Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weekend Pictures (and a 1000 words)

I meant to post this on Monday, but I've been busy as usual.

Last Thursday evening, I got a call from my father's niece about his sister dying.

And it was a sister I don't even know. (I may have met her when I was... four).

But since I was called (one of his sisters asked that I be called), I thought I would show some respect and go to the funeral.

I don't really go around my father's family much. I don't know them, and they don't know me. And as I said above, most don't remember seeing me since I was a child. So here it is, some 40 years later. I can go and pay my respects.

I even took it as an opportunity to go shopping for some new clothes. I found 2 pair of pants that I like and I spent $130. I thought that was a bit much for britches, but when I got home and tried them on, I must say they are the best pants I've ever purchased. Hands down.

Enough of that.

Here's the funeral program.
I didn't know this sister. Heck, all these years I thought my father only had one brother and sister. Imagine my shock at learning that he had seven siblings. Three were deceased and there were others around.

I attended the funeral. It sometimes helps to be around people who look like me, even though I don't feel that I am part of the family. Some folks are welcoming. Others look at me strangely. And I have to continuously remind myself that it is not my fault that I was not around them as a child. It is up to the adults to make sure children know both sides of each family.

Here is a picture of a calendar that was presented to her daughter. 

How awesome is that? I saw it sitting on the coffee table at the aunt's house, so I snapped a picture of it.

I wish I could call up the funeral home and get one for myself. I just think it's an awesome picture. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that one definitely is. I wonder what was the occasion of the picture? Did she make that dress? What was on her mind?

Since my grandmother lives in the area, I decided to run up on her and see her.  I caught her sitting out on her front porch cracking walnuts. Her face lit up with joy when I came through.

I sat and talked with her for awhile. I went into the house to use the bathroom, and I saw this guitar in the dining room.
Again, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Whose guitar is this? Why is it in the living room?

I know Grandma doesn't play the guitar. And I forgot to ask her about it.

I saw the bushes, these same bushes that have been outside of her house for the past 40 years.
I am still afraid of them. I was stung by a bee at the age of 6 out there. I won't dare approach them, even some 40 years later.

Here's a picture of Grandma out on the front porch.
I thought she was trying to walk me to my car. Don't struggle down the stairs Grandma!

I made sure to look at her clothes, so I can buy her a few items if I'm out and about. I've been meaning to do that. She is the type to stick with her older clothes. (And believe me, she told me the history of that sweatshirt she had on... Little girl, I got this shirt at a bible camp I attended...)

And here's a picture of the passing train, down the street from her house.
I remember, as a child, standing in that little field to the side and waving at the conductor.

Those were such happy carefree days. I miss them much.

It had been a good weekend. I didn't expect to see as much family, and even on a sad occasion. But it was a reminder of the important things in life.

It was a weekend I will be pondering for awhile indeed. .


  1. Condolences on your father's sister, even if you didn't know her. :) Take care!

  2. I used to look forward to seeing the caboose of a train & waving at the conductor. Even though if we were at the crossing when the horns were blowing I would cry from the loud noise. LOL

  3. I used to look forward to seeing the caboose of a train & waving at the conductor. Even though if we were at the crossing when the horns were blowing I would cry from the loud noise. LOL


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