Friday, June 26, 2009


Best memory: 1984, sitting on the edge of my Mama's bed, with my sister Kentucky (who was only 3 at the time) watching the Thriller mini-movie. LadyTee and I were on the phone.

We watched in complete silence, not saying a word to each other until it was over.

This had to be the best choregraphed dance in a video ever:

I even kept count of how many times I saw the Thriller video...

Well, I stopped counting at #34.

Me and LadyTee learned every move, and would do the dance part together...


LadyTee, me and you gotta get together and do those steps once again...


  1. I'm still in shock over this.

    I use to be scared of that video. LOL I remember hiding behind my daddy's chair peeping around it looking at the video. LOL

    Damn this hurts.

  2. Video came out the year I graduated college -(ok do the math) -- my first apartment-- my first out of college job...I just covered my eyes at the scary stuff --but I thought it cutting edge and that this boy/man Michael was in a world of his I appreciate his sheer genius.

  3. Yes, you guys have to for old time sake! Make sure you record it and post it!....LOL I know we all will miss MJ, I'm still sad:(


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