Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Freestyles... The MIA edition

Oh where, oh where, can LadyLee be?

Oh where, oh where can she beeeeeeee?


I'm right here, babes.

Laying across the bed. Chilling. I called in and I am taking the morning off. I had one thing due today, and I turned that in yesterday. Other stuff is due in late October.

So LadyLee is gonna chill this morning!

*lee laying spread eagle on her memory foam bed*

And today is payday. My money is already in the bank, man.

You older chickens out there... Remember when we would get our paper paychecks and then have to go stand in the line at the bank (or the check cashing place... don't act like you didn't go there), and get our checks cashed?

I aint had to do that in at least 13 years. Thank goodness for technology!

I am sorry for not being around much. I've just had a lot of other things going on. I had some deadlines on some things I was working on. Those are met, and now I am back.

And, I am posting everyday in October. That's 31 posts. So I haven't been all up in arms about posting this week. You got a LOT of posts coming your way, man. Funny stuff, Food-for-thought, etc... And I know Ginae is tapping her feet, eagerly awaiting my mattress post.

Most posts are short, not long... so stop wailing.

I may even give a couple of books away. How you lurking lurkers like that? Stop lurking and get yourself some free stuff!

I was thinking about turning the comments off. That way I can write some stuff that will make you be like O_o.


Alas, I won't do that to you. But I think it's going to be fun... and thought provoking. And I have wonderful intelligent readers who sow good comments into my heart, whether here or via email. My readers increase me as a person. And that makes this Oldgirl a rich Oldgirl indeed.

So stay tuned. First post tomorrow.

Be a person of purpose today... On purpose.

Have a great weekend:)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Freestyles


It is... upon us.

Once again.

Been a long week.

A REAL long week. I am looking forward to the weekend.

I am REALLY enjoying the cooler temperatures right now. It's been in the 70s around these parts. I am happy for that.

I don't have many plans for the weekend. I may just stretch house. Only about a couple of hours worth of chores to knock out, since I worked a little on getting things done around the house all weekend. That might have to be the new order of the day: do things throughout the week. It don't take much. Spending thirty minutes each evening during the week getting various things done goes a long, long way. Really.

Current Events. One of the most craziest things that happen this week was the execution of Troy Davis. I drive past the state capitol everyday on the way home from work, and I tell you, they were out there protesting HARD. But alas, he was executed.

I don't know what to think about it. I didn't follow the whole ordeal, just remember hearing about it off and on over the years. I don't know if I believe in the death penalty or not.

I remember telling a friend once that I believe the reason we are not out committing awful crimes - murder, etc., is because of the dire consequences attached by law to such. I still believe that. Losing one's life via execution is a heck of a deterrent.

I also think about the courts. You have the right lawyer and the right amount of money, you can get away with ANYTHING. We see it ALL the time. It should not be so.

All I know is that I would hate to be a juror or a witness in a case and I wasn't all that convinced if the person was guilty. And then they get executed. I will have to live with the thought and memory of that for the rest of my life. And I don't want that.

Just my thoughts concerning such.

I think I will do a quote of the week and video of the week.

Quote of the Week. from Serenity23's "What Lenses Are You Using"

I'm still not perfect and no where near, but with a little experience under my belt I can say that I am now better able to calm down and think about things from both perspectives. I'm also better able to not make a battle an all out war. I'm also able to realize that I don't have all the answers and I welcome new information. I guess the moral of this story is that with each year of our lives, we should be able to see our personal growth, not just with our education, careers, finances, etc. but how we treat others and how we view our situation and life. My question to you is, do you take the time to sit back and realize what's important in the grand scheme of things or are you still looking at your life and circumstances through the same lenses that you were years ago?

Yeah... that was a good post. Made me think. It reminds me to do more self-assessment.

Good post, Chicken.

Song of the Week. Man... one of my favorite singers passed yesterday.

Vesta Williams.

Good grief, man.

She was found in her hotel room. No details on what happened.

And ya'll know she sang my FAVORITE song. It has been my favorite for the past 25 years. And you KNOW I gotta post it for my song of the week.

That song is actually a remake. I came the across the original by ConFunkShun recently.


Uh, no. I like the Vesta version MUCH better. It is much more lush and has more umph and passion to it. The dude singing the original sounds like he has had one too many dranks. Not sure what made Vesta remake it, but she did a GOOD job on it.

Man... I have been looking for Vesta's first CD, which contains that song, for years. It goes for upwards of $200 dollars on eBay. I've been trying to chase it down, with no luck. It is a classic and rare collectible item.

What a sanger! A real sanger. I have no idea what happen, but what a loss, man.

RIP Vesta.

Well, that's all for today.

I hope you all are enjoying this fall weather. I know I am.

And I hope you have a great weekend.

On purpose.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

What in the world?

How on earth did I go MIA from my blog for a whole week?

I've been slapping Serenity23 around because she ain't blogging... and look at me... a whole week has gone by and I have been silent.

Been a couple of years since that has happened.

I've been around.

I just haven't felt like blogging. Well, I have, but dealing with organizing pictures and getting them on here has drained me a little. I really want to put them up, but good grief it takes more time than I like.

But I gotta get back to my usual blogging... This is my place of peace.

And I'm going through having a bunch of posts in my head... and not knowing which ones to put up. Sigh. It's kind of like with my stories that I write. Bunches of ideas, but I won't focus on just one. Then I get all exasperated.

Yeah, I am working on that. That is one area of my life that I will forever be working on.

So bear with me.

All is well on my end!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day Festivities, Part 3: Burgers... on the Grill

So by the time we got down to "the country", all of the barbequing had been finished.

Or so I thought.

Me and my sister were relaxing in the trailer that sits on the Cre family land, down in the country, down the street from "The Big House", trying our best to catch some of the nice air conditioned atmosphere. It was at least 95 degrees that day.

My sister is a kindergarten teacher, so naturally kids LOVE her. I was watching her conduct a most exciting game of "Simons Says" and "Birds Fly". (I'd never heard of Birds fly. It was quite exciting).

Well in runs one of Cre's cousins. And true to form, we will call him Cousin Cre.

I LOVE some Cousin Cre. He is hilarious! My first question before I attend any event with Cre is... Is your cousin gonna be there?


Well he runs in, his locks tied high on his head, in a purple tie-dyed African dashiki get-up. He had on Nike sneakers with it.

"Uh, what's up with the Nikes, man?" I asked. "They don't match your African garb."

"I've been to Africa," he said. "They over there wearing flip flops and sneakers."


I stand corrected. He travels to the Motherland every year.

Anyway, he'd come into the trailer to retrieve an economy size box of hamburger patties.

"What you 'bout to do, Cousin Cre?" I asked.

"Grill these burgers," he said.

I thought to myself, good. I can let him get situated, then I can go outside and take more pictures.

I was NOT happy about leaving the coolness of the trailer. I'd rather continue laughing and joning out the losing contestants of my sisters games.

So I go outside...

And Cousin Cre is grilling hamburgers alright.

On a George Foreman grill.


"Hold up, bruh!" I hollered. "What's up with this? How you gonna be out here plugging up a George Forman grill when there is a perfectly good barbeque grill sitting over there?"

He shook his head. "No baby," he said. "Can't put the burgers on that. That's where that swine was. Can't put the beef where the swine was. This works just fine."

I stood out there, snapping pictures... and still fussing.

There is NOTHING like a nice grilled burger. Nothing like it!

But I don't know why I was complaining. It wasn't like I was going to have a burger.


Man... it's just the principle of the matter.

But the burgers turned out just fine.

I, the Oldgirl, like my bread toasted. And I like lettuce and tomato and onions on mine.

My hamburger needs to look like it came from McDonalds, Wendys or the Burger King.

But I kept my mouth shut.

Like I said, I wasn't having any.

Those burgers were set out in the serving line.

They went FAST. I heard they were good!

Go Cousin Cre... you and your George Foreman grill!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Festivities, Part II: Chopped Swine!

So... my chronicles of a Labor Day holiday spent down in the country continue.

I thought I was going to get to Cowgirl Cre's family Labor Day Shindig down in "the country" and see what I saw last year: A whole pig, roasting on the grill.

Head, hindparts, and all.

I thought I'd get a good picture of Uncle Cre posing with his beloved pig.


Uh no...

They grilled and smoked the pig earlier that morning. Must've started it up in the middle of the night or something.

By the time we got there, only the side of the pig and his balled up foot parts was left.

Turns out, people had been chopping down the pig for some time on a table nearby.

Chopping it up with mini axes!

Cowgirl Cre's daddy, Daddy Cre, even did his part... chopping up pork with his ax.

He was too dressed up to be chopping up the swine! I would have hated for him to get swine juice on his good holiday outfit!

They were chopping up the swine... and placing it in a big pink bucket.

When the bucket was full, the chopped pork was transferred to an aluminum pan.

And then they would just keep on chopping, and filling the bowl up all over again.

Uncle Cre made up some good barbeque sauce.

"I don't want to make the sauce too hot," he told the choppers. "Might fool around and mess something up."

"I'll try the sauce," I volunteered. I held out my hand. "Pour a little in my hand."He poured a little in my hand. I dipped my finger in it and tasted it. "It's good. It's not all that hot. Real good."

He looked at me for a moment. Then continued to make it hotter with whatever thick hot pepper sauce he had in his jar.

Uh, alrighty then. I didn't want any part of that.


The chopping of the swine is and will always be amazing to me.

We DO NOT do that type of thing in the ATL... Not a SWATS type of thing, you see.

Gotta go deep in the country for such... activities.

Maybe I will get there early enough next year to catch pictures of them throwing the whole pig on the grill!

(I don't think so.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Monday Merning

Monday once again...

My oh my, how FAST this weekend went by. Shocking.

And interestingly, I didn't do anything. I caught up on MUCH sleep this weekend. Much.

I am not sure what my problem was...

Let's correct that. I slept a little, got up and did chores, slept some more, did more chores... went back to bed, did more chores.

I finished reading a book, which was good... then I went back to sleep.

So let's just say I am well rested. A little TOO well rested, i.e., I was up from 1 to 4 this morning. Not a good look.

Alas, a new week to get things right...

The weather is nice in the ATL. Didn't leave the house, but it LOOKED pretty outside, lol. Right now it is 65 degrees outside. I don't leave the house until 9:40 for work, so uh, I need that to go up by 5 or 10 degrees. I have NO idea where my jackets are, and I don't own a coat. This might be a year to buy one. It makes me feel funny that the temps have gone down all of a sudden. It might mean a cold winter. I hope not.

This is suppose to be a pivotal week at work. I hear rumors of group rearrangements and shakeups. Something interesting is going on with our group because for the past month I have had very minimum work to do, to the point where I could've taken some time off, and could've been laid out on somebody's beach. But hey. if that's how they wanna play it fine. I like keeping busy. That's my goal.

I hope to have a productive week, writing wise... I've read 6 thriller/police procedurals over the summer, and I think I see the patterns in them. I am ready to write another part of my story which has some police work in it. So I am happy about that.

Song of the week.

You KNOW I love myself some Miki Howard. Well someone put up my absolute FAVORITE song by her. Ohhhh, this song made me looooooove some Miki...

Man... Beyonce wish she could sang like that. If she could, she wouldn't have to do all that gyrating she be doing.


That's just me. I want you to stand up and sing into the microphone. No shenanigans. No gyrating. And for heaven's sake, put on some clothes.

I think I am just getting old. Humph.

I miss the days of good pure singers.

Anyway I love that song. And Gerald Levert sings the chorus. Gerald Levert worked on a few of her songs over the years. There were a couple of duets here and there. I told LadyTee a long time ago that those two were together. My suspicions were confirmed with the airing of Miki Howards' Unsung episode.

So that's all for today. A new week has begun. I am thankful that all of yesterday's memorials went well. Thank goodness for that. There was some threat of terroristic behavior but alas, nothing happened.

Those memorials bring us back, if only a moment, to reality... what's really important. Sometimes we take our freedom for granted. It reminds me not to.

You all make it a great week... on purpose.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Year Later...

From a post I wrote 6 years ago today.

The people of my parents generation have always said, "I remember exactly were I was when Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot" or "I remember where I was when John F. Kennedy was shot."

And people of my generation have said "I remember where I was when Marvin Gaye was shot."

And the people of my generation now have an additional "I remember" moment. ...

"I remember where I was the morning the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center."

I clearly remember where I was on that sunny and bright Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001.

My job, which I'd just begun three weeks prior to that day, had sent me to Denver, Colorado to a Regulatory Science training course. I'd arrived from Atlanta that Sunday, September 9th, and was to stay the entire week. Early that Tuesday morning, I'd arrived to class in a conference room in the lobby of the hotel about five minutes late. I'd been upstairs in my hotel room dealing with a nose bleed. I was having trouble adjusting to the high altitude.

One of the instructors was finishing up a special announcement. I caught the tail end of it. He was saying something to the effect of "We'll keep you posted on the situation in New York."

I didn't ask anyone what was going on. I knew there was a hurricane swirling somewhere off the upper east coast, and I remember thinking to myself "Damn, that hurricane has hit New York!"

Class went on for a couple of hours until it was time for a break. The lead instructor got up and made another announcement...

"The World Trade Center Twin Towers have collapsed. They've been destroyed. They're gone."

Again, I remember thinking, "A hurricane destroyed the twin towers?"

During our fifteen minute break time, I went to the hotel bar. I remembered that it had a big screen television. I asked the bartender what was going on. He said that some airplanes had hit the World Trade Center.

I remember wondering how and why would some little crop dusters fly into the World Trade Center? But after watching the footage over and over during my break, I quickly realized that those were no crop dusters. They were huge airplanes. I was shocked and horrified. Just like everyone else in the country probably was.

I returned to class. The lead instructor said that if we had anyone in New York that we needed to check on, we had permission to go and make calls. No one left. We continued with our class.

I remember spending my lunchtime and most of the evening hours after class watching the news, not believing what I was seeing and hearing. Terrorists had brought down the World Trade Center Twin Towers.

That next day in class, the instructor said that if anyone wanted to leave, then they could leave. How could we leave, though? All air traffic was halted. Someone said that rental cars were not available. And two Amtrak trains had collided one state over in Utah, so train service was temporarily halted.

We were all stuck. We decided to continue the class. So I was in Denver the rest of the week, still trying to adjust to the higher altitude, fighting with my nosebleeds and constant dry mouth.

And also trying to adjust to the fact that terrorists had attacked the USA.

I called worried family members to let them know I was alright. I also called my new boss to let her know I was okay. People in class were struck with a fear of flying back to their homes, but I decided to just pray about it and have a little faith.

The class ended one day early because some of the instructors couldn't make it to the class due to flight cancellations. I left Denver that Friday. I wasn't afraid to fly because I'd spent the week praying and thanking God in advance for a safe trip home. So my faith was high. My flight was only two hours delayed, but it went smoothly. I must say, though, I was more than happy to see Atlanta again.

So today, September 11, 2005, I take time to remember one of the most tragic events in our country's history. I say a prayer for the families of the victims of one of the most tragic events in American history. This day has to be terribly hard on them.

And most of all, I hope and pray that terrorists will never strike our country again...

Thoughts... 10 years later.

I have been a bit choked up the last couple days, as there are specials detailing the countless stories of people who were lost on this day, a full decade ago.

10 years have passed. And it is all still fresh in my mind. I know it is much fresher in the minds of those who were there that day, and lived to tell about it, and in the minds of those who lost people that day.

It was a day where it felt like the world stopped.

Sudden. Tragic. Unexpected, like a thief in the night.

It took a couple of days for it all to sink in. I remember sitting in my chair, in a training class, listening to someone's intricate regulation jargon concerning my job... sitting there thinking in the back of my mind....

Did that really just happen.

I was even more concerned and shaken by something that I don't talk about that happened with me a couple of days prior to my own flight. I think I just wrote it down somewhere, because it was just disturbing.

I always pray over my own flights before leaving. I have my Prayers that Avail Much book, a book that I have given away to many folks in the past and here on blog. There's an interesting prayer for travel in there. Normally, I just pray that prayer, and keep it moving and travel.

But I remember that day, on September 9th, being upset about something... I remember thinking "Now Lord, if I ain't suppose to get on this plane, you better holler back, let me know something." But there was silence. Nothing.

I remember frowning, scratching my head, getting up from my seat and going over to the window, staring out at my plane. I didn't know what was wrong, but I wanted to holler, "Can go out and lay hands on the nose of this airplane and pray?"

Yeah. THAT woulda got me escorted out by security super fast.

I kinda just stood there, and peered out the window. Prayes some more.

But still that internal "upsetness". I don't know how else to explain it.

Needless to say, I got on my plane (and was sitting there staring out the window, and a little at people around me)... got to Denver, took the 45 minute shuttle ride to my hotel, and settled in for the evening. I thought about how I felt, and was still feeling... and chalked it up to gas.

But when it sank in later that week, I remember understanding that was the reason I was upset.

Hogwash! You may yell.

Really? Hmmm....

I remember all the fear people around me was feeling. I was a little more calm, since I'd been praying anyway. My prayers are my peace. I remember my boss calling from Atlanta saying "You so calm!"

Yes, I was. Reflective, yet calm. And understanding the whole concept of an upset spirit.

I honestly must say that I don't want to feel that way again. That strong internal nagging in the spirit. I have felt small vestiges of it over the years, most notably when someone close is about to pass away. I have to admit that I must respect those feelings, and pay more attention to them. And act accordingly.

And it is one of the reasons why this is a year where I am working on the removal of mental and emotional clutter from my life.

I know I went to church that next Sunday, after returning from travel. I remember my pastor commenting that he had never seen that many people at a church service, a Wednesday night bible study service (the day after the tragic event), ever. Shows where we run to when tragedy happens.

And he asked an interesting question: Did some of ya'll feel a strange something going on inside of you, days before this awful thing happen?

A lot of murmuring went on. We talked much of that, about the why behind that happens. I found that interesting.


On this day, I think of that tragic event in our country's history. I, like you, know exactly where I physically was, and what I was physically doing when it happened.

And I quietly remember what was going on with me spiritually when that happens. The quiet internal mourning spirit.

I also remember something else that I know to be true:

It is not only the even that is tragic... it is the ongoing the RESIDUAL effects that are also tragic.

Events are sudden. Residual effects of that tragedy are not sudden, but long lasting... haunting.

I remember a Bin Laden quote afterwards, something to the effect of "Look at America... fear to the east, fear to the west."

And that was part of the point. The point was not only a terroristic catastrophic attack, but also the impartation of fear.

Fear is a residual effect... from it springs anger, revenge... a whole plethora of bad fruit.

And you know, like I know, it changed the way everything is done. Security is now different. The country is now different.

Personally, I had to really work on myself. Little stuff like not looking at someone of middle eastern descent like they were crazy.

Our emotions were affected... still are. Such a bad residual effect.

Those are my thoughts for this day... 10 years later.

I am thankful something like this has not happened again. I was talking a few years ago with a fellow blogger, and I know his expertise, and he knows my expertise, and man oh man... it is something else that nothing like this has happened again. It is too simple to get your hands on chemical, biological, and/or explosive stuff. Too simple. I had amazed that it hasn't happened again. In 10 years, it hasn't occured. Nothing close to it.

Because terroristic attacks happen on a weekly basis, looks like, overseas, don't they? Don't much time pass until you hear someone strapping on explosives and walking into a cafe, etc... and blowing themselves and everything else around themselves up.

We live in a country where that doesn't happen. Yet the things to make it happen are more readily available here.

I am thankful that it don't go down like that. VERY thankful.

Those are my thoughts on this day, September 11, 2011.

I leave you all with your own thoughts. I know we all have them.

I hope you will share with me... or take some time of quiet reflection.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Labor Day Festivities

So! It has taken all the bootleg strength I have to load my picture. Goodness!

And it was well worth it. There will be several posts of pictures.

But for my Labor Day, well the Saturday before Labor Day, I headed down to the country to The CowgirlCre's family cookout!

Yes! They cook out for 3 to 4 days! Barbeque during the daytime... Fish fry at night!

And you know what that means... Food, food, and more food!

Of course I hooked up the cookies.

I made 100 total... Triple Chocolate chip and Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Nope, there were no nuts in them. No telling who had a nut allergy and nuts are expensive! So I baked those at 6 that morning, and I finished around 8 a.m. That worked out really well, where I didn't have to rush.

My baby sister Kentucky scooped me up and we headed out to The Cowgirl's Cre crib, then we made the 2 hour drive down to the Swain Family gathering!

And here are some food pictures. There are some repeats, so... uh, ya'll will be alright. I bought a new camera last week, and it does crazy stuff like snap two pictures at a time... one with flash, the other without so you can choose what you like. So uh... still trying to work that out. So there will be a few repeats, etc.

Don't matter... the food---> It still looks good!

Barbeque Chicken and Cheesy Beefaroni!

Corn on the cob, baked beans, and cabbage!

I had been thinking about that cabbage ALL week. And I finally got some. The CowgirlCre was one of the servers, and she was being STINGY with it. I coulda had a whole plate of that! Humph!

Hamburgers, hot dogs and chopped pork.

I have an interesting post about the burgers coming up. And a post of them chopping down the pig.

Pound cake!

That was a good idea to individually wrap the pound cake... You can just pick up a piece and go! I wouldn't want to be the one who actually wrapped the pound cake! Lawd! That's a lot of cutting and saran wrappin' going on!

Another chicken and beefaroni picture.

My sister was a server of the beefaroni. I said "Hey girl, gimme some of the cheese off the top. Leave off the beef. She couldn't figure that out. I gave her the side-eye, kept moving in line.

Macaroni salad!

Another picture of the chicken and beefaroni!

What was my problem? Why I got a million pictures of that? Humph.

I did have a piece of chicken. Very good!

Barbequed sweet potatoes.

I meant to try that, but didn't have room on my plate. The bananas were looking good. If I coulda stole the bunch of them, and put them in my bra, I sure would have. LOL!

Pork and beans!

I had some of those. "Gimme a scoop of that, without the cut up hot dog in it," I said to Cousin Cre. She worked it out. Alas, the beans were good!

Macaroni salad, cole slaw and potato salad.

Here we go again with the cabbage and corn!

Whoever made the cabbage, well, they put some HOT peppers over in there. I never thought of that. I will do that the next time I have cabbage!

It went VERY well with the cornbread!

Somebody's grandma made that cornbread because it was GOOD.

Stay tuned for more holiday pictures!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tuesday... The Back to Work Edition

What's up Oldboys and Oldgirls?

It's me... your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl checking in.

I meant to do a post yesterday, but uh... that didn't happen. Oh well.

I hope everyone enjoyed their labor day weekend. I know I did, honey! It was a blast!

I have a TON of pictures to sort through and load, so I will have those up soon.

But for now, I will do a rambles post. Just off the top of my mind.

- I woke up this morning without a problem... what I mean by that, there was not the usual ANGST associated with going to work after a holiday weekend. No spontaneous bursting into tears. Cowgirl Cre, my cubicle mate, is off today, so there will be much solitude today, as I tend to keep to myself if she ain't here. So I am sitting here, with my headphones on listening to Luther. That ain't good... He might have me zzzzzz in a few minutes.

-I almost took today off. I have NOTHING to do. We are incredibly slow right now, which makes me wonder. I had somebody's paperwork to check on my desk, and I have to help a coworker with some paperwork, but after that? Zzzzzzz.... lol...

-I walked outside this morning to take out trash and roll the trash up to the street and I was SHOCKED to notice that it was COLD outside. The current temperature in the ATL is 61 degrees. The low for today is 57 degrees, and the high is expected to be 68 degrees.

This type of thing messes my head up... It was just azz hot outside. What's up with the sudden temperature change. I know Tropical Storm Lee didn't cause it, did it?

-Speaking of my namesake, Tropical Storm Lee... it caused much flooding. I haven't been watching much news but I also notice that it spawned a few tornadoes in GA. Nothing happened downtown. Usually I find myself trying to get around fallen branches in the street. But my neighborhood was okay.

I just hate when this type of thing happens. One day you have everything, the next, the floods and weather rips it up. Ugh. My prayers are with those who had trouble out of the storm.

-I MUST make up a budget for the month. I have been spending too much money lately. Too much, man! *lee passes out on hard concrete*

I might be alright. All my bills seem to be paid. I just need to put stuff down on paper, man!

-Two-thirds of the year has passed. Before you know it, we'll be hollering "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! *lee throws silver tree tinsel up in the air*

Let me be the FIRST to wish you a Merry Christmas... 4 months early. Ha HA!

-Yo Serenity23! Why you ain't posting, man?! Get on it, doggonit! Ya frickin' chicken!

-I had the most interesting conversation last night with a friend that left me O_o. We were talking about personal idols. In context of religion, it is those things in your life that you place at the center of your life, before God. In a secular context, it is those habits, hobbies, etc., that take up a lot of your time, and they fill some emotional void, etc. And it can be those things you do that cause you to neglect the things you should be doing. And it can have the added problem of getting you in a mess of trouble... over and over again.

Then we can get real deep... People have those secret lives that they keep well hidden... If you read my recent manuscript, the novel Watch... you know what the heck I'm talking about.


When people's priorities are out of order, that's a good clue that their's an idol involved.

Like she knows someone whose idol is shoes. That's a common one, I think.

She asked me if I had any.


Yep I do. And I ain't afraid to admit it, man. Everybody has them.

Don't you look at me in that tone of voice. With your perfect self.


We discussed one of mine. I actually have a few, but we didn't get into all that.

Here's the deal: I am cognizant of them. And if you know me, I am highly intangible and nonmaterialistic. So shoes and shopping and stuff like that will never be an idol for me.

It's the intangibles that have me hemmed up from time to time. But I work on them. And it is like digging a ditch with a toothpick. One grain of soil at a time, but there is change going on. Progress is happening. Believe that.

Alas I am a work in progress. Always.

That is alllll I got to say about this. A mini food-for-thought for you...

Whelp, that is it for me. This has been a Tuesday freestyle, back-to-work production.

LoL. Have a good week. Stay tuned for Holiday pictures.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Freestyles... The Holiday Edition!

It is Friday!

*lee doing cartwheels all over the cubicle area*

And it's Payday!

*lee doing MORE cartwheels all over the cubicle area*


This is one of those weekends, babes! One of those weekends where we get the attitude of my friend's niece Kyla!

You know, put on your cool summer outfit and get your favorite purse! Your purse don't even have to match your outfit! Just grab it, and hold it close!

Yeah, I'm grinning HARD just like her!


*lee doing the running man all through the cubicle area*

WOW! Talking about a triple threat! That is perfection. The only thing that woulda been better is me taking off today AND Tuesday like my cubicle mate, the Cowgirl Cre, did!


But alas I am at work... And the thing is, we haven't been busy all week. It's been superslow.

I've been in my cubicle, tidying up my paperwork for the week, so I like to listen to my Ipod.

Combine it with being all quiet in the cubicle area, it being a slow week, and having a block of Sade music popping up on my Ipod and you have...

*lee leaned waaaaaaaaaaay back in the chair, mouth open, snoring HARD*


Yes, uh... I am ready for the weekend.

I'm going down to "the country" with the Cowgirl Cre. I have posted about it in the past. Her Family has a big family and friends gathering every Labor Day. And it's like, a 4 day event. So people are down there right now. They barbeque during the day, and have fish fries at night. That's gonna be some GOOD eating.

I dont' care nuthin 'bout the pork. But I am going to have some tilapia. Yes sir.

And I hope whoever made the cabbage last year makes more of it. I was all up in the cabbage and cornbread! The veggie choices aren't big, but the cabbage? WOW!

So tomorrow morning, I will be up early baking cookies. I'm shooting for 100 cookies- 50 chocolate chip and 50 oatmeal raisin... Shouldn't take me no longer than 2-3 hours to crank those out. If I get going at 6 in the morning, I will be done at 9. I think we may be leaving at 11.

Now, what I REALLY want to do is make some fruit cobblers. Those have been my desserts of choice lately. I have these little 5 inch tin pans that I make them in. So they are pretty small, and I can control the amount of sugar I use. (I don't like a lot, maybe a tablespoon of raw sugar or honey). Here are some photos of a peach and a blackberry cobbler I made last week.

Right before going in the oven:

Blackberry mini cobbler...

Not sure what I was thinking with those fork marks. I will do better next time.

Final Peach mini cobbler...

As you can see, my lattice work skills are below par. Oh well, my name is not LadyLee Crocker. My name might be Lee, but it is NOT Sara Lee.

They were fun to make.

I wanted to make a big peach one to take down to the country. Cowgirl Cre was like "Uh, they not thinking about that, they want cookies." Well, I was going to make a cobbler in addition to making the cookies.

But there is a difference between peeling and slicing 2 peaches and peeling and slicing enough for a big pan... I suggested to CowgirlCre peel and slice the peaches. She gave me that Lil' Lee *crickets* stare.

She said, "You better talk to Oscar-Tyrone (my cat) and Solomon (her dog) about that!"

Alas... there will be no peach cobbler for the people. Oscar and Solomon won't be peeling 20 peaches. NERP.

Ohhhhh well... Gonna have a good time anyway!

I plan on doing some shopping this weekend. Gotta catch the labor day sales. I need some furniture, and things for upstairs. Hopefully I find something great!

So... with that I bid you farewell... Thanks for tuning in to my mini-food-for-thought week. Ya'll are so QUIET. I'ma mess ya'll up one day, write up something that will have ya'll all O_o... lol

Have a good Holiday weekend! ON PURPOSE!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Flocking of Birds

I received an interesting set of downloads from my online Mama Adrienne. She attended her church's national conference a few weeks ago, and I always tell her if she sees or hears something interesting, to feel free to share.

She attended a series given by Bishop Noel Jones, and she wanted me to listen to them... This is uber cool, because I can always get something out of it all...

She is tapping her feet, waiting for a set of notes and thoughts from me about it all. That is hard, because those notes will reach dissertation length. Goodness.

You know me, I like to chew on stuff like you chew on a good piece of fried chicken. Gnaw on the bone and get ALL the flavor out of it that I can.

What was so interesting about this series? It went a LONG way in thoroughly explaining a verse of scripture that is true, but has baffled me nonetheless.

Romans 7:14-25 (Message version)

"I can anticipate the response that is coming: "I know that all God's commands are spiritual, but I'm not. Isn't this also your experience?" Yes. I'm full of myself—after all, I've spent a long time in sin's prison. What I don't understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act another, doing things I absolutely despise. So if I can't be trusted to figure out what is best for myself and then do it, it becomes obvious that God's command is necessary. But I need something more! For if I know the law but still can't keep it, and if the power of sin within me keeps sabotaging my best intentions, I obviously need help! I realize that I don't have what it takes. I can will it, but I can't do it. I decide to do good, but I don't really do it; I decide not to do bad, but then I do it anyway. My decisions, such as they are, don't result in actions. Something has gone wrong deep within me and gets the better of me every time. It happens so regularly that it's predictable. The moment I decide to do good, sin is there to trip me up. I truly delight in God's commands, but it's pretty obvious that not all of me joins in that delight. Parts of me covertly rebel, and just when I least expect it, they take charge. I've tried everything and nothing helps. I'm at the end of my rope. Is there no one who can do anything for me? Isn't that the real question? The answer, thank God, is that Jesus Christ can and does. He acted to set things right in this life of contradictions where I want to serve God with all my heart and mind, but am pulled by the influence of sin to do something totally different."

I must say that I have never cared for that verse of scripture. It describes the dicotomy that exists within us all. I've pursed my lips at it over the past 15 or 20 years. Probably because it is true.

So that seem to be the gist of the downloads: this Dark Side we have and how to deal with it.

Because we all got it.

I myself open my good Book of Cuss on folks from time to time, and read verses and chapters from it. It happens to the best and worst of us alike. It is rare like a lunar eclipse, though. There have been folks who like to push, push, PUSH my buttons. Push my buttons so hard that ALL the buttons break. And I just lose it.

And when all is said and done... I end up wondering "Where the HECK did THAT come from? Was that ME?"

And I, your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl, have this passive agressive nature that rises it's head from time to time. That gets me in a world of trouble. A world. Those who know me well and have dealt with it, and are still choose to deal with me, well I know they love me truly for who I am. Those who have dealt with it, and punish me for it, well... they can kick rocks.

Let those reading who don't have idiosyncracies cast the first stone, man.

Sigh. Frustrating to say the least. Interestingly enough, the more I nurture my spiritual side, the dark side becomes a rarity... but it is still there.

Yes, we all have a dark side.

BUT, I don't want to talk about that. I want to share something I heard within those sermons, something closely related to it.

If I have a lot of crazy people around me, it is because I enjoy crazy. And because they are crazy. If you come into my space, you will find crazy people. Because I have some crazy in me, and the crazy in me likes the crazy in them. So I have them in my space, to feed the crazy in me. I like the madness. But my ego will say I‘m too sophisticated for madness. But on the other side of the sophistication, there is room for madness.

I was sitting at my desk, scratching away on some paperwork, crunching numbers when I had to

And go back and listen to that, and think on it.

And I raised an eyebrow.

Whispered "That's very true" to myself in my own private space.

It's a crazy way of saying "Birds of a feather flock together."

Yes, it is true.

And in the above statement, you can replace the word "crazy" with a plethora of words.

But the word "crazy" has highly idealogical and visual connotations.

In other words, we all have our own definition of what "crazy" is.

And we all have ran into "crazy", or got a little crazy in us.


Now when I think of "crazy", I think of the word DRAMA. So yes, I can rebuild that quote above very easily.

If I have a lot of dramatic people around me, it is because I enjoy drama. And because they are dramatic. If you come into my space, you will find dramatic people. Because I have some drama in me, and the drama in me likes the drama in them. So I have them in my space, to feed the dramatic part of me. I like the madness.

I have come across people who have A LOT of drama going on. And you can tell they love it, although they be hollering how they don't. (That's that ego, the sophisticated part of them talking.) And eventually, I get caught up in their vacuum, even though I tend to stay waaaay out on their outer fringes. Sigh.

I don't like drama. I get in trouble for not being dramatic.

Like I said, I don't validate folks questionable behavior.

Trust me, I've paid dearly for such. I've been punished like you wouldn't believe.

Birds of a feather flock together.

I would much rather soar with the eagles, if I can.

Or at least get my strut on with some strong strutting chickens.

Hence, we can put a positive spin on that quote, can we?

If I have a lot of successful people around me, it is because I enjoy success. And because they are succcessful. If you come into my space, you will find successful people. Because I have some success in me, and the successful part of me likes the successful part of them. So I have them in my space, to feed the successful part of me.

That sounds more... soothing. Less jarring.

Much more positive indeed.

Yes it does. Alas, all of it is true. Whatever adjective you choose to use, well, it is a true statement. I like good positive words: successful, caring, compassionate, strong, moral, spiritual... and the like.

And you know what it made me think about?

The people in my personal space.

No, I don't do cliques. Ugh. I fail at such. And cliques, let's admit, have negative connotations.

No, but the people who are around me, who know me well, who know my business, who help me with advice, etc.

And those people who are a thorn in my side.

It makes me assess those things.

What and who needs to strengthened?

What and who needs to be pruned?

Just who is in my flock? The chickens, the eagles... the birds in general.

Who's flocking with me? Who am I flocking with?

Lots to consider and think about...

My poor online Mama... Honey, expect a few extra pages attached to those dissertation length notes you are expecting from me.


(But a good sigh indeed.)