Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy HOT Monday Morning:)

Good Monday Merning!

Well, not so good. I woke up at 4:40 a.m. this morning... and couldn't go back to sleep. Went to sleep 2 hours earlier than normal, but dang: 4:40 am? Ugh. Not sure what that's about.

I'll get over it.

I had a great weekend, filled with Happy smiling people.

Happy Smiling Sweaty People.

That's because the temperature in my beloved ATL reached 100 degrees this weekend.

Yes we were ALL Happy smiling sweating people!

The current temperature is 77 degrees. We expect a high of 94 degrees.

Uggggghhhhh. HAWT!!!!

I don't like heat.

Yes we are tropical people... but an Oldgirl is assimilated to cooler weather!

My Weekend. I had a great weekend. And I am trying to figure out how not to be longwinded. So we will make it spare, and expand on some parts later? Yeah that's the ticket.

Saturday. Took another field trip out to the Morningside Farmers Market! It was crowded as all get out. I think they had a tour or something roll through there. I had to stand in some looooong lines for my veggies... I'll talk about that tomorrow.

I attended a book club meeting. We discussed J. California Cooper's Life is Short but Wide.

I almost got tossed out the window for giving it a low rating. True enough, she is STILL one of my favorite writers, but I didn't care for the book. You should've seen the looks I got for that one. Overall, everyone really enjoyed it...

After the book club meeting, we celebrated The Green-Eyed Bandit's birthday at a nearby Applebees. I baked PLENTY of chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin walnut cookies for book club, the Bandit, and her son, who celebrated his 13th birthday last Thursday.

I made birthday cards for them both.

Ced is a teenager. He's going to be frowing HARD at his card. I still think of him as a little boy, even though he has a voice full of bass (which irritates the heck out of me. I liked the high squeaky voice!)

Like I said, we went out to eat. I was concerned about finding something vegetarian to eat. (Bandit had to hear me whine "Call them people at Applebees and ask if they got some tofu!)

I tell you, I did well. I had to be STRONG and have a vegetarian meal. It didn't help that there was some spinach artichoke dip and chips sitting on the table near me.

Not to mention the leftover cookies I baked for the book club meeting.

Looks good, ya'll. REAL good. But I didn't take the bait. Not the Oldgirl!

It wasn't on the menu, and I had to ask for something. I had a black bean burger and a salad. (Had to send the salad back because it was loaded with bacon and cheese. They hooked it up the right way after that). That was a GOOD burger. I even went and found some black bean burgers in the store. So I have found something else to diversify my menu!

Of course, my book club sista Star, who I will call the "T-shirt Lady", lol, had on one of her signature shirts.

It read "I make reading sexy".

That chicks goal in life is to shock me. But this shirt was pretty tame.

She even coaxed Green Eyed Bandit into wearing one...

Star even sold shirts out of the back of her SUV.

Star, you are worse than the man that sell the bootleg CDs and DVDs!!!



Sunday.The highlight of my weekend was meeting the one and only Original Oldboy himself...

The Brown Blogger Hassan!!!!

I had dinner with him and his wife, Diva in Demand. We met up at the Whole Foods in Midtown, where they have a gargantuan hot bar, and spent the better part of the afternoon, some 3 hours, kicked back and talking. (Man, that time went by FAST!)

I am so excited that I got a chance to meet him. He is the sole platinum card carryin' Original Oldboy. His words have influenced this Oldgirl much!!

Good to hang out with you and and the Mrs., dude!! We gotta hook up again!!

I came home, with a little itis (I don't get it... Hassan explained it as being the coconut oil in the red beans and rice), and rested for awhile.

Then I skipped down the street to take pictures of my group Superhero, The Infamous Hen-Dog.

Hmmm.... Interesting.

I have been asking this boy to take pictures for my blog for years... Of course Tiny will do the eye candy pics...

Always eager...

But never Hen Dog. Always some excuse. "I have to shave, blah, blah, BLAH!" Whatever man. We as females like the eye candy shots.

So I'd been hollering for the past week about how I'm posting his pictures. He said no, only at the end so that I can show his progress. I reluctantly said yes.

So, I skipped on down the street (He lives 3 houses down), and took pictures.

It was not what I expected. I quickly learned all that bodybuilding lingo, and we had to take several pics over and over until we could see the muscles just right. It was a bit scary, as he has the "cobra back", and the big traps...

Dude has come a LONG way from this.

I took that picture back in 2005 on his front porch. Yep, he's come a long way.

He is twice as big. His girlfriend sat there, painstakingly took notes. (She had to hear me say "Did you write that down?" LOL)

Oh, it was all so anticlimatic, lol!!! I think I even got to a point where I understood all the the bodybuilding lingo.

I wanted to tell her "Make dude jump up on the kitchen table and drop it like it's hot!!

Ya could've at least done that ol' Stanky leg dance, Hen!

I took about 30 pics, and will spend a little time this week trimming and blowing them up, and I will give him a nice CD.

I am glad to help him. He's been planning to compete and looks like he will reach that goal.

Hope you win, Hen-Dog!!

I'll be at that competition! And I'll be waving one of our lab coats and some chemical glassware in the air, cheering hard for ya!! LOL

Anyway, I had a very exciting weekend. Exciting indeed.

So... I have, what, 8 days left on the 30 day posting quest?

I can't wait for it to end. Ya'll might not see me again until August!

Just playing. But it has fun! Well, except for all that Food-for-Thought.

Smurfiness is the order of the day!! Well, I guess I can attempt to do serious things. I am not only talking to you, but talking to myself about things I am trying to correct in my own life.

But Smurfy is where it is at.

Quote of the Month. So, I'd like to leave you with what has to be the Quote of the Month. Yeah, I know it's not the end of the month yet, but this quote takes the cake:

It is from That Original Oldgirl The LBeezy, from the post "big chop drama" :

"Building up self-esteem is like establishing good takes time."

Yeah... that's a good one. Everything is a process. Not instant.

That's not a quote. That's a revelation.

Really though.

Good one, Beezy. That one is tacked up on the wall of my cubicle. Good one.

With that said...

Ya'll have a GOOD week. Period.

No ifs, no ands, no buts. Make it a good week... on purpose.


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  2. We had fun with yapping and munching with ya' on yesterday and are looking forward to many more lunch/dinner hook ups if things go a certain way here for us in the ATL.

    If not (meaning out ATLien passes expire), the invite to explore Chicago 'Hassan style' is continuously open. So much to do in the big city.

    Oh, and them cookies (from this point to be known as the leftovers that didn't get left... Over) didn't make it to Monday. After my bout with the itis from our meal, they got maxed out. Thanks a mil for those. Never had the oatmeal/raisin/walnut combo, that was definitely the bomb dizzle!

    Oh, and that picture... I'm fatter - I mean flattered!

  3. Anonymous10:46:00 AM

    Another tshirt I have to order!

    I would like to put in a request for more pics of Tiny and Hen Dog. Thanks!

  4. Um, why don't you snatch me one of those shirts,gal.

    I never got my bday cookies...humph!!

    And now I'm about to leave town!

  5. @The LBeezy...and that's why you don't have your cookies... You'll get em when you git back, babes. (Plus you have other gifts sitting on the table!)

    @That Southern Black Gal... Get that T-shirt gal!!

    @Hassan... Yeah man, uh... those cookies were suppose to last you alllll week!

    Had fun with ya'll... And if you don't stick around here, you KNOW I'm coming to Chicago!!

    And I like that picture! You are looking like "I am King Hassan, and I OWN this world!!"


    And tell the Mrs. I said good luck!!!

  6. You are skrait NUTS! and that is how I like my could let the doctor thing swell your head... but you don't -- shoot --I probably toss out your credential more than you do...even had you working for the CDC...said this to someone with a straight face.

    Some funny stuff...keep working on the drop it like it hot pics... LOL!

  7. Anonymous4:20:00 PM

    The fantasy conversation you were having with Hen Dog was hilarious, with "drop it like it's hot" and the Stanky Leg dance.

  8. You were some kinda busy over the weekend Lee. Oh and you know if you come to Chicago we gotta meet up.


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