Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Green-Eyed Bandit!!!!

I would be remiss if I didn't wish The LadyLee blog's biggest fan a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Delta Hound, aka, Green-Eyed Bandit (pictured here with her lil' bro)!


It's this chick's MISSION in life to keep the House of LadyLee going. She thinks more about my blog than I do. Let's just say, if I miss a few days posting, this chick will email the HELL out of me... If I'm still not posting, she will call and simply say...

"Where my post at, Man?"

*LadyLee kicks the hard eye roll*

And she tends to send me post ideas. I've been wanting her to do some guest posts, but she refuses. Wants ME to do all the work. (Ya busta).

And as celebration of her birthday this month, I'm posting every day for the month of June.

(Just so she won't HASSLE me.)

(And I'm NEVER doing this again because it is driving me NUTS!)

But it is nice to get a call saying how much she liked a post. That's better than the interrogation concerning not posting, lol.

I met Green-Eyed Bandit some 4 years ago. She is my book club sista. Chick didn't have much to say to me way back then, and I found out recently that she thought I was a bit to quiet, and wondered why I was even around. (You a busta, Bandit).

But we were a part of the journal writing group some 3 years ago. Of course, I don't have much to say, just listen. (Another book club sista, Cyncere Sista, dubbed me the "Quiet Scientist with a good heart", lol). When I do have something to say (which is a suprise to all), it always starts out "I don't talk much, but I have something to say..."

And Green-Eyed Bandit told me once after one of the meetings

"I always learn something for you."

I thought this was good. Maybe she'll stop looking at me with the hard side-eye. LOL!!

Since then, we've become good friends. She's a real cool chick!

She talked me into going on my very first vacation. (I know if you ask her, she'll tell you how much I whined and fussed).

She was my roommate on the cruise I took for my birthday in February.

This was her family cruise. Some of us book club sistas tagged along.

There was much wailing before the cruise.

"Look here, your family is a bunch of high yella folk. I don't know how I'll blend in."


Her response "I got dark-skinned folks in my family, Lee."

"Look Ma... your family is CRAZY. Do NOT get me over in Mexico somewhere caught up in some mess with them. I am not trying to be locked up fooling with ya'll."

I don't know... I think of her family as a bit hardcore, you know, the type of crew who would break legs off of tables and whoop ass now, and ask questions later.

Scary folk indeed.

But they were nice. It was great cruising with them.

I liked the Sister bandits, the Auntie Bandit, and all the cousin bandits...

Everybody was smoking. I wanted so much to say "Yo, can I have a cigarette too?"

Mama Bandit was a real cool chick. She kept us all in check.

Brutha-in-Law Bandit was a straight up fool. You were right about him. Dude is comical!

Nephew and Niece Bandit were some great kids...

Niece Bandit slept in our cabin in one of the pullout bunks. She would knock on the door every night to come in, after the teen club closed.

Green Eyed Bandit, I don't appreciate you not waking up that last night on the ship to let your neice in the room. I had to get up and let her in. I'ma get you back for that one. Watch your back, child.

Stomping around Mexico was fun... Especially when we were drinking and eating nachos in that bar in Progreso, Yucatan.

That bleary eyed guitar player was a bit scary.

I know he had to think we were a bunch of Lushs.

Incidently, Green-Eyed Bandit... I blame you for all that drinking I did. You had me drinking Dragon Blood frozen drinks, tequila, daquiris, margaritas.

You and the crew (Ray-Ray and Kita)--- YA'LL SOME LUSHES!!!

I'm not sure I can hang with ya'll anymore! You lushes.

I had fun though!!! We gotta do that again.

But Green-Eyed Bandit, we've become fast friends over the past few years. I know I can count on you. You are the leader of my finance crew, and you always encourage me to do better. I sincerely appreciate that.

Make it a great birthday! And many more!

Now, you know I have to give the House of LadyLee's #1 fan a virtual barbeque.

So I went out back and fired up the grill!!

We got PLENTY of swine! Ribs galore!!

Plenty of chicken wings! Enough for you ALL !

And you KNOW there's always someone hollerin' about they don't eat pork. GEEZ!!

I see you sneaking the ribs on the sly! But we got that grilled up shrimp and crab for you anyways!

Grilled chipotle shrimp... can never go wrong with those!

Smoked basil shrimps are the bomb!

Crabs on the grill are no joke!

And the Green-Eyed Bandit is a BIG fan of my chocolate chip cookies. I am required to bring a few dozen to every meeting. And she requested a few for her birthday. (Those are baking in the oven right now, gal!)

But we do have some now for the party!

So, that was a good party wasn't it?

Okay... everybody has finished getting their eat on. Now all ya'll got the itis. DO NOT lay down. Take your tails home.

Ya'll need to get up out the House of LadyLee. You don't have to go home, but you need to raise up outta here!! LOL

Happy Birthday Bandit.

To have you as a friend makes me very rich... Very rich indeed. You make me a better person. I am fortunate to know you.

Have a Happy Birthday!!

I will see you later at the book club meeting, and at this shindig we're having at the Applebee's.

(And I have your chocolate chip cookies! OH JOY!)


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit8:57:00 AM

    Thanks Lee! I love love love the post and the virtual party. Cant wait to eat my cookies this afternoon.

    I will continue to send you posting ideas so you will never be able to say you dont have anything to post.

    We had a ball on the cruise. Everybody cant handle the Freeman clan but I knew you could. I am going to send them your link so they can see they made it to blogland

    It is true. I am always learning from you. That is why I bug you so much aboout posting. Even when you are Smurfy I am getting something. I am jsut glad I am able to deposit into your life too. You are definitely one of my tomorrow people!

    OK....enought of my mini post

  2. LOL! Green-Eyed Bandit! Happy Burfday TOO you. I also know that the green-eyed gal bleeds purple if you cut her...She's a dedicated grad of the "Haven for ALL hungry souls..." Good 'ol Morris Brown...

  3. Happy belated B-day! Lawd, that food looks soooo good..I'm hungry now!

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  6. Happy Birthday! Glad someone else keeps Lee in line with her blogging...

  7. The Green Eyed Bandit9:10:00 AM

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

    Lee I love my cookies & I did not eat Baby Bandit's cookies. He will get them when he returns home from celebrating his birthday.


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