Thursday, April 28, 2016

Three Thursday Thoughts... The Lemonade Edition

It is Thursday...

And this week has gone by a bit fast.

I'm not mad about it. It's a good thing, because I'm ready for the weekend.

But since it Thursdays it is time for some thoughts... Just three of them though. All have to do with Lemonade.

1. So Beyonce dropped a surprise album. I'm not a big fan of Beyonce. I'm more of a fan of the old Destiny's Child.

But I noticed some show called Lemonade was coming on HBO. And sense HBO was free over the weekend, I was going to get all I could out of it.  Plus, Game of Thrones was coming on, too.

I had no idea what it was about, but it was Beyonce's new visual album.

5 minutes into the show, I picked up the phone and called LadyTee.

'Yo, are you watching this?"
"No," she said. "I don't have the free HBO this weekend."
"This is CRAZY,"  I said.

Crazy, meaning crazy in a good way, that is.

I thought it was GREAT. It was very dark. And I like dark. I didn't care for some of the trap music, but I loved the country song and the overall theme. And it was a concept album, and those are my favorite.

I'm not a Beyonce fan, but this showed some growth.  I remember telling someone that Beyonce is getting older and I want to see some GROWTH. And I don't care for her music, as I don't want to hear the same ol' ish over and over again and again.

And that I saw. Good for her. One of the better CDs I've heard this year. 

2. Prince is gone. I am still waiting for this to be a joke. It is good that Beyonce came out with a new project. And this meme that's been floating around sums up my feelings best:

3. This little girl has her own lemonade business.

I don't know who she is. I need to look it, though. I'm going up to Whole Foods this week. If I see it in the store, I will buy it all... and give them away. I want her to do well.

I WISH I would've had my own business when I was that age.

I know my church's elementary and high school has a business element to it, where the children are required to have their own business and they are paired with an entrepreneur. And by 12th grade, they are required to have a profitable business. I think they want them to have that mentality at an early age.

I wonder where I would be if I had an entrepreneur spirit/mentality at such an early age?

I've done good for myself, I know. But to be business minded since elementary school... man, the possibilities.

I can't wait to see what the smiling little chocolate girl in the picture above grows up to be in 20 years.  I wonder what she will grow up to do in this world.

Only time will tell.

*ladylee sips lemonade on a hot spring day*

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Freestyles: Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to YOU.

I was listening to satellite radio today, and they were giving all kinds of ideas of what to do for Earth Day. I am always O_O when this comes up, because I know good and well I ain't doing none of what they talked about.

I spoke with my best friend LadyTee today concerning Earth Day.

"Today is Earth Day. You gonna plant a tree?"

"Uh, no," she said after a moment of silence.

"They say you suppose to do something like plant a tree," I said.

 "Not with all this rain out here," she said. "And not with this PMS I have."


That made me laugh. Especially at this time when Prince is gone.

I want to put up a video, but we know that's not going to happen. He doesn't share his music.

Here is one.  1999.... not sure long it will be up, though.

Shocking. We don't need to lose no more folks this here year. No more.

That is all.

That's it. I am ready for my weekend. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016


What in the world is going on?

Can you believe this?

Just last week, I was stuck in the traffic of his last concert here in Atlanta at the Fox Theater.  No, I wasn't attending the concert.  I was leaving work at 8:30 pm...just trying to get home. 

And he'd just canceled the concert the week prior due to having the flu. And I was wondering while I was sitting in all that traffic... Why on earth is he doing this concert this quick? He can't be well. 

Apparently he wasn't. They said the concert was great, just like he wasn't even sick.

Now we know.

This is another one of those moments... Another one of those moments where I will forever remember where I was when Prince died.

Too many of these moments lately.


Rest in Peace, Prince. You came out when I was 7 or 8 years old. And you were still going strong,  some 40 years later.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weekend Pictures (and a 1000 words)

I meant to post this on Monday, but I've been busy as usual.

Last Thursday evening, I got a call from my father's niece about his sister dying.

And it was a sister I don't even know. (I may have met her when I was... four).

But since I was called (one of his sisters asked that I be called), I thought I would show some respect and go to the funeral.

I don't really go around my father's family much. I don't know them, and they don't know me. And as I said above, most don't remember seeing me since I was a child. So here it is, some 40 years later. I can go and pay my respects.

I even took it as an opportunity to go shopping for some new clothes. I found 2 pair of pants that I like and I spent $130. I thought that was a bit much for britches, but when I got home and tried them on, I must say they are the best pants I've ever purchased. Hands down.

Enough of that.

Here's the funeral program.
I didn't know this sister. Heck, all these years I thought my father only had one brother and sister. Imagine my shock at learning that he had seven siblings. Three were deceased and there were others around.

I attended the funeral. It sometimes helps to be around people who look like me, even though I don't feel that I am part of the family. Some folks are welcoming. Others look at me strangely. And I have to continuously remind myself that it is not my fault that I was not around them as a child. It is up to the adults to make sure children know both sides of each family.

Here is a picture of a calendar that was presented to her daughter. 

How awesome is that? I saw it sitting on the coffee table at the aunt's house, so I snapped a picture of it.

I wish I could call up the funeral home and get one for myself. I just think it's an awesome picture. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that one definitely is. I wonder what was the occasion of the picture? Did she make that dress? What was on her mind?

Since my grandmother lives in the area, I decided to run up on her and see her.  I caught her sitting out on her front porch cracking walnuts. Her face lit up with joy when I came through.

I sat and talked with her for awhile. I went into the house to use the bathroom, and I saw this guitar in the dining room.
Again, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Whose guitar is this? Why is it in the living room?

I know Grandma doesn't play the guitar. And I forgot to ask her about it.

I saw the bushes, these same bushes that have been outside of her house for the past 40 years.
I am still afraid of them. I was stung by a bee at the age of 6 out there. I won't dare approach them, even some 40 years later.

Here's a picture of Grandma out on the front porch.
I thought she was trying to walk me to my car. Don't struggle down the stairs Grandma!

I made sure to look at her clothes, so I can buy her a few items if I'm out and about. I've been meaning to do that. She is the type to stick with her older clothes. (And believe me, she told me the history of that sweatshirt she had on... Little girl, I got this shirt at a bible camp I attended...)

And here's a picture of the passing train, down the street from her house.
I remember, as a child, standing in that little field to the side and waving at the conductor.

Those were such happy carefree days. I miss them much.

It had been a good weekend. I didn't expect to see as much family, and even on a sad occasion. But it was a reminder of the important things in life.

It was a weekend I will be pondering for awhile indeed. .

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Freestyles: A Vacation (Vicarious and Virtual)

It is Friday.

And  I WISH I could take a vacation, if only for the weekend.

Well, I can't do that.

But I can do it virtually.

And I can do that by posting up the pictures of my sister  Kentucky's spring break vacation in Egypt.

We look very much alike, so I will pretend that it is ME on vacation in the lovely land  of Egypt!

She went to Cairo, and here's a picture of the city landscape.

Looks a bit dusty. It looks to be very hot out there, too. But my sister said it was cold, in the 50s and 60s. She regretted not bringing a coat.

Here's my sister in front of the Sphinx.

And there she is with some camels.

That's a skinny azz camel.

They are skinny camels, but they look happy, though.

They look happier than the angry camel she was trying to calm down on the dessert safari she took a couple of weeks ago.

That camel was so upset that they had to keep  his mouth covered  up. Humph.

There she is in front of the pyramids.

And here's a picture of the pyramids.
Still looks... dusty. I don't care for dirt.

Here she is standing up on some bricks of the pyramids.
Oh my! I didn't know the bricks were THAT big. I thought they were as big as bricks that you use here, big enough to hold in your hand.

I'm glad she didn't climb to the top. That looks dangerous.

Here she is staring out over the red sea.

That looks peaceful. I imagine she is pondering life. That is a great place to do so.

Here's a big picture of a pyramid.
That thing is HUGE.

And here's a picture of a statue in a museum.
Look how black he is. I knew the original peoples over that way were black. Humph.

She was suppose to go up to Mount Sinai,  but her tour guide said it was too dangerous. There was some conflict going around that way.

And you know me... as she was planning her trip, I was saying "Make sure you know where you're going because you know we can't come get you, right?"

I was happy when she returned. That place is a hot spot. She told me some things that had me all O_O.

I am happy that she had a nice time. It was truly an adventure. She sent over 50 pictures, and I picked the ones that tickled my fancy. She had a nice vacation.

And now it is my vacation... vicarious and virtual as it is. . 

Have a great weekend!  On purpose.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Changes in my Hood, Part III: More Bricks, More Bricks


As I've mentioned in a previous blog post, they are ripping up the asphalt of the streets of my hood and laying down bricks.

This sounds like something that would happen on the white side of town the far northern ATL suburbs, but it is happening in my hood. Interesting...

I live in the gentrified hood, so uh... nevermind.

Anyway, I've had to roll through the backside of my neighborhood in order to avoid the horrific baseball traffic. It's not a problem, as my commute from work is 5.5 miles instead of 4.5 miles. No problem!

And I came across more bricked up streets in the back of the hood.

Check it out.

That's beautiful. But if you look at it closely, it's crooked! I wonder why?

Here's another picture at an intersection.

That gravel in the crevices is a bit unnerving. It looks like there might be some settlement issues later on. (I live around 2 blocks from this intersection).


I'm still wondering if they are going to brick up my street. 

We'll see...

To be continued....

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ten, no, TWELVE Tuesday Thoughts

12 Tuesday thoughts.

Actually this is a combo of a "thoughts" from last week and a "thoughts" for today.  Might as well post them!

1.  My meds don't kick in until 1:30-2:00 pm.  Until then I am dragging, and that in itself is a drag.

2.  I find myself not wanting to eat during the day. I have been packing some fruit  -bananas, apples, or oranges, easy stuff like that. Not sure what that's about. It is a drag, though.

3. My cubicle mate made the best soup/stew last week, and she brought me some  (this is last week).  I added some croutons from the spot across the street from the job.

4. I must say, I had no idea what I was eating. I know it was chicken and tomatoes and something green. She said it was spinach. I hate cooked spinach, but doggonnit, it worked out GREAT here.

5. Paperwork is super slow right now for some reason. I feel like I'm digging a ditch with a toothpick. And this is alright, because as long as the ditch gets dug, well... that's all that matters.

6. I actually took a day off yesterday. Glory! But it was only because I had a late morning medical appointment. I would usually just go on in to work, but that's a no go these days. It would only wear me out.

7. I have an appointment for a haircut today. The problem is that my Barber is not an easy mile away now. He's about 2 miles away. In a bad area. We will see how it goes down over there today.

8. He is near the King Center, though. And my sister said, after walking through there a few years ago with  her class, that there was a fish house over there that sold fried fish and... wait for it... hair weave.

What a combo.  I'm going to look for it so I can take a picture. Get your fried fish and your hair weave right here!

9.  My doctor gave me a veiled tongue lashing about working too much. It has affected  my health, which I knew. All I could say was that I understand,  I am sorry, and I will do better. Period. And that is the truth.

10. She offered to write a letter to cut my hours. Trust me, it was tempting.  But I refuse to make my life hard. Folks not in great health get treated  horribly at work. I'm  just saying.

11. It is Tuesday, and I am already looking forward  to the weekend.

12. I can't deal with these cold temperatures in the ATL. Why is it 40 degrees in April??

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Shorter (and More Visual) Way Home


I've had my current job for fourteen and a half years.

It doesn't feel like that long.

Now, I live less than 5 miles from my job. This has been GREAT over the years because I don't put much mileage on my cars. I might drive around 7000 miles a year... on both cars total.

This is what's interesting, though. I, after all this time, have found a new shortcut home. After all this time.

Now I have about 5 ways to get home. But it helps to find this way, and I may get home a couple of minutes faster than usual. And that's a good thing.

I basically drive through the "touristy" areas. I guess a lot off people don't like driving that way, since it is through the heart of downtown.

I tend to take pictures if I'm sitting at a stop light. Why? Because I see some things... some not so interesting, and some very interesting.

Here's the Fox Theater.

That's part of ANOTHER shortcut I came across last year.

There was no concert that night. But when there is, the traffic is HORRIBLE. Ugh. 

Hard Rock Cafe!

That's been there forever.  I have some interesting memories concerning the space that they rented nearby for the 1996 Olympics. This is a rated PG blog, so I won't tell that story, lol.  Oh to be 25 again!

I'm not sure what the building is with the "200" on it. I just know I've never seen it before.

I could've sworn there was a Macy's there at one time. But that was 25 years ago.

The Westin Hotel!

That's a fixture in the ATL skyline. This is how I've always seen it:

 I've never seen it from below in  my car, though.

I had lunch at the rotating restaurant at the top of the hotel a couple of years ago. We could see the whole city from there. We could even see Stone Mountain. 

There's the Ferris Wheel.
We still haven't jumped on that. Heck man, they built that too fast. I need that ground to settle for a few years before I get on it.

Now, I have to drive through a suspect area. I think everyone thinks it is suspect, as there is NO traffic up through there.

There's a place to buy gold teeth.

I didn't think people still had gold teeth. I thought platinum teeth were the thing now. I guess now.

Once you get your gold teeth, you can get a tattoo right next door.
Alien touch. That sounds a bit suspect. It's unforgettable, too. And it looks like you can get your nails done there too. Wow.

Now this is funny. This guy here in front of me was BLASTING some music. Just blasting it all loud.
He was blasting the bagpipe version of "Amazing Grace".

All the way down Peachtree.


Oh my. Patriotic.

Or something like that.

It was enough to make me turn down my radio and listen intently. And it was enough to make  me be happy I found a new way home.

So that's my photo journal of the new way home. I think the only way I can get home faster now is by helicopter. And if I do that, I would assume I would have enough money where I wouldn't have to work every day, lol. That would be awesome!

Monday, April 04, 2016

Oh Monday (The Season Begins and other Randoms)

So last week there was a problem in Georgia. There was some law that was about to be signed concerning religious freedom for companies. Basically,  a company gets to discriminate against your LGBT self because it's against my religion.

Something like that.(I sure there is a politically correct way to put that, but oh well... we know what it is).

Immediately, MANY of the movie companies that do business here in Georgia threatened to leave. A bunch of businesses also threatened to take their business elsewhere.

Me and LadyTee howled about this.

"Ain't no way the governor gonna sign that bill. NO WAY!! Too much money lost to the state. Multibillions!"

And we all know that money talks.

Lo and behold, I opened huff post and there it was...

HA! Bet you did veto that bill! You ain't stupid!

Then he tried to get all hardcore about it. Read the quote in the middle of the next picture.

"...I do not respond very well to insults or threats."

Yes you do, Sir. You responded to the threat of all that money leaving Georgia. Sorry, it is what it is.

Bet  that bill caught fire when it hit your desk. 

You ain't hardcore. You didn't want that written in your bio, that you were responsible for screwing up our georgia economy.


Speaking of movie making in Georgia, not too much time goes by where there isn't a movie being made near my home or my job. This is a weekly occurrence, to the point where it is normal.

A couple scenes from one of the Insurgent movies was shot a mile from my house. Some strange apocalyptic movie was shot a mile from my house,  too. It was scary, the stuff they brought in for that.  I thought some ish had blew up for real!

Roads are closed off on a regular basis due to movie shoots.

And a couple of weeks ago, some reality show was filmed at Turner field, the Braves baseball stadium. I live a half a mile from there.

Specifically, NBC was filming some new Ninja warrior show. They closed that road next to the stadium off  for at least 2 weeks. I don't go that way, only pass by.

And this reminded me to make sure that I keep an eye out for the start of the Braves baseball season.

No, I'm not going to any games. I haven't been to a Braves game since 1992. I don't even know who's on the team.

But I live nearby.

Alas,  the season begins. 

(And this is their final season downtown. They are moving out to the suburbs with their fan base. (I think it's great. Good bye!)

And I don't like my 12  minute evening commute home from work turning into a 45 minute commute... all because I messed  around  and  got caught up in "baseball  traffic".

So, my "to-do" list today included printing a couple of copies, one for my desk and one for my wallet, of the  Braves schedule. 

This is the only way I will know when to take another route home. I have to get home through the back of my neighborhood, through Grant Park over by the zoo.

Good enough. I just have to remember. And I will be sure to do that for the next 6 months!

Song of the Week.  One of my favorite songs. "Sweet Sticky Thing" by Ohio Players.

That's a good song... Half vocal, half instrumental. How original is that!?

That's one of the song that plays when I'm folding clothes or cleaning up.

Loved-ed it!

I want to post every day this week. But you know me, that may just be 2 days this week. This project is powering down right now, I believe, and I have a good month's worth of paperwork to do. So maybe I can get my mind straight enough to think about posting regularly, and not just thinking about it. This is my therapy, and it makes me feel better, no matter how random it all seems. I am just glad this project is coming to some type of end. It has had me more stressed than I care to be.

Oh joy.

I will not complain, as I keep reminding myself of what Granddaddy said..."Your grandmama didn't get down on her knees and clean white peoples floors for $3 a day and cab fare so you could sit up here and whine and complain."

That is the Quote of the Year (as far as I'm concerned).

Not all entirely sure why that's on my mind so much lately.

I think I miss my Grandaddy,  someone who was always happy to see me.

Rest in peace, Granddaddy.

Grandaddy and my brother Milk and Cookies, circa 2000. 

With that said, have a great week, on purpose.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday Night Freestyles

Man, listen.

I just KNEW that I was gonna post every day this week. Just KNEW it.

But alas, that didn't happen.

I have been walking around with posts in my head, but I got too busy. And when I get home, I'm flat on my face. Sleep.

It has been a busy but good week. I have felt HORRIBLE all month with some lingering sinus and kidney infections and trying to work. My goodness. This week  I finally saw the light. Finally. I feel 95% better.

It's just that other 5% that's a problem. And not to mention, Aunt Flo showed up.  Lawd.

And I just want to be quiet and be still and concentrate.  Folks get upset because I ain't jovial. I am rarely jovial. I do like to entertain myself, though, and most of the time, that is what I am doing. But not now. Trying to concentrate.

 And heal.

And get my life right.


Anyway.  Let me stop whining.

This hasn't been the most productive day. But my director came by my desk asking for some files, and I thought he was coming to harass me on this big project we're working on. He was overly ecstatic by a spreadsheet of my progress that I pulled up. So it was good to get some notice in my group. That's a good end to my week.

My other bright spot for the day:  The Cowgirl Cre skipped by my desk, dropped off an orange for no reason at all. 

For some reason, that gave me a little joy. I love that Cowgirl Cre accepts me just as I am, whether I am happy or sad, grouchy or jovial, sick or well. I can just be my ol' imperfect self.

Thank you for the orange, man.

Otherwise I've been printing out and crunching data all day. I think I have hammer time in my fingers.


Videos of the week. Phife Dawg of a Tribe Called Quest passed last week. Their music was EVERYWHERE last week. But I really liked that one of our morning traffic people in the ATL did a great tribute to Phife.

Oh that was good! He is definitely a Tribe fan!

And that makes me want to play some more Tribe videos. Here are my two favorite songs by them... "Award Tour" and "Find a Way"

Shoot... got me bout to CRY up in here...

Might as well play "Scenario"!

That makes my week GREAT!

That's it for me. I am glad the weekend is here. I slept most of last weekend, but I hope to be up and at 'em this week. I have much reading to do. Someone in my writer's group gave me a western story to read. Another person gave me a paranormal romance to read. They are both really good!  Digging into those will take up most of my weekend.

You have a great weekend. On purpose!