I was leaving for work and I heard the familiar whine of a garbage truck. I thought I would just skip a week, but I waved at them and they waited for me to pull my trash to the curb.

I don't generate much trash. I can get away with taking my trash to the curb every two weeks.

I have pulled my trash up to the curb and it wasn't picked up. That ruffled my feathers.

This has happened twice...

...in the 11.5 years I have resided in my home.

Therefore, I classify this, my forgetting to pull my trash to the curb on trash day or the garbage men forgetting my trash as...

High class problems.

These are problems that are not worth getting in a huff over. There are people out here who don't have jobs and don't know where there next meal is coming from. There are people who are homeless and living under a bridge.

2. Time to Pray. I have probably mentioned this before, but I bristle a bit when people ask me to pray for them. Why? Because it feels all rushed. And my question is always...

Haven't you been praying for yourself?

I don't say that out loud, but the question blows through my mind like a strong gust of wind. And I would never say that to them. But I look at a person's life and I think... gee, your life looks perfect. All this great stuff going on and this temporary thing is getting you down? Do you see all the great things that God is doing in your life? Does it even matter to you?

And I have to check myself because I am being judgmental, if only for a moment. I go on and pray for folks. But you know what the answer to these prayers have been as of late?

There's a LOT going on with people that you just don't know about.


Folks don't tell it all. I don't ask questions.  The italicized statement alone says much. Sometimes you just gotta keep things to yourself.

Let's face it. We only tell half the story. I know this to be true because I do when I am going through something dire or heart-wrenching. Nothing wrong with that. This is why you should be praying for yourself. You are the establishing witness.. Everybody's prayers are added to yours, so your prayer better be biblical and in the right direction.

I don't know if that makes sense. But it has changed my prayer life for people... and for myself.

Some of us don't know the root of some of our issues. I don't know the root of some of mine. And that changes things. I spend a WHOLE lot of time with that, just trying to understand the "why" behind what is going on.

My feathers don't get all ruffled now. I eagerly pray for a good outcome. And I pray from a positive attitude.

Those are my 2 Tuesday Thoughts.

My feathers are smoothing down. And it must mean that I am maturing. And that's a great thing.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day to YOU!

Yes, I am happy for today. Why?

Because I work for the gub'ment and it is a day OFF.

So Happy Presidents day, doggonit. Even though this current president has put a slight taint on it, Happy Presidents day to him too... doggonit! 

That means I love it. If I had one of those old George Washington wigs, I would surely wear it and walk all around the house with it on while I do my chores. Yes I would. LOL.

As for now, I leaving and going on to do my Wal-mart shopping.

Have a great Presidents day... on purpose!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Freestyles: Birthday #47 Edition

Whelp! Never too late to post about my birthday.

My birthday ritual has been pretty much the same for the past 15 or so years: Me and my best friend LadyTee spend our birthdays together. That didn't happen last year because I was so busy. But we will pick it back up again this year.

For my birthday, we went to a high end Tex-mex restaurant, Superica.

That's the signage at night after a hard rain. (Yes it rained on my birthday. *sad face*)

Here's the signage during the day.

Hmmm... I like the nighttime signage better. 

I've been wanting to go there, but I've been like, uh... that look kinda expensive. But I try to go somewhere new on my birthday, and this is where we went.

It was pricey, but affordable. I think one could easily been $100 on dinner for two. But we were bootleg. We didn't get drinks (just water), and we split an entree.  We also got a couple of bacon wrapped shrimp.

I didn't take pictures since it was dark inside, but I found some pictures on the web.

We had bacon wrapped shrimp for our entree.
That was GREAT! The cup of sauce on the side was butter. No way, man. I dipped my shrimp in my salsa. They were doing way too much with the butter. How much cholesterol were they trying to heap on a plate?

They did have some of the best queso I've ever had.
And that salsa was the best I've had. They had a green one and a red one, and they puree it until smooth (I think). It was GREAT. I needed a jar of that.

And I think they made their tortillas from scratch.  They tasted that fresh.

It was a great time.

We also went to see Hidden Figures.

I LOVED this movie, and it was my second time seeing it.

Why did I love it? Because it was a story about black women in STEM. And that's who I am? How often do I get to see myself on screen?

Never. Not that I can remember.

Let's just say that I will be buying it when it comes out.

And it's up for an Oscar for best picture.


I swear, I will fall out right in the floor. Fall right out. Really.

So that was my birthday. LadyTee gave me a nice blanket and some pillows and a robe for my birthday! Oh JOY!!!

Her birthday is in March. So I am fast trying to get her birthday together. I am so excited, I can hardly wait!

Song of the Week. I am looking through my playlist, and it looks like I have been listening to the same 100 songs over and over again... Sigh. I need to venture out, don't I?

I'll just put up a couple of my favorites.

Both of those songs are over 30 years old. And they are STILL good. Oh yeah!

One more...

I love that song. Look at that clothing... straight out of the 1990s!

That's it for me. Believe it or not, I hope to be posting more. I actually have some posts in my draft queue. I think what I will do is just start loading up pictures and just save those posts in queue and just load them up whenever. I am not doing well with this one or two posts a week.

I have so MUCH to say!

Year 47 gonna be a great year!  I declare it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Portraits in Courage

When you are the first African-American to integrate a white school, circa 1950s-1960s...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day 2017!

(A repost of one of my favorite stories...)

I want to wish you a...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

And I want to post up a story that I first posted some 6 years ago on Valentines day, written from one of blogger Singlema's favorite phrases: "My eyes are stretched..."  I always thought it was funny. It simply means she's looking out with great attention at something or someone. But of course, I thought it was a worthy writing prompt.  I usually spend 5 to 15 minutes on my writing prompts, but I spent a full hour on this one. And it was fun to write.

Wanna read it? Here ya go:

Open, Stretched, and Baited

Sabrina searched frantically through her chest of drawers, searching for what she had hidden so long ago.

And she found it.

An open pack of unfiltered Kools cigarettes.

She shook out a cigarette, casually walked downstairs to the kitchen and lit it on one of the eyes of the stove.

She took a puff, inhaled hard.

Coughed even harder.

She heard him clear his throat. She could see him from the kitchen, sitting at the dining room table bare-chested, in a pair of black lounge pants, tapping his bare feet to a song playing low on the living room stereo.

He was sitting at the dining room table eating a bowl of cereal. He smiled at her and quickly looked away, all of a sudden interested in reading the back of the cereal box.

“Go head on and laugh, Rodney,” she said. “You know you want to.”

“I wanna laugh,” he said. “But I don’t think it’s a good thing to laugh at a woman who’s about to cough up a lung.”

She took a long drag from the cigarette, her eyes still trained on him. She held the smoke a moment, then exhaled. “How’s that? That better?”

He smiled again, continued eating his cereal.

She walked over to the messy table and flopped down in a chair. She puffed lightly on the cigarette and shook the ashes on a napkin.

“You’re a health nut, Sabrina,” he said. He ate another spoonful of his cornflakes. “ And you’re smoking. More surprising than funny.”

"I haven't smoked in fifteen years."

"So what's the reason for the sudden smoking habit?" he asked.

“After last night, I need a cigarette,” she said.

He was about to eat another spoonful of the cereal, but he stopped. “Really?”

“Yes. You make a woman wake up in need of a good smoke. You got me laying in bed, opening my eyes, wanting to take pen to paper and write some poetry.”

He stared at her, eyebrows raised. He dug his spoon in his cereal.

She leaned forward. Stared into his eyes.

“You got my eyes stretched
Sitting here with baited breath
Nose open, open real wide
Wide as the Sahara in Africa
But not dry like that desert
Because you are my oasis
In the middle of that desert
You soothe me
You move me
You are that gentle breeze that blows my way
On such a hot dry day.”

Rodney frowned. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Sabrina took a long drag from the cigarette, held the smoke deep in her lungs, then blew smoke through her nose. “Do I look like I’m kidding?"

Rodney gave no response. He ate another spoonful of his cereal.

She gathered her housecoat around her, adjusted the strap as much as she could with one hand.

“You got my eyes stretched
Sitting here with baited breath
You got me open wide
Wide and deep like the Grand Canyon
Make a bitch wanna run fast towards the edge and jump
Jump high
Cause I know I can make it to the other side.
I got it like that
All ‘cause of you
'Cause you pulled up a chair
Sat it next to my heart
Cupped your hand to your ear
And listened close for each and ever beat.
Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.”

Rodney laughed hard, spewing milk and cereal everywhere. “Are you serious?”

Sabrina shook ashes off the cigarette and took another long draw. She blew perfect smoke rings into the air.

Rodney grabbed a napkin and wiped the milk from his face. “Girl, nothing went down last night. We stayed up and talked all night."

“The hell you say,” she shouted. She pointed the bent cigarette at him. “Last night was, last night was. . ."

“You acting like we had hot butt nekked sex last night, girl. We stayed up and talked. Watched a movie. Cleaned up. Burnt up the buckwheat blueberry pancakes we were trying to make from scratch. Washed and folded your clothes. Danced to that old scratched up Parliament Funkadelic album you like. And now you sitting here smoking a cigarette like it's a joint, and reciting poetry like you the headliner at Open Mic night at the club. Hilarious!”

Sabrina hit the table hard with her fist, so hard that Rodney’s half eaten bowl of cereal jumped and clanked.

“I’m vunerable right now, and you’re sitting up here laughing at me. Last night was special!”

Rodney laughed. “The first night I spent with you was indeed special. Not what I had in mind, so yeah, you can call it special.”

“I don’t believe you,” she said. She waved cigarette smoke from in front of her face. “You’re just, you're just. . . oooooh.”

“And if you keep smoking that cigarette, you gonna have some baited breath, alright,” he said with a chuckle. "You're going to be talking like Darth Vader, talking 'bout 'Bring the Wookie to meee!"

Sabrina smashed the cigarette nub into the napkin and balled it up.

“You better throw that napkin in some water or something, make sure that cigarette's out. You don’t want to burn your house down.”

Sabrina got up from the table, gathered her housecoat around her, and walked towards the kitchen.

“Hey girl,” Rodney called out.

“What?” she responded a bit too sharply.

He stared at her for a moment before speaking. “My nose is stretched, too. My eyes are open wide, and my breath is all baited up, just like yours. Okay? I'm laid out in the Sahara and chilling at the Grand Canyon too, alright?”

He winked, shoveled another spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

She smiled and sashayed out the room.

Oh what a lovely day it was going to be.

Happy Valentines Day, Ya'll. Have a great day!