Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

Here we go again with my "thoughts".

And I have 10 of them. Glory!

1. I haven't been posting like I should because we have been getting ready for the biannual audit at work. So my mind has been a virtual blank. I was interviewed today, and I think it went okay. I think.  I was a bit vague. I hope it doesn't hurt me.

2. I talked to one of my faaavorite blog readers on Friday, Ms. Ginae! Oh what a joy. It's like Oprah or Michelle Obama calling me. That's how excited I was. We WILL be talking again.

3.  I have not had lunch today. But I had a huge kale, pear and blueberry smoothie this morning. That's fresh made, no mixes, honey. For some odd reason, even at two in the afternoon, I am still full. I need to make sure I eat something soon, though... so I won't go inhale a whole bowl of chitlins tonight.

4.  The book I am reading right now: The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. I am only 14% of the way in, but that is fine.

5. Favorite quote so far:

"We are made in the image of God, and we need to put Spirit back into the equation when we want to improve our physical and mental health."

That is deep off the pages right there. Especially when a biologist says it. You know our scientific folk aren't really suppose to believe in God, or be agnostic at best. Hmm. There may be more to that one than meets the eye.  I am looking forward to his hypotheses.

6. I am not sure why I have such a fascination with mentality and science and how it all relates back spiritually, but I must tell you that I am learning a whole lot about myself. And that's a good thing.

7. I have 5 analytical reports to read in my inbox. And I am not happy about it.

8. I am happy that I'm getting off at 4:30 pm, though. And that's because I got in at 8 a.m. this morning. I usually get in at 10 a.m. But this audit thing...man.

9. While cleaning up the kitchen last night, I was a bit too caught up in my favorite Queen Latifah CD, All Hail the Queen, meaning I did more dancing than dish washing.

10. Callie Jo likes to follow me around at home. I don't know why because I can't be all that interesting to her. But last night, in the kitchen while I was doing all my dancing, she had a look that said "LadyLee, if you kick me in the head one more time, I'ma scratch you!" 

LOL. That's what she gets for following me around! Rockette kicks send her flying a few feet.

That's it for my Ten Tuesday Thoughts! Have a good evening:)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Freestyles....


It is finally here.

And I am ready for the weekend. It is a busy stacked up weekend, but that's okay. As long as I don't have to be a work.

Oh... and it is payday. I sat here and pretended to be a baller for all of 5 minutes, then I went and paid my bills.

Summer Project Here's my summer Crochet project. Finally done.

Up close:

Finally done. Just in time for my coworker's 4 year old's birthday. GLORY!

Now it's time to work on my Christmas projects!

Treat of the Week.  This BAD car has been parked daily in the parking lot for a few weeks and I was scrambling trying to figure out whose it was.

We finally found out who it belonged to. And you know I went and talked to the owner. She works in the next building, and she is the NICEST lady on the planet. Just nice as can be. I talked to her for over an hour late one evening. She kicked plenty of wisdom my way (and you know I LOVE that!).

I asked if I could sit in her car. And she let me.

"I'll take you around the block," she said.

"No need," I said. "Just drive around the parking lot! That's fine!"

And she did. It was an awesome 5 minutes. Tinted down windows with the panaromic sunroof. Wow. And the leather was sooooo soft. It even had a leather dashboard. It has mood lighting. And the seat memorizes your body, and does massages. Man. What a treat. We were in the parking lot of the job, but it felt like the picture above... Palm trees at sunset near the beach! And the bonus is that I made a new friend! Glory!

Song of the Week. So Tomorrowworld is going on this weekend down on the southside. It's a HUGE electronic music festival that draws over 100,000 people from all over the world.  Last year was the first year, and I remember thinking "Man, there is gonna be one big Molly drug cloud over that place." But all the news outlets were hollering all over the place, warning "Don't even think about it." So it all went well.

So I was looking at the lineup of artists for this year's festival. I don't know why, because I can't deal with electronic music with that same doggone beat. And you know I ain't paying $850 for a 3 day pass, or $137 for a one day pass. No ma'am. You better have some Jill Scott and some Earth Wind and Fire out there, lol.

But back to the lineup. I was scrolling through it, and there was a group donning my gubment name

Wow. So you know I told anyone in the cubicle area who would listen. Then I proceeded to pull up a music video. (Warning: I think it is illicit. Haven't decided whether it is or not, but I warned you).


Uh... ok.  You should have seen us gathered around watching that. We were all a bit disturbed. I was gonna go listen to their CD this weekend on spotify but NEVER MIND.

I just can't do electronic music. I do feel one must be a little drunk or high to thoroughly enjoy hours and hours and hours of that same beat.

To each his own. I am glad there is a group named after me. Hopefully they will make a gospel song.

True song of the week. I've been listening to my usual playlists.  Sade "Cherish the Day" Live. Not sure how long this video will stay up on blog, but I can just go over to youtube and enjoy.

Man... I shoulda just paid $550 for that concert ticket. Ugh.  But that video makes me want to CRY.

Especially with Commander By came back to work reinacting parts of the concert. Sigh.

Ha Ha!

Well I am ready for a good weekend. As usual, I have much to do. I have it all worked out in my head, but if I get only a little done, I will be happy for that. Indeed.

You have a good weekend. On purpose.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ten Thursday Thoughts

It is Thursday...

And I have many... thoughts.

So here are just a few:

1.  The last couple of weeks have been a mental blur. But I think I am just about back on track; however, it still feels like I have just fallen off a 10 speed bike. I am back on the bike but I'm trying to get the gears straight.


(Did you have a 10-speed as a child? Do they still make those?)

2.  I am thankful for the much cooler weather. Yesterday was so nice that I walked a few blocks away for lunch and I sat on the patio and did a little people watching. I also did a little window shopper. There was a small field next to a church a few blocks from the job. If it wasn't a shame I would've laid out on the grass and worked on my tan. But I think I would've been arrested for loitering.

3. My favorite minister preached last night at bible study. I wanted to go, but I left work too late AND I needed to stop by the house first (which was on the way) to get the journal I use to take notes. So I stayed home. But thank goodness for my Roku, as our church has a channel. I was able to stream live. You shoulda seen me sitting there taking pictures of the screen.

I was cheesing down, because he is my favorite minister. He has his own church some 50 miles away in West Georgia now. I was glad to catch him for the past 12 years as an associate minister at my church. I learned MUCH from him about identity crises, and he taught on that last night.

4. I didn't eat breakfast this morning, and breakfast is usually some type of kale based smoothie. I decided to live on the wild side and have a iced chai latte with soy milk from my neighborhood coffee house. So that tea has me a bit wired right about now.

5.  This right here is frickin' AWESOME.

That is a local fruit galette from the neighborhood coffeehouse. I don't even know what a doggone galette is. But this was good. It's a 5" dessert, so I split it with my cubicle mate Cowgirl. Cre. But I love the sliced apples and fresh blueberries which must've been picked from the bush down the street somewhere, lol. I have a whole post coming up on this place.

6.  I just found out that we're getting much more paperwork to review. My eyes lit up... This mean I can probably telework from home some days. Yes, I live 4.5 miles from work, but if I don't have to leave the house for work, then that would be just fine and dandy. Yes indeed.

7. Look at the plant just delivered to my job.

Thanks Lisa B!  Thank Mr. Lisa for me, too.

I like Lisa B. Nobody better not say nothing bad 'bout Lisa B. I'll bust you upside the head with my Good Book of Cuss if you do.  She is my best friend in my head. She best be glad I live 9 hours away. If I lived closer, I would stalker stan the cheese out of her. We get so much done over text messages.  My IQ go up a point or two after she finish dealing with me. I'm a little less scattered after talking to her, you know? She is my personal bootleg psychologist. Lord knows I need one or two.

8. I am walking around with these $99 gift cards in my wallet. So if you won one, don't fret. I will send them out eventually. I have just been a bit discombobulated. And I like to sit and make cards for the winners. I will do that this weekend.

9.  I have a cousin on my father's side who could pass for 20. But she is 60 years old. And she has kids close to my age. She watches Scandal, and was a bit O_O about me not liking the show.

10. But I am looking forward to How to Get Away with Murder. I love Viola Davis.

11. (Bonus) My church has quite a few satellite churches all over the place. One just started up on the "Gold Coast". This baffled me, because I know there is the West Coast and the East Coast... well the Gold Coast is Australia. They are 13 hours ahead, so our Saturday night services are their Sunday morning Services via stream. And my pastor was reading a report from them about how they were able to feed and provide services for 120 families in need/poor families.

Well you know my first thought... There are poor people in Austrailia?

Well just knock me over with a feather.

I need to read more. Or something. Shoot.

Alright, that is all for my Ten Tuesday Thoughts.

Until next time...  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Special... the Food Edition

This made me smile on the Saturday morning.

I was perusing my sister-in-law's facebook page, and I thought I'd snatch some pictures. My mother has been visiting with them for the past week out in Colorado, and she has been cooking up a storm

It looks like the grandkids helped.

That looks like they are making cookies. And Milk and Cookies Jr. was taste testing.

We were trying to figure out what this was... looks like a cheesy potato gratin casserole dish.
Whatever it is, it looks good.

I'll take mine without the bacon! Those slices are big enough for me to take off, lol.  Still looks great.

A fine looking platter of salmon right here:
That looks great. And I think the green garnish sets it off against that plate.

And yes, they were making cookies. Those look like chocolate chip.
What's that in the pan in the back? Biscuits?

Not only was Milk and Cookies Jr. helpful in the kitchen, so was Milk and Cookies 3.0. He looks excited.

My goodness, I know they ate good out there all week!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Freestyles: "That's All I have to Say About That"

It is Friday... and I have a lot of things on my mind, only a small percentage of which I will post here. If I told it all, this would be the longest post ever.

First of all, thank you all for your condolences. I must say that I really don't know how to feel about my father's passing. It is difficult since he was not a part of my life. It has been strange dealing with the family, since I am technically not a part of the family. I am fine with that, but I have had to pull back from being my usual self: eager and willing to help in any way. I don't know them, and they don't know me. I don't want anyone to think I am around to get anything out of anyone or cause trouble. So that has been a point of stress for me. And it didn't help that I told a family member "I am not a member of the family. I am only genetic material."  I only said that because I was suppose to make up the funeral program, and no one would give me something to put on the program. I was NOT doing it myself. They needed to go get preachers and sangers picked by folks in the actual family. So I was advised to sit back and wait for them to call me. And they did. The funeral is on Monday morning. I am breathing a sigh of relief.

I was prepared to just write a check for the funeral. I would have been pissed about it. I hate to admit that. I'd have to hope that I have no emergency, medical or otherwise, anytime soon.  I am alone, and I work hard to save up money. I have no one to fall back on if I have a emergency. And my fears are largely unfounded because it would only take me a few months to recover/be where I like to be moneywise.  But I remember someone in my finance group giving voice to the same thoughts. And I knew then I wasn't alone in my thoughts. I am all I have. So be as responsible as possible and don't mess up any money. Don't mess up!

But still, those fears were there. Unwarranted, but there.

And it is interesting when I get like that, building these pictures in my mind, an old answer to a prayer creeps up on me...

"If you have ANY evidence that you have NEVER been taken care of, lay it out on the table, because I have NO idea what you're talking about."

And I have no evidence. Just some pictures of being penniless rolling on the movie reels of my mind. And that's not evidence.

I've been reading alot about the human mind and spirituality and how we react to things, and I have read a time or two about how we get stuck back in our childhood mind, and how we react with our childlike understanding to things and how it quietly affects us all our lives. I have found at times over the past 2 weeks that I have felt like I felt as a child... quietly wondering how Milton never raised a finger to take care of me and always wondering why I was basically worthless to him. I never got a chance to ask him. I wouldn't have felt right asking him.  Because I know in my adult mind that I wasn't worthless. He just had his own special set of problems, consequences, choices, and circumstances. As we all do. Oftentimes children are just collateral damage in complex adult social situations.

(It's the "just" part of that sentence which is terribly disturbing.)

So I have been to myself, and dealing with that. Sorry if some have felt I have been to quiet. Sorry if I haven't want to discuss these things. I have been offending people, and Lord knows I don't care to do that so I am to myself, discussing things within my own mind.  And there have been folks around that I could get some advice from, unexpectantly, but most definitely appreciated.

Personally I want all of this to be over. I am not riding in the family limousine (which seem to raise some slight protest... and raise my eyebrow). I want to go to the funeral, to the cemetery, and home. I don't want to go to the repast, but I will go for half an hour to show my face... and go home. That is it.

This has been such a strange late summer for me. All of that mental mess that's stuff down under the rug in the back rooms and corners of my mind has been shaken loose and forced out in the open. Not sure what that's about. I guess it is a good thing. I hope it is. I must admit that I do like, like anyone else, skipping along in life, humming a pleasant smurfy tune. I don't like these dark corners of my mind. At all. I think it is all some type of answer to some personal issues I've been praying about. And overall, that is for my personal good. No telling what it unlocks for my future.

That's all I have to say about that.

Scripture of the Day. Been awhile since I've posted a scripture of the day. But I read this one early this morning, and it has been on my mind all day.  2 Timothy 2:20-21 (Message version):

"In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets - some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage. Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guest for their blessing."

That is a good verse. And interestingly, it is open for interpretation, especially when you delve into other versions. I won't do that here, as we will be here ALL day. And we don't want that.

I've been meditating on it today. I wake up every morning, praying that I am a blessing of sorts to those around me, and not a hindrance.  I want to be a good "container".  And I can't remember a day where I have been a blessing of sorts. That is my "happy" place. 

We are all containers, and it's what we carry in us that is important.

I will continue to chew on that verse. 

Song of the Day.  Wouldn't it be quite ratchet if I put up some CRAZY misogynistic rap song... write after a piece of scripture? LOL!!

No I want do anything like that. And I ain't putting up a gospel song either.

I've been listening to a great CD. I think it's 5 years old, not sure. It is Algebra's Purpose CD.

That chick has a video.

But she has too many clothes on.

Doesn't she know you can't become a star unless you are gyrating down on the floor and half naked? And oh yes, her lyrics are too clean and full of meaning. No wonder I haven't heard much from her. Humph.

I do remember the song she did with Anthony David, though...

That was a good song. I miss good music. I really do. It is out there, but man oh man, I feel like I have to dig it out. Sigh.

That's all I have to say about that.

I have a busy weekend. Luckily, I bought some clothes from the funeral last weekend. I wanted a dress but couldn't find one I liked. So I will be more dressy casual. Not sure how that will go over, but I don't think I will ever see any of these "family" folks again, so it is gonna have to do. I have ordered food for the repast.  I am trying to do my part. And that is all I can do.

So I will have a productive weekend.... on purpose. I am looking forward to finishing up a blanket for a little girl's birthday next week. I hope she will love it for many years to come.

You have a good weekend...

Not by default, but by design...

... and on purpose.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gettin' Live

I had a very good weekend. A much needed one.And I am still reflecting on it.

My sister Kentucky came over. I needed some help with one of my smoke detectors which is located over my staircase. I needed someone there just in case I fall down trying to change it. That was a scary task, but all worked out surprisingly well.

Anyway, she found a really good raw vegan restaurant she really liked a few months ago, and she has been raving about it. She wanted to treat me to lunch there.  We don't have many "live" raw food restaurants in the Atlanta area. I suppose that is a California thing. My sister has taken time to research it out, and this place is near her workplace.

I remember her saying that it was quite expensive (as to be expected). So I haven't been kicking up my heels to go.  But I agreed that day.

The restaurant is called Lovin' it Live. It is located in East Point.

I don't frequent East Point (which happens to be next to College Park, and only a few miles from my downtown residence). Some 25 years ago I had a job over there in a warehouse. I am sure that warehouse is long gone. But that little downtown area seems to be thriving. There are a lot of restaurants over there.  And I would've never noticed this one if if wasn't pointed out to me.

I liked the decor and atmosphere.

Lots of African art. Nice atmosphere. And spa music (I guess that's what they call it).

The menu left me aghast.

Geeeeee whiz, man.

I had no idea what to order. I did NOT want my sister spending her money. She said something about a barbeque wrap that she loved (which was not on the menu). I asked how much it cost. It was $12. We asked the waitress if it was available, and it was.

I was wondering how they would pull off a "wrap". They used lettuce as the wrap part.

I am not sure what I was eating, but it was GOOD. That wasn't barbeque chicken, pork or beef... but they did pull off the barbeque flavor. I would give anything to know how to make that filling. It was that good.

Kentucky also likes the nachos, so we ordered it and shared it.

That was EXCELLENT. Again, I am not sure how they pulled off the whole raw "taco meat", but they did and it was flavorable. The "cheese" was made from pine nuts. Again, I wish I knew how to make it. We asked the waitress what the "meat" was. She said a mix of pecans and pumpkin seeds. I'm not even going to go home and try to figure that out.

It was indeed a treat. I have a horrid time with the whole raw eating, as I am finding it difficult to keep up with finding and preparing raw meals that I like. But this was such great food. I don't think it's particularly affordable, but one has to charge a lot for raw organic food and for the time it takes to prepare it. So I fully understand.

Let me tell you, we were FULL when we left. And I didn't have the 'itis. In fact, we left and ran to the electronics store. I needed a printer.

But it was well worth it. Not only the food was great, but hanging out with my sister and talking (and venting) about a few things going on was what I really needed.

You know I'm going back soon!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grandma and Me... and Mayah

Like I said, Grandma has been blowing up my phone. And when she does that, she is serious.

She has been wanting to go see her youngest son, my Uncle D, who has MS and is bedridden. But we are not the close knit family that most are, and it has been hard trying to figure out how to get in contact with them. I hooked up with his daughters on Facebook, and through that I could at least get some cell phone numbers. And it turns out my cousin Nicki was pregnant.  I told Grandma this. I think she already knew. And we decided that when the baby came, we would go see both Uncle D and the baby.

I remember taking her to the doctor last week, and while we were sitting waiting patiently in the waiting area, she leaned over and asked "When is Nicki having that baby."

I'd been keeping up with Nicki on facebook and private chatting with her. "She is having the baby today. She is being induced."

The smile that spread across Grandma's face was priceless. She was so happy.

"You have to take me to go see her," she said.

I said "I surely will" for the fifth or sixth time.

Now we decided to go see her on the following Sunday. Interestingly, Grandma was nowhere to be found. I was the one now blowing up her phone, lol. Turns out she had been to church and had just gotten home at the time I was picking her up. I caught up with her while I was on my way over there.

And then she was a bit disturbed at the route I was taking. She didn't want to get on the freeway. She wanted to take the street way.

Uh...... No.

I put the address in my Waze app and we found the house. (And yes, we went through the whole scenario of her not remembering where the house was. Man. Thank goodness for GPS).

Once we arrived, little Mayah was asleep. But here's a pic of her while her wide awake while her Mom was getting her ready.

Here she is fast asleep when we arrived.

Grandma and I spent some time with my Uncle D. He is bedridden, but his mind is still good. I am so happy that he recognized us. But I hated seeing him the way he was. I always remember him being young and vibrant.

"How it feel to have a grandbaby, D?" I asked.

"It feels real good, Lisa," he said with a smile.

I bet it does.

And Grandma was all too happy to sit and hold her new great-grandbaby.

And she was cheesing and talking the whole time.

Little Mayah even woke up to eat. 

She is such a sweet quiet baby. I told her mama that she was the same way when she was that age.

Her little feet were exposed. I LOVE baby feet!
Little baby feet are so soft and so small and so perfect.

I tell you, that was such a good good day. I thought we would just stay for an hour, but we ended up staying close to 3 hours. I am really glad Grandma had time to visit with her son and to just sit and hold the baby. And it was so good to be around family for a chance. My cousins is the same age as my brother Milk and Cookies, and just like I am with him, I will always see her as being 5 years old. Same as with her 16 year old sister. It was so much fun just sitting around with them talking and laughing.

And that is something I really needed. 

By the time we left, it started raining hard. I remember me and Grandma standing in the rain looking at the place where Lucy Jr. had been wrecked. I hurried her and myself in the car and I took her home. I spent a few minutes with Uncle Tweet and another cousin, his youngest daughter K, and I went on home.

That was such a great Sunday. I needed that. And so did Grandma.

And I happy to be able to document it here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grandma and Me, Part I

So, Grandma had been blowing up my phone for a few days. And when she does that, I know she means business.

First of all, she needed to go to the doctor, and I took her last Tuesday when I was off.  That was an adventure in itself because the only things that Grandma knows is that a) she has to go to the doctor and b) she knows the building where the doctor is located. 

So it becomes a whole puzzle of sorts. My first act is to always find adequate parking near the elevator. She doesn't walk well, and we can't walk too far. And what's worse, she wants to walk fast! Sigh. So I have to get her to slow down and take her time.

Then we have to find the doctor's name on the wall. Sometimes she recognizes the name, sometimes she doesn't. This doctor had a muslim name. That was a big clue. But not that big of a clue when you're at a hospital with 19 floors. I finally looked through her wallet and found a card and she recognized the name of the doctor on one of the cards. So I made her sit down while I went on a hunt for his office and after 15 minutes, I was able to track down where she was supposed to go.

She needed to see a podiatrist to see about her feet and have her nails clipped. There was a 2 hour wait for some reason. I was annoyed, but I had my nerdy science magazines and kindle so whatever. When she was called in, she wanted me to go with her. Let me tell you, it was a trip sitting in that small exam room, with clipped nails flying everywhere! I didn't think it would ever be over.

Then she wanted to go out to eat at "The place we'd gone before". Of course she didn't know the name. It took me 5 minutes to figure that out. But she meant the place we went some 7 years ago, I believe (Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles).

Let's just say I was bone tired after all that. And it wasn't because we were running around hard. It was a rough mental exercise. I have to remind myself to go slow and treat her like I would treat a young child. I remember praying before picking her up that day that I remember to employ patience. And that I did, every time I felt myself threatening to become antsy.

But I must admit, I was just mentally exhausted afterwards. So my sister and I talked about it this weekend. And we determined that my exasperation is in not really knowing what is going on. So I need to be more proactive and try to make sure I am doing my best to help her. It felt pretty bad being in the exam room with her and not being able to answer the nurses questions (Who is your primary care doctor? What medications do you take?) I knew none of these answers and Grandma had to fight to remember. So I need to figure out what to do about that. A good suggestion by the podiatrist was to sit down and write all of her medical information and contacts on a piece of paper so she can carry it in her purse and have it to give it when needed.

I think I will do that.

Like I said... Grandma had been blowing up my phone. Why?

Because she has a new great-grandchild... her fifth.

And she wanted to go see her.

... to be continued. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Before and After... Exhale




Getting my car back was like me just sitting there and exhaling.


I got it back in 4 days. Almost makes me want to switch my insurance to Progressive, because they have good customer service. But I know they are high and I will be paying out the wazoo. Yes indeed.

They even fully detailed my car. Gave me some touch-up paint too!

My car smells like a field of sugar vanilla cookies. This is irritating, but who cares!

But I am glad my car wasn't totaled. And that could happen because that car is 15 years old. Somebody would have to pick this Oldgirl up off the floor because I woulda straight fainted.

But alas. That didn't happen. And that's a good thing.

Feels good to be back in my car again. Welcome back Lucy Junior!

Makes me wanna SANG!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday... It's Here.

I was sitting with my father one day, and it occurred to me right then and there that I didn't have any photos of him.

“Can I take a picture of you?” I asked.

He was slumped a little in his chair, but he got all excited. “Yes you can. Hand me my glasses off the shelf right there.”`

I stood up from my plastic lawn chair and grabbed a pair of sunglasses from the book shelf. I placed them in his outstretched hand.

And he allowed me to snap a photo with my camera phone.

He looks all surly. But trust me, he was not. He was happy to take that picture. He posed for that picture, sitting up straight and placing his hands comfortably in his lap.

I'm sure that he wanted to smile, but he didn't because he doesn’t have many teeth. But if he could have smiled he surely would have. He was so happy to pose for that picture.

“Make me a copy of that,” he said.

“Okay,” I said, at the time thinking that I would just have our administrative assistant print out an 8x10 color copy of the picture.

I went back to pull up that picture so I could post it today, and I forgot all about the conversation surrounding it. It made me smile.

My father passed this past Tuesday.

I received a call on Tuesday afternoon saying he was taken to the hospital. I was way out on the southside, some 40 miles away at my doctor's appointment. I decided to go home and let traffic die down before I drove out to the hospital to see him. But they called back and said he had passed. I met his family at his house and we drove over to the hospital to see what to do. They allowed us to see the body, which was hard for his family, as they hadn't cleaned him up or anything. And on Thursday, we

And I haven't been posting much because I haven't been in much of a smurfy mood, and I have been trying my best to help his family out in whatever ways I am allowed. It is awkward since I am such a stranger. But I am next of kin.

It has been odd hearing some of his familiy say "I haven't seen you since you were 4 years old. Remember me?"

It has been even odder to say "No I don't."

But it is what it is.

My goal is, as someone who is basically a "Stranger" to their family, to help as much as possible. Everyone is elderly, and I've been making myself available to do some running around if needed. I have showed myself useful, so I guess I can be trusted for the time being.

I don't know how I feel, though. I am not crying. I am not particularly sad. I am glad that he is not hurting anymore, as he would tell me how he was in pain sometimes. I am glad he no longer has to drink or smoke, as those were his vices. That in itself is painful to watch.

I am not sure when the funeral is. They are waiting for the insurance policies to clear. It's not enough to cover everything if it is, but that will be dealt with when it's time to do so. I will cover remaining amount due if allowed.

I am going to buy a dress tomorrow. And I am responsible for the food at the house after the funeral. So those are my goals for the weekend, to get all that squared away. They wanted finger food, no fancy soul food like is usually done after someone is funeralized. They asked me to write the obituary, and I have done that, and they are pleased with it.

So that's about it for my week.  This is expected, but so unexpected.

On a good note, Lucy Jr. was not totalled. She has been repaired, and I will pick her up this afternoon. My doctor appointment went well enough. I am doing okay. So there is some sunshine in the clouds.

It's been a long week.

And Friday... it's Here.

This week will be remembered as a week my father died.

Rest in peace, Milton. I know we weren't close as fathers and daughters should be. I have only seen you a handful of times in the past 40 years. But I know you loved me the best way you knew how. And I loved you.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Semi-Food for Thought: DANG!!!!! (All Shook...)




This describes it best:

Dang man. Just... dang.

First of all.

1. I am alright.

2. It was not my fault.

3. I am all shook!!!! *slams proverbial punch bowl to the floor*

I was in the grocery store parking lot, and a dude backed out into my car while I was waiting for a space to open.  And dude backed out somewhere behind me and didn't see me.  We didn't call the police (only because my phone was overheated at the time - started acting up that day for some reason). I already called his insurance company and they talked to us both. He told the truth and admitted that it was his fault. So they are paying for that bumper repair and I get with the adjuster on Tuesday morning.

But still...


And you know with me, it's not really about the car.... it's symptomatic of something deeper, right?

I was thinking about the loss of the Original Lucy. And the dude that hit me had to hear my partial wailings about my last car being totaled. And how they better not total this one.

"That's not going to happen," he said.

"But it's an old car!" I hollered.

Yes the car is 15 years. That is old. So it don't take much to be a problem. This looks like a less than $2000 problem for me, so if they say something different, I will just get the heck on and get the dent banged out myself. Because I don't have time for no more insurance company tomfoolery.
 thing deeper. This is a car, so it's a tangible. I am more interested in the intangibles. Most stuff that I have that I am attached to has some symbolic meaning. And my cars fit in that category.

But something interesting happened with me. It's always something that happens when some tomfoolery happens in my life. And like I said, with me it's always some

It's as if my heart is this vast lake, a lake that appears serene and still on a sunny day.  (Not saying I am the most serene of people, but you get the picture). Then something happens to disturb the lake.

And all that stuff I don't like to think about - the things that bother me about myself and my life. i.e., those things that I have tied with ball and chains to the bottom of the lake...

... are shaken aloose and they float to the top. 

And that's what that caused within me. No, I don't like that. I thought I had dealt with some of those things. It also magnified some things I was dealing with now anyway.  So I was forced to examine some things and just pray.

It was that type of weekend.

Will I get into all that? Probably not. I have privately with fam and friends, even this weekend, and will continue to do so. And if you read this blog close enough, you know what bothers me and what things that I am having issues with. No need to drag it out. I pray about it and look at my thoughts and belief about it.

I can't stand when I am "shooken up" internally, as it forces me to deal with things. And what's interesting is that it forces me to deal with things that I thought I dealt with. Yet I haven't. So I have to do what I can to deal with it.

Alas, an aftermarket Camry bumper will be slapped on it. It will be painted gold and silver.

And I will go on. Despite being internally all shook.

I am thankful that all is well. There are people who left home on Saturday...

... and didn't return home because they were killed in a car accident.

And I can say, I didn't fall into that category.

Thank goodness for that.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday Afternoon Funk

Well, I meant to say Freestyles...

But I have been in a little funk. Only momentarily.

I have had a 6 day weekend, ya'll. And when I came in today, by boss said "I thought you would come in. I don't know why you come to work on a Friday. I wouldn't have."

Well damn.

I gave her the hard eyeroll. And this was a tad bit uncomfortable because when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, a small portion of the white of my eye was blood red. I looked it up on the internet, and it is a subconjunctival hemorrhage, and there is no need for alarm. I immediately thought my blood pressure may be high so I checked it and it was 117/78, which is fine. So I got dressed and headed to work.

I coulda stayed home though. And that throws me into a funk.

I personally think I am PMSing. PMS is almost an out-of-body experience to me at times.  Especially if my diet has been ratchet. Sigh. One day I will learn. 

At least I have full range of motion with my arm. GLORY. 

I tell you what... That dryer is fixed and I washed and dried a load of towels. This morning I eagerly folded them up. They were soooooo soft. Oh my.

Can't you tell how soft and fluffy they are? Oh they were so soft. I just stood there for a moment and rubbed the towels. I don't ever want to go back to Color Purple Celie rough towels. No ma'am.

That is most definitely my "high class problem" solved in a nutshell!

Oscar-Tyrone. That Oldcat Oscar-Tyrone is creeping me out. He seems to ALWAYS want me to hold and pet him.

I don't know what that is about. He was messing up my Judge Judy time.

It's the staring hard at me unblinkingly that bothers me. Dude, you can lay on me, but just go to sleep.

I wish I could give him a pen and paper and him just write down what is wrong.

I imagine his hastily scribbled note would say "Lee... keep your girl Sista Callie Jo away from me!!!!"

I do notice that she doesn't attack him when he's in my very near vicinity.  I hope that's it.

And I hope it's not "LadyLee, I'm about to DIE. So I am trying to hang out with you."


Let's hope it's the former.

New Cousin.  I have a new cousin.  Little Mayah!

Hey lil' Mayah.

She was supposed to be named after ME. Her Pa didn't like the name. So they agreed on something else. And I kinda like the name Mayah! Hey Mayah! Welcome!

That is it for me.  I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. I have a Financial Freedom Fighters meeting on tomorrow. I am not all gung-ho about it, and that's okay.  I will still go.

Song of the Day? That's a hard one. I have been all up on SiriusXM talk radio. So not much music.

But this is one of my favorite songs, one I listen to every time I listen to some good music.

Good on these rainy ATL days we are having!

Have a good weekend... on purpose!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Ten Thursday Thoughts

Oh my...

*wipes dust off blog*

It's so quiet up in here that I can hear a rat licking ice.

Been a minute since I posted. I've been off, and I thought that I would get a lot of posting done, but that was not the case.  So I think it is time to crank it back up with 10 Tuesday Thoughts.

1. I am READY for the football season to begin. But it seems like some of these players are tripping with all this weed smoking and suspension and all that. They messing with my fantasy league lineups. It's a shame when I have to go look at my lineup every time some mess goes down. Get yourself together. Some of us out here ain't making millions a year. We can keep it together. You can too!!

2. These ISIS and ISIL folk are off the chain, aren't they? No wonder Bin Laden was like "Oh no, we don't fool with them!" Really though. 'Cause they crazy.

3. While off, I did much reading.  More scientific reading, though, as these days I am more fascinated with science. I could use a good fiction novel right about now, though.

4. According to the latest issue of Popular Science, there is a HIV prevention medication called Truvada. It decreases the risk of developing HIV by 92% when combined with safe sex practices. It has been available for a decade. Why have we not heard about it? I looked it up, and a 30 day supply is $1300. Pricey!

5. Also in the same magazine I read that a pill that cures hepatitis C is available. But it's $1000 a pill. $84,000 for full treament. Pricey!

6. It makes me wonder... how much are they going to charge for the cure to ebola? Hmmm....

7. I also read a huge article in the same magazine about the the whole idea of cyberespionage. I thought cyber attacks were crazy. Cyberespionage is on some whole 'nother level. I will talk more about that next week, as I am still thinking about it.

8. I am off today. My shoulder is inflamed for some reason. I think I lifted something wrong. I am going to the doctor if I can.  But she said take extra meds and come in on Tuesday. That seems to be working.

9. My diet has been a bit ratchet lately. That might be the reason for it also. I tend to be in more pain when I'm not overdosing on fruits and vegetables. I had this on Tuesday:

See what I mean?

That's the Midnight Train special at Gladys Chicken and Waffles. Haven't had that in years. Not as good as it was some 7 years ago. But decent.

10.  My dryer was repaired yesterday. The repair cost $280. I didn't want to pay more than $300, so it worked out just fine. I haven't tried it out yet.  I am looking forward to soft towels because these rough air dried towels have been O_o.

That's it for my Ten Thursday Thoughts. Hopefully that gets me crunk back up!