Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Special... the Food Edition

This made me smile on the Saturday morning.

I was perusing my sister-in-law's facebook page, and I thought I'd snatch some pictures. My mother has been visiting with them for the past week out in Colorado, and she has been cooking up a storm

It looks like the grandkids helped.

That looks like they are making cookies. And Milk and Cookies Jr. was taste testing.

We were trying to figure out what this was... looks like a cheesy potato gratin casserole dish.
Whatever it is, it looks good.

I'll take mine without the bacon! Those slices are big enough for me to take off, lol.  Still looks great.

A fine looking platter of salmon right here:
That looks great. And I think the green garnish sets it off against that plate.

And yes, they were making cookies. Those look like chocolate chip.
What's that in the pan in the back? Biscuits?

Not only was Milk and Cookies Jr. helpful in the kitchen, so was Milk and Cookies 3.0. He looks excited.

My goodness, I know they ate good out there all week!


  1. I want everything in the pictures

  2. Anonymous4:19:00 PM

    I got the 'itis from just looking at the pictures. Maaaan, they eating good!!!


  3. Anonymous11:14:00 PM

    You always post food pics that make me run to my kitchen.


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