Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Special Visitor: The King of Uno

My workgroup Super Hero, The Infamous Hen-Dog has a baby boy name Ja...

The last time I saw Ja was a few years ago. He was strutting through my door wanting to play Uno...

He beat our tails, even did his little victory dance to the Ol' School Music I was kicking at the time.

Man... while he was doing all that dancing, I was trying to cheat. My baby bro Milk and Cookies was concentrating hard while I was trying to slip a Draw 4 his way. HUMPH...

Ja's always been such a great kid. When he was in town on summer or spring break, I would bake him a big pan of roasted chicken. (He REALLY loved my chicken, lol).

Ja is a big boy now... 17 years old. He was in town this week, and I was talking to him on facebook. (Do you have young peoples as your Facebook friends. I tell you, it is HARD to follow their jargon. I must be getting old). They had been hanging out and at midnight, he wrote:

"I'm still up, LadyLee!"

"Uh no, boy. I am in the bed. I am old. I will holla tomorrow," I said.

So his Daddy brought him over on Saturday morning.

"Hey Miss LadyLee," he said in a deep baritone.

I was a little distraught. I mean, his voice was all deep.

"You sound like somebody's Daddy," I wailed. "And you're taller than me!!"


It was good to see him. My oh my, they do grow up fast!

He's as tall as his Daddy now.

Yesterday Snake said "Did you see Ja? Girl, that boy opened the door, and I almost hollered, because I thought it was Hen. I was like "Oh no Hen, these streets got you too? You smoking the rocks now???"

Oh... that was funny. I had to tell him the Hen is bodybuilding now. No smoking of the rocks allowed, lol.

And as you can see, Hen is so proud of his baby boy. LOL

Ja had the nerve to holler "You still got some UNO cards!?"

*LadyLee gives Ja the HARD side-eye*

No fella. And if I did have some, I wouldn't tell you. LOL

It was good to see you, Ja.

You're really growing up to be a fine young man!

Snake Watch


I was getting ready for my Triple F Possee meeting on Sunday (getting my budget book together, packing up cookies for the ladies, etc.) and all of a sudden my doorbell rang.

Now it rang one time. Not 50 TIMES. (The locals do know they like to LEAN on a doorbell.)

I peaked through the blinds. It was a man dressed up, holding a Bible.

"Jehovahs Witnesses," I thought. I wondered why they were out on a Sunday. I opened the door.

Wasn't the witness... It was Snake.

Hadn't seen the House of LadyLee Poet Laureate in a LONG time. He use to write the popular "Snake Bites" series here on my blog.

Word in the hood was that he was caught a 5 year bid for burgalary.

And you know me... that's what I asked about.

And he told me this loooooooong story starting with, "See what had happened was..."

(You know how we do.)

This from the man who was ALWAYS lecturing us: "Watch who you dealing with, work hard, stay out of mess, blah, blah, blah!"

Yeah he has taught me that lesson well. You know what I say:

Our lives preach the best and worst of sermons.

I hope he stays clean. Hard to do when your environment be calling you...

But I thought he looked nice in his suit, just coming from Church. And he was hopeful for a better future.

And I hope his future is bright.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

It is Monday.



That's how I feel right about now.

Tha L, proprietor of the Blackrageous blog, cooked up breakfast this weekend.

Somebody come over here and hook that up, minus the soy sausage. I don't like soy sausage. Just do the grits and eggs and those biscuits. I'll just lay in bed.

Bring it on in here to me. Thank you. Much Obliged.

I STILL haven't gotten caught up when it comes to the spring forward madness. I am going to sleep super late (last night I went to sleep at one in the morning). I sleep well, but I am a groggy mess in the morning.

Kentucky leaves the house every weekday morning at six o'clock. She is my alarm system. In the past, I get up when I hear her leaving. I get my reading done, then any little writing and blogging done.

But the last two weeks, I've simply turned over and gone back to sleep. Thereby busting up my MUCH needed morning routine.

So now, I am still in the bed. A lazy Oldgirl.

I'm going into work later today. For some reason, there's not much work in the lab. It should be pretty festive around there today, as my director is gone on some 2 month detail on the west coast.

(This is part of the problem at work: management doesn't really man the ship. It's all about them and their career advancement. I won't go into that.)

This will be a short post.

*Chele falls out of chair. Southern Black Gal laughs uncontrollably*

Y'all calm down. It will be short.

I had a FANTASTIC weekend.

Simply fantastic, just how I like it, chock full of activities I simply love. The only thing that would have made it PERFECT was if it hadn't rained on Sunday.

And I have enough pictures for 100 posts, and they are not loaded up yet.

Friday night, I had a Women of Color Writing workshop, headed up by my former bookclub sista Dawnie. That was GREAT. It's writing prompt type of stuff, so I will post a couple of pieces I liked on blog. I've posted pieces here in the past. (Two I remember: "Let Me Explain" and "In this One...")

I did much walking on Saturday. I am a 15 minute walk from the local track that was used as the practice track during the 96 Olympics, so I walked up there, hung out on the track and walked back.

(I tell you, you see some sights in the gentrified hood, lol. VERY interesting.)

Sunday, I had a Triple F Posse meeting. The meeting was waaaaaay out in the sticks. I was almost expecting to see the "Welcome to Alabama" sign. Always good to see the ladies, and I always get a few financial tips in the process.

I even saw a couple of people I haven't seen in a long time. Didn't see my brother, though, which is a disappointment.... he's gone back to Iraq, and I pray for his safe return in six months.

Lots of pictures coming up this week. Might have to do 5 or 6 posts a day, lol. My goal is to get them loaded, and go from there.

Most interesting thing I learned this weekend:

"If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time."

Zig Ziglar said that.

Ain't THAT the truth?

Yes it is!

I will be thinking about all week what I am aiming at...

And I plan to take aim... on purpose.

Stay tuned for MANY posts this week.

Ya'll have a great week!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Foto Fridays

Been a minute since I've done the Friday Fotos... where I dump all the pictures for the week out of my camera and post the most interesting ones.

So let'em roll!

The Gelato section at Whole Foods on Ponce de Leon in Midtown.

I know me and LadyTee drove the poor guy serving us crazy, with wanting to try each one. LOL. I finally got the banana pudding and cookies and cream... LadyTee chose the fruit mango on the end and the cookies and cream. 4 ounce for $2.99. Pricey, but worth it!

An outfit that I bought for Serenity's baby's 8th birthday gift.

Blog fam hollers "But it don't match, LadyLee!"

You know what? That's alright. There was a deep sale on Polo for boys. Serenity is quite the fashionable Chicken, I mean, Oldgirl. I'm sure Tyler has quite a few shirts that can go with those shorts. And I am sure he has pants and shorts that can go with that shirt.

Work it out, Serenity!

LadyTee's fly new hairdo, courtesy of cousin Cupcake's oldest dauther Shanice.

LadyTee's gift, courtesy of LadyLee... a gift card for 50 bucks to TJMaxx.

Her Mama Babs was like, "Oh Lawd, you know that's her store."

Yep. I call it Tammie J Maxx! Because she LIVES in that place. We must've spent some 2 hours in there after lunch! OH MY.

LadyTee's dog Mitch.

You can't tell from this picture, but he's a good 200 pounds. Big horse of a dog. Got me yelling "Get back, you big ox! Ya'll come get this dog!!!" lol

One of my favorite dinners...

Stir fried veggies with fresh buckwheat noodles. Takes about 10 minutes to conjure up... and I'm ready to get my eat on! (And no, that ain't beef... That's Gardein beef tips. I never use it in stir fry, but threw them in this time. I won't be using them again. I am use to a straight veggie stir-fry).

My favorite foto of the week: Oscar watching TV. For some reason, Oscar-Tyrone REALLY likes to watch television. He was very much interested in Amerian Idol on Tuesday night.

I'm looking at that vent behind the TV. It needs to be cleaned... Uh, yeah - Green Eyed Bandit, hey Mama, come over here and clean my vent for me. And it's time to replace the filter. Hook that up Miss Flylady-you-can-do-anything-for-15 minutes. Come over for 15 minutes and clean my vent.

*Bandit squinting hard at screen*

LOL! Just playing, Ma. That went on my to-do list for the weekend. Oscar Tyrone has bushy fur. I think I will use him as a duster. Hmm.

And please explain to me: why do we call each other "Mama"? Who started that ish?

(See you at the meeting on Sunday! Uh, call 2 hours prior to remind me. Much obliged!)
LadyTee and her Mama Bobbie Jean aka "BABS!!!"

Congratulations to Babs, who is newly retired. She looks more relaxed than I've ever seen her. Being a nurse on the trauma care floor at the local hospital has to wear one down after 30 years... Relax and enjoy retirement, Babs!!!!

I like when Bobbie Jean takes pictures... She likes to turn UP the wattage on that Colgate smile!

(And she has been calling me "Lisa Anne" since I was 10 years old. For 30 years, I've been wanting to know why. Maybe I can ask her, now that she's relaxed, refreshed and retired.)

That's it for Friday Fotos...

Ya'll have a FANTASTIC weekend:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book Review: Buying Time by Pamela Samuels-Young


2 book reviews in one month!

Is that even possible?

Yes it is!

Especially when I'm coming across really good books.

And that's exactly how I felt about my latest read, Buying Time by Pamela Samuels-Young.

This wonderful author was even gracious enough to come to our latest book club meeting and discuss Buying Time with us.

And you know I got my book signed.

Can't read that? Look a little closer!


Here's a summary of the plot (picked up from Amazon.com)

"Waverly Sloan is a down-on-his-luck lawyer. But just when he's about to hit rock bottom, he stumbles upon a business with the potential to solve all of his problems.

In Waverly's new line of work, he comes to the aid of people in desperate need of cash. But there's a catch. His clients must be terminally ill and willing to sign over rights to their life insurance policies before they can collect a dime. Waverly then finds investors eager to advance them thousands of dollars—including a hefty broker's fee for himself—in exchange for a significant return on their investment once the clients take their last breath.

The stakes get higher when Waverly brokers the policy of the cancer-stricken wife of Lawrence Erickson, a high-powered lawyer who's bucking to become the next U.S. Attorney General. When Waverly's clients start dying sooner than they should, both Waverly and Erickson—who has some skeletons of his own to hide—are unwittingly drawn into a perilous web of greed, blackmail and murder."

Man... just reading that, I was wondering "Where is she going with all this?"

I didn't care. Because she always does a good job, and this book was no different.

This was a very slick, well written legal thriller.

Let's just say: John Grisham ain't got NOTHING on Pamela Samuels-Young. Nothing!!

Each character was very well developed, and I was kept guessing until the very end. It was the type of book that I couldn't put down... Each chapter ended with a little cliffhanger that made me want to keep reading...

... and reading.

If you don't believe, trot on over to her website and read an excerpt, the prologue. It'll hook you right on in.

Let's just say, I finished this 400 pager in 4 days. Loved-ed it!!

The most interesting thing about this book for me was how the subplots all folded gently into the main plot/storyline. There was much intrigue, but a little romance in their also. (And you know us ladies love that.) Her books feature strong black female lawyers, and this one was no different, as the lawyer investigating the case was a savvy sister. Within the fictional work, the author also gives a good amount of information and education on the law aspects of the novel, without going over my head.

And I like that Ms. Samuels-Young takes a little time to discuss how she came up with the idea (she came up with this "viatical brokerage" idea while attending a party), and she also discusses her process and crafting of the novel. (And you know, as a writer, I LOVE that, man!). She even answered some of my questions one-on-one.

Now, what I really liked about this book is that it was self-published... and you couldn't even tell. In fact, the book looked better and read better than any recent book I've read from a publishing house.

I'm so glad she's taken the reins in her own hands and decided her own future, instead of dealing with these publishing companies. (If you didn't know it, the publishing houses are straight clowning black authors right now. I don't see why folks don't get together and form their own BLACK OWNED small presses. Take a lesson from Tyler Perry, folks. Hmm. Got this Oldgirl thinking really hard over here, since I have a ton of short stories and 3 manuscripts laying around.)

It was refreshing to talk to her, to get the writer's perspective on the creation of such a good book.

She came to a book club meeting some 4 years ago to discuss one of her books, and I'd made cookies back then. She even remembered my cookies this time...

That's right... I showed up with some 5 dozen oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip pecan cookies.

So thanks Ms. Samuels Young for attending our book club meeting.

I love your books! I, LadyLee, will always be a fan!

So now, it's picture time. And it's picture grab time. Yeah, I was at the meeting yelling "Ya'll drop by the blog and pick up your pictures, because I'm not emailing them to you!!!! "


Pamela Samuels-Young and her college roommate Donna Lowry.

Donna's not a member of our book club, but I remember coming into restaurant thinking "Dang! That chick looks VERY familiar." I thought she was a model or something. Turns out I watch her every morning on one of our local television stations. She's an anchor. (I didn't say anything until someone brought it up. You know me, if I don't know you, I don't talk to you, lol). But it was interesting to meet someone I watch on televison every morning as I'm getting ready for work!!

The author and our bookclub president Angela!

Angela just had a baby and is returning after a quick sabattical. Welcome back, Angela!!

Judy come get your picture, honey!

Judy can't do that right now, as she is getting married Saturday in Vegas. Judy's tweeting about winning money out there on the slots already. (Hey Ma, you owe me some money. I won't my money when you get back. DON'T make me come looking for you, Judes. *LadyLee cracking knuckles*).

The only dude in our bookclub, Sidney. Come get your picture, boy!!

Poor Sidney! He brings the male perspective to each meeting, but he gets a verbal a** whooping each time. He holds up well against his book club sistas. (And uh, I will send you that other picture with the author and Donna... Can't put that up here, that'll be trouble! lol! Look out for that!)

Super STAR and the author. Come get your picture girl.

STAR is the T-shirt lady. She has one of her special shirts on here, but it didn't shock me like others. (I'll discuss in another post). And Happy Birthday, Star!

Come get your pictures, sistas (and bruh Sid).

This was a great book club meeting. Ms. Samuels-Young even let us in on what she's currently working on, which is the fourth book in her first series! I can't wait for that one! It sounds real good! (As to be expected!)

Look out for the author on the Monique show soon!

So, if you're into thrillers that leave you on the edge of your seat, pick up Buying Time.

I promise you, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Commercial Break

We interrupt our regular broadcasting for an extra special commercial break starring blogger Justwrite now Sharon's baby boy!

I only sleep under my Auntie LadyLee's blankets.

Because LadyLee blankets are simply the BEST!

Did I do that right?

Okay I can go back to sleep now?? Good.

Oh, and don't YOU wish you had a fly cap like me!?

Now, I've made a bazillion baby blankets, but this is the FIRST time I've ever seen pictures of a baby using one!

Oh, it had me all giddy!

That's a fine boy you got there, Oldgirl!

Glad he enjoys his blanket:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

**HaPPy BiRTHdaY LadYTee!!!!*


I said today!

Today, the bestest best friend in the whole wide world was born!

My best friend Tammie, aka the infamous LadyTee

Happy Birthday LadyTee!!!
LadyTee turns the big 42 today!!!

This year is the 30th anniversary of our friendship!

I've actually known LadyTee since I was 9 years old. She was 11 at the time. We were in the school's summer camp together. My very first memory of her was when we had a day trip to Duncan Park for a day of swimming in their big pool.

I was in the pool with my friends and LadyTee was walking around the pool with a towel on her head, hands on her hips, talking trash "Don't ya'll be splashing water up on me!"

I remember asking someone. "Who is that? Why she yelling so much?"

Someone said, "That's Tammie. She's not swimming today. She's always yelling."

I just watched the rail thin girl walk around the pool, doing a patrol of some sort. I thought that was odd. I considered her "grown", i.e., she didn't have to swim with us little kids.

Who would've known, that over 30 years later that she would be such an important and influential figure in my life?
I love you, Big Girl!!!!
And there are always some funny LadyLee-LadyTee stories.
This is the last one that had us laughing hard:
I was sitting in the lab a few months ago, weighing out a spinach sample for analysis. I had my cell phone nestled between my shoulder and ear, yacking on my cell phone with LadyTee. I don't remember what we were talking about, but we were laughing down about something.
In walks my boss, The Darth Sista. And she's talking about something. Of course I paid her no mind.

"Hold on," I said, when my boss kept standing there looking at me. I gave my boss the hard side-eye. "I'm on the phone."
"You need to get off that phone, LadyLee!" my boss yelled. "You can't talk on the phone and get work done at the same time. Get off of the phone."
"What are you talking about?" I said. "I'm working just fine. I'm weighing spinach."
"You can't do that and talk on the phone at the same time."
"Get off the phone," she ordered through clinched teeth.
"Tam, hold on. Cuz this broad is tripping."
I looked at Darth Sista. "Let me tell you something. This here some spinach. And this here is the BFF of 30 years on the phone. I don't care 'bout no spinach, man."
Darth Sista continued fussing.
I continued talking trash about the unimportance of spinach.

"Man, you better get on somewhere with all that noise. I'm talking on this phone!!!!"

"Drama, girl!" my boss yelled. "You are so full of drama!"

Let's say, I didn't get off that phone. Darth Sista left the lab in a huff.
NO way was I getting off that phone. I was talking to my BEST friend. And when I saw my boss later that day in her office, I was STILL talking trash.
(And I am CONSTANTLY doing things to get wrote up and sent home. They refuse to do so, lol)

And I dedicate this song to you, Tam... Some classic Patti CLASSIC Patti, the long convoluted version that you can barely understand, lol.
"You are my friend" by Patti... everytime this song comes up on my IPOD, I screech it out all loud right along with Patti, and I get all teary eyed...

Here are the lyrics:
You are my friend, I never knew it 'til then My friend, my friend You hold my hand, You might not say a word But I see your tears when I show my pain You're--- my, my friend I never knew it 'til then My friend I feel your love, When you're not near It helps me make it knowing you care The thought of you helps me carryon When I feel all hope is gone I see the world wit brand new eyes Your love has made me realize My future looks bright to me, Oh because you are my friend Da, da, da, da (ad lib) I've been looking around and you were here all the time. Da, da, da (ad lib) I've been around and around and around and around Da, da, da I've been looking around and you were here all the time (Repeat) Yes, yes, yes... THAT'S OUR SONG RIGHT THERE!!!
So Happy Birthday, LadyTee...
We usually spend our birthdays together. But they have something else planned today. So I'm taking off on Thursday, and Me and LadyTee are gonna celebrate allllll day.
Yes, I've already talked to my boss about this. LOL.
LadyTee, enjoy your day! Because you do your job well: you ARE the best bestest friend in the world.
You've done your job well over the last 30 years. We've laughed together, cried together... you've given me advice, told me when I was wrong.
You've threatened my boyfriends when they were tripping!
(I've heard a few times "Girl, you better calm your friend down! She talk a lot of sh**! You better shut that ol' skinny girl up!!!")
LOL!! Yep, LadyTee talk trash like she got a gun and about to shoot a sucka!
You're the best BFF in the world.
Happy Birthday!
Love LadyLee:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

SLEEPY Monday Morning

Oh my.... What a Monday Morning!

I didn't go to sleep until 2 in the morning.


I'm so sleepy that I'm typing in a foreign language:

"Je ne sais pas. Q'uesque sais? Je suis dans la maison."

That's how sleepy I am... start writing in french...


I stayed up late last night by mistake. I was doing some writing, looked up, and it was one in the morning. This is okay, because I cranked out 2500 words. That's a GOOD thing.

And since I don't drink coffee, tea, or coke or any other caffienated thing... well I'll be paying for it all day.

On to my hair raising weekend!

(I have a lot of pictures, but can't find my chord... will add later).

Saturday. Saturday was a BUSY day. Midmoring, I got up and headed out to Wal-mart . I wasn't particularly happy about this, but I had a book club meeting later in the day, and I had nothing in the house for making cookies. We were also out of consumables, so that was on the list. (Pricey, man. I feel like that little stuff- toilet paper, paper towels, household cleaning products, etc- that's what bites you in the wallet!)

I made my usual oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip pecan cookies. Around 6 dozen. They were ECSTATIC about that.

We had a GREAT book club meeting at a restaurant near my job. This is good, because I haven't cared for the books as of late, and I've been struggling to finish the books. I even missed a couple of meetings in the last six months, and I'm trying not to get kicked out. It was looking dicey there for a minute, but this book saved the day for me.

We read Buying Time by Pamela Samuels Young. I absolutely LOVE this author's work, and I'll review the book and load up pictures. It's always nice when the author is at a meeting. And we read her books a few years ago. My writing style is similar to hers, and she was happy to answer a few craft questions. I'm always happy when a author isn't attitudinal, and is helpful!

Saturday night, I went bowling with Mama Nikki and and the crew. I went to watch, as I had cut my thump earlier in the week (on my mandoline... UGH!). It's healed, but still a little tender, and I didn't think I could bowl...

But I tried, and it worked out well...

I didn't have shoes, so Mama Nikki shared Nikki's bowling shoes with me.

I don't know man... for some reason, this made me smile. I'd been thinking about her earlier in the day, and how much I miss her friendship. Standing in her shoes brought a little peace to my heart. I even rolled with her pretty blue swirly bowling ball. This will be a memory, a new and unexpected one, I'll keep in my heart forever.

Now, the bowling alley was... interesting. It was one that I've never been to, deep on the eastside, in Tucker, just outside Decatur.

Every black person in the ATL was there. Heck, every child in the world was there. This was cool. We were all having a great time.

Until they started playing that dayum Lil' Wayne. LOUD.

OH HELL NO! You know I don't like that joker. (Sorry Southern Black Gal... I know you be jocking Oscar the Grouch. LOL)

Nikki's brutha 'Swad wondered aloud what I was thinking: Are there any adult bowling places in town...

I don't know. But it was time to go. Ya'll can have that Lil' Wayne. They could've at least played some Whodini or some LL Cool J.

I didn't bowl well... scores: 57 and 69. Humph. Nikki was a master bowler. I thought her shoes would help me, but apparently not. Doesn't matter. I had fun...

Sunday. I didn't do much on Sunday. Laid around the house, mostly. I tell you, not sure what my church was thinking when they started doing the live service stream over the internet. I think I get more church now than I ever did before. I can even go back and look at the service during the week.

I meant to go to church on Sunday, but was being hard headed. I like to go to church on Friday night, but didn't get off work until after 8 in the evening, so... oh well...

I like being in the church building. I have to work on that... I'm old school. Internet is cool, but I don't want it to be the norm. Learned much though, and that's the important thing.

It was a lazy day. The only productive thing I did was wash clothes, do a few other chores. I took apart the jet fixtures on the jetted tub and cleaned those up. That's about it.

I watched a little of the Health care debate, which was utterly confusion. I know the political chick, blogger Miss Not so Anonymous, was having a blast with it all. I almost expected her to be IN the capitol building, lol...

I have mixed thoughts about it all. Like I said to Hassan on FB last night (who gave me a VERY long, much needed manifesto on the whole thing), I'm concerned about my plan. I think it's one of the Cadillac plan, which I do need because of my condition. It'll probably be taxed out the wasoo, so I will have to bust down to a more affordable plan, and cut back on my own care. I don't want to be bankrupted by it all. I told him that I don't fall in that 200K category, so that's not an issha...

Man, if I made that much money, I wouldn't be sitting here writing a post.

I'd be laying out on a beach somewhere. Really. Not lying about that, honey. Laid OUT on the beach with a GOOD book!!!

(You can tell where my mind is at. Don't worry Green Eyed Bandit. I paid off two large credit cards instead. HUMPH. Not happy about it, but I did it, Ma.)

Speaking of Green Eyed Bandit (you frickin LURKER), I looked up that Flylady site that you and Obi-Wan Kenobi are so fond of. I am CRYING at that first baby step. Shining the sink? GET OUT OF HERE. That second baby step: get up every morning and get dressed all the way to the laced up shoes. GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE.

No, shorties! You and Obi-Wan can go sit on a fat tack with all that!

But... I looked at some other things on the site... truly fascinating. I was about ready to knock you ladies upside the head, but I won't do that.


Flylady (Finally Loving Yourself, Lady) is a great site that really gets you going on organizing and decluttering your life and home and mind. Very informative and well put together. My book club sista Kat (Obi Wan) swears by it and has been talking about it for years. She does some life coach stuff, and I thought it was a part of her program (Which had me thinking, "nope, can't afford that, not even going to ask about it.")

But it's a great site. I'm not down with the "Shiny sink" bizness, where you shine your sink every night before bed (once I thought about it, it's all symbolic) but some of you ladies may like it. Check it out.

Okay, I'm outtie. Got to get ready for work. I would go in late, but I was asked to be acting supervisor today. I know my boss was NOT happy about asking me, and having to hear me whine out of control.

I didn't whine. I simply asked "Do I have a choice?"

She didn't say anything, which meant I didn't have a choice. And I am tired of whining. "I'ma lean on the Lord!!!" has been my answer of late, to which she yells "Girl, you're so full of drama!"

All of management know I don't like them. I dont want to be a part of them. It's like smoking weed - I know I will lose quite a few brain cells and be less smart because of being part of management for a day. HARD SIGH.

LOL. So I am in charge. Which means I need to be on time. I think only 2 or 3 of us are there today. We have a new chick (who I've been accusing of being the "Undercover Boss") in our group. I told her to bring a good book to read, because I'm not assigning work or anything. I'ma use this time to do repairs, oil changes, and other maintenance on lab instruments. If anyone wants to talk to me, they're gonna have to come in the lab and stand there and talk and hand tools to me at the same time.

Chick looked at me strange, but that's alright. An Oldgirl will be unavailble to the masses! No administrative craziness for me! (Told my boss that. She sighed. "Drama, girl.")

So, it is spring time! Time to make something useful happen...

Quote of the day, picked up off that flylady site:

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keep's you going."

So get started. I know there's a thought in your mind, of some things you want to do.

Get motivated. Make some habits... on purpose.

I'll be posting every day. GLORY!

Have a great week.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Good Luck to our Workgroup Super Hero!

When we last saw our workgroup Super Hero the Infamous Hendog, he was peering out over the window over the city, pondering the corruption and crime... and how he'd wipe it out.

(Or maybe he wasn't pondering that at all. Maybe he was thinking about the analyses we had to carry out that day in the lab!)

The special haircuts- they were needed to mesmerize and hypnotize the evil guys (in our case, special management).

And in the mean time, he's provided some good eye candy for the ladies here on the blog...

He lives down the street from me, and that picture was taken on his front porch, some 5 years ago.

"Hen," I said. "You don't have a six-pack! That's a half a pack, lol!"

He hollered something about water weight, which UPSET us ladies in the lab something terrible. (A man should not be hollering about bloat and water weight!)

Well our SuperHero has been working out for competitions...

*LadyLee opens a roll of quarters and bounces them off Hen's booty*

(This pic is for the Deltas, lol).

Well, the National championships are tomorrow... Hen won third place in his weight class last year!

Going for #1 this year!

He says he's going to use this for his pose music...

I hope he was kidding... That is toooo cheesy. I told him, he better not. I'll be out in the audience hollering "Boooo!!" And I'll be throwing eggs at the stage, lol...

He's using this rap as his pose music.

*LadyLee kicking the hard cabbage patch dance*

Good choice, man! Good choice!

So Hen, good luck to you. I know you will do well. You know I LOVE when us chemists have our side-gigs and you've been working hard on your own...

So make it happen boy!

Make us proud! Do this one for the workgroup! (Yell out "PESTICIDES!!" when you do your signature moves! LOL!!!

Make us proud!!!

Good luck! Win big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

LadyLee Favorites, Part II: Rap Music

The other day, I asked my cubicle mate Cowgirl Cre what her favorite rap song was?

She raised an eyebrow and threw out some random Run DMC rhyme.

I laughed. Because I knew the rhyme, the hold song even.

Yes, we're in our forties or fast approaching... which means we like our rap Oldschool. We were teenagers when Run DMC, LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys and the like were popular.

Let me just say, I cringe way down deep when I listen to today's rap music. It makes no sense to me. It is all jibberish.

Sign of the times, I suppose.

Either that, or I'm just getting old.

But I had a little trouble coming up with my favorite rap song.

Then I thought of one group that I just absolutely LOVE to this day.


Ecstasy, Jalil, and their DJ Grand Master D.

I love their song... "ONE LOVE"

i loved that song, and I love it to this day. It had a message, a good message about the give and take of being in love. No one was being degraded, no negativity. Just a good piece of rap music.

Oh how I miss that!

Here's the video. It's a bit grainy. It reminds me of when we use to put the tape recorder next to the television and tape the sounds of whatever video we were looking at. (Come on Chele, you KNOW you use to do that. LOL!!)

for a clearer non-embed version, view this over at YouTube.

Now, I remember when I first saw this video. It was in the early 80's, and I'd spent a Friday night at my best friend's LadyTee's house. An hour long video show came on on Saturday Mornings, and we were sitting in her den over on Stone Road in East Point, waiting for this video.

When it came on, we both stood there, all quiet, in front of the television.

Halfway through the video, LadyTee dropped to her knees and screamed.

I remember standing there whispering "Ecstasy is so FINE!"

LOL!! Hilarious! I can still see that, just like it was yesterday, instead of over 25 years ago. Sunshine streaming through the window, my bare feet on the den's cold tile, LadyTee' Mama Bobbie Jean asking if we were ready to eat...

Oh how we loved Whodini! Especially that Ecstasy, with that black leather hat. And it did NOT help that in the video that he was walking around with his shirt all open, showing his hairless chest.

*LadyLee swoons*

Yeah, Whodini was all that. No tattoos, no gold and platinums grills all in their mouths. Pants pulled all the way up...

Just some men rapping.

Their concert was the first I ever atteneded...

That's my favorite rap song...

Other Whodini favorites

What's yours?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Review: Secrets and Lies by Rhonda McKnight

I must admit...

I'm not the biggest fan of Inspirational Christian fiction.

My guess is that this is because some of the earlier books in the genre were a bit lightweight and unrealistic.

People were too perfect.

I don't like to read stories of "perfect people".

And some Christians, well, I think of them as perfect people: saying all the right things, doing all the right things, having all the right things...

"Perfect People"

And yet somehow, I tend to think the Christian life is not a perfect life... and people are hiding things, or silently going through something...

Or struggling with deep rooted issues from the past.

That's exactly what was occuring in a book I read recently entitled Secrets and Lies by newcomer Rhonda McKnight. I came across Ms. McKnight on Facebook. She was a FB friend of one of my favorite Christian fiction novelist Sherri Lewis, so I decided to check her out.

And she's a fellow ATLien. I LOVE books that have my city as a backdrop. It makes the book more authentic when I know the hoods and streets involved.

I really enjoyed this book.

So much so that I tapped my cubicle mate Cowgirl Cre on the shoulder, held the book up high and yelled "Cre, this chick wrote the CHEESE outta this book!!!!"

(Uh, that means she wrote the book really well, lol).

This novel is the story of Jonah and Faith Morgan, a nice happy family. They're the perfect family, really. Jonah is a successful pediatric cardiologist, and his wife Faith is a stay-at-home Mom to their son and daughter. They have a nice home, nice cars. Faith also volunteers at church with the women's ministry.

Perfect family. Perfect people.

But Jonah is a workaholic. And he also likes to drink. He doesn't spend much time with the family.

And the first line of the book about these perfect people caught me totally offguard.

"He's cheating."

That's what Faith thinks when she starts getting a series of calls from an unknown number. The caller never identifies herself. And of course, Faith suspects the worse, as any woman would.

But all is not what it appears to be...

And secrets are revealed, and lies unravel. And it all happens from a stance that I just didn't expect.

Perfect people have problems. And it only proved what I've always thought: Nobody's perfect.

We pray to God about problems. Or we shake our fist at God because of our problems. Or we act out because of those problems. All of that is seen in this story.

This story is an illustration of how unforgiveness and hurts from the past can infect one's life, and in turn, infect the lives of all involved.

A very good read indeed. And it was very interesting that through all the mess, I could see God working in the background trying to bring correction to the situation.... only if He was allowed to, that is.

I consider a book a good read if I'm thinking about it long after I've finished reading it. And this one made me think, and still makes me think, about one thing in particular:

Deal with your problems, or your problems will deal with you. Period.

Lesson learned indeed.

So if you're looking for a great page turner, check out this book. You won't be disappointed, and you'll learn something about yourself in the process...

And you can't beat that, man!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning... An Hour Early.


*LadyLee squinting at the sunshine flooding her bedroom and pulling bed covers over her head*


I don't even know what to say.

I don't know what day it is, I don't know what temperature it is, I don't know NOTHING...

I am truly feeling like this:

I cannot take this "spring forward" madness.

I think it would've helped if I went to sleep early. But I didn't. I went to sleep around one in the morning. I was a wide awake, a deer in the headlights.

Now man...

All I gotta say is I'll probably go in late today. I've done that a couple of times over the last couple of weeks, and it don't matter. I STILL end up working over 80 hours a payperiod.

Oh well... when all whining fails, I jump out of bed and holler "This is a day the Lord has made! I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!!"

(Even though I lost an hour of said day).

On to my scandalous weekend!

Saturday. I was in the bed allllll day. Why? Because that broad Aunt Flo came over. And me, I'm like the women of the days of old in the bible... Throw me in a tent on the outskirts of the city. My tent was my bedroom. So I didn't get much done.

I can't begin to tell you what was on television, because I was wrapped up in my book club book. Buying Time by Pamela Samuels-Young. I LOVE this author. She writes some very good black legal mystery thrillers.

I have learned in writing that you're suppose to throw your characters up a tree and then throw rocks at them. In this book, Samuels-Young threw her characters up a tree and threw rocks, bricks, knives, shot at them... then commenced to cutting the tree down. Never have I read a book with so many twist and turns and isshas. Good grief. I think I read about 250 pages of it on Saturday alone. Just had to finish it. What a satisfying read!

This is a good thing, as I haven't cared for the book club book choices. I only got through half of the books last year. That ain't good. I am one step from being kicked out, and trying to hang in there. So this book gave me a little hope of sticking with the book club.

The author's flying in for the next meeting. She's real good to talk to, so I'm looking forward to that.

Sunday. First of all, I checked my phone, and there were like, 5 missed calls. My phone was on vibrate and in the bottom of my laptop bag. No, I don't have my phone stuck to my ear at all times. I could care less about my phone.

The Green Eyed Bandit had been calling. That broad know she know how to blow a phone completely up! And she KNOWS that if the phone is not next to me within reach, I won't be answering it.

Call my house phone, gal!!! Dang!!

Her answer is always "I don't care. I'll just keep calling."

She has to be one of the most tenacious broads I know!

She didn't want anything. Just to check on me. And she's my FFF group leader, so I know she was trying to make sure I hadn't jumped ship and bought a shiny new Lexus or booked a trip to some beautiful beach. She encouraged me to pay off my debt.

And I know she had her fist balled up and ready to come through that phone and punch me in my face if I said otherwise.


No Ma. I haven't gone out and bought that Lexus I want so BADLY. (Not yet, anyway. These bills better come on in. That's all I gotta say about that!!)

Sunday, I went grocery shopping. I have to do this because most of what I buy is fresh fruits and veggies, so I know I better just work it out and go.

My biggest buy, and something I've wanted for a looooong time: a mandoline!

I can shred, slice, and julienne with this thing! It took me a minute to figure it out. And I have to be careful because those blades are sharp. But I was able to julienne a small zuchinni in one minute flat.
Oh, that is just wonderful! This will save a load of time, because not a day goes by where I'm not chopping up fruit and vegetables.

I also hooked up some greens.

I found this "braising mix" -kale, swiss chard, mustard greens and whatever else they throw in there- from a local organic farm a few months ago, and it tends to work out well for me.

I watched 3 movies this weekend: 2012, Law Abiding Citizen, and Butterfly Effect 2. Wasn't blown away by any of them. I liked the Butterfly movie the most. Law Abiding Citizen was tooooo frickin' violent. 2012- I was cleaning up while watching it, so I didn't really get the full gist of what was going on. I may have to watch that one again.

But that's the gist of my weekend. VERY uneventful, stuck off here in my proverbial tent.

The most interesting thing I learned this weekend: we all have issues, and we all need some change. Period. No one's perfect.

Make the effort to trace the root of the problem. Face that. Erase that. And don't forget to replace it with something better.

Sounds simple. But it ain't. I thought much about my own life while considering this. The tracing and facing the problems are confidence isshas. But it is also a part of dealing with the fear of the thing.

That erasure part is the difficult part. It takes time. And I better replace it with better habits, ideas, thoughts, decisions whatever - if I want the change to stick.

An arduous undertaking, just in thinking about it all. But worth consideration, nevertheless.

Hmm. A little food for thought on a Monday Merning. Well, that's what I'll be pondering this week...

Ya'll have a good week despite losing a whole hour of time.

We'll get it back in the fall:)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Freestyle Fridays

TGIF, People...

Thank God it's Friday.

I have a bunch of posts to put up, but I'm being hard headed and doing other things. Add to that that I like to do my posts in the mornings, but if I wake up late, well... it's not gonna happen, man. So, I have to do better... And I will.

This week has gone by pretty fast for me for some reason. I suppose that's a good thing. It really means that work has been pretty hectic. Not a good thing.

I'm going in late to work this morning. I want to go talk to a farmer who sets up a booth in East Atlanta and sells his products. LadyTee wants a connection for farm pastured poultry and grass fed beef, and this guy might be it.

What's up with Toyota? People are reporting their issues with their cars now. I would NEVER in a million years think that Toyota would be a problem car? EVER.

Makes a Pontiac or an Oldsmobile sound good right about now, don't it?

This month, I've made the switch to all organic vegetables, as much as I can. Uh, I'm still trying to recover from the sticker shock of the grocery bill. Sigh.

Speaking of the vegetarian thing, I really need to post my goals for the spring. I then need to scrawl them in bright red paint on my bedroom wall so I can see them first thing in the morning when I open my eyes!

It's been raining alllll week long. Just bleary and dreary. I REALLY want to see the sun. It was so lovely last weekend.

I got my tax refund last week. It is wholly possible to be debt free minus the mortgage by the end of the month. Yes, I will do the right thing and pay every thing off.

But I really want a Lexus.

And I REALLY want to fly to some remote island and lay on the beach with a good book. I want to feel powder white sand in my toes. I want to feel the ocean breezes blowing through my hair.

I want, I want, I want... Me, me, me, I, I, I...

I want to stop being so selfish and self-serving. This means I will do the right thing and pay off my debt. I know they were asking me in one of the last couple of FFF meetings if it looked like I'll be debt free this year.


And then I went back to furiously crocheting the baby blanket I was working on.

LOL. Looks like I'll be able to tell the Oldgirls something useful at the next meeting. I know they are tired of my cynicism...

... and yearnings of not thinking about these matters and my HARD squawking and whining about going to sit off on a beach and talking about it.

Ladies of the Triple F Posse initiative, I just need to throw myself in an atmosphere where some words are going into my ears and going into my heart. It'll eventually sink in and I'll produce... something. So bear with me, financial freedom fightas... bear with me!!

*LadyLee doing her best to hold that mule*

Actor Corey Haim died this week. It's sad that when that happens we automatically think it's drugs. The man could've slipped up in the shower and hit his head. Who knows?

I don't judge the man. I myself have known to get blunted in the past. But when these things happen, I often look at myself in light of it. And a small food for thought skips through my mind...
"Those bad habits that you don't take care of will eventually be the source of your downfall."

I heard that in a sermon some years ago, and it is seared in my mind. I cringe every time I hit a related bible verse. Oh, if it ain't the truth... a scary truth.

I take stock of myself in the light of that sentence when some tragic things happen.

Really. And I'll probably spend time writing in my personal journal concerning such.

My brother Milk and Cookies is home from Iraq. He'll be here for 2 weeks. I hope to see him and the baby.

I heard just now from my sister that the first thing he did when he got home was go buy a motorcycle.

He is still a baby himself. lol

Not sure what I got going on this weekend. I know I'll be doing a LOT of writing. I'm saw a scene a couple of weeks ago in a movie that is helping me write a scene that has been troubling me in a screenplay and I am motivated to fool around with it. Plus I need to work on a couple of chapters of my current project.

But besides all that, I'll be doing the usual: chores, crocheting, relaxing, hanging out on the local track...

Fun, fun, FUN!!

Hope you've had a decent week. And I hope you have a great weekend!