Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If I Were You... But I Am Not You

I saw something else pretty interesting about myself written on these here internets...

And this one is from one of my favorite chickens... S23... from her post, Thoughts to ponder . I think she had to list people she admired and why...

Alesia - She has the ability to always listen to people and not really give them answers, but ask the important questions so they can discover their own answers.

Yes chicken... I tend to do that. And stop using my government name. Please and thank you.


Yes, she has me pegged. Don't know whether it's a good habit or a bad habit.

All I know is that it is MY habit. And it works for me.

One thing that I REALLY hate is when people say, "Girrrrl, if I was you, I would..."

If I was you...

Hmm... But I'm not you.

And I know people who specialize in this. They ALWAYS got something to say about what someone is doing.

"Girl, if I were you, I wouldn't put up with that mess."

"Girl, if I were you, I would tell him off."

"Girl, if I were you, I would leave that sucka."

And it goes on and on.

I tend to stay away from such people.

If I were you.

But I am not you...

And them the type of suckas that go talk about you like a dog behind your back... tell ALL your bizness. LAWD.

And it all screeches to a halt back to something I posted a few weeks ago.

We have a tendency to look at our lives through rose colored glasses, yet we are quick to look at other's lives under a magnifying glass.

Couple that up with...

We are so interested in the lives of others, yet we don't have a grip on what's going on in our own lives.

Come with me, as we smash all that together with a bible verse, that, when I first read it, had me all O_O.

Every time you criticize someone, you condemn yourself. It takes one to know one. Judgmental criticism of others is a well-known way of escaping detection in your own crimes and misdemeanors. But God isn't so easily diverted. He sees right through all such smoke screens and holds you to what you've done. Well, I just don't want to be that type of person.

That is from Romans 2, those first couple of verses, in the Message version of the Bible.

Hmm... sit down, have a sandwich, and think about that.

You know, this is how your Friendly neighborhood Oldgirl is... I am interested in your well being. I'm interested in your peace of mind. Anything and everything I have to say will come from that direction.

And if you have dealt with me over any period of time, and we have discussed anything... you know I ask a TON of questions. I will send you a list if I have to. Heck man, you ain't gotta tell me jack. Take yourself somewhere and journal your thoughts. That will work.

You know why? Because sometimes you just have to hear yourself talk. Most time you know the answers, and what you gotta do. But you trying to make it fit in a box... that silly box that contains what you think others think you should be doing, how you gonna look in front of others if you do XYZ, all kinds of people approval type of issures...

Mix that in with our outright inherent selfishness...

We are trying to make it all "fit". I can usually hear it in your voice and your words.

That's because I have heard similar nuances in my own voice and words. Many times.

And the more you talk, the more likely you will catch yourself, and know what's really going on.

Alas, I ask questions. Kind of like a lawyer do. Never judging, never setting you up. Sure, I know what I would do in your situation.

If I were you...

But I am not you.

We both grew up differently. We both have opinions and beliefs that are deeply rooted. We have different experiences, different sets of emotional baggage. We are different. I have a DEEP respect for that.

And as a result, you will never hear me say "If I were you, I would do..."

That just doesn't rest well with me.

Now, while you are talking, I am thinking back to when I went through something similar. All the crying and acting out I did. All the hesitations and fears. All my apathy. All that cussing suckas out. And if I relay my experiences, it is through that window, and only in a positive vein. And these days, it is more in a spiritual light.

Now you can take the info and do what you want to do with it. May or may not be useful. But I said what I had to say. But you did 90% of the talking.

That doggone Serenity. I think she and I have had fights surrounding, "Lee, you will give me your opinion on this!!" And my baby sister Kentucky, when she lived with me, was real good for sitting at the foot of my bed until she gets the answers she need.

Too funny.

And it is almost like pulling a cat's tail. It can be dangerous. And I usually know who I am dealing with if I have anything to say.

You see, I don't ever validate your behavior. Some people just want you to validate their messes.


Go talk to someone else. Please and thank you.

And I pick up on that when I ask questions. And listen to what you are saying. I know what I'm dealing with when I shut up and listen.

I learned something interesting from that Oldgirl LoveBabz. She is one of the wisest bloggers out there. She been in prison, i.e., I can sit at her feet and learn from her, man. She has a set of experiences out of this world and still stands strong.

She is always writing about how she "discerns" a situation.

That's a hard word, this "discern". Yet it is a much softer one than the word "judgment".

I heard something interesting in a sermon a few months ago concerning those two related words.

Judgment relates to looking at a situation, especially something someone else is going through ,something difficult, and giving advice that tares them down, and seeks to bring about destruction to their character and life. It seems to always have some negative connotation.

However Discernment is different. It refers to looking at a sitiuation, especially in the area of someone going through something difficult, and giving advice that brings back restoration, peace of mind, and a sense of well being. This word has more of a positive connotation.

So what I strive for is to discernment. I like to look at what's really on your mind. And I can't do that unless you are talking...

Out of the heart, the mouth speaks...

That ties back to Proverbs 4:23

Keep your heart with all diligence, because out of it flows the issues of life.

The issues of life. You talk long enough, you will hear your own issues. No need for me to point those out to you. They become very apparent the more we speak...

You talk long enough, and we will both hear the fear laying out on the fringe of your words. You talk long enough and we both hear the ray of hope shining through your words. And you talk long enough, you will hear what I hear within my ownself and in others many times: you are so afraid that what you are feeling right now at this moment is the way you will feel forever. And honey? That is not true. It never is.

Life... it ebbs and flows. It has peaks and valleys. And it will be alright.

No, I am not you.

I am me.

And that is fine.

As long as I can be helpful, and not hurtful... by asking the important questions that get to the heart of the matter...

Well, that is all that matters.

Missing You, Oldgirl...

2 years ago today, I lost a really good friend.

Indigo Nikki

Yes it has been 2 years. It doesn't feel that way. Feels like yesterday. I think about her everyday.

I was praying the other morning, and started thinking of her and I just burst into tears. A friend of mine had a friend past the other day, and she said it helped to go back and read my Nikki posts.

*ladylee bursts into tears... all over again*

Good grief. When does one get past it all?

I have a line in my personal vision statement that reads

"I am an incredible asset to my friends."

Well, she was an incredible asset to me. And what a loss she was. When she passed, I lost an asset. Someone of incredible value. Someone who never judged me. Someone who accepted me just for me.

And that is hard to find these days. When I find myself having to jump hoops with people, I get angry. I think of her. And how I wish she was here just to talk to.

She was quick to have my back. I was just as quick to have hers. No questions asked. And it is still hard for me to deal with her loss. Especially, like I said, when I gotta deal with some fool every now and then. I think of her and the asset she was. It makes me more cognizant and deeply respect of other friends in my life who are on my life path now, who are assets.

So Nikki... RIP. I miss you, Oldgirl. Our 3 years of friendship were some of the best. Thanks for being there for me, and adding to my being.

You are truly missed.

And I gotta play a song... This is what's been popping up on my IPod this week. I think she will like it. Something we can both relate to, indeed.




(as she use to say... Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

But That's Just Me...

It is always interesting to come across something interesting about myself on the internet.

If I google my government name, with my middle initial, I come across a few scientific papers, and good grief, my work phone number. That is some craziness. You best not call me at work. I may or may not pick up the phone. (How crass and unprofessional is that? lol) I don't ever check my voicemail.


I've also come across some mess at times. Not a good look to upset negroes in the blog world. Goodness.

But every once in awhile, I come across some good things.

Here's something interesting written by the Green Eyed Bandit, who has known me since 2005.

From The Green Eyed Bandit's post, Supportive Friends.

Lee is one of the least judgmental people I know. Oh, and so quiet! She sits back and observe. However, you make it into her circle, you are the blessed one. Lee is super smart (even though she keeps it under wraps). If she considers you a friend, she will find ways to put a smile on your face. We have shared sermon notes, financial goals and affirmations, vision boards, and her wonderful blog. I learn so much from her! She has made it to Baby Bandit's games and gives words of encouragement to him (with her famous cookies). More than anything, she has a heart of gold.

Goodness Bandit... I am so honored that you think so highly of me.

That's a good thing. I prefer to have the Bandit in my corner. Really.

There are some interesting things in there, if you have been around me long enough that I would like to ponder... I am in the middle of some self assessment right now over a few things, and what she said is a handful. I figured I could make a post out of it.

Lee is one of the least judgmental people I know. Uh, yeah. I ain't got room to be judging folk. Trust, I've done what you have done or a good ten times worse. I am rarely rattled, and people rarely say anything that make me clutch the imaginary pearls around my neck. I will expand on that in another post.

I ain't got NO room to judge nobody on nothing. Yeah, there's a lot of busted broken english in that sentence. I just want to make that super duper clear, babes.

Oh and so quiet! She sits back and observes. She knows that for sure. I have NO earthly idea of why folks who read this blog think I am the life of party. I am not. I am quiet. Bandit did NOT like me when she met me. I was too doggone quiet for her. And I remember thinking, Who in the world is this high yella, green eyed stuck up broad? LOL!! But me oh my, she is totally opposite. And I am glad of that. Yeah, and that is a lesson learned for me in NOT being judgmental.

I do a lot of observing, especially if I am in a room full of people. A lot of that is because I write a lot. And I like to know what's going on around me.

However if you make it into her circle, you are the blessed one. That is a kind thing to say. I don't really have a circle. I don't like cliques AT ALL. But I realize what she is saying. I tend to be a loner, mostly because I look at negroes I don't like all day, so my "me" time is super special. But those who get close to me, well, they are close for a reason. If you are in "Good" with me, that usually means that I am free to be a blessing to you, and to just be myself. I know that's hard to understand, but if you ponder it for a moment, it will make sense to you.

If she considers you a friend, she will find ways to put a smile on your face. Yes, I may be quiet, but I am very funny once I warm up to you.

Lee is super smart (even though she keeps that under wraps). People think I am so smart. Yes I am. I am considered a genius, whatever that really means.

But a good friend of mine said that to me the other day that she thinks I am smart, but very down to earth. Yes I am smart. But EVERYBODY is smart.

You have unbelievable talents and interests that you are well developed in. In my book, that makes you smart. That makes all of us smart.

I am sooo amazed by people who have talents and expertise different from my own. I am fascinated by that. So I don't look at "smart" like everyone does. Yes, I have degrees in some difficult disciplines, areas that most people wouldn't dare venture into. Those were simply my interests. You have interests and talents that I am clueless in. That, in my book, makes you a smart person.

But that's just me, how I think about it.

We have shared sermon notes, financial goals and affirmations, vision boards, and her wonderful blog. Now if you wanna be down with me? Give me some stuff, man. No I don't want your money. I got my own money. And don't you come sniffing around trying to bother any, because I don't loan out money. (I've been torched quite a few times concerning that personal rule. And that is fine. I just located how you feel about me.)

Anyway, bring me some church notes. I don't care WHO your pastor is. Go back and read that post I wrote on Romans 14. I don't care. I ain't got time to be judging nobody's pastor. Mine stay in trouble, so whatever.

I only spend 1% or my time in church. I am more concerned about the other 99% of the time. If we have had some deep convo, and your pastor preach on it? Come back and tell an Oldgirl. You find some interesting info on it. Hollar at your girl. That's how I get a lot of my personal isshas resolved out anyway. (That happens ALOT.)

I know people who aren't religious (heck, I don't consider my ownself religious), who don't go to church, yet still can tell me something that is gonna take me to a new level, solve some personal issue, etc. That's all I want. Make me a better "me".

And if we can share some vision stuff, some affirmations, some financial goals, etc? Oh, I am looking for you. A smile is on my face when you come around the corner.

I like people who are bent on doing better. There is less room for drama if you and I are trying to move forward. If you ain't doing or thinking about something, you probably trying to start some proverbial fires somewhere, or you're somewhere causing mental carnage.

*lee walking FAST in the other direction*

I learn so much from her. Listen, if I am around you for a long amount of time, and I can look at our friendship, and I don't see a pattern of MYSELF being a blessing or useful to you, well... I usually remove myself from the situation. That is just me. We all have had people in our lives, that when we see them coming, we trying to get away from them. I don't want anyone to think of me like that. And yes, I have seen that happen. I've done something wrong, wasn't forgiven for it, and it kept coming up over and over again. Yep, I have apologized, and I don't do anything out of malice, but if I cause you trouble, I'm gone.

A bad way to handle things, but if I ain't helping or you not getting something useful from our friendship, it is dust. And it works both ways. People rarely drain me or use me. I make it a point to not drain and use people. All friendships are give and take. And all are for some purpose.

We all come across each other's paths for a reason.

For a season.

Or for a lifetime.

So if you are in my sphere, you will learn much from me. And I will learn much from you. I will be a blessing to you. And you will be a blessing to me.

The older I get, the more critical that becomes.

BUT that's just me.

More than anything, she has a heart of gold.


Wow! Now that's a good one! That's all I gotta say about that!

So Green Eyed Bandit, thanks for your kind words. Please KNOW that I think highly of you.

My goal is to be a much better friend to you than I have been. You are more valuable to me than you know.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Afternoon Snack

I meant to write a post this morning.

But uh... that did NOT work out.

So I am on my lunch break right now, working it out.

I had a decent weekend. I did that whole shopping extravaganza. I hit EIGHT different stores. Can you believe that? 8! Saw a LOT of interesting things. Met a few interesting people. But I spent around 25 dollars total on knick-knacky items. That's about it.

I have a good idea now of what I want, and now I can buy a few things. I just needed to do some perusing around.

But that was it for my weekend. It was HOT. After a good 4 hours I was heading for home. I am not cut out for running around all day. WOW!

So the Hurricane Irene did her thing this weekend. Some folks are hot about having to evacuate. I tell you, we do get an attitude about such things. But, if some catastrophic craziness had jumped off, those will be the first people hollering and screaming about how authorities didn't take proper precautions.

I hate that people lost their lives. Just one person losing their lives is tragic. This weekend, 23 people lost their lives. So instead of whining, think about those families who lost loved ones. And be thankful you are alive.

*lee throws soapbox to the side*

Yeah, yeah, none of us like being inconvienced. But please don't get on TV wailing. Not a good look. Complain and kick rocks, but do what you gotta do to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

That is all for that.

Nick Ashford passed last week. He was 70 years old. I thought he was older than that, because he and his wife had been writing music for Motown way back in the Tammie Terrell days. That's a LONG time ago. What a fascinating life he had.

So I'd like to put up one of my favorite songs for video of the week.

"Solid as a Rock"

I like that song. It is one of their latter hits. I love it.

RIP Nick Ashford.

I think I will make this a Food-for-thought week. Much of that is, like I have said before, is for myself, where I tend to write like no one is reading. Things on my mind that I need to be able to go and read. Might be 5 posts. Might be 2 posts. Who knows. Whatever. These are things for me, and hopefully you will glean a little something from it.

With that said... Done for the today.

It's a new day. Monday. Some people didn't wake up to see this day. So just for that reason, I'm going to be glad for today... ON PURPOSE.


Have a good week!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Afternoon Freestyles

Once again, it is FRIDAY!

And I am looking forward to the WEEKEND!

Because I plan to go SHOPPING!

Okay, I ain't that excited. I don't like shopping, but it's one of those jaunts where I am doing some decorating and perusing. If I see what I envision, then I will be shopping! Otherwise, it is just a window shopping and pricing adventure.

I haven't been blogging daily. And that is a shame, because I like to blog daily. But I've been a mite bit busy, so uh... priority slightly changes... I am up pretty late at night these days, but I've been doing some reading.

Here is what I am doing right NOW. Eating my lunch.

Veggie chili and crackers.

I'd rather have something cool in this heat, like yesterdays lunch:

A nice salad with fresh lemon. YuM!

Here is a picture of Oscar-Tyrone, He thinks he is hiding from me:

I had the urge to kick him, but Oscar rarely scratches or bites... I didn't want him to get any ideas. Didn't want to change his surly yet quiet ways.

Not sure if it's a good thing or not to NOT be watching TV right now. I turned it on to catch the news and lo and behold... There's a HURRICANE a coming! That is something else to see a big red splotch on the weatherman's radar like that. Goodness!

So uh, ya'll in the path of Irene. RUN FOR COVER. Don't be trying to ride it out. RUN!

There was a EARTHQUKE the other day in DC or Virginia. WOW! Just out of nowhere. I texted a couple of people up that way. "Are you alright!? Send up a flare!" All was well. I can't stand unexpected stuff like that. We've had 2 tremors in the last 10 years in the ATL, just all of a sudden. That is some craziness.

And has Kaddafi been overthrown? Is he missing? Are they looking for him hard enough? Looks like a $2 million bounty is on his head. O_O. Don't let me catch him walking down my street. I will not hesitate to bust him upside his head with my broom. That's big money.

We've seen several regimes turn this year. When people get sick and tired, they get sick and tired.

And what's up with the missing chick in Aruba? I've been to Aruba. That Northeast side of the island is treacherous. That is the first time I've ever seen water crashing up against rocks hard. It look cute on TV, but NOT in person.

*lee standing back... waaaay back*

Now if that dude took that chick scuba diving in that water... uh, ya'll won't be finding her. NERP.
They still haven't found Natalie... and they won't be finding her.

I liked Aruba. The cruise stop there for the day was fun. We learn a lesson there, like anywhere: don't get caught up with the wrong men. Ugh.

That's my thoughts on current events. I'm sure there's other stuff going on... It will all work out, hopefully.

Work has been super slow. I slmost fell asleep at my desk. WOW. I don't like that. I like to keep BUSY! Makes the time go by faster.

That's it for my freestyles. I am seriously considering a Food-for-thought week next week. Or a story week. Or maybe regular blogging. Haven't made up my mind.

I know I'm gonna have a good weekend... ON PURPOSE.

YOU be sure to do the same.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look What I Got!

A couple of days ago, I had a new shower head installed...

I LOVE it. You can switch from the overhead shower to the handheld shower, and I can run them both at the same time. I had water all over the place!

Poor Oscar-Tyrone... He poked his head in the shower and caught a face full of water with that handheld part. He was a might bit angry with me the rest of the day. Serves him right. He needs to stop being so doggone nosey.

I rarely go upstairs, but I am moving up there for the fall and winter, and thought it would be a good idea to tidy it up upstairs. I plan on painting the upstairs bathroom with a nice suede paint like I have downstairs. We will see.

Plus, a certain chicken say she coming down for the weekend in a couple of weeks. I would hate for her to have to get butt-nekked and go outside and wash herself off with the water hose in the front yard.

The crackheads would love that. I think I will save her the harrassment.


The shower has been busted for the longest! I had this stupid fear of getting that and a sink issue fixed. You know how plumbers like to charge you. This is my year to get things done, and that was one of them. Needless to say, it has never been as bad as I thought it would be. I will continue to work on this.

I sent a picture of my master bathroom bathtub to Serenity, as she is a bubble bath type of chicken.

She takes a bubblebath every day. She said she would never get out of it.

I know I was saying that I was going to use the cheese outta those jets in the tub. I was gonna take a good jetted bath every single dday! But I rarely turn them on. Gotta be careful about how much bubble bath I put in there, because with those jets, suds and bubbles are EVERYWHERE!


That's it for my home improvement for now...

Still trying to paint the kitchen.

Excuse the mess. One of ya'll need to come clean up my kitchen. Hmph.

As you can see, I am not there yet. I hope to work it out by year's end, or brang a joker in to do it for a few bucks. I have NO idea how I'm going to paint over and above the sink and around the fridge.

Maybe I can dip Oscar in a little paint... throw him up there and let him work it out.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ultimate Pocketbook

I have never fancied myself as being a pocketbook type of Oldgirl.

I prefer not to carry one. I have had a pouch that carries my ID, and it hangs around my neck. Functional, not fashionable. That's what I am.

Unfortunately, my pouch broke. Right now, I carry this.

It would be the bomb if it had a strap. But I just carry it in my laptop bag, and grab it out when I need it.

It is functional.

Tayari Jones didn't like it. When I pulled it out, she said "Oooh," and reached her hand out to touch it.

She quickly snatched her hand back when she realized it wasn't real animal skin, whether it be snake or gator, or possum, or whatever. It was as if she had touched a hot stove by mistake.

I hollered "Whatever, man!! I paid TWO DOLLARS for this here. TWO DOLLARS."

(I almsot hollered "Awwww, stop trippin' N****!" But we are both SWATS girls. We woulda beat each other down, right where we were! LOL")

She looked at me like she wanted to say something. But she let it go. Tayari carries nothing but high end animal pocketbooks. I'm afraid to touch her gear. It's so expensive, it might be still alive. Don't wanna get bit.

Yes I paid $2 for it. At Charming Charlies. You don't believe me?

So, with that said...

A couple of weeks ago, I ran over to the other building to talk to my coworker Crystal. You remember her. I laid out alllll her wedding pictures over here on the walls of the House of LadyLee. An extravaganza indeed! A delightful affair!

Anyway, she'd vacationed in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, and I wanted to know how her trip was. I told her about the beaches, and how they are so much different than what you have seen or will ever see again. So I wanted to know what she thought!

So I caught up with her at her desk. We talked about it. She said she had a great time.

Let me get my camera so I can show you the pictures," she said.

Andshe reached into her cabinet and grabs a purse that made me jump backwards.

"Dang Man!" I yelled, as I reached out to touch it. It was very cool to the touch.

That meant that sucka was REAL.

"That is MINK!" I hollered. "That purse is BAD!"

And I knew it was real. Didn't even have to ask. Crystal kicks the $350 shoes and the $350 Gucci sunglasses. She don't do the bootleg.

"Can I hold it?" I asked, my eyes wide in anticipation.

She let me hold it. I stood still as a mannequin in a store window. I looked off in the distance, like I was looking for my limo to pick me up.

I gave it back. "That is nice! And only you can kick that when it's 100 degrees outside!"

She said the designer was Paola Masi. I never heard of him. I might not even be spelling it right. I thought she said Polo. I asked how much it cost.

The price made me go O_O. Uh, it's not $2, like the beloved fake clutchy thing I carry.

I called her walking down the hall of my building later and I made sure to write the name down. You would've thought we were discussing chemistry. This was a good thing, especially if shady management would've walked by.

I looked it up. Again I was O_O.

I sent a picture to Serenity23, who is all girly, and like that type of thing. She wasn't impressed. She didn't like it. O_o. We had a long discussion, which is HIGHLY unusal for me. She sent me a link to her dream purse, some Louis Vutton Cranberry leather get-up. I saw the price. My eyes went O_O.

Why do you all like pocketbooks that cost the equivalents of one or two mortgage payments!? LAWD!

I'ma hook you up Serenity! With the $50 bootleg! You can't tell the difference, honey!


But I am DIGGING that mink purse. That is different! That is like, the ultimate pocketbook!

Yeah, Crystal! I will let you rock that! I will rock my $2 bootleg!

No, I am not quite the pocketbook type of girl. But whenever I do feel like I am, I will saunter over to Crystal's desk, and pretend!

And that's alright with me!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday! Freestyles!



*super duper cartwheels*

And an Oldgirl is sleepy. Can't think worth NOTHING. And today is payday? Shoot. They better hope I keep my mind on what I am doing today. I am RET to go home RIGHT NOW.

I got to work around 6:40 this morning, instead of my usual 10:01 AM


My head is bout to bust this cubicle desk wide open. I am doing ALL I can to stay awake.

I worked EXTRA hard from 8:30 to 11:30, did all my experiments, collected all my data
from overnight things I had going on, and now I am back at my desk. It is waaaay to quiet in the cubicle area. If they don't watch out, they gonna catch an oldgirl over here going Zzzzzzzz...


This was a good week. We celebrated her birthday at Chow Baby, and I gave her her gifts!

14 bottles of that Bougi mint water she likes so much.

(14 is not significant. That's all that I could fit in the box)

And I gave her some CASH. She opened her card and was like "Thank you". To the naked eye, it looked like a stack of bills. I told her to count it, and she realized it was all twenties. You should've seen her eyes light up when she got past that 5th 20 dollar bill... and kept going and kept going and kept going...

Cowgirl Cre said later "It couldn't be me, I woulda ran all around that restaurant!"

No, Kentucky is to much of a diva for that. But she was full of GLEEEEEEEEE!!!


I want her to remember turning age 30. She's gonna say, "My sister gave me some MONEY!"

Don't YOU wish you had a big sister like ME?!?!?

That's all I gotta say today.

By the way, I am LOVING the new beds. I actually slept upstairs one night last week, which is odd since I never hardly go up there. I love those new beds. And I put cheap sheets upstairs... Uh, I seem to like high thread count sheets, so those cheap ones are getting TOSSED.

Don't worry Ginae, I will do a post on my bed-buying experience next week, hon!

Nothing much going on this weekend. There is an Atlan.ta Writer's club meeting this weekend, so I might get nosy and go, if they have some activities of interest. I have a lot of chores to do, since I have been going home and laying straight out in that comfy bed, lol...

Video of the Week. Chaka Khan's "Clouds"

object width="420" height="345">

Me and Cowgirl Cre were in the lab dancing hard to this. You would've thought we were little, and standing in front of the TV set watching Soul Train!

You older chickens know you use to dance in front of the TV while watching Soul Train. Don't act!

I'm glad management didn't walk through. Talk about trouble!

I'd never heard that song before. I first heard it on my Slacker radio app. I was thinking, what the world? Rufus and Chaka never came out with that! LOL.

Interesting song. Haven't decided whether I like it or not. All I know is it got our blood pumping that day!


You all make sure to have a good weekend. Mine is wide open. I just hope to get a little relaxation in... ON PURPOSE, BABES.

You get it in, too!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today is my sister Kentucky's 30th birthday!

Birthday #30
YaaaaaaaaaYYY Kentucky!!!!

I called that chicken yesterday, all excited.

"You ready for tomorrow, girl?"
"School already started," she mumbled.
*lee kicks the gas face*
"NO!" I hollered. "Tomorrow is your birthday! It's your 30th birthday birthday!!"
She wasn't all that excited. She teaches kindergarten and school started last Monday. So, she is tired. And she had no plans.
*lee kicks the hard eyeroll*
"You GOTTA do something for your 30th!" I hollered. "You just GOTTA!"

She is more interested in getting some sleep. I told her we can go to dinner, because I have her gifts!

So for her birthday, I would like to relive once again, the day of her birth. I was 11 years old at the time. This is a repost from 2005... It was a day I will always remember!

Today August 17, 2005, is my little sister's birthday! She was born on August 17, 1981. So that makes her 24 years old today.

I remember the day you were born, girl. It was a Monday morning. I remember Ma coming into my room at 5:00 a.m. and calmly saying that her water broke, and I should get up and get dressed.

Then she did something that I thought, even at the age of eleven, was the dumbest thing in the world. She went and took a bath. And then she straightened and combed her hair.

I sat there and watched the hot comb do wonders on her nappy hair. I remember the sizzle and smoke from the pressing oil and straightening comb. And I remember looking at her and thinking, "Umm, shouldn't we be getting out of here?"

We were waiting for your daddy Ronnie (my stepfather) to come home from his job as a forklift driver. He finally got in around six-thirty and started running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off...

Ma remained calm.

We got in the Thunderbird, got on I-85, heading northbound towards Crawford Long Hospital in Midtown. Ma and Ronnie forgot about one thing...

Rush hour traffic.

So somewhere near the Langford Parkway/166 exit, Ma started screaming like someone was trying to kill her or something. And I thought silently to myself...

"If only we woulda just left... You just had to go straigthen your hair and take a bath. Now you gonna have this baby in this Thunderbird. And that is just nasty." I thought such words quietly to myself. Saying them aloud would have gotten me slapped on the spot.

Ronnie drove like crazy, weaving in an out of traffic. I didn't know if Ma was screaming because she was in labor or if she was becoming like me, scared that we were going to have a wreck!

Anyway, we finally got to the hospital. You were born around 9:15 a.m. I remember calling Grandma, Auntie, and Uncle Olin and 'em on the payphone and saying that Mommie had just had a baby, a girl.

And when I saw Ma, she looked like I thought she would: like a wild woman, hair all sweated out into a lopsided afro. So much for straigthening her hair!

You stayed in the hospital for an extra week because you had the jaundice. My first sight of you was you laying there under the lights with a white blindfold on, crying and grabbing at the air. This disturbed me so bad that I went home and sat in the bathroom with Keesie (you remember our mutt Keesie, don'c cha?) and cried for awhile.

Thought I would tell you these things, because I've never told you before.

Fast-forward to almost a quarter-century later. Now you're grown, graduated from college, got a job, got a car...

Got a man... (LOL!)
A true diva of the world... Yes indeed!!

Happy 24th Birthday, Kay!!!!!


I like that little story! I remember it everytime her birthday comes around!


HAPPY 30th Birthday KENTUCKY!!!!

Here are some old pictures of us!

You and a 3 day old Milk and Cookies!

All of us... You were 7 Milk and Cookies was 1.5, and I was 19!
Here's another!

And another!

This is how I think of them, and always will.

My oh my oh my, How time flies... It does.
Dear Kentucky...

(I wanna print her real name, but it is tooo diverse)
What the heck! I will just break it up!

Dear Ken.ya.nee,

I just want to let you know I love you very much, and have been so honored to be your big sister. No I haven't been the best! We just started seeing eye-to-eye in the past 5 years (Lawd knows I don't do well with anyone under the age of 25... sigh)... But I cherish our sisterhood and our friendship.

I am thankful for such a great sister!

Have a HAPPY 30th birthday!

Love, Lisa

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning... Anniversary Edition

Good Monday Morning!!

Today's a GREAT day!

It is currently 67 degrees in Downtown ATL. That is odd, because it's been ARSE HAWT for the past month. And it explains why I am cold right now.

*lee turning off ceiling fan and pulling down comforter up to her chin*

I am OFF!

This is GOOD!!

I have a late morning doctor's appointment. No use in going to work. Plus they were tripping last time about a half day off. So uh, how bout I just take the whole day.

I feel a little off after my blood work anyway. I need to go sit down and relax.

Plus i don't need to hear my doctor give me the third degree about going to work. "Why you going to work, Doc? Take the day off!!!"

She is corrupting me.

Anyway this was a great weekend!!!

I had some new Memory foam mattresses delivered. I slept like the Queen of England last night. Woooooowwww!! Woke up singing like an opera singer! I will be writing about that soon. You know me: I gave the poor saleswoman all kinds of trouble.

I gotta write about that.

So I didn't go anywhere this weekend. Spent the weekend cleaning up. I was all tuckered out by last night. You wouldn't believe the shenanigans going on under my bed... If a leprachaun jumped out and bit my knee, it wouldn't have suprised me one bit!

So, a certain chicken is suppose to come thru and stay at the ACTUAL House of LadyLee and hang out. She has a bed to sleep on now. I may still make her sleep on the floor with Oscar. And use his litter box.


No, I plan on moving upstairs for the fall and winter... just for a change. So time to make an attempt to decorate up there!

This weekend marked my 6th bloggaversary! *cartwheels*

No fanfare. Wasn't in the mood to post. Sooooo much has gone on in 6 years. I am 41 now, and I started this blog when I was 35. It don't feel like it's been that long ago. Oh what a ride it has been.

There have been 1164 posts... and I've met some highly incredible people through my blog. So glad to encounter so many extraordinary people along my life's path. I am thankful for that!

How long will my blog continue? Who knows? I think what's key is that I write it for myself first, for my own entertainment. If no one was reading, it would be okay, because I try to write like no one is looking. It definitely satisfies my writing jones.

Also, 13 years ago yesterday, I received my doctorate. I received that coveted "Dr." title. I like to ponder that. I look at everything I've dealt with or accomplished since then a little differently. Everything is temporary, and it is just a matter of getting through it.

It's not the accomplishment that's the important thing... it's the thousands of things you learn along the journey that's important also. It's the jumping of the hurdles that makes me strong. It's the people I help along the way that makes me stronger.

I will never forget that.

Whelp! I gotta get up, get myself together for my appointment. I must be okay, since I didn't get any phone calls during the month. That's a GOOD thing.

I plan on having a great day.

And you make sure to have a great day too... on purpose.

We've completed 6 years of the House of LadyLee...

Welcome to year number 7...

Full steam ahead!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reality... for Real

One thing that I don't really care for these days is reality shows.

They were great at one time , a novel concept. But doggonit now everyone has a show. And the level of drama is paramount... Front and center. And the more drama, the better.

My days are much quieter now that I have removed much of that clutter from my life. Don't get me wrong, if you enjoy them, than that is fine. Do you. But the question now for me when I look at my side activities... Is it nourishing my spirit and soul? If not, it is placed very low on the priority shelf of my life.

But I've heard a few people talking about one show and how dramatic it is...


The Braxton Family Values.

"You been watching that?"

That's my usual response.

No I will not be watching yet another reality show.

Then I talked to my sister one day. She watches it.

"Lisa," she said, voice brimming with excitement. "Toni Braxton got lupus just like you. And her hair is thinning, just like yours. And she have to do stuff and take breaks, just like you. And she get tired and disappear and go somewhere and sleep, just like you do, and she keep quiet about it just like you do, and..."

She went on and on and on.

"Really," was my lone response to her long sentence without a breath. "You should watch it, Lisa."

"I might take a look at it," I said.

I was more amazed that my sister was so observant of me and my ways during our time l

THEN someone at work pulled me to the side and told me about this, saying they undestood from being around me.

Hmm.. didn't know that I was observed much at the job.

Well anyway, these 2 folks excitement had me curious. I had this ridiculously wonderful app on my phone that would let me watch all kinds of shows, so I pulled up the whole season of the show up on my Evo and watched it over a week's time.

I thought it was good... especially Toni Braxton's issues with the illness. This has been a year when I've seen situations like my own. I've always felt very alone and a bit private about my own dealings with it. You hate to even talk about it, because people don't understand, nor do I expect them to.

But it was a positive to see someone on screen who has symptoms similar to my own. She says that her lupus loves her heart. Mine loves my kidneys, sinuses, and blood. I know she had a heart attack awhile ago relating to such. I couldn't imagine having to worry about my heart like that. Goodness. But she seems to be making it, and doing well.

A reality show worth watching for me... because it was real to me.

Not sure how she deals with all that drama. Such would have me a bit sickly. Guess you have to be use to it. Sometimes folks don't care how you feeling. They want their own needs met right then and right now. Goodness.

I like things quiet and nonvolatile. Some don't. Sigh. And if you are dramatic, I just don't talk to you no more. Yeah, I am wrong for that, but whatever. To each his own!

Anyway, this gives me an excuse to put up one of the songs that has been heavy on my playlist the past couple of weeks. And it's my favorite Toni Braxton song.

"Love Affair"

Have a good Thursday evening!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Two Lil' Swats Girls!

So, like I said, last Monday, August 1st, I attended a reading and signing of Silver Sparrow by the Great Tayari Jones.

You know I am her number one fan... Her number one stalker stan!

If you didn't know how much I JOCK... now you know!

So, when she comes to town, I must see her.

Now for some odd reason, I was suppose to be at my old bookclub meeting to see her, from what I hear. STILL not sure what that was about. All I know is that she had 3 tour stops in Atlanta that weekend, and I plann was to hit the last one, the Camp Creek SWATS B&N to see her. She had three stops in ATL that weekend.

I had to see the Lil' SWATS girl in SWATS, aka Southwest Atlanta, the setting for her books! That is just CLASSIC.

Anyway, Tayari read chapter one of Silver Sparrow.

She is an excellent reader. I wish I could read as well as she does.

As you can see, she is on a crutch. I will talk about that later.
She gave a reading, talked and answered questions for about 45 minutes to a big crowd.

Most interesting thing she said concerning writing craft:

"If you have been trapped in elevator, you can write about being trapped in a space ship."

*lee clutches at imaginary pearls hanging around her own neck*

OH MY! That is so profound. STILL thinking about that one. Made me want to go home and WRITE right away.

I took a few pictures. Once I did, I was about to leave. She hollered "Wait!"

*lee stopping in mid motion*

Odd. I usually come and go. She has, like, a whole entourage of peeps waiting around to talk to her after her readings. I talk to her on the phone, and text. I was not thinking of sticking around just to talk to her. Holla at her later.

I hung out a little longer as she signed books for the long line of readers.

I tried to sneak off again. She hollered "Wait!"

*lee freezing in midmotion... again*

One of my old book club members Phyllis was there, talking about she Tayari's #1 fan.

She almost caught an elbow to the forehead. I made her correct that QUICK! Which she did. Tayari didn't protest. As she should not have.

LadyLee is the #1 fan. Well, behind Mama and Papa Jones, who were at the reading!

They gave birth to her. So I GUESS they can be the number one fans. Humph.

I will give them that much. Ma and Pa can be the top fans.

So after I stuck around for a minute, Tayari was done. She signed the store stock. And then she hollered "Let's go get something to eat!"


I wasn't particularly hungry. Not a fan of eating late. It mucks up my sleep.

But, it had been awhile since we hung out, so what the heck, man.

Anyway, we got outside. It was raining. She recently had a procedure done on her foot and she was kicking that silver crutch. So I offered to carry the umbrella.

We -she, I, and one of her childhood friends -were watching the rain, trying to decide what to do.

I offered to hold the umbrella. "I ain't got no hair! Ya'll do, so don't get it wet! I don't need an umbrella."

Okay, they both looked at me like I was crazy.

Whatever! I was telling the truth!

Tayari hollered "Let's go!" And then she took off FAST on that crutch.

I was trying to keep up. The crutch was banging my shins. And then I started tripping, because the crutch was banging me in my shins.

"I better not fall out here, Tayari. And if you fall, I'm taking a picture!"


We made it to her rental car. I jumped in. It was a Ford.

*gas face*

I started complaining. "You suppose to be in a Lexus, a Benz! What the heck is this!"

She was not moved.

She a superstar to me. Where the chauffeur at, man!?

I started touching everything. I leaned over and said "This is a frickin FORD, man!"


Anyway, we went right across the way to the Red Lobster. It was PACKED at 9:30 at night! Wow! Packed like it was a Sunday afternoon. There was no wait. We were immediately seated.

Our waitress, Tonya, came over and gave us our menus. Tayari said "Before you go anywhere, show me the wine. I want some wine. I want a glass of wine right now."


(((lush alert! lush alert!)))

I asked for a water, with a few sides of lemon. "And can you bring some of those cheese biscuits?"

"Of course," the waitress said.

*lee cheesing hard*

I wasn't all that hungry. But I gotta have some cheese biscuits if I am at Red Lobster. Really.

The most interesting argument conversation of the evening:

Anyway, we talked. And it came time to order.

"What kind of vegetables do you have?" I asked the waitress.
"Asparagus and Broccoli."
"How much is a bowl of broccoli?"
"No one has ever asked that before. I'll go check."
"And can you bring back some them cheese biscuits?"
"I sure will."

Tayari was looking at me crazy.

"I'm not all that hungry. I had a salad when I left work."
"It's on me, get something."

The waitress came back with Tayari's wine. "A bowl of broccoli will be 7 dollars."
"That's too much for some broccoli. Do ya'll still have the tossed salad?"
"Bring her the broccoli," Tayari said.
"Calm down! I said no, girl!"
"Bring the broccoli."
"Man, calm down!" I turned to the waitress. "Bring me a house salad and a side order of broccoli."
"Bring the broccoli! The bowl!" Tayari said again.
"Calm down!" I yelled.

Okay you had to be there. It was... interesting. The waitress was wide eyed, had that look that said... "Oooookay, these broads fighting about broccoli."

"And can you please bring some cheese biscuits?" I asked again.

Somehow Tayari convinced the waitress to split the broccoli between us two.


Our cheese biscuits came (finally). And so did my broccoli and salad. Tayari had the create-your-own-platter deal of shrimp and crabs. And she made a big issue out of this, because it made her feel like she was in charge! That was funny!

She made sure to make sure I saw her guzzling some water. Yes, I send annoying text messages concerning the importance of drinking water while traveling from city to city in this jacked up heat.

With the food drama past us, we actually got a chance to talk and catch on things. I looooooove sitting around talking to Tayari, because she is one of the most interesting and smartest people I know. She always gives me a new perspective on things. Not just writing, but on other things we are each going through. And for that alone, I count her as a true friend.

With that said, I think I dropped a food-for-thought bomb on her that night...

A person's true character is revealed when you give them power.

I want you to think carefully about that one. And look around you, and see if that's not true. Stay tuned for a detailed post on that. Hell I ain't even gotta write up a post on that. Just spend a little time looking at people around you... and even spend a little time looking at yourself. (I will write a post on it anyway.)

That blew her away.

*lee cheesing hard*

I bet you STILL thinking about that one, Tayari!


We finished our meal, sat around and talked for awhile. Tayari had left her purse out in the car, so I went out and got it, since she all "Tiny-Timmish" with that crutch and busted foot.

I came back and she splayed out in the booth...

I laughed EXTRA hard. Had to get a picture.

A typical SWATS girl. Get tired, put your feet up... no matter WHERE you at.


I don't blame her. Because I was leaned out on my side of the booth.

I know the waitress had to be like... "Oooookay. Ghetto girls."

No. Correction: Lil' SWATS girls.

I was VERY glad to not only hear Tayari read from her novel, and talk about spaceships and elevators (lol), but I was happy for the added treat of hanging with her that evening. Yeah, we yack on the phone, text like crazy, etc... but it was good to stop, chill out, kick our feet up, and talk in person.

There are few people who I encounter that, which each convo, I increase as a person. She is definitely one of them.

And I am HAPPY for that.

So Tayari, Lil' Swats Girl? Enjoy the rest of your tour! I, the other Lil' SWATS girl will be cheering you on. And sending you annoying text messages reminding you to drink your water!

And if she's coming to a town near you, make sure to go out and support her!

You won't be disappointed!

Really though!

Ya'll have a good Tuesday... on purpose!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday Once Again!

Is it just me, or is time just FLYING by?

Because once again... yet again...


Once again... yet again.

I am cool with that. For there are people who were alive last Monday... and they aren't alive today. I GOTTA learn to be thankful for my Mondays.

My Weekend. I didn't have much of a big weekend. I feel like there was something I was suppose to do, yet forgot about it.

Someone will remind me of such.

I think on Friday evening I went to church. Came home, and the next day, I went and did my Wal-Mart shopping. I needed silly stuff like detergent, toilet paper, stuff like that. I got plenty of fruits and veggies in the fridge from a grocery trip the weekend before, and I will probably make it until next weekend.

I did a LOT of napping. Not sure what was up with that. I am talking 3 and 4 hour naps. Hopefully I can get back on track and sleep well this week. We will see.

My brutha Milk and Cookies birthday was on Friday! Happy 24th birthday, Milk and Cookies!

He looks real dangerous. I don't like that uniform and that gun. Dangerous.

My sister Kentucky is turning the big 30 next week. I am totally excited about that. She doesn't seem to be. HUMPH. That's okay. I am going to celebrate it anyway! *cartwheels*

Man... I only posted twice last week. O_o I don't like that AT ALL.

Even though I only post about 10% of my life up here, I like to post at least 4 to 5 times a week. I feel strange if I don't. I have all kinds of things to put up.

Song of the week. Anyone who has known me over the past 20 years knows that I am a Miki Howard FAN! I looooove myself some Miki Howard. The only reason I'm not a STAN is that I can't cop her phone number or email addy or get some face time! So I am just a FAN.

And here's one of my favorite songs by her. Love this song!

You know, I actually made this dude who was breaking up with me sit in my car and listen to this song because it described how I felt. It was my way of begging him not to break up with me.

*ladylee kicks the hard eyeroll*

Man, I want to go back and SHAKE and PIMP SLAP my 20-year-old self. I mean, I wanna go back and kick my own butt. Really.

Ugh. The stuff I did in my 20s. Wow.

But I still love that song. It brings back a memory of my young self.

And the lessons I learned.

Whelp! I am gonna post all week. I have about 8 posts in my head. Gotta do that post of hanging out with that Lil' Swats Girl, Tayari. I have a Toni Braxton post coming up. There is also a WWF post that needs to go up. (That is Words with Friends, NOT World Wrestling Federation, lol). I read a couple of good books this past week. I actually read one this weekend which is odd for me, cuz I read real sloooooow, but I could NOT put it down. So I wanna post about that. And there's also a funny Milk and Cookies, Jr. post. I don't get to see my nephew who is allll the way out in Seattle. But I got some funny pictures to put up.

Lots to post about. And the last paragraph was to remind me of what I wanna do this week blogwise. Might have to work it out like that every monday, just so I can remember.

I got a text message this weekend. There is one chicken out there who seems to want a spiritual week. Uh, NO. Won't be posting about that. But it was a GREAT idea that she proposed. But a no go. Toooo much pressure, Ma! LOL. But at least it is on my mind.

I like that ya'll think I do well in talking about such things. Because that is what I think about 90% of the time. House of LadyLee is moreso for my creative side. Most of my spiritual things are reserved for my personal diaries. You want something spiritual, go back and read that Gumbo post I put up last week. Actually, that's the type of thing I LOVE to write. But somewhere over in my personal pages. Not here. Usually that happens when I need to put something up that I KNOW I will have to go back and read from time to time. And if I post it here, I can find it easily.

BUT I may have something for that Chicken this week. Not promising. We. Will. See.

That same chicken is coming to Atlanta and says she will stay with me. I think for just a day. But when she has to share the couch with Oscar-Tyrone... and eat his kibble... and share his litter box...

She will be getting away from me fast enough.

Stop giving me the hard side-eye, gal.


Anyway, are you going to make it a good week?

I am.

I am going to have a GREAT week.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

Man, I thought this would be a month that I would post EVERY day.


So I think I will just do some random ramblings.

- I am beginning to have problems with dairy products. If I drink milk, my head gets all stuffed up. So drinking dairy milk is a NO-NO. I can remember maybe one time in the last couple of years that I have drank milk. I prefer almond milk or brown rice milk.

It's not so bad when I eat cheese. It is bad when I eat ice cream. I had some ice cream last night and I am STUFFY. This is the pits with this high heat and humidity! UGH!! But I was rummaging in the freezer last night and came across some chocolate and some oreo gelato and I just HAD to have it! Major mistake! MAJOR.

I like ice cream made from cashews or coconut milk these days anyway, so I guess I have to switch over to that. SIGH. That stuff costs $5.99-$7.99 a pint. Super Sigh!

-The ATL is HAWT. 99 degrees. HAWT! And humid!

-We just had a fire drill. And it was caused by some fire extinguisher training outside. Do you think I left the building? NO. It is 99 degrees outside. I live 4.6 miles from here. If I leave the building, I am going HOME.

-My goal this month is to not watch much television. I'd rather read or write. I notice when the television is off, the quality of my life goes up a notch. And I don't fool around much with twitter or facebook, so I am doing good. Might as well focus on the television aspect. I don't know, it's just nice to come home and not turn on the television. I haven't watch that much television this year anyway. I want to reduce it more.

Anyway, I watched a little this morning. Well, it was moreson on while I waz getting ready for work.

Uh, why are we so interested in J. Lo and Mark Anthony's breakup issues? And the show I was watching, well, they were detailed about it.

Again, it makes me glad that I don't live my life in the spotlight.

-While we are talking about television, I was watching the Today show this morning (same show that talked of the the J.Lo stuff), and they had a segment on the growing trend of how college women are getting sugar daddies now as a way to pay their college tuitions.

And they called these young ladies "Sugar babies".

Oh... how cute is that?

Well they interviewed one chick, and she said she has made as much as $5000 in one weekend from her dealings with her TWO sugar daddies.


But she was quick to say that it wasn't prostitution.


The reporter said "Even though she does have sex with these men..."

It's just like a rose, honey. By any other name it will smell just as sweet.

And ho-ing is ho-ing. All day long. Call it what you wanna call it. It is what it is.

No judgment from me. A little cash has been left on my end table too, honey. Not quite $5000 dollars, nowhere near. My good loving ain't worth that much, I suppose. But it is what it is.

I'm just glad they didn't show her identity, and had her face blurred. You don't want folk to know you got some sugar daddy activities going on, now do you?

As an aside of the bad side of all this, the reporter mentioned an "african american female student" who took a train up to meet some man, and only made $350... The train ride home was full of regret guilt.

First of all, why they have to mention that she was african american? (the other chick was a white blonde... imagine that).

And it is more proof of LadyLee Postulate #25433: Not only the act is a problem, but the RESIDUAL effects of the act is also a problem.

Can't forget about the residue left behind in the secret spaces of our lives, can we?


That mini food-for-thought was brought to you by Your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl, LadyLee.

- I feel pretty good today, because I went to sleep pretty early last night (11:00 pm. That is early for me.) But Tuesday morning, I was feeling like this:

That is that Original Oldcat Oscar-Tyrone, looking more surly than usual. I was feeling like that because I didn't get to sleep til' later. I didn't get home until about 11:30 or round-a-bouts.

I don't usually be out in the streets that late on a worknight, especially a Monday night...

... but I was hanging with one of my favorite Chickens:

Celie, aka, Tayari...

Hmmm.... What's that there in the glass, Oldgirl?

You looking a bit lushy there!

I've been on her about drinking her water... uh, that ain't water, Celie!


Stay tuned for that post.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday Morning Indeed!

Good Monday Morning...

*limping out of bed doing a half cartwheel*

Oh it is a good Monday Morning. But it is overcast in the ATL. All muggy and warm, even at 76 degrees. I could use a good breeze right about now.

A nice breeze off of an ocean.

*closing eyes and imagining myself laid out on the beach*

Goodness gracious alive. Let me stop. Back to reality. I am at work. New boss this next 60 days. Jesus be a fence. That is all.

I will focus on the known, and not the unknown. Like this weekend. Which was pretty good.

First of all, I was OFF on Friday. I was so excited on Thursday that I had lost ALL concentration. ALL. 2 hours before quitting time on Thursday I just could not think straight. I was focused on a day off to spend time with my sister!

*church shouts all inside my head*


So we were going to go shopping. I wanted to go church that morning, because I absolutely LOVE morning services. That's like, the blue collar worker/night time worker services. And it is small, maybe 100 people or so. But I woke up at 2:30 in the morning, and couldn't go back to sleep. This is what happens when I am excited about the next day, ESPECIALLY having a day off. So I slept in that morning. I would just go to Friday night services, which is more usual for me anyway.

Anyway, I drove down to my sister's place in Peachtree City, and picked her up, and we went to Charlies country cooking for their lunch buffet. That was a BIG mistake, because I had the itis, and I REALLY needed a nap. But we decided to go ahead and go on down to Newnan and do some shopping.

Newnan is about 45 minutes south of downtown ATL. I have never been down through there. Well, passing through on my way to and from New Orleans when I lived down there many years ago.

I have always had strange thoughts about Newnan. Over the past 25 years, I have had friends who have gotten caught up in mess down there. Domestic mess. Fighting in a club over some man or woman. Just some craziness.

And I got my first and only speeding ticket fooling around in that area. I think Newnan is in Coweta County or nearby. $300 speeding ticket! Lawd, that was like taking $300 and setting it afire. (Remind me to write about that someday).

Anyway, when I think of Newnan, I think of craziness!

Thangs be happening in Newnan! Newnan got a lot going on!

Yet, my sister was telling me about how she likes to go shopping in that area. They'd built it up. They had department stores and whatever else you were looking for. I find it interesting that many of the surburbs on the outskirts of the ATL have built up so much that you don't have to go into the city if you don't want to. Everything is right there where you are. And that's how it is for my sister. She can travel a good 15 minutes from her place and get everything she need.

So we made the drive down there.

She took me to a place called Charming Charlies.

It is an accessories store. I walked in there and immediately said "Serenity would pass OUT if she came in here!

What was interesting about the place is that they grouped accessories by color. Good concept. No need to look all over the store for stuff.

Here are a few pics. (Sorry for picture quality. I lost my camera and I have to use my camra phone.

One of my shopping goals was to find a purse. I saw one that I liked in the mauve accessories area.

I was not down with the color. Uh, I don't have any pink or mauve stuff. It is waaaaay too colorful for me. I asked if they had a black one, and they didn't. BUT they showed me a tan one.

And I bought that one!

I like it! It is deep and I can fit much of what I wanna get in it. But it is not good for everyday use. So I bought a black one at JCPenneys.

We must've spent 2 hours in Penneys. I needed some ideas for curtains. I have ditched putting up blinds. Just too doggone hard. I will fool with curtains instead.

Anyway, after wondering around Penneys for a couple hours, we made our way over to Target. Kentucky wanted some Miss Jessies Curly pudding stuff. After looking at the price, we were like O_O. The small container costs about $22 and the bigger one was $58. My poor sister was upset about that. I bought her the smaller container. If it don't work well for her, then she can just toss it.

Not sure why ya'lls natural hair products cost an arm an a leg. But hey, ya'll work it out. You like it, I love it.

By that time, it was time to end our shopping trip. We had a couple of more places to hit, but I wanted to go to church, and we would have to do that another day. (Which we will most definitely do!)

Church was great, and I ended up getting home around 9:30 pm. A long long day indeed. I didn't go anywhere on Saturday, just hung around the house doing chores and sleeping and reading. Sunday I did more of the same, and I made a late evening trip to the farmers market for my fruits and veggies for the week.

And here we are. Monday morning. I tell you, time know it flies, don't it?

I can't wait for next weekend to get here.

But for now, I will be thankful for today, even though it is Monday. And I am looking forward to having a fantastic week.

Tayari is in town doing some tour stops for Silver Sparrow. I talked to her on Saturday Morning. THAT was an interesting convo. Looks like she was told I was going to be somewhere where I had no idea of knowing I was suppose to be there. Uh, no. My first time hearing such. And I will leave it at that. And interesting and funny convo indeed... I had to encourage her!

Hold that mule, Tayari... you got a few more tour dates! Keep it moving!

Let's just say she will be at the Barnes and Noble in Camp Creek tonight. I plan on being there to see her! And that was the ONLY plan I made. If I am suppose to be doing otherwise, yall negroes better let me know, and don't tell stories about me being where I had NO idea I was suppose to be being just to... lure folk.

Didn't know I was that popular. Correction: I ain't that popular.

Let me SHUT UP before I get CUSSED out.


Anyway, yall have a great week! On purpose.