Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Semi-Wordless Wednesdays: "Adventures in Juicing"

It's that time again...

Time to bring out the Jack Lalanne juicer and make some fresh juice.

I'm not juicing oranges today.

Nor am I fooling with grapes...

We're taking it to that other level.

We're making the Super Juice.

We're wandering over to veggie territory.

Let her rip!!!!


Gotta do those first... cleaning beet stains is a beast!
Plus, you can't drink beet juice alone. It's got too much going on. Gotta cut it with other veggies.

Like carrots!



Have to juice those last, because it's easier to clean up!

Results: 4 cups of good fresh juice!!!!

That should last about a week before it goes bad... I might freeze some of it for later!

Then we're on to more juicing adventures!!


  1. @Chele...Aww Oldgirl... beets are good for you! (But I refuse to eat them unless they are juiced. LOL)

  2. I learned a long time ago that carrot/beet is the elixir for my diabetic condition thingee...



    Good looking out, Oldgirl.

  3. How does it taste? Looks mighty purty though...but the beets make me gag... Let me know how it tastes...I might stop over :)

  4. Anonymous4:58:00 PM


    That is all.

  5. The beets and parsley threw me for a loop!

    I want to know how does it taste?

  6. @That Oldboy Hassan... Yeah, you know what's up, Oldboy... carrot beet is the ULTIMATE blood and organ cleanser!

    @My Cyncere Sista...Tastes mighty fine, girl. If you like beets you would like it. But they make you gag... The added apple tends to cut that "beety" taste to a minimum.

    @That Southern Black Gal...Hush up, chile. If we ever meet, I'ma make you some and you're gonna drank it... HUMPH.

    @Dreamy...Tastes alright, Mami. I mean, I don't think I'd ever be feenin' for it, but it is good for ya!

  7. Ok so now I know to put the beets in first. Cleaning that whole machine is a beast if you ask me. All them freakin' parts but I guess it's worth it for our health.

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