Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Freestyles


And it is PAY DAY!

And as usual on payday, the blinds of my mind are at half staff. Pretty much closed, really.

And I am thinking of the upcoming thanksgiving holidays! I have a 5 DAY weekend!


Oh the things I will get done. Or better yet, the DREAMS of the things I will get done.

And it is alright to dream.

I know one thing we will get done: gumbo.

I asked my sister what she wanted for Thanksgiving since she and I will be spending that time together. She thought about it and she requested the gumbo. I sent her the recipe that I posted on this blog years ago ("The Original Oldgirl's Gumbo Recipe").. (And until this day, that is my most popular blog post searched in google).

She didn't want to make it herself, though.  But she wants me to watch her make it.


Wow. And I guess I will do this while holding the baby.

"Okay, Kay.. Keep stirring that roux until it turns the color of a penny. Okay, Justin is crying right now. Let me take over while you breastfeed him.When you finish, come back and give him to me. And finish this roux."

Yeah. That's how that's going to go.

We can make gumbo. And the best part of that is teaching my sister how to make it. Now, no, we are not from New Orleans, and the recipe was not passed down from some family matriarch. But I lived there and I had my share of good bowls of gumbo, and I know what I like! So I have a recipe that I've used over the past 15 years that leaves me satisfied. So yes, I will watch her make it.

But I wanted something for myself. And that is this right here.

Stuffed acorn squash.

I posted up the recipe a year or so go ("An Acorn Squash Tale").

That is quick and easy. I will basically throw the french doors of the refrigerator open wide and stuff the squash with whatever vegetables are there.

So that will be our Thanksgiving. And we will watch movies, movies, and more movies.

Song of the Week. So I went to lunch with a coworker. This is special because I don't go out to lunch with people. I may go no more than 5 times a year. And I save hanging out for lunch for people who have a good positive affect on me and my life. We went to a local korean street eatery and bakery, Sweet Hut, in midtown. They play an interesting mix of contemporary pop music. It was all music from the past couple of years, meaning that I didn't know any of it. I do NOT listen to current radio at all.

But then they messed around and played some old Michael Jackson.

Man, I had to do ALL I could not to bust out crying.

I told my coworker, "I'm going to go back to the lab and pull the Thriller album up on my Spotify!"

And I did. My favorite song on the album is "Lady in my Life".

Oh how I miss Michael Jackson! He had his problems, but the music from 30-40 years ago was AWESOME.

The last song by him that I like that I listen to often: "Heaven Can Wait".

That song is SO good.

That's off his final CD. Sigh.

He died in 2009. That is over 8 years ago. Wow.

Gone too soon. Music was his legacy. I am glad we still have that!

Well I am off to my weekend. And it will be a GREAT one, whether it is or I imagine and dream it to be!


You have a great weekend, too. On purpose!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Moon Grapes

Someone brought these to work. And they were very excited about them.

"What are those?" I asked the coworker who brought them and placed them in the general area for all to enjoy.

"Oh, those are moon grapes," she said, with way too much glee. "I got them down at Publix!"

I nodded.

But I didn't get any. Nope. They look mad crazy.

I'd never heard of them. And I didn't eat any.

Those grapes look special, They look like something we would see while stranded on an island and we were starving for food.  And we came across a tree with some bizarre fruit hanging from it.

I would still wait for someone ELSE to try them first because they may be POISONOUS!

Nope. I passed on those. I may try them...

Maybe next time.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Of Wallets and Reunions

So... a couple of months ago I had the opportunity to attend a family reunion on my father's side of the family. I considered this a challenge because first, I don't really know these people, and second, the older I get, the more I don't care to deal in crowds. So with that said, I saw the family reunion as a great opportunity to not only be around my own kin, but as a much needed opportunity to tackle these minor social anxiety issues that are creeping into my life as of late.

The interesting thing is that my father's family is as quiet and calm as myself. This is hilarious to me, yet it makes me understand more about my personality.

And it also afforded another opportunity: running up on one of the popular local outlet malls.

I felt bad about this because, when having a phone conversation with a cousin about the location of the family reunion, my eyes lit up.  I said to her "That's down there by the Tanger Outlet. I want to go to the outlet! I haven't been there in 20 years!"

I was thinking that in my head and it somehow slipped out of my mouth. There's an Oldgirl at work that has a Michael Kors wallet and we discussed it maybe being at the outlet. Hmmm.

So at the reunion I heard the question a couple of times... "Did you get a chance to go to the outlet?"

Yes I did.

I stopped by Michael Kors. And I went to the Coach outlet, which was nearby. I didn't have much time. I should've gone down there a few hours early, but I didn't. But I bought a few items.

There was some odd 70% off  sale. I only went for one wallet, but hey, I saw some others that I wanted.  I purchased some wallets for around $100 total!

I only went into the Coach store to look around. But I bought that small Coach wallet also.

I wasn't all that interested in Coach, though.


Because I have a Coach edition car!

Look close!

I always tell people that you can attach a strap or handle to my car and it would be a very fine purse for a dinosaur!


It was a good trip to the outlets, and a good family reunion. I was glad I went. My father's side of the family, and I've noticed this whenever I am around them, are some very kind, quiet and calm people. It makes me understand that part of my personality better. And it definitely helps me to accept myself as I am with glee.

Those important lessons (and a few nice wallets), are a good thing!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Freestyles... Holiday Edition

It is Friday. And I am off because Veterans Day is tomorrow. So since Veteran's day falls on a weekend, we get the closest weekday off. And that is fine with me.

This has been a pretty quiet day. I have a 1000 things I want to do this weekend, but alas, it is all in my head, and it's all a dream. I will most definitely get 1% of those things done.  And I am fine with that.

It is officially Autumn. Yes I know that the first day of fall was awhile ago, but I know it's officially fall when I see this:

Disposable bags of leaves at the curb. My lawn man has been busy at work raking up leaves, I see!

So today, there is some HUGE child molestation mess going on with Roy Moore, who I think is running for Senate in Alabama. Now, you would think that this would mean automatic dismissal from the race entirely, but nope. What's going down in Hollywood is not going down in Alabama.

They are saying it was so long ago. And "if it's true" jargon is flying left and right.

What it says to me is that they are sanctioning pedophilia.

No one sanctions that. But a special case can be made when they are trying to get some things done, you know.

Got to erase that black man's legacy, by any means necessary.

That whole Roy Moore scenario happened 40 years ago. Sorry, but that would have had to have happened yesterday, and it had better been caught on camera. Then and only then will it be acknowledged and action taken. But not now. Nope. Pedophilia- who cares.

And this is my thing: this man is way heavy on the legalism and religiosity. WAY heavy. This is ALWAYS a signal that they have some serious ingregious mess going on in their backgrounds. If we pull back the heavy velvet black curtain of their lives and take a look, we will see some straight craziness. And that's what we have here.

Hmm... Just my opinion.

Quote of the week. This quote comes up in my thoughts a lot these days. It is from Abraham Lincoln.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him some power."

Power magnifies character. Money does too, I should add.

And I am seeing it in context now, where all these powerful men are sexually harassing women. And we are seeing only the very tippy-tip of the iceberg. You know that. We would all probably pass out from stress if EVERY woman with a story of her run-in with sexual harassment surfaces.

Let's just say I've never met a woman who doesn't have a story to tell. Including me.

If you don't have a story to tell, consider yourself lucky.

Song of the Week. I love this song AND the cheesy video! "Don't look any further"

I LOVE that song. And that video is the cheapest EVER. Still great though, even better than these glitzy million dollar videos.

That is it for me. I am going to enjoy the rest of this day by working hard at crossing off stuff on my "To-do" list.

And I'm going to enjoy this weekend too! You do the same!!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Best of October 2017 - Grandma, Transport Chairs, and Grandchildren

This is the most important piece of equipment I've bought in the last couple of years.

It is a "Transport Chair". I'd gone to a pharmacy on the southside to buy it. (LadyTee had bought one for her aunt awhile ago and let me know where to get it).  I wanted it for my grandmother, as I take her to Emory Hospital for her medical appointments from time to time. She walks super slow, yet she somehow wants to blend in with the crowd and walk just as fast. That's not good. And I thought hard  about a solution to the problem.

So I decided to buy a wheelchair. And when I walked into the pharmacy to ask about a wheelchair, they told me about the transport chair. (Just that fast I'd forgotten the name of what I needed just that quick). They put it together and showed me how to use it.

My sister cautioned me on presenting this option to grandma. "The elderly don't take well to that type of thing," she said. I said it would be easier for us both. Well, I showed her the chair, told her the plan and she was all for it.

She took to it well, and she enjoys being transported back and forth.

Just like she took to her new great-grandson Justin well. I heard from my sister that she enjoyed seeing him for the first time!

I think this is her 6th great grandchild. There are now 2 girls and 4 boys. And she has gotten to spend time with them all. (Even though Justin was knocked out during his visit).

When I took her to the doctor last week, she talked about her time with Justin. And she could hardly get her whole story out without being full of giggles.It felt so good to see the joy in her eyes and hear the joy in her voice.

Later that evening, after I'd taken her home after her appointment, I thought about our time together. I thought about how she is like a child now, and how I prayed that I would have patience in helping her get to her appointments. I did, and I was happy for it.  And I was happy to talk to her about her about her new little great-grandson.

That had to be one of my best memories from October 2017. And it's something I'll never forget.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I Voted...

So yesterday was a big day. It was the first big vote day after the election of our beloved new president.

I wasn't going to vote, as I knew the major race for Mayor of Atlanta would be a runoff. But nevertheless, I voted.

I was in and out in, like, less than a couple of minutes.

What surprised  me the most was the "commotion" that  went on while I was there.  There were only 3 voters there at the time, and we were outnumbered by the elderly campaign  workers. They were in a huff because people were campaigning too close to the precinct. And they'd warned them to stay back, but they wouldn't.

And it became one of those...

"I done told you once. I done told you twice."

Let's just say they'd considered calling the police but EAGERLY decided to handle it on their own.

And I began to think - Oh no, it's about to go down. Maybe I should leave.

As I quickly jumped in my car and drove past the commotion, I saw that it was one of the people running for the local council talking trash.

I wanted to holler "I hope you LOSE!". But I didn't.

Well, she did lose. That is what she gets for breaking distance rules. Humph.

Alas, there is a runoff in our city for mayor. I am voting for Mary Norwood. Unless Keisha Bottoms come out swinging and do well in the debates, then uh... nope.

But I WILL tell you what was interesting... I remember that bizarre push last year to get the transgender bathroom laws. I think that failed, but I remember thinking "The transgender people are going to start running for some offices. Watch." And lo and behold they did, and they won some elections.


Then there's a slew of new minority and immigrant-turned-US citizen mayors and elected officials. A Sikh was even elected Mayor.

The white nationalist are gonna get enough of picking on people. Watch. Ya'll can march around in your golf clothes waving your tiki torches if you want to. People are taking note and running for office.

And if Trump's tax reform bi doesn't go through, uh... watch out in 2018.

Congrats to all who won their races.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

1. It is only Tuesday, and I am already ready for the week to be over. I am SO glad that Friday is a holiday. That means a 3-day weekend for me, and I'm going to make the best of it.

2. I have 940 hours of sick leave. That works out to 23.5 weeks.  That is real close to 6 months of sick leave. It's good to have that much, but I hope I never get sick enough to use big chunks of time.

3. I have a terrible habit of turning my cell phone ringer and notifications off.  There is nothing worse than a ringing cell phone or notifications dings in our EXTREMELY quiet cubicle area.That's not the bad habit, though, as I am just being mindful of my fellow employees. The bad habit is not turning it back ON after my workday. Now, I will hear it vibrating and ringing if I am listening to something (music, talk radio) on my headphones, but it is a problem when I am not doing that,  or if I am running errands after work.  And at night when I get in the bed, I see I have phone calls. I need to figure out a way to remember to turn it on or put everything on low.

4. I hate these psychological dependences on cell phones. I remember when we didn't have cell phones, when you better stop and call somebody from a pay phone and keep it moving. 

5.  I am doing a lot of confusing paperwork right now. Might be best if I could work from home, but it sucks to need a piece of data from a computer in the lab... and not be at work, where I can just run to the next room and get it.

6. I tell you... Donna Brazille is pissed off. She is spilling much tea on the DNC. And she said if we don't like it, we can go to hell. Well alright, ma'am! I might get the audible version of her book just to see what the heck was going on during that election year!

7. I voted today. I wasn't going to, because there will be a run-off in our major mayoral race, but I did anyway. It took me all of 3 minutes and I was done.

8. One of the people running for a position was arguing with the elderly campaign workers. Apparently they were too close to the polls. (I think you have to be a certain number of feet from the polls if you're campaigning).

9. I wanted to holler out, as I drove by, "I hope you lose!!". I don't understand why anyone would want to fight with these old folks. And this candidate has been leaving WAY too much mail in my door. I rarely go through my front door. And I live in the hood. That mail in the door makes it look like I ain't home. She should know better.

10.  It was cold last week, but now it's warm this week. I believe it was even 80 degrees yesterday. This means I can still wear my capri pants, even if this is the last week to do so.

That's it for my Ten Thoughts on  a Tuesday!

Monday, November 06, 2017

Monday Night Musings

It's Monday once again. And this Monday was special because daylight savings time kicked in and we are suppose to celebrate this beloved extra hour of sleep. But I haven't been sleeping the best lately, and it was disturbing to wake up to CRAZY sunlight this morning. So I think I need to adjust what time I actually wake up. We will see.

Another Mass Murder. So here we go, once again, a mass shooting. A guy shot up a church and killed 25 people. And this time, there were children murdered, one as young as 18 months old.

This type of thing is beyond sad and tragic when it happens. My thoughts and prayers are with these victims and their families. My thoughts are always... what is the root of the problem? What makes one resort to running up in somewhere killing folk, because you know this whole thing has the most horrific of consequences. And then, to make things complicated, we are all conditioned now: we know the race and religion of the perpetrator right off.  If it is a brown or non-christian, non-white person, there is IMMEDIATE outrage. But when it's a white male committing these horrific acts, it is Oh poor guy... he has a mental problem.

Terrorism is terrorism. An overwhelming percentage are carried out by white men. And as per usual, it is another white privilege exercise. Because you know congress can't upset these gun lobbyists...

And now, the actual solution to the problem seems to be that you best go to church armed with a gun.

How CONVENIENT for the gun lobbies! Someone's about to make some money! 

Imagine that. A shooter comes in, and we all have a gun and we all start shooting. Wow.

I will be thinking about that for a minute.

My Weekend. I had a decent weekend, especially after the strange week I had last week. I had some sinus issues that were giving me fits, had me all stressed out and depressed, so much so that I had to take a sick day off from work. It felt good to wake up Saturday morning and be able to breathe correctly. And it was nice to leave the house and not be super cold. As a matter of fact, the days could have been mistaken for a spring day. I went and got a haircut on Sunday, and that turned out good, for a good talk with my barber afforded some work through some of my personal issues and complicated feelings about some goals I am thinking about for the new year.  A pep talk is always good for the soul.

Saturday night, I attended a VERY special birthday party. Mama Adrienne celebrated her 40th birthday.

40 is such an important milestone.  I would think that was my most important age milestone to date, and I can only hope it is one of her most important ones, too. I think she is celebrating all month, but I was fortunate enough to join her for one of her parties. And the cake... it was breathtaking,

It was a good time, even though I suck in group situations. I am working on it. But it was good to see her, as I haven't seen her in quite awhile. I can only hope her 40s will be yet another great decade of growth, change, and love in her life. I am sure ALL that will come to pass!

Sunday, my sister and Notorious J were over. I am so happy to be able to keep him and give her a
break. She was able to get some of her lesson plans done for the coming school week, and I was able to spend a good amount of time with him. I hate that I didn't get up early enough to cook Sunday dinner for them. I didn't think she was coming over, but she did! So we just had leftovers from the fridge. That is Sunday dinner enough. And I got a chance to spend quality time with my sister and little nephew.

Song of the Week. "Sending My Love" by Zhane. 

How wonderful, soothing and awesome is that song? And it makes me think of love.

*checking to see what year that song came out*

1994. Hmm... I was 24 years old. I can't really remember much of what was going on around that time. That song came out 23 years ago.

Oh, yes I do. *raises eyebrow at that year*

And I don't listen to much R&B now. Do we have any good R&B music now? Not that poppy ish, but some real sangers?

If I have to ask the question, then that is not good.

Oh well.

I am looking forward to a productive week. I was a bit miffed about coming to work today, so I had some communion before hand and blessed my whole week. My emotions and attitude have been a little left of center this past month and I am desperate need of some correction. So that is the direction I'm going in and thinking on. Damn these hormones of mine and this menopausal craziness.

Looking forward to a great week... on purpose.

And I wish the same for you.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Friday Freestyles

As always, this week has flown by like jet plane.

And I want to post, but I like a lot of pictures and visuals, and I can't get my pictures to transfer in a good time. I can get them to upload, but transferring them from my phone to my computer is a BEAST. I am not sure what that is about. I mean, it takes hours and hours. It's just odd.

Then there is that 5 or 10% of the time when everything happens immediately.  That's really odd.

So I think I will load up pictures/ideas on the weekends. It bothers me not to get some writing in any form done everyday. Sigh.

Anyway, just some stream-of-thought thinking. I have to solve those problems.

It is FRIDAY! And best of all, it is PAYDAY.

So as always, I will spend around 30 seconds imagining what it will be like to ball out of control with a whole check. Then I will roll back to reality and spend the next few minutes paying bills online. LOL

This has been a strange week, as I have only worked 3 days this week. On Halloween, I had to take off and take my grandmother in for her 6 month regular medical appointment. She hasn't been doing all that great lately, as my uncle took her to the emergency room the night before. But she was okay at the doctor's appointment, and she may have been suffering from some type of infection. She has some dehydration issues too. So there was much talk about that. But I got her to her appointment and back home without many issues.

And then on Thursday, I took off because I felt like crap. I sometimes have issues with my right sinus cavity and it was just terrible on Thursday morning. I spent most of the day in bed. I can remember the time I felt okay, when the pressure eased up some: 1:24 pm. I was feeling awful all morning, and I blew my nose at the time and it was as if flowers bloomed over my head. Thank goodness. I was impatient and full of anxiety all morning.

Picture of the Week. So I was folding clothes, and I pulled a piece of clothing from the dryer.

My nephew Justin's hoodie. How cool is that? It made me smile. Of course I have to rewash it in that ol' expensive baby Dreft detergent, but it was just funny to see a piece of his clothing mixed in with my own. For some reason, it meant much to me.

Song of the Week. So what I consider some good music came out this past week. Most notably, Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T. came out with a VERY good CD titled 4eva is a Mighty Long Time.

A very good ADULT CD. Free of trap. Thank goodness.

It is very mellow, very jazzy, and has its moments of conscious thought. So good to hear adult rap music for a change.

One of the songs I liked features Jill Scott. "Higher Calling"

That's such a good mellow love song. I liked-ed it.

That is it for me. I am looking forward to the weekend. I think Justin will be over. It's always good to see him, as he is growing and changing by the day. He was here this past weekend.
He weighs 7 pounds, 11 ounces now, and he is 10 weeks old now. How cool is that?

WAY cool.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Freestyles


And I have finished for the day.

And there is NOBODY here at work. Everybody has SPLIT!


It is tempting to leave. But alas, I will not.

This last week has been pretty nice out, all fall-like and what not.

But this upcoming week it's going to be super COLD in the ATL.  And I'm trying to get my mind right for that. I am just now getting accustomed to the 60 and 70 degree weather. I am not at all sure I am ready for the 30s and 40s this soon. YIKES.

But it will be alright.

I tell you one thing: sexual harassment is on its way out the door. Women coming out telling on EVERYBODY.  Jokers losing their jobs over what happen years ago. It makes me think about seed, I tell you. Don't plant those types of seeds in the ground. They might come back up.

I know a couple of years ago, there was a guy who had worn some shorts and he had some BEAUTIFUL legs. I almost said "You have some nice legs!"

But I caught myself. That could be misconstrued in all kinds of ways. I just kept it moving.

My follow up comment would've been "What kind of products do you use on your legs?"

Just because I may have been able to buy the same products to use on my own legs. That's all.

But hey... you can't say that type thing. Man, you really have to think about the little things.

Sexual harassment goes on at my job. But I have found that the women don't want to cause trouble for the guys who run up on them.

But I can see the fear in their eyes.

And that is sad.


On to lighter matters! 

Song of the Week. So... I don't like trap music much. BUT I will listen if I LOVE the beat.

One trap rapper I don't like is that doggone Young Thug. I have NO idea what he is talking about and he just looks scary. And he wears dresses, which confuses the hell out of me. BUT he has a couple of recent songs I like, and much of that is because it is experimental.  I think I posted this song last week.

I love the blend of horror and trap rap and the references to The Shining. And I could make out what  they were saying, even though they are not saying much of anything at all. I think I just like that beat too.

However, something else came out. And I have liked this song for a minute. "Family Don't Matter"

Wow. Trap rap fused with country music. How GENIUS is that.

So... let's talk about this.

1. First of all when I finished watching this video, I texted the Cowgirl Cre. She owns a horse that she boards in a barn. I told her that she must've directed this video! LOL

2. I have NO idea what he was rapping about. It all felt like a bunch of random words thrown together. I looked up the lyrics, and yes... it is RANDOM.   And the vulgarity is unnecessary. I guess I would have to be a twenty-something year old dude to understand that. .

3. I am sure Millie didn't know what he was talking about either. But she sang that song! She memorized her words and she worked it! Go Millie! (whoever you are!)

4. This has to be the most confusing song I have ever heard. Ever.

5. That crocheted pullover he had on had me confused on some other level.  

Not anything I will listen to on a regular basis, although it is on my spotify playlist.  It  shouldn't come up often since that list has some 500 songs.

I just found it interesting on a creative level.

Alright that is it for me. I am looking forward to the weekend! I have a reading on Saturday at the Barnes and Nobles!

There you go! Can you read that 0.02 font?  If not, click on it. 

Maybe I should have put that up earlier this week.

Nope, because I forgot all about it.

I would like to read something a little different than I have been reading, but I am not. I can't figure out what portion to read where I can snatch that portion out and it sound okay. So I am sticking with what I have practiced very well.  

It's gonna rain like crazy. I may catch an Uber there and an Uber home. We will see.

That is it for me!!

Ya'll have a great weekend! On purpose!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

Ten Thoughts... in the late night hour.

1. I teleworked today. This is rare, but I have a ton of data to crunch.

2. I should've worked from home on Monday, because it was storming something awful on Monday morning. I made it to work pretty fast though despite the rain.

3. What I'm watching right now.

And it's pretty good. Makes me want to pull out all my Tupac music. All of it!

4. What I watched this weekend.

And it was pretty bad. I'm still not sure what was going on. And the acting was bad. Ugh.

5. All of a sudden, it is COLD in my beloved ATL. I have been cold all day, and I finally turned the heat on. I was trying to make it until November without turning the furnace on.

6. My president never ceases to amaze me. Just when I thought he may have scraped the bottom of the barrel, he does something more low. I still don't think we have reached the bottom of the barrel.

7. I tell you what, though. He may be laughing about all this, but I'm thinking about seed, and how he's sowing some bad seed. He better hope for crop failure.

8. I am not all that interested in these repub senators coming out and speaking up all of a sudden against all this tomfoolery. And of course they do it when they won't be running for election. Especially McCain. He have zero f's to give right now. But don't ya'll think it's a little too late to be speaking up?

9. I think if we can avoid nuclear war, we can count ourselves lucky, blessed, and highly favored. I rather for us to be emotionally dragged than nuked any day. That might sound kinda harsh, but it is what it is.

10. During these times, I pause when I arrive home from work and pull my car into the garage.... I cut the engine and it's quiet. In those moments, I take time to give thanks that I made it home alive and I have the luxury of thinking about what I need to do that evening. 

Because some people don't get the opportunity to do that.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Freestyles

Man... I have not posted ALL week.

I have wanted to. But I've been super busy. But it is rare for me NOT to post.

I am glad it is Friday. This has been an odd week in the ATL because there have been some cold days. This, of course has left me completely confused because I have to throw on a jacket in the mornings. I even noticed the leaves on the trees in my backyard turning colors.

So I guess summer is over and fall has officially arrived.

But today is a warm day, so I am wearing my capris for the last time this year.

Notorious J. My nephew had his official "birthday" last Sunday. He was born 9 weeks premature, and on last Sunday he turned 9 weeks old. He is a far cry from the high yellow tiny baby born then.

I think I took that picture some 15 minutes after his birth. And I was thinking "He sure is light-skinned-ed!"

My friend Dawn, a massage therapist, called my sister over for a massage. I think my sister needed it because she had been a little stressed about starting back to work that Monday.

But guess who also got a massage?

That Notorious J!

It  must've been a good massage because he sure did lift up that arm!

He even fell asleep on the table.


That made my whole entire week!

He is getting big.  I know he has to be over 6 pounds. I use to be able to pick him up like I pick up a little potato chip bag but no more! He is heavy and solid. Still little, though.

But overall, my week has been a good one. Hard, but good.

Song of the Week.  So... North Carolina rapper Rapsody released a new CD last week titled Laila's Wisdom. I have been waiting for it because GOOD female rappers are few and far between. And one rapping something of substance is an anomaly.

But here's a song from Crown, the mixtape that came out before the CD.

How AWESOME and positive is that!

Loved-ed that.

And I loved the CD. I will talk more about it next week!.

That's it for me!

I am looking forward to a great weekend.  I need to get a haircut. And I am going to a book club meeting.

Fun fun fun!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Freestyles. The "Mess" Edition



I am so glad for the weekend. The only thing that would make it better is if it were payday, or if Monday were a holiday.

Alas, that's not the case. And I am still thankful for the day.

LOTS went on this week. LOTS in the news. I may need to once again cut all of that off. I like to know what's going on, but I notice the quality of my life goes up when I take a news holiday. That may happen this weekend.

The Weinstein Mess. And yes, it is a mess. A complete mess. And just like what happened with Cosby, women are coming out of the woods, the closets, the attics, and the basements of their hearts with their stories. And all the stories sound the same: man in bathrobe, asking for a massage, etc. WOW.

This is my thing. What is with all this shock and outrage? Did we not know that this type of behavior goes on with powerful men? Especially out in Hollywood?

It is as wrong as wrong can get. But the shock and outrage. Ugh. You know this type of thing goes on. I say it's a bad seed to sow. And when the fruit shows up, it's a bad bad BAD crop. Weinstein lost his business, lost his wife, and is exposed. If he gets out of this without criminal charges, he should consider himself lucky.

It reminds me of a quote, which I will designate as the Quote of the Week.

"You can do many great things in this life, but you will only remembered for the bad things you do."

You know that's a terrible but true quote. You don't think it's true?

Well, what's the first thing you think of when you think of Cosby?

And now, what's the first thing you think of when you think of Weinstein?

Heck... what's the first thing you think of when you think of our beloved President?

This also makes me think of my story "Ma'am" in the short story anthology Atlanta Noir. If you haven't read it, make sure you do that. In that story, a woman details in a letter the horrific details of a sexual assault by someone of prominence. She was too ashamed to tell anyone or report it, so she writes it out on paper. I suppose that is a way of her getting it all out of her system, as I myself find it's good to exhaustively journal about whatever is bothering me.

But here's my thing... For all the women who have mustered the courage to come forward with their stories, how many more women are there that will make the decision to say nothing at all?

I don't judge these women. But I give the people expressing shock and awe over this a side-eye.

This is what up: EVERY woman has some questionable experiences in her lifetime. EVERY. I have not met any that haven't. Every woman has experienced something that they will tell NO ONE. And it can be something relatively simple compared to the events that have unfolded before our very ideas over the past few days...

...or it could be something substantially worse.

I've met women who have been in abusive relationships with other women (this confused me when I was younger, but I understand... I get it. But imagine coming out and sharing THAT with people). And I have met women who have gone through other things I have and never hope I experience.

But I have been caught up in my own ball of tomfoolery.

I've messed around with a married man before. Been caught up in relationships where, let's just say I was lucky, blessed, and fortunate to get out of it.

And my personal laundry list goes on... an on... AND ON.

My laundry list is LONG, weathered and tattered around the edges. The list is messy, with words written in pencil and different color ink. Lawd.

So today, I don't express shock and awe.

I express empathy and compassion.

I have empathy for those women. And for those who have come forward, and for those who have to daily live with those secrets in their hearts, I pray there is healing.

The Puerto Rico Mess. Man listen... I, like everybody else, am sick and tired of the juvenile tweeting by our beloved president. But when I saw those Puerto Rico tweets of his?

They made me teary-eyed. They were so horrific.

And they made me think about one thing:


And how important it is. Character is so important.

Character is who you are when no one is looking. But my goodness, we are all looking. 

You read between the lines there. You read that with a third eye.
That's all I have to say about that.

This has ALL, the events of the past year, been a master class in white supremacy. If you don't know what white supremacy is, or in denial of its existence, then something is wrong with you.

Very wrong. You are probably part of the problem.

That is all I have to say about that.

God bless Puerto Rico.

Song of the Week. So while I was driving to work this morning, I listened to some throwback Spotify list of songs that are apparently compiled from Oldies lists that I have made. They tend to do this type of thing from time to time. I especially like when Spotify compiles all the songs I listened to most in a years time in one list.

But this "throwback" list was a little different. Let's just say it made for an interesting ride in traffic this morning. I am sure someone was in their car looking at me thinking "That chick is sanging her tail off!"


But one of my favorites came on this morning: MC Lyte's Paper Thin

How great is that video.

OH how I wish for great female rappers in this present day!

That's it for me!

I am looking forward to a great weekend! In my mind I want to go grab a plate of chittlins since I've been inhaling a plethora of fruits and veggies all week.

But that's only in my mind. I feel great and I want to continue to feel great.

On purpose.

You have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10 Tuesday Thoughts

1. I have had the most lovely 4 day weekend.  It was lovely because of the simple fact that I had that much time off.

2, I did not mean to take off on Friday. It was just that my sister came over the night before, and I'd rather hang out with her and Justin than go to work.

3. This is fine, as I have a weeks worth of what's called "use-or-lose" time. This means I don't take enough time off from work.

4. I may end up taking 2 or 3 weeks off for Christmas. And that is fine by me.

5. One thing that stresses me out: constantly having to password everything, and constantly trying to remember those passwords. When did all this begin?

6. Another thing that stresses me out: calling my credit card or mortgage company and the customer service is apparently in another country. I feel bad when I can barley understand what the person is saying. That bothers me, that someone in a foreign country can pull up all my information. Sigh.

7. One last that bothers me: when I have to deal with and understand that some of my friendships are seasonal, for a season, when I thought they were for lifetime. This is difficult to deal with, but I know it is for the best.

8. I sometimes do a fast on the holidays. So the Columbus day fast was three days of nothing but smoothies and infused waters. My life has been full of kale, baby spring lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, berries, pears, peaches, nectarines, grapes, apples, cherries. But I forgot to buy spinach, though. Sigh. Maybe next time. But it has been a decent thing for me to do on a regular basis.

9. This wasn't the best time for a fast since Aunt Flo is visiting. In other words, I am one weak chicken over here. All I want to do is sleep.

10. Aunt Flo is a HIGHLY unpredictable visitor these days, as I am premenopausal. It is so confusing, it is. I have to go buy a book on it or something. I like a little order to my life when it come to such issues.  And this change of life is not very orderly- physically, mentally and emotionally.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day to you!!

I am not a fan of Columbus day, for I cannot figure out how he discovered a land that was already here, full of native peoples.

And I often wonder what was the real name of this country? Because it was not "America".

Truthfully, I'm just happy for a day off.

So yeah, Happy Columbus day.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

10 Tuesday Thoughts on a Tragedy

So the events that took place on Sunday evening are on my mind. I thought I would shape them into 10 Tuesday Thoughts.

1. The condolences are as they always are during these times: My thoughts and prayers out to to those affected by the mass shootings. 

2. I am sincere in saying that because it is definitely heavy on my mind and in my prayers. 

3. I think about the shortness and abruptness of life and how today is today and how tomorrow isn't even promised, even though we are planning for tomorrow.

4. And I am reminded of a post I wrote which I go back and read every time this happens (Food For Thought: 5 minutes).

5. And with all that said, there is no way to solve the problems. You know how folks are about their gun rights.

6. And we don't change unless tragedy falls on our own doorsteps at our feet. Sad, but you know it's true.

7. The worst thing is waking up to something like that, the breaking news, on TV.  Of course that isn't the worst thing. BEING there as it all unfolds is the very worst thing. BEING a victim of such a tragedy is  the worst thing.

8. It's not only the act that is tragic... it's the residuals of the act that's tragic on it's own. There is no description of how it feels to lose a loved one to tragedy. One never gets over that.

9. Every time something likes this happens,  I pray it's the last time it happens...

10. Then unfortunately, the next time comes along.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Libations Gone Wild

So I was in my favorite neighborhood gourmet grocery store and I saw this:

Wine... in a can.

Chardonnay... in a can.

Who would put wine in a can like it's some beer or something?

I bought it because I thought it would be a trip to show it to Serenity23, who's a wine person for life.

I sent her a photo. She'd never heard of wine in a can.

I thought it was funny. But I thought since she hadn't ever had a can of wine, well, maybe I should've just left it in the store. Heck, I didn't know how much it cost.

Until I got home and examined the can.

For a can of wine? REALLY.

On the back of the can there was an odd statement: "Tastes like vanila lemon pie crust pears and almonds".

Well... for $7.99, it better taste like that, even though that combo sounds like a hot mess.

And then I was at my local coffee shop and I saw this:
So now we have cans of flavored cold brew coffee (whatever that means).

Now I'm not sure why I would want tangerine, lime, cherry, or lemon flavored coffee. That has never crossed my mind to have such a mixture. Now if you want to flavor my teas in that way? Hey, that may be pretty good?

But my coffee? I will pass.

No I didn't buy any. The cans were on the counter. I thought it was just odd.

Yes I am trying to expand my palate when it comes to new libations.

But I'm not bold enough to try something THIS new.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ten Thursday Thoughts!

1. I am SO glad today is Thursday. This has been a long long week.

2. My Lucy needed her 5000 mile service.  So of course she had a need of other stuff.

3. New radiator, new battery, new alternator, new timing belt, bunches of new hoses and belts. Yikes.

4. *ladylee transferring money out of savings so she can pay that car repair bill*

5. While my car was in the shop, I had a loaner. A black car just like my own.

6. Now while my car is whisper quiet, this loaner car was a bit loud. And loud in a way that you know some dudes had been working on the car. Let's just say if I wanted to do some Fast and Furious racing in the middle of the night, I could have... and I would've won the race.

7. It was odd riding in a black car with all black interior on a HOT day. That is just strange. It all felt hotter than it actually was.

8. There was a lovely Employee Appreciation ceremony today, complete with lunch. I was glad of that because I didn't pack my lunch toady.

9. I was a little thrown off this morning because my sister and the baby came over.  So of course I didn't make my lunch.

10. I didn't make my lunch because it was Justin's feeding time and I took the time to give him his bottle  instead.  That had  to be the highlight of my day! (Even though he was taking his sweet time with that bottle).


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

M and M's Gone Wild

I'm not sure what's going on with M&Ms.

For as long as I can remember, there were only two types: plain and peanut. I personally like the peanut ones.

Then maybe a decade ago, new flavors came out. I can't remember off hand what they were, but I thought, that's odd... new M&Ms.

But last week, I saw a whole 'nother round of M&Ms...

And the M&Ms have gone wild.

Yuck. Someone would have to buy that and let me try one. No way I would buy a big bag of them.

Yikes. Who thought that one up?

Then there's PECAN PIE.

Now, that might  be good if they have real pecan pieces in there. Hmmm

And there's CARAMEL

That sounds reasonable. I don't think  I want a whole bag of them. I am more of a fan of caramel when it's by itself, like the caramel squares.


I will let ya'll go try those.

I will stick to the peanut M&Ms.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Quote of the Week: Of Roots and Fruits

I was talking to a friend yesterday and I told her about this incredible book I read.

I even wrote a book review on it, way back in 2013.

The Fantasy Fallacy: Exposing the Deeper Meaning Behind Sexual Thoughts.

It was a good book, chocked full of good information. I may read it again.

But one quote struck me when I read it back then, and it is equally telling now.

 "What we see as a flower or a tree or any other kind of plant is just an extension of what's at the root.  You won't see magnolia leaves sprouting from the roots of a dogwood tree, nor will you see ears of corn shoot off a cucumber vine. What we are in the light is determined by who we are in the dark. Our fruit is merely the product of our roots. Only through tending to our mental emotional and spiritual roots will we bear the healthiest fruit possible.  Ignore the roots, and the plant will suffer. Nurture the root and the plant will thrive. (Location 2848)

It is such a valuable reminder to check my roots.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday Night Musings

It is Monday.

And I am mentally trying to wake up. I am trying to think well of Mondays, but some Mondays are,  um... I just need to skip over to Tuesday.

I had a great weekend, chocked full of activities. The best event was attending a book club meeting where Atlanta Noir was the book of the month. It was great discussing my story and other stories in the volume with the readers. I even read a chapter from the manuscript from whence I got the story idea from, and they really enjoyed that. It gave me more courage to move forward on finishing up the story!

We met in Cobb county, and while I was out there I got a few things done.  I even bought a new laptop.

'Tis a cheap one. My regular laptop and my netbook are outdated with the Windows Vista, and I really can't use them  much anymore. I need something for writing, and I may get a more expensive one later.

And my new little nephew, Justin, aka Notorious J, came over on Sunday. After a month in the hospital, he is out, and now he is 5 weeks old. I hung out with him while his Mama got some much needed sleep. She is still trying to adjust to him and his schedule.

When they first got there, I just stared at him. Kentucky said, "You can pick him up. He won't break."

I think I was use to picking him up and having to be careful of all his wires and feeding tube. But all of that is gone! I can pick him up and maneuver him around without fear of anything falling off or setting off  some monitor alarms.

Man oh man, hanging out with him was more than a notion! He must've known that I haven't kept a baby in some 30 years, not since his Uncle Milk and Cookies was a baby. He gave me the sly side-eye quite a few times.

He was looking like, "Now wait a minute here. You look like my Mommy... but you are NOT my Mommy!!"


He is such an interesting little character. And he is still little, but he has to be about 5 pounds now. I will be using my hairbrush to gauge how big he is growing.

He is still little and has a little growing to do. (And no, I did not brush his hair with that hard azz brush. It's almost too hard for my head!)

I spent 6 hours with him. When I tell you that that was an interesting 6 hours... wow!! I thought babies slept most of the time. That little dude was taking cat naps and watching me hard.

And he knows he can scarf down some milk. He is drinking 2.5 ounces at a time, with his  little self. I don't know where he puts all that milk.

It was sad to see him get strapped into his car seat for the ride back home. 

I hope for the day when she can just drop him off and go do whatever she needs to do. That's gonna be a minute, though. As he gets bigger, I can get better with him.


More fun to come with him indeed!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Freestyles


And I do not have much to say.

Because it is Pay Day. And as usual on Pay Day,  the blinds of my mind are at half-staff.

I haven't been really posting because I could not get pictures to load up. It takes some 3 hours for them to transfer into my email for some odd reason.  My patience ain't strong enough to be waiting around... and around... and around.


This has been an interesting week.  Another hurricane has hit. Our president and North Korea's president are trading verbal jabs like we are out in the schoolyard somewhere. Sigh.

One great thing happened this week.  Scoot Booty was discharged from the hospital! He spent a month and a day in there.

He knew something odd was going on. 
 We stopped by my house and I held him while my sister got her stuff together. (She'd been staying with me since Irma).

His britches were too big!
 The nurse said, "Put them pants on him. It's not like he's walking anywhere!"

Really. Just needed to keep him warm.

 And as you can see, Big Mitch was a bit amazed... and confused.

Dear Justin, I am glad you are growing enough to be home. Be good! 

I am looking forward to the weekend. My old book club chose Atlanta Noir for their book of the month. So I will  attend that meeting. It will be so nice to see everybody. I hope they liked my story.
And I hope I can answer their questions.

It has been a beautiful week with NO rain. I hope that continues into the weekend.

I will not put up a ratchet song. Nope. I will put up a song with a ratchet album cover, though.

"Sweet Sticky Thing" by Ohio Players.

I love that song because it is half instrumental and half vocal. And it's near 10 minutes long! Wow!

But I do remember my mother having the Ohio Players in her record collection. And how embarrassed I was to look at those album covers when I was 7 years old.

Too bad there isn't good original music out like they had back in the day some 40 years ago. Humph.

I am hoping for a great weekend. If I don't have anything else, I have the ability to HOPE. And I will not let that go.

You do the same! Don't  let your hope go either!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Semi-Wordless Wednesdays

It is a shame that it has come down to this... 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Freestyles

Friday. Finally. Still feels like a Tuesday to me.

It might be October before I get my head straight concerning what day it is. This picture right here describes the past 2 weeks of weather craziness.

Katia to the left, Harvey in the middle, and Irma to the right.

Such devastation from these storms. Wow. Who would've thought so much could occur in such a short period of time. Wow. The wonders of nature... and climate change.

Since my conference was canceled due to the craziness left behind hurricane I have a free weekend!

So I hope to get some things done around the house, as usual.  This is a simple hope. These days, I am giving myself permission to hope. (That is a food-for-thought driveby in there somewhere).

Song of the Week. Something STRANGE. I hate mumble rap, but I am a bit fascinated with this song. I think it is due to a writing class I'm taking right now.

Warning: You may or may not understand what Young Thug is saying. And after watching it a few times, I found it gruesome. But it is the best piece of mumble rap I have heard (Note: this ain't saying much). And the language. Ugh. Why we gotta cuss so much!

The first thing I thought when I saw the two little girls was "This here is a play on that movie The Shining." 

And The Shining scared the cheese out of me when I was 12 years old. YIKES! I still can't look at the movie, all these years later.

But it is a good piece of horror rap, even though it is that silly mumble rap. And I think my genius IQ just went down by a couple of points after watching it.

Did I burn your eyes out with that video?  You know I have to do something little ratchet here and there! 

So with that said, you have a GREAT weekend! On purpose!