Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Date Night!!!


My president, President Obama, took First Lady Michelle out on a date.

He promised her, after the election was over, that he would take her to a Broadway show.

They had dinner and attended a show in New York City this weekend.

And the Republicans are having a conniption fit over this.

Republicans... Ya'll some BUSTERS!

Look, you mean to tell me that ya'll getting all pissed over a trip that cost an estimated $75,000.00?

Are you serious???

Ya'll wasn't all mad when Bush spent a third of his presidency on vacation. Ya'll wasn't all pissed about that.

Let's not talk about this war ya'll cooked up. I would like to see how much Haliburton and whatever ghost companies have profited off of this war.
I could go on and on.

(I'm a bit hot over how ya'll put that token Michael Steele in charge of the RNC as some type of a carrot-on-a-stick to draw the black vote. Negroes ain't stupid enough to fall for that. Plus, ya'll treat the man like dirt.)

Ya'll tripping! Just mad! Got the *gas face*


President Obama: Take your woman out to dinner and a show. I ain't mad at you for keeping your promise. I'm glad to see a black man love on his black woman. It crushes these stupid stereotypes out there about the black race.

First Lady Michelle... You're the first black woman to LEGALLY sleep in the White House.

You're doing this for Sally Henning. Thomas Jefferson should've been taking Sally Henning out on a few dates. Quite a few.

And I am sure your slave ancestors, who built this country, didn't get their 40 acres and a mule...

The cost of this "Date night" don't even begin to cover due reparations.... for 400 years of slavery.


Take her out, Mr. President.

Again if you want to.


  1. I listen to CNN in the mornings and usually after work while I'm doing other stuff. I about ready to permanently turn it off if I hear one more thing from THEM about not being able to control that loud mouth radio show host. And if I hear one more person call this Supreme Court Nominee racist. Can you entitle this "Shut the Fugg up and Sit Down!"

  2. I just love me some Obamas. I will give up my lust for TI for a chance to meet them.

    I'm so over the Republicans.

  3. I agree! It really was heart warming to heat him say he was keeping his promise to her.

    What a wonderful man. And he will be a great president, despite them Republicans!

  4. You know what I like, Mr. President and Mrs. First Lady aren't even thinking about those fools. Mr. President has already learned that a happy wife is a happy husband is a happy country, lol.

    Regarding Michael Steele...I actually have some ounce of affection for him. Of course, I don't agree with his political ideology, but he sincerely thinks his agenda is for the good of the nation...I'm not mad at that. Most of the other Clowns (Glenn beck, Sean Hannity, Bill o'reily, Rush the fool, and Ann Culter) make my last nerve twitch.

    Ok...that's the end of my tirade, lol.

    Happy Tuesday

  5. Um..somebody is a bit HOT by this here I see. LOL! I ain't mad at you! I totally agree with everything you said, Lee.

    The First Lady was looking GOOD wasn't she?


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