Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Freestyles: A Vacation (Vicarious and Virtual)

It is Friday.

And  I WISH I could take a vacation, if only for the weekend.

Well, I can't do that.

But I can do it virtually.

And I can do that by posting up the pictures of my sister  Kentucky's spring break vacation in Egypt.

We look very much alike, so I will pretend that it is ME on vacation in the lovely land  of Egypt!

She went to Cairo, and here's a picture of the city landscape.

Looks a bit dusty. It looks to be very hot out there, too. But my sister said it was cold, in the 50s and 60s. She regretted not bringing a coat.

Here's my sister in front of the Sphinx.

And there she is with some camels.

That's a skinny azz camel.

They are skinny camels, but they look happy, though.

They look happier than the angry camel she was trying to calm down on the dessert safari she took a couple of weeks ago.

That camel was so upset that they had to keep  his mouth covered  up. Humph.

There she is in front of the pyramids.

And here's a picture of the pyramids.
Still looks... dusty. I don't care for dirt.

Here she is standing up on some bricks of the pyramids.
Oh my! I didn't know the bricks were THAT big. I thought they were as big as bricks that you use here, big enough to hold in your hand.

I'm glad she didn't climb to the top. That looks dangerous.

Here she is staring out over the red sea.

That looks peaceful. I imagine she is pondering life. That is a great place to do so.

Here's a big picture of a pyramid.
That thing is HUGE.

And here's a picture of a statue in a museum.
Look how black he is. I knew the original peoples over that way were black. Humph.

She was suppose to go up to Mount Sinai,  but her tour guide said it was too dangerous. There was some conflict going around that way.

And you know me... as she was planning her trip, I was saying "Make sure you know where you're going because you know we can't come get you, right?"

I was happy when she returned. That place is a hot spot. She told me some things that had me all O_O.

I am happy that she had a nice time. It was truly an adventure. She sent over 50 pictures, and I picked the ones that tickled my fancy. She had a nice vacation.

And now it is my vacation... vicarious and virtual as it is. . 

Have a great weekend!  On purpose.

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  1. I'm so jealous...she's having quite an adventure! I wish I had followed my desire and moved away to another country for a year or two like I wanted to do in my younger years. I still wish to but as I'm more rooted it's not as feasible. However I'm glad your sister took the plunge. I love it! Get that plane ticket girl!


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