Friday, June 26, 2009


Best memory: 1984, sitting on the edge of my Mama's bed, with my sister Kentucky (who was only 3 at the time) watching the Thriller mini-movie. LadyTee and I were on the phone.

We watched in complete silence, not saying a word to each other until it was over.

This had to be the best choregraphed dance in a video ever:

I even kept count of how many times I saw the Thriller video...

Well, I stopped counting at #34.

Me and LadyTee learned every move, and would do the dance part together...


LadyTee, me and you gotta get together and do those steps once again...


  1. Anonymous10:42:00 AM

    I'm still in shock over this.

    I use to be scared of that video. LOL I remember hiding behind my daddy's chair peeping around it looking at the video. LOL

    Damn this hurts.

  2. Video came out the year I graduated college -(ok do the math) -- my first apartment-- my first out of college job...I just covered my eyes at the scary stuff --but I thought it cutting edge and that this boy/man Michael was in a world of his I appreciate his sheer genius.

  3. Yes, you guys have to for old time sake! Make sure you record it and post it!....LOL I know we all will miss MJ, I'm still sad:(


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