Thursday, July 12, 2012

Real Soldier...

So for us who couldn't afford or wouldn't shell out $500 for Sade tickets...

Here's the opening of her shows.

That is a VERY dramatic opening, coming all up out the floor like that and all. Maybe that's the norm. I haven't been to a high end concert in some 20 years, so this is dramatic.

Lieutennant By, who is a Sade STAN, went to the concert. He even reinacted Sade coming up out of the floor.

*LadyLee and CowgirlCre staring wide eyed at his rendition in our cubible*

It is almost worth shelling out some bread to go see it live!


Sade is like me. She's like a UFO. It will be YEARS before she comes out of seclusion again. YEARS. Gotta catch her when she come out.

All I know is a DVD is being filmed. I WILL be buying that.

Really though.

I came across an interesting remix.

With Raheem Devaughn? He really came up, didn't he? On a Sade record, sounding like one of the Bob or Ziggy Marley. LOL.

I am interested in this song for it's complexity. And I am going to use the first couple of lines in that song as a writing prompt. Even my coworker By (a true stan), hadn't heard that one.

"I've lost the use of my heart... But I'm still alive."

I like that line...

Sade is a real soldier. She been through some thangs. Really. She's in her 50s now. Bet she has some real soldier stories to tell...

I like that line...

And I love that song!


  1. I have not been to a big concert in a long time as well. I catch a few acts here and there at free venues around town.

    Girly was working that entrance! She seemed a little unsteady on those 6 inch stilettos though. She can back to singing barefoot. We don't care. Yep, I'm a Sade Stan! Where is the eye candy guitar player she used to have? That man was HOT.

  2. I was at the concert and own the DVD. Let me tell you, she is magical in person. She rocked that stage like she was 25 years old. I was so fortunate to have caught her live.


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