Thursday, September 04, 2014

Ten Thursday Thoughts

Oh my...

*wipes dust off blog*

It's so quiet up in here that I can hear a rat licking ice.

Been a minute since I posted. I've been off, and I thought that I would get a lot of posting done, but that was not the case.  So I think it is time to crank it back up with 10 Tuesday Thoughts.

1. I am READY for the football season to begin. But it seems like some of these players are tripping with all this weed smoking and suspension and all that. They messing with my fantasy league lineups. It's a shame when I have to go look at my lineup every time some mess goes down. Get yourself together. Some of us out here ain't making millions a year. We can keep it together. You can too!!

2. These ISIS and ISIL folk are off the chain, aren't they? No wonder Bin Laden was like "Oh no, we don't fool with them!" Really though. 'Cause they crazy.

3. While off, I did much reading.  More scientific reading, though, as these days I am more fascinated with science. I could use a good fiction novel right about now, though.

4. According to the latest issue of Popular Science, there is a HIV prevention medication called Truvada. It decreases the risk of developing HIV by 92% when combined with safe sex practices. It has been available for a decade. Why have we not heard about it? I looked it up, and a 30 day supply is $1300. Pricey!

5. Also in the same magazine I read that a pill that cures hepatitis C is available. But it's $1000 a pill. $84,000 for full treament. Pricey!

6. It makes me wonder... how much are they going to charge for the cure to ebola? Hmmm....

7. I also read a huge article in the same magazine about the the whole idea of cyberespionage. I thought cyber attacks were crazy. Cyberespionage is on some whole 'nother level. I will talk more about that next week, as I am still thinking about it.

8. I am off today. My shoulder is inflamed for some reason. I think I lifted something wrong. I am going to the doctor if I can.  But she said take extra meds and come in on Tuesday. That seems to be working.

9. My diet has been a bit ratchet lately. That might be the reason for it also. I tend to be in more pain when I'm not overdosing on fruits and vegetables. I had this on Tuesday:

See what I mean?

That's the Midnight Train special at Gladys Chicken and Waffles. Haven't had that in years. Not as good as it was some 7 years ago. But decent.

10.  My dryer was repaired yesterday. The repair cost $280. I didn't want to pay more than $300, so it worked out just fine. I haven't tried it out yet.  I am looking forward to soft towels because these rough air dried towels have been O_o.

That's it for my Ten Thursday Thoughts. Hopefully that gets me crunk back up!


  1. I usually say I can hear a rat piss on cotton, your version is so much more pc...LOL!

    1. I do believe we have to be unbelievably quiet to hear both.

  2. Anonymous5:22:00 PM

    I like you 10 thursday thoughts, heck I like everything you write. I was looking through my desk and ran accross a short story you wrote about Peach and Blue it is interesteing how you took two colors and wrote a short story. In case you do not know who this is, it is Detroit Mec Mec

    1. Meek Meek! Come back to work in midtown! I miss you!

  3. Lol. I work for a company that manufactures and sell Truvada... indeed a pricey drug and its rarely covered by insurance :/ I'm hyped for football season. Let's goooo Eagles :)

    1. So why in the world are they all up in arms about it. And why is it kept so quiet? And it sure does cost a lot. The generic form comes out in 2021. I guess everybody has to make their money.

    2. Comes down to money of course and who "they" want to have access to it. Its been around as long as I've worked at this company (12 years) but there's not many patients on it. Id say less than 100 if I could guess. I think it comes down to money as well... sad I know.

  4. Ratchet indeed! I have never had chicken and waffles but the combination looks delicious.

    1. It was very ratchet... I felt like crap for 2 days. I needed someone to shake and slap me. Sigh.


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