Monday, April 04, 2016

Oh Monday (The Season Begins and other Randoms)

So last week there was a problem in Georgia. There was some law that was about to be signed concerning religious freedom for companies. Basically,  a company gets to discriminate against your LGBT self because it's against my religion.

Something like that.(I sure there is a politically correct way to put that, but oh well... we know what it is).

Immediately, MANY of the movie companies that do business here in Georgia threatened to leave. A bunch of businesses also threatened to take their business elsewhere.

Me and LadyTee howled about this.

"Ain't no way the governor gonna sign that bill. NO WAY!! Too much money lost to the state. Multibillions!"

And we all know that money talks.

Lo and behold, I opened huff post and there it was...

HA! Bet you did veto that bill! You ain't stupid!

Then he tried to get all hardcore about it. Read the quote in the middle of the next picture.

"...I do not respond very well to insults or threats."

Yes you do, Sir. You responded to the threat of all that money leaving Georgia. Sorry, it is what it is.

Bet  that bill caught fire when it hit your desk. 

You ain't hardcore. You didn't want that written in your bio, that you were responsible for screwing up our georgia economy.


Speaking of movie making in Georgia, not too much time goes by where there isn't a movie being made near my home or my job. This is a weekly occurrence, to the point where it is normal.

A couple scenes from one of the Insurgent movies was shot a mile from my house. Some strange apocalyptic movie was shot a mile from my house,  too. It was scary, the stuff they brought in for that.  I thought some ish had blew up for real!

Roads are closed off on a regular basis due to movie shoots.

And a couple of weeks ago, some reality show was filmed at Turner field, the Braves baseball stadium. I live a half a mile from there.

Specifically, NBC was filming some new Ninja warrior show. They closed that road next to the stadium off  for at least 2 weeks. I don't go that way, only pass by.

And this reminded me to make sure that I keep an eye out for the start of the Braves baseball season.

No, I'm not going to any games. I haven't been to a Braves game since 1992. I don't even know who's on the team.

But I live nearby.

Alas,  the season begins. 

(And this is their final season downtown. They are moving out to the suburbs with their fan base. (I think it's great. Good bye!)

And I don't like my 12  minute evening commute home from work turning into a 45 minute commute... all because I messed  around  and  got caught up in "baseball  traffic".

So, my "to-do" list today included printing a couple of copies, one for my desk and one for my wallet, of the  Braves schedule. 

This is the only way I will know when to take another route home. I have to get home through the back of my neighborhood, through Grant Park over by the zoo.

Good enough. I just have to remember. And I will be sure to do that for the next 6 months!

Song of the Week.  One of my favorite songs. "Sweet Sticky Thing" by Ohio Players.

That's a good song... Half vocal, half instrumental. How original is that!?

That's one of the song that plays when I'm folding clothes or cleaning up.

Loved-ed it!

I want to post every day this week. But you know me, that may just be 2 days this week. This project is powering down right now, I believe, and I have a good month's worth of paperwork to do. So maybe I can get my mind straight enough to think about posting regularly, and not just thinking about it. This is my therapy, and it makes me feel better, no matter how random it all seems. I am just glad this project is coming to some type of end. It has had me more stressed than I care to be.

Oh joy.

I will not complain, as I keep reminding myself of what Granddaddy said..."Your grandmama didn't get down on her knees and clean white peoples floors for $3 a day and cab fare so you could sit up here and whine and complain."

That is the Quote of the Year (as far as I'm concerned).

Not all entirely sure why that's on my mind so much lately.

I think I miss my Grandaddy,  someone who was always happy to see me.

Rest in peace, Granddaddy.

Grandaddy and my brother Milk and Cookies, circa 2000. 

With that said, have a great week, on purpose.

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