Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Crystal Wedding

I wanted to post these pics sooner, but had to get Crystal's clearance. (Someone was like "Girl, you better ask the bride before you do that. She might get mad).

"No she won't. She know I'm posting!"

But Crystal is the type you take with you when you want a little backup when you beating a sucka down. Uh, in other words, not a good idea to upset her.

I called her a couple of days ago and told her I was posting. She is still on her honeymoon.

She said, "Don't have me looking crazy, man!"
"I won't," I said. "I do a good job! I'll do ya proud."

Matter of fact, she wanted to give me some pictures, lol.

So this has been in queue for a minute...This is a long post, but it goes fast...

Alright ya'll! I attended my homegirl and coworker Crystal's wedding!

I took 115 pictures!

I'm not posting them all, babycakes! Just the highlights!

I arrived on time. This is odd, as I am not the most punctual Oldgirl on the planet.

There was a Rolls out front.

Come on Crystal, I was expecting to see your white Jaguar! But the Rolls will do!

I headed to the entrance of the chapel, and there was the Groom himself, Rudy!

He's from the islands. A panamanian brother. I told Crystal later, "Girl, your boy was kicking the suit! That had an island feel to it. He looked real nice." She said he didn't want to wear a tux, wanted to do his own thang.

I ain't mad at you, Rudy!! It's YOUR day. You do you, boy!

I stood out there near him and his fam, but shoot man... they started speaking that island talk. I thought it was Patwa, but it sounded like something on a whole nother level. I was like, "Oh hell nawl, I don't know what's going on. I'm going into the chapel, away from all this!" LOL

Upon entering the chapel, there was a book of pictures on the sign-in table. (Yes, I am ghetto. I took pictures of the pictures).

There was a 10x20 matted pic of Crystal and Rudy.


Ya'll know I had to pick at her!

"Yo Crystal, what were ya'll about to do? Rudy was looking like some T.I. Were ya'll about to make a rap video?"

LOL! Drop an ol' school beat! Some 808 bass!

Ya'll know I had to hook up a greeting card!

A nice lime green VERY glittery "Crystal and Rudy". She told me later, "Girl, we were like, who gave us THAT card!"

LOL! None other than your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl, LadyLee!

I got all girly with it and put all kinds of glittery butterflies on the back and a little chiding to "Sing your song!"

One of our work security guards sat next to me and Cowgirl Cre. I joned that dude's card OUT.

"My card look better than yours. You wrote on your card. Mine is hooked up!"


So the wedding began...

Rudy was standing at the altar with the sunglasses on.

I wanted to yell "Yo, take your glasses off, babes!"

Someone got his attention and he did.

Here come the cute little flower girls!

And here's the junior bridesmaid, Crystal's youngest daughter. I think she is 10. Oh how cute!

She was cheesing like Celie the whole way down the aisle! I never seen a smile so big!

And then there's Crystal's oldest daughter. She was a bridesmaid!

Serenity 3-0 asked if I was about to start on a baby blanket for Crystal. Heck no. I would make one for that oldest girl, who's in her 20s. I don't know if Crystal is gonna start over again! We'll make one for Grandma Crystal, lol!

(Oh, she's going to snap on me for saying that.)

And then there was our lovely, lovely bride...

That dress was HOT, girl. When you walked by, I wanted to reach out and touch it. Didn't want to get cussed out though. Not a good look.

Uh, oh... watch out! Watch out for that TRAIN!

That was a PHAT dress. Really nice.

She was escorted by her father, who is a minister. He led her to the altar, slipped on his preachers robes, and performed the ceremony.

I thought that was special, a father performing the daughter's ceremony.

There were performing mimes at the wedding. They performed to a gospel song called "You are Blessed".

Yeah, this is about the time where we were all a bit weepy...

The young men were kind enough to pose for a picture after the wedding!

Like I said, we were all a little misty after their performance. But everyone was holding it together.

That is until Rudy started crying.

His best man handed him some tissues. He wipe his eyes.

Crystal started crying.

He wiped her face with his tissues.

The audience got all weepy for real them. Even I, the Oldgirl, had the hard lip quivering going on.

I wanted to yell "Oh Lawd!! Where's the ushers? We ALL needs some tissha and church fans!!"

You may kiss your bride, Rudy!!!

And here's one last picture of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy, after being prononced Man and Wife...

What a lovely wedding. We were talking about this one when we got back to work.

I talked to her a couple of days ago on the phone. "Shorty, that was GOOD. Ya'll need to do that again! That was alright, right there!"

She just laughed.


And as an added bonus... As I was leaving, I caught up with Wanda of the ATL's most popular urban radio show, V-103's Frank and Wanda in the Morning show.

I told her to smile. She spit out her gum, and gave her biggest smile!

She's a true celebrity! Ready to pose at the drop of a hat!

Her fiance sung at the wedding. That dude know he could sang. I made sure to tell him so!!

A great wedding indeed. I didn't stay for the reception dinner, as I was on super CP time and didn't RSVP in time.

Loved it Crystal... a perfect wedding, it was.

I wish you and Rudy the best...

All the days of your life...


your Homie - LadyLee.


  1. You sure are cranking these posts out! I was sitting here trying to imagine you snapping pictures every few seconds, lol. Appears to have been a beautiful wedding.

  2. @ LBeezy... I told ya'll I was doing a post every day for the month of June! You didn't believe me, Chicken?


    Ya'll think I'm playing! I'm stomping all the way through June HARD!

    A nice wedding indeed!

    Should've taken more pics!

  3. I love weddings!

    I've never seen Mimes at a wedding.

    The Bride & Groom looked beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Wishing them every happiness!

  4. Her dress was gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding.

  5. Anonymous3:15:00 PM

    Her dress was beautiful. Nice pics!

  6. Her dress was really pretty... And you and those fancy cards! Maybe you need a new side business or something! Good luck to the happy couple.

  7. Anonymous4:03:00 PM

    What an elegant affair, no detail was undone. I notice everything and she gets two thumbs up.

    Wishing them long life, love and laughter!


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