Monday, July 30, 2012

A Rat Licking Ice and Other High Class Problems

My goodness.

It's so quiet over here in the House of LadyLee that you can hear a rat licking ice.


I heard that phrase from a preacher once. Yes, the place was that quiet. And I thought to myself that I just have to use that in a story. It is such a bold visual.

And that is how quiet The House of LadyLee is lately. Why? Because my internet/DSL has been out. I was working on a post on Friday morning and then bing! Internet was gone! Spent that evening on the phone with AT&T. Ran to the AT&T store twice for a new wireless modem. Still couldn't figure it out, so here comes the repairman all up in my house. And it turns out that my house alarm wires were interfering with my DSL wires.

Okay, whatever that means. My house alarm is cellular now, so rip all that wiring out and keep it moving. So that's what he did. And now we have internet!

Such a high class problem, it was. I am always amazed and reminded of how dependent we are on our electronics. I mean, I couldn't use my netbook, my laptop, or my kindle. Clutch the pearls. How could it be?

There are people with more pressing problems. Heck, I just wanted to do a blog post. That is my personal therapy. Sigh.

Anyway, I am back online now. Haven't tried it out much until this morning. Seems to be working just fine!

*putting ice licking rat out of the House of LadyLee*

Ha Ha!!

I am off today. I called in sick, man.  I did too much this weekend and wore my delicate self completely out. So I woke up this morning walking and moving like Frankenstein. Every joint and muscle hurts. I got a ton of yardwork done, everything from cutting the grass to raking to trimming bushes and edges. I just did it all, honey. Then I got the notion to clean up the house. My goodness. Then all the internet mess.  What a quest it was to get a new modem.

The store was funny... I was told on the phone that I needed a new modem, and it wasn't under warranty. Then when I got to the store they said that I could just exchange it. Alright, I aint gonna fight with yall... just gonna go BACK home and get the wires and turn it in. Thanks much!

That has been happening lately. I have the money to pay for things, and I try to pay, but the people say it says here that you only owe x amount or nothing at all. I pose a question, and they repeat themselves. I ain't arguing with folks. Okay thank you, good bye. *lee kicking up dust heading out the door*

I didn't like being out in the sun on Saturday. Plus there was a Braves game at the Turner Field, so I have to do some serious rerouting to get home. That's no fun when it is hot, hot, hot. I find it is better to drive Lucy in this heat. Pam and her 4 cylinders and that air conditioner... sigh.She gets cold and all, but she don't like it. She gets the shakes at a stoplight. (High class problem).

So needless to say, the only productive thing I've done this morning is watch the Equestrian Cross Country in the Olympics. Horses running through the woods, jumping over stuff and running through water. I was sitting here thinking "That CowgirlCre would get a kick out of this!" Who knew that that was an Olympic event? Wow?

I have a TON of posts, most of which are dependent on getting pictures up. This new google blogger stuff is a beast. I need to be more patient. (High class problem).

As you can see I love the phrase "high class problem". I learned it years ago from the great Tayari Jones. I tend to generate a lot of fiction on paper. She said it was a high class problem to have. Some writers are "eekers", i.e., they have a hard time generating good material. I am a "gusher". That means I can write and write and write. I found her classifications to be profound. (And you know I pick up every word she says like they are little morsels of gold flying out her mouth, lol).

Every since then I tend to categorize my problems. High class problems are problems that I don't need to be griping about. I continuously remind myself of that.

Now, don't get me wrong. A rat licking ice is not a high class problem. You better do something about that thirsty rat. Quickly. lol

Sooo... that is all for today. I want to post, post, post.

And that I will do.

July is coming to a close... this year has flown by, hasn't it?

Make the remainder of July count... on purpose!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Food for thought: Thoughts on the Tragedy

You know, just like most, I turn on the television every morning at some point while getting ready for work. I'd much rather not, but I need to know the weather for the day.

And one of the worst things is turning on the television and seeing the tag in bright vibrant colors "Breaking News".

That rarely means anything good. It usually means something drastic and/or tragic.
And that movie massacre was tragic indeed.

I had booted my computer that Friday morning so that I could post my usual Friday Freestyles, but I turned it off. I was not in the mood. When I see breaking news like that, it makes me sad. And it makes me realize some of the things I concern myself with aren't important.

It actually makes me think about life. And how fragile it is.

I heard last night on a talk radio show that you take a chance every time you step out of your front door. Heck, you take a chance even in your own house.

Why? Because you never know what's going to happen. We assume we will go to work, run an errand or two, and drive home. Or we assume we are going to a movie, enjoy it, and then go home.

So many people leave the house in the morning and don't make it back home. You just don't know.
And it made me think about that.

There has been much speculation on why someone would just open fire on people like that. I was watching a morning news program yesterday morning, and the commentator was saying that the man may be on the autism scale. I remember thinking he is going to get verbally smashed for that comment, which he was on a website that reported it.

No one can say what caused this guy to do what he did. No one was inside his mind. Could've been drugs or whatnot. Who knows.  This had been planned for months and that in itself makes for particular speculation. I don't know.

One thing I know, and something that always rings true with me whenever something like this: The very act is horrendous and tragic... but the residual effect of the act is much more so.

The residue left after the act. What I mean by that is the results of the action. This story will eventually lose its top of the news status. We are still bewildered, but have gone on to something else. But this event directly and drastically changed the lives of scores of people. It has altered the lives of the ones who lost loved ones for a long time, perhaps forever.

I remember telling my little brother when he was younger that the real reason that we don't go around hurting people or taking their lives is because there are glaring consequences for such decisions. There are not huge consequences for certain infractions... that is why you see more of it. But for something awful like murder? You can go to jail, thereby losing your life. Or you can be sentenced to death.

I heard awhile ago that it is estimated that we make over 200 decisions a day. That's a lot of decisions. Some are good decisions, and some are bad decisions.

No matter what decision is made, I know one thing that rings true: all decisions have built in consequences. I can add to that and say all decisions have a residue attached. All decisions have some lasting effect, whether it be for a split second or for a lifetime. Decisions determine who we are and where we are going. And we cannot forget that our decisions, even in the face of our own self serving ways, affect others.

And we can make many great decisions... but we will always be remembered for that really bad one.

I always look inside myself when anything like that happens. And I make sure I don't have a thought of a seed that would grow up into anything that will cause me to make a bad decision that will affect others in a bad way. I do think we have to capture issues when they are small and seemingly meaningless... before they grow into something uncontrollable.

Believe me... there are many folks walking around with something going on on the inside of themselves which will cause them to make bad choices.

That's what I'm thinking about today concerning this whole thing. I don't know what was going on in that man's mind, but he didn't look healthy, mentally or otherwise. And he probably hasn't been healthy for a LONG time. A long time. When one takes time to stockpile that much ammunition and meticulously plan out things like that?

Something is wrong on the inside.

These stories make me pause, even after a few hours prior, I myself had been enjoying a nice birthday celebration at a local japenese hibachi restaurant. And even in that setting, someone could've made the decision to stand up and fire on people. But it didn't happen. It happened elsewhere.   And it will most likely happen again.

I say a prayer for those affected by what happened that night at the movies. I pray that they are able to stand up and go on with their lives. That their minds and hearts will be healed. That the residue of this thing doesn't affect them for the rest of their lives.

I pray.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Special Birthday

It has been awhile since I made a birthday card, with all the stickers and such.

My best friend LadyTee's daughter Miracle turned 16 on July 19th.

She was born on the first day of the Atlanta summer Olympic games in 1996. LadyTee's doctor said he was delivering babies that day, then leaving town. So everybody better come on down. LOL

We thought that was funny.

Everybody left town during that Olympic games. You talking about smog free, beautiful clear days? Wow! Freeways were clear, and there was no traffic. Atlanta residents had dipped hard! And that was fine by me.

I remember telling her "Alright, well holler at me when you have the baby. I'll be down there after school."

She had all these names picked out for her. Then she chose a name totally out the blue seem like: Miracle.

"I thought you were gonna name her something else," I said. "Where that name come from?"

"I don't know, I just just looked at her and came up with that."

"Uh alright."

I was in graduate school at the time. School was closed for three weeks, so I went and got a night job at a warehouse folding Olympic programs. I think I made an extra $400 dollars that month. That was a LOT of money for a grad student on a fixed monthly stipend. It was enough to cover the rent of my 1 bedroom in a duplex. Really.

Good to look back and remember those days.

Anyway, we went to Benihana to celebrate Miracle's birthday. It was good. I like Kiku's steakhouse better. Benihana is oldschool. Kiku's has fire flaring up everywhere (close to eyebrow singeing) and puts on a show and gives a lot more food. But I hadn't been to Benihana's since 1988. Still the same.

But I was glad to celebrate with Miracle and her family. The card I gave was even her favorite color-- pink...

Oh what a nice evening it was. I came home and chilled.

Then I woke up on Friday morning to some breaking news... That movie massacre in Colorado.

To be continued. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Train 'Em Up Early!

CowgirlCre LOVES horses.

And CowgirlCre has a grand neice.

(You can see where this is going).

Train them up EARLY!

Get that baby on that horse EARLY, honey!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Freestyles... The Rainy Day Edition

It has been raining here in the ATL...

Has it been raining where you are?

Not the little rain showers... I'm talking rain.

Torrential rain. That African rain. That type of rain where when I look out the window, I'm expecting to see Noah's Ark floating by.

Torrential rain.

My goodness.

I need for this to STOP.

There is nothing worse than being outside and it's starting to rain... and it starts to pick up.

*lee running for shelter*


I have a slight roof leak, too. Gotta get that fixed QUICK. I know it's a vent that needs replacing. If I could climb up there and do it myself, I surely would.

Alas, the sun will be back out. I do believe I will take the rain over the the 100 degree weather any day. Yes sir.

Anyway, I am glad it's Friday. I am taking the morning off. I have been having back spasms all week for some reason, and I got up extra early this morning and did too much around the house. So I needed to lay back down, honey. Not sure what this is about. If it's not better over the weekend, I will go to the Doctor.

I am looking forward to weekend. I have much much writing to do. And I needs some rest.

Republican VP picks. So have you heard the whole rumor that Condoleeza Rice is being vetted as a possible republican vice president pick?

Hmm... so just because she is black, and I am black... I'm suppose to vote for her?
Is that what's going on?


I like Condoleeza Rice. For the SIMPLE fact that she went after her own goals and dreams without consulting us negroes and worrying what we think about her. How much will we accomplish if we truly followed our own dreams? Hmm. So I like her. And come on. If she was your sister, Auntie, cousin, friend, Mama... you would be proud of her accomplishments... regardless of whether you agree with her political views or not.

I still ain't voting for ya'll repubs. I'm sorry, but Romney wanna be president because that's on his bucket list or something like that. I'm not clear on what his agenda is. Now, if I was up in the 1% I might feel different.

And he need to clear up all this hidden money he got out there in the Caymans and Swiss bank accounts. At least allow me to have the same. And talk about this Mormon faith. I'm reading the book of Mormon just in case Oldboy becomes my president. I need to know what you believe, sir. Humph.

That doesn't mean Obama does not have his issues. I tend to vote for the person who has more of America in mind. Not just one facet. That's just me, and my opinion.

I tell you what I wish, though. I wish we had 4 or 5 political parties instead of the 2 party system. That would be sooo much better and we would have better choices. Right now it's vote for this one or that one. And I want the election to be OVER so both candidates can stop pimping me!


Moving on.

Quotes of the week. I heard this last week and thought it made quite a bit of sense.

"If you don't go after something, you'll never have anything. If you never ask the questions, the answers will always be no."

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized."

Hmm.  What I get from that is that I need to be proactive. Always striving, always inquiring, and eager to take hold of opportunities.

PROACTIVE in life.  That is all.

That right there is for blogger Chele. Why? Because I know she will like that!!

Advice of the Week. My sister Kentucky know she be listening to EVERY word I say. She remember everything.

I remember when she use to live with me, she would want to talk. She would come sit on my bed when I was minding my own business... She needed to TALK. And I was gonna give my advice on some issha she was having... doggonit.

Anyway, she said the other day "I always remember what you said about this type of situation."

"What's that," I said.

"People have problems. Everybody have problems."

And the situation we were talking about is how your friends can get over into criticizing your life and picking on you about your choices. And I'm not talking about constructive criticism. I'm talking about folks just picking at you. And I will like to throw judgment and gossip into those categories.

I submit to you, and this is my opinion, that such people are doing all that as a cover for their own issues and problems. So to get their minds off the difficult process of dealing with their own lives and internal issues, they gotta judge and talk about YOU...

... just to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Just my opinion. Why? Because some mess always comes out about that person's life. My sister was telling me about such a situation.

And I'm proud of my sister. She doesn't laugh at her friend. She looks at it as an opportunity.

She asks herself how she can be helpful in the situation? How can I be a blessing? Do I have a word of encouragement. Can I be helpful?

She can do that. Because she spends much time working on her own issues. So she has compassion.

That's a little food-for-thought for you on this rainy day. Free of charge from your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl LadyLee.

Kentucky! You's a chip off the ol' LadyLee block! Yes you are.

I LOVE talking to my sister. Her perspective on things is phenomenal.  She is bright and thinks critically about things. I feel stronger and a bit more positive after talking to her. Always a good conversation.

Video of the Week. I found a concert online and watched it all day yesterday. I do believe my cubicle mateCowgirl Cre gonna knock me in the head soon. So I won't pester her today with the "Cre! Look at this!"

Yes, if she has to roll her chair to my side of the cubicle one more time, she's gonna bust me in the head with her stapler. LOL.

Yes, I found that concert... all 2 HOURS worth... on youtube.

*lee's eyes glaze over*

I called my sister Kentucky and told her about it. She was the one wailing about wanting to go, but didn't want to spend $500 on a ticket.

I know that's right, honey.

But man... watching the whole concert. WOW I would've loved to have been there.  The encore at the end just makes me want to BURST into tears. BURST into tears!

I told my sister, "Look, next time, if there is another tour, we just gonna have to go, man. We going."

At least we have the DVD. The DVD/CD combo is available on amazon for $17.

Shoot. That's a GOOD price. Got's to have it.

Alright. That is all for me. I've been sitting here blogging and stretching my back. I THINK I can make it on in to work.

You all have a great weekend.  ON PURPOSE!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Real Soldier...

So for us who couldn't afford or wouldn't shell out $500 for Sade tickets...

Here's the opening of her shows.

That is a VERY dramatic opening, coming all up out the floor like that and all. Maybe that's the norm. I haven't been to a high end concert in some 20 years, so this is dramatic.

Lieutennant By, who is a Sade STAN, went to the concert. He even reinacted Sade coming up out of the floor.

*LadyLee and CowgirlCre staring wide eyed at his rendition in our cubible*

It is almost worth shelling out some bread to go see it live!


Sade is like me. She's like a UFO. It will be YEARS before she comes out of seclusion again. YEARS. Gotta catch her when she come out.

All I know is a DVD is being filmed. I WILL be buying that.

Really though.

I came across an interesting remix.

With Raheem Devaughn? He really came up, didn't he? On a Sade record, sounding like one of the Bob or Ziggy Marley. LOL.

I am interested in this song for it's complexity. And I am going to use the first couple of lines in that song as a writing prompt. Even my coworker By (a true stan), hadn't heard that one.

"I've lost the use of my heart... But I'm still alive."

I like that line...

Sade is a real soldier. She been through some thangs. Really. She's in her 50s now. Bet she has some real soldier stories to tell...

I like that line...

And I love that song!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday Night Special

Well it has been a most interesting Monday.

And it is STILL hot outside. Thank goodness it's not in the 100s.

My weekend. This was a very quiet weekend. Not sure what is up with that. I did my normal things: crochet, chores, yack on the phone, writing, etc. I went and picked up some meds that the pharmacy has been hounding me to come and get. Goodness. I wasn't even sure what I was to pick up. Didn't need what they had right now, so I just put it all up.

I watched a good movie.

It was good. I don't want to watch it again, though. I thought the HBO version that came out years ago was MUCH better. But it was good.

Thoughts on today...  I didn't go to work today, even though I meant to. I had these grandiose dreams of working from 6 to 10 a.m., then getting off and taking Grandma to her doctor appointment.

It didn't work out that way. For some ODD reason I didn't go to sleep until 5 in the morning. Then I slept until 9, then went and picked her up for her 11:30 appointment.

I did very well this time. I made sure she had her glasses, her keys and whatever else she needed. So I did well with that. We made it on time to her appointment with time to spare. The doctor looked at her and saw there were still problems after taking meds for three weeks. So further work had to be done...

And it wasn't covered by insurance.

Ugh. Talk about being blindsided. I didn't even ask her if she had the money for it.

So... I had to come out of pocket with some money. I blinked back tears on that one. I was a O_O for all of 2 or 3 minutes as I sat down with Grandma and explained the surgical procedure to her word by word, and made sure she signed a few things.

But I just wasn't prepared to come out of pocket. And it was a good thing that it was sudden, so I didn't have a chance to sit and think and think and think on it. It wasn't expensive, but it put a small setback to some personal goals I had set for myself later this summer/early fall. So I just have to be a little more vigilant in a couple of areas moneywise. And that is fine.

She felt bad about it, which had me a little O_o. Not her fault. We had a little talk about how she should make sure that her doctors only refer her to someone who accepts medicaid/medicare. We talked about other things on her mind. Like my Uncle not wanting to help out, yet gets mad when others help her (I haven't had any run-ins with him concerning this. We can go toe to toe on that one, and I think he knows that). I told her, I have the liberty to take off from work and help out. I also have ample finances to help out, even though I have my own things I have to do.

I am a little different from others. The mantra is sow seed now. While life is good. That is all.

I dropped her off at home and went and took care of her prescription and brought it back to her.

I will call and see how she is doing. The doctor said she would have a little pain, but she seemed to be her same TALKATIVE self alll the way to her house, lol.

You know what has been on my mind though? Just being thankful that I am able to help. I am a bit estranged from my family. Seeing me at any event is like seeing a UFO. So I am thankful that I can be consistently and willingly helpful in some small facet. I am very much known for not tolerating a bunch of mess, family or otherwise. For others it is a matter of just dealing. For me it is a matter of choice, and it's on me if I allow folks to stress me out OR if I'm stressing folks out.

So anytime something directly opposite happens, where I am being a blessing... well, I'm always thankful for those moments. Always. That's what I thought about while waiting for Grandma in the waiting room. No more tears here. Only smiles and thanksgiving.

Quote of the week. I heard something interesting about courage yesterday.

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar... It is the ability to step out and move forward even if you're afraid." 

I think much about courage... and how I need much more of it in my life.

Song of week. We have big speakers hooked up to the computer in the lab, and I also like to hook them up to my cell phone and listen to Pandora. A song I really love came on, and I was singing hard (annoying those around me).

I love this song by the Average White band.

That is it for me. I am looking forward to having a good good week. I hope you are too!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Go Serena!

Serena Williams won her 5th Wimbledon title today!

She did that!

I'm sorry, but I don't watch tennis unless either her or her sister are in the finals. Sorry, but I can't pronounce the other tennis players names and I can't tell them apart.


Anyway, I made sure to get up and watch the finals this morning. That first set was a breeze, but the second set was a NAILBITER. A passerby would've thought I was watching a football game.

But Serena pulled it out! Good for her! She ties her sister with 5 wins now.

That was a good tennis game. She and Venus won the Women's double finals match later in the day.


They've won the last 10 of the 13 Wimbledon singles finals. They've both not been well the past year, so hopefully they are back up to par!

Because I need to watch more tennis! LOL

Go Serena!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Freestyle Fridays... the Holiday Edition

It's Friday!

Still hot outside... but it's not ARSE hawt. Our temps in the ATL have been in the high 90s. That is hot, but compared to the mid 100s, the high 90s feels good.

This is a friday of a holiday week.

I tell you... When the 4th of July falls on a Wednedsay? WOW!

What is the point? I like my holidays on a Friday or Monday.  Makes for great 3 day weekends.

And I must remind myself to take off from work during a big holiday week JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE DOES.

Geez. Work has been swashbuckling. And that's the way it is when most of the group is off. Ugh.

*reminding myself to put in for 2 weeks on Christmas and Thanksgiving*

Humph. And the only real reason I went to work is because I have a repairman coming in to look a instrument.  And that didn't even work out well. He'll be back next week.

One great thing about today (among many great things, of course):


Glory! *cartwheels*

No balling out of control for me. Bills have already been scheduled for online payment. Sigh.

This has been a relatively quiet week. I was off on Monday, and I had some dental work done. I STILL have one more appointment. Then I am done. Dr. Watson is fine, but he ain't that fine. Tired of seeing him!

My teeth are the bomb right now, man. And that's a good thing!

I didn't do anything for the fourth of July. It is too hot to be all outside. I try to cook something out of the norm on a holiday, and I had some good boil, i.e., crabs, shrimp, potatoes and corn. It was good-t.

Barbeque! Now last Memorial day, my sister wanted some barbeque. I haven't barbequed anything in some three years, but to appease her, I dusted the cobwebs off the old grill and cleaned it out. Then I grilled up some meat.

I never posted those pictures... but here you go. Because your friendly neighborhood oldgirl will NOT be doing that again anytime soon.

Chicken, beef ribs, and pork ribs.

Look at those beef ribs!
Look at those chicken wings!
Kentucky brought over a pack of hot dogs! And look at that steak and sausage!

Actually, I don't do well looking at those pictures. I was a feeling a bit blah behind eating. I am still in my 95% reduced meat range, so when I eat it, I feel a little left of center.

I like to cook for my sister though. It gives me an excuse to help her out with food. I made some potato salad and baked beans, and trust me... she took a lot home.  She won't see me barbequing anytime soon again. Nerp.

Let's just say your girl has been burying her head in stuff she likes... tons of salad and fruit... *lee's eyes glaze over*

Quote of the week.  I read a lot. I'm reading a book titled 1000 Character Writing Prompts by Bryan Cohen. You know I LOVE writing prompts, and this is a very good exhaustive compilation of writing prompts. They are all grouped together by personality.

The first line under the "twisted" personality...

"When you look into the eyes of some people, you can't help but think that they might be just a little bit off."

Uh, yeah.  Ain't that the truth.

It goes on to give10 really creepy character writing prompts related to that. There is a long paragraph on some odd person, followed by the question of what caused them to be this way.

Interesting... But I ma more interested in that particular line. THAT line is a writing prompt unto itself.


Song of the week. People love this guy. I never got into him. But he has a few songs that I like. I really like this one.

Whelp! This is a yardwork weekend. There was a crazy storm out of nowhere on Tuesday evening, and every stray tree branch in the world is in my yard. Luckily they are small enough for me to pick up and place in a couple of lawn bags. Many folks got much worse. So that should be fun to do (not).

Serena Williams goes for her 7th Wimbledon win... You know I'll be watching that match. Hope she makes quick work of her opponnent. You go girl!

You all have a great weekend!

On purpose!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Have a happy and safe holiday :)

Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Morning Randomness.... HOT!

Man oh man!

It is HOT!

Hot, hot, HOT!!!

I can say it in french... IL FAIT CHAUD!!!

The high this weekend was 106 degrees in my beloved ATL!!

What the heck is going on?

I've been remotely watching the news, and it looks like somewhere out there, there are are areas that have lost power. Not sure what part of the country that is, but OH MY! I can't imagine!!


And I know better. Your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl has been in the house. Even though my air conditioner isn't the best. I keep the thermostat set at 78 degrees, and with this hot weather, it is having a heck of time keeping up.

And that's fine. I talked to my sister, and her friends are using her house as a "Cooling station".

"My thermostat is set at 70 degrees, Lisa," she said.

I jumped in the car on Saturday and headed out to her house. She lives out in Peachtree City, on the far southside. Interestingly, that's only 20 minutes away. (I live downtown. Most places in any direction are 20 minutes away. I like that!)

It was so cold that I needed a blanket! LOL

I slept well on her sofa. That is all.

Sunday I stayed in. I need to cut the grass in the backyard, but uh... that will have to wait for when it is cooler. NOT IMPORTANT.

I did my chores on Sunday, and I did a little rewriting. I wrote the latter half of a novel earlier this year, and I am rewriting the first half for the month of July. Tayari and I were discussing that she likes to write her work over from page one, on a blank page. I was aghast at the idea, but need to try that with what I am working on now. So, that is the goal. Seems to be moving pretty fast so far. It is good to have a laptop with the rough draft up, and a netbook right next to it. Better than looking at a hard copy of the draft.

I am OFF today. *big cartwheels*

I would love to be off tomorrow too, but I have a repairman coming in to handle some broken equipment. What's so funny about him is that I went to high school with his twins. One of them was in my 6th grade class. What a small small world it is!

But it should be a slow week at work. Should be. We will see.

Today I'm going to the farmers market. I would like to go after work tomorrow, but it will be a MADHOUSE the day before a holiday. WOW! Learned that lesson. I am NOT fighting and pushing and shoving over a bag of carrots. No ma'am. No sir.

It will be bad today, but worse tomorrow. I will deal with today's tomfoolery.

I have a dentist appointment today. The very last of my dental work. No more of the fine Dr. Watson... not until my teeth cleaning in November. (Awww...)

I think Serenity is scheduled to have her baby today. So girl, praying that you have a safe delivery and all is well.  Can't wait for the little one to get here!

With that, it's time to get on out of here. Gonna get dressed and get out before it gets TOO hawt out there!

Right now it's 73 degrees.  That's COOOOOOOL.

It willl be 103 degrees later.

Time to GOOOOO!  Right now!!!


Have a good Monday!!! On purpose!