Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Shorter (and More Visual) Way Home


I've had my current job for fourteen and a half years.

It doesn't feel like that long.

Now, I live less than 5 miles from my job. This has been GREAT over the years because I don't put much mileage on my cars. I might drive around 7000 miles a year... on both cars total.

This is what's interesting, though. I, after all this time, have found a new shortcut home. After all this time.

Now I have about 5 ways to get home. But it helps to find this way, and I may get home a couple of minutes faster than usual. And that's a good thing.

I basically drive through the "touristy" areas. I guess a lot off people don't like driving that way, since it is through the heart of downtown.

I tend to take pictures if I'm sitting at a stop light. Why? Because I see some things... some not so interesting, and some very interesting.

Here's the Fox Theater.

That's part of ANOTHER shortcut I came across last year.

There was no concert that night. But when there is, the traffic is HORRIBLE. Ugh. 

Hard Rock Cafe!

That's been there forever.  I have some interesting memories concerning the space that they rented nearby for the 1996 Olympics. This is a rated PG blog, so I won't tell that story, lol.  Oh to be 25 again!

I'm not sure what the building is with the "200" on it. I just know I've never seen it before.

I could've sworn there was a Macy's there at one time. But that was 25 years ago.

The Westin Hotel!

That's a fixture in the ATL skyline. This is how I've always seen it:

 I've never seen it from below in  my car, though.

I had lunch at the rotating restaurant at the top of the hotel a couple of years ago. We could see the whole city from there. We could even see Stone Mountain. 

There's the Ferris Wheel.
We still haven't jumped on that. Heck man, they built that too fast. I need that ground to settle for a few years before I get on it.

Now, I have to drive through a suspect area. I think everyone thinks it is suspect, as there is NO traffic up through there.

There's a place to buy gold teeth.

I didn't think people still had gold teeth. I thought platinum teeth were the thing now. I guess now.

Once you get your gold teeth, you can get a tattoo right next door.
Alien touch. That sounds a bit suspect. It's unforgettable, too. And it looks like you can get your nails done there too. Wow.

Now this is funny. This guy here in front of me was BLASTING some music. Just blasting it all loud.
He was blasting the bagpipe version of "Amazing Grace".

All the way down Peachtree.


Oh my. Patriotic.

Or something like that.

It was enough to make me turn down my radio and listen intently. And it was enough to make  me be happy I found a new way home.

So that's my photo journal of the new way home. I think the only way I can get home faster now is by helicopter. And if I do that, I would assume I would have enough money where I wouldn't have to work every day, lol. That would be awesome!

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  1. Ladylee,

    How's the writing going?

    To make a moderately long story short --- "If My Pussy Could Talk"
    Written by Tamika Smith

    I think it's African-American erotica.

    Just mentioning it. It may be an avenue you might want to pursue.

    (comment section just went to rated R)
    Just some talk



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