Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vacation Food Pics (part I): The Itis

One thing about that cruise: I had the "Itis" something terrible.

There was too much food. WAY TOO MUCH FOOD.

EVERYTIME I turned around, it was time to go eat.

"Come on Lee, let's go eat."

*LadyLee scrunches up face*

The whole trip, I was whining, saying "It's too MUCH!!!!!"

There was food 24 hours a day. DANG. Breakfast in the morning, complete with a made to order omelete station. All the fruit in the world. Every dang cereal imaginable. Pizza and ice cream 24 hours a day. A stir fry station everyday. Hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos all the time.

Goodness Gracious alive.

My roomate, "Delta Hound", didn't like the buffet style stuff that was always available. She liked to go to the main dining room and be served!

They did have it all set up nice, though.

But I preferred to dine on the Lido deck. The main dining room felt too much like a restaurant with all the fancy napkins and fancy menus.

(White folk sure do like to lay out in the hot sun, don't they? LOL!!!)

Man, I got to the point where I would just stuff my bag with fruit and take it back to my room. i know people were looking at me like "Dang! She stealing free stuff!" Whatever. There were a couple of times when I had only fruit for breakfast or dinner.

The BEST seafood I had, though, was not on the boat. It was at the Club Cozumel Caribe private beach in Cozumel. I had some calamari and some coconut shrimp.

That seafood was GOOD. Even the tequila sauces and cilantro sauces were off the chain. And this place, Club Cozumel Caribe, is supposedly $130/night for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo rental. The studios were cheaper, around 50 to 60 bucks a night.

(I would have my tail down there ALL the time if it wasn't for the $600-$800 plane ticket. )

(Don't think I didn't check all of that out. Don't let AirTrans mess around and have a 100 dollar special. An Oldgirl is GONE if I can hook that right there up. LOL!!!)

Back in New Orleans, one of my favorite places to eat is at a seafood place called Deanies, located in Bucktown near Lake Ponchartrain.

My good friend Gigi (who I will talk about in a future post) and I stopped through there.

I had the barbequed head-on shrimp and french bread.

That was some GOOD eating! Messy as all get out, but good!!

Gigi had the HALF seafood platter.

That don't make no doggone sense AT ALL. That is enough food to feed a small tribe.

Cowgirl Cre made me email the place to ask if they could ship a platter overnight by Federal Express! LOL!!

(You should see the $49.95 full seafood platter. Way too much food. Way too much.)

Gigi nibbled on hers, and then boxed it up and took it home to the family!

Too much food... all the time.

Itis to the max!

Stay tuned for another food post next week.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras (More Vacation pics)

Happy Mardi Gras to all the New Orleans Natives!!

Today is a holiday down in New Orleans. I remember when I lived down there, from 1998-2001, Mardi Gras fell on a day after Presidents day, so that was a 4 day weekend... OH JOY!

(I am actually off today with a hellacious cold. Thought I'd go to work, but when I woke up with a sore throat, I was down for the count. So, uh Happy Mardi Gras day to me today too, lol)

Anyway, Carnival starts a couple of weeks before Mardi Gras day, so while I was in New Orleans earlier this month, I was able to catch one of the parades. I believe this one was the Krewe of Oshun, which made its run on Valentine Day.

The costumes were pretty, but the floats were not grand and over-the-top like Endymion, Rex, or Zulu. I caught a few beads, but handed them off to the little kids around me. (That whole bead catching thing played out with me after my first Mardi Gras down there).

Prior to the parade, my travel mates "Delta Hound" and "Aunt Ray-Ray" wanted some beignets from Cafe du Monde. So we took the long walk from our hotel to the place. We got our treats and walked down Bourbon street towards the parade route.

"Delta Hound" wanted a drink that she had the night before at a Daquiri shop somewhere on Bourbon. Fooling with these chicks, I ended up drinking some Vampire Blood Daquiri mixed with 190 octane. (I must stop running with lushes!)

Here are a few pics of our trek down Bourbon street.

We got separated when Aunt Ray-Ray heard EU's "Doing the Butt" streaming from some club. She disappeared in there, and Delta Hound was quick on her heels.

I kept walking. After all that liquor, I felt a bathroom break coming on. (And I was NOT going to a restroom in the quarters).

That was the extent of my Mardi Gras "Fun", lol.

(I can't deal with the lushes anymore. Got an Oldgirl sipping on liquor and ish).
You New Orleans peeps... enjoy your day and your ages old tradition!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday Morning

Good Morning!

Well, it's closer to afternoon, but I am having trouble getting off to a running start.

We're all kind of laid back here at work today, as my boss, The Darth Sista, is doing some on-site training somewhere in the building. So we are all smiling big like Miss Celie smiled.

But we can still hear the click of her heels when she runs into her office on break.

I was telling the folks in the cubicle area, "She need to do some off site training. Waaaaay off-site, like at least 2 states away!"


Oh well... hopefully she won't harrass me today. I am NOT in the mood.

My weekend. I had a great weekend. Got a few things done around the house (chores are neverending; I need a maid and a butler). I had a great book club meeting, and a great financial freedom fighters meeting. I am getting a bit closer every month to paying off my debt (minus the mortgage), so I am happy about that.

I have a slight cold right now, which means my butt needs to be home in the bed. We all caught some craziness from "Aunt Ray-Ray", who had a nasty cough during the cruise.

I was looking at her sideways during the meeting yesterday.

And Aunt Flo came knocking. UGGGGGGH!!! (LOL)

Anyway, I am here, alive and semi-well. LIFE IS GRAND. Period.

Black History Month. It's almost over, ain't it?

My coworker, Lieutennant Meek-Meek, complained last week that there was not much going on for black history month. You know, like special programs, etc.

I looked at her like she was straight CRAZY.

We. Have. A. Black. President.

If that ain't black history, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

Nothing... no special programs, nothing... trumps that.

I must tell you: it is WONDERFUL waking up every morning, turning on one of the news channels, and seeing a BLACK president.

If that ain't black history, I don't know what is.

But there are some good programs on television. I've seen a lot of good programs on PBS. Ol' Cheap Seats Terry has me immensely interested in historical stuff these days, so I search out whatever I can. And if you look around, you will find good black history programs.

This week. A light week for me. My boss has banned me to instrument maintenance, which I have no problem with. I don't trust that, though. I told that broad that she likes to line up her monkey wrenchs and hurl them at me with a vengence. This pisses me off something terrible.

She's not around much for the next couple of days, so MAYBE I can get everything done on my itinerary.


Sorry about not posting more about the vacation. It was just SO immense that I can't sort it all out on my mind. MUCH happened, and the cruise was only half of the vacation. Hmmm....

Stay tuned for that... I will just let the posts flow in whatever order and not worry about it.

And remember:

No matter what's going on in your life:

You are here, you are breathing, and the blood is running warm through your veins...

You are alright. Things could be worse. I tell myself this whether I am having a GREAT day or I feel like slitting my throat and throwing myself off the roof.

I am alright and life is good. Period.

Now take that!

And have a good week... on purpose.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bon Voyage Pictures

I arrived at the ATL airport around 6:45 a.m. It was still dark. My sister Kentucky dropped me off. I whined the whole time ("Did I get everything"). Let's just say, Kentucky did her best not to shove my butt out the car, lol...

But it was nice to see a beautiful sunrise as I sat and waited for my plane to begin boarding.

My first real view of the ship, as we were boarding at the Port of New Orleans.

I thought we would have a big Bon Voyage, like they use to have on The Love Boat, but it wasn't like that. We had a boat drill, to let us know where to go to jump on our life boats just in case some ol' Titanic mess jumped off. And we all stood on the decks, clutching our life jackets, waving at whoever would wave good-bye to us... Oh. Joy.

So I took pictures as we sailed down the Mississippi river towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Some folks taking the Natchez Ferry down the Mississippi were very happy to give us a decent Bon Voyage. They waved and screamed and waved as we went by.

That ship behind the Natchez. THAT is the ship I want to be all up on. "The World" ship. I would love to go on a good 2 or 3 month cruise. That would be hot!!

( 65 day cruises start at about $15,000.00. Rolling all around the Carribean, South America, and Anartica. Who's going with me? Come on, Southern Black Gal! LOL)

I got a good shot of Jackson Cathedral in Jackson Square, even from the boat.

(That shot there is for The LBeezy and The Cyncere Sister, true New Orleans natives.)
A shot of a Naval ship. There's a base down there somewhere.

And what I thought was the most wonderfullest picture of all:
A delapidated building, with a most wonderful message near its rooftop:

Now if that don't jack up your self-esteem and self worth, then I don't know what will...

(More cruise pics to come...)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have NO idea how to blog about my vacation without being terribly longwinded. (Yes, even I upset myself with my long-windedness).

But when I think of this vacation, my very first one to be exact, I think about where every thing started.

Where and when the seed was planted.

(Yes, I still have "seed" on the brain.)

Anyway, ya'll know I just love me some Tayari Jones aka "Miss Celie". She is my idol. I'm down for Miss Celie. She's the baddest writing diva in the solar system. She is the MAN. I have NO idea how I even have my favorite author on speed dial, lol, but heck, I ain't complaining about THAT at all!!

One thing that that Oldgirl does is travel.

And I don't mean a little bit of travel. She does it with a vengence. This broad goes EVERYWHERE all the time. I really don't think she knows how to sit still. She would probably pass out if she had to... I get all tired in trying to just keep up with her, lol.

Let's just say, she's been to Africa twice in the last few months.

That's what I call traveling.

Well, I have been living vicariously through her travels.

She'll blog about it. She post some pictures. We have spoken on the phone about it. We have emailed and texted about it. The chick is very detailed. She tell it ALL, lol.

Somehow, all her words have been affecting me.

And you know what I be screaming every now and then: Words produce thoughts, thoughts produce action, etc...

One time, sometime back in the Summer of 2008, she went somewhere called the Adironacks. I remember looking at the word, wondering how to properly pronounce it, much less where it was at.

Of course we talked about it.

But, she posted some pictures that just struck me for some reason.

I suppose it was because I'd seen similar terrain on my travels back and forth between New Orleans and Atlanta when I lived down in New Orleans.

But at the same time, perusing these images and talking to Miss Celie about it... well, something took root.

Started having some thoughts of:

"I'ma go on a vacation."

I put that water picture up as my screen saver on my computers... So everytime I turned a computer on, I saw that water picture.

So, everytime I turned on my laptop (and for a VERY long time, my work computer), I saw water.

And I thought about going somewhere where there as water.
I was invited to go along on a couple of cruises. Didn't make the first one, as I thought the price was a bit too steep.

But I happen to go on the second one. And the icing on the cake was that it was starting on my birthday. THAT was a good sign.

So, I actually went on vacation. Took a 5-day cruise that stopped in Cozumel and Progreso.

And now...

I have some water pictures of my own:

From the Cruise ship:

From a private beach in Cozumel.

Again, from the ship.

From that same Cozumel beach.

In Progreso, Yucatan.

I even caught a couple of amazing sunrises.

I have a gazillion pictures, but I won't post them all. Just those few were the ones I loved the most.

So, Miss Celie, and blog fam... I must say....

Words and images can be powerful seeds. I am glad the good ones took root in good ground (my heart).

I am so happy that I have my own travel tales to tell.

Happy indeed.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Man, I usually do a long drawn out introspection post for my birthday... it's a good 9 to 10 pages at least.

Not today!

*Blog fam yells "Thank the Lawd!!"*

Hush up!

My brain is a bit fried.

I'm heading out the door, to catch a plane to N'awlins. Gonna hook up with some friends down there and then catch my ship later on in the day!

Still packing and unpacking right now...

So this will be the SHORTEST birthday post EVER.

Year 38 was great...

Year 39 will be mo' betta, mo' betta, mo' betta!!!

Believe that!!!

Ya'll have a great weekend... on purpose.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

ANOTHER Pleasant Surprise!!!

I was walking around the Target store on Camp Creek, scavenging around picking out travel-sized toiletries for my trip, when some random chick called my cell phone saying she had a delivery...

"Uh, I ain't at home."

"Well, how far are you from home?"

"20-30 minutes."

"Uh, okay."

We talked a bit longer. I wasn't going home. OH WELL.

"I'll just have to pick it up," I said.

She said her store was located at Camp Creek. I told her I was at Camp Creek. So she dropped the delivery back at her home base for me to pick up later.

I dropped by Edible Arrangements after I finished my shopping at Target...

Lo and behold, I picked up THIS!!

I hollered "That's for me???"

The smiling brother at the cash register yelled "Yes it is!!"

What in the WORLD!!!??

I took it out to the car and read the attached card:

"You only have 2 days to eat this... and maybe less than that before Oscar Tyrone or Kramer snatch it. This does not come close to all that you have given to me over the years, but I wanted to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday!!!

**fist bump**



My baby blog sista know her big blog sista luv some fruit!!!! I started shaking and scratching like a crackhead when I saw all that doggone fruit!!!

*LadyLee smiles like Miss Celie smile*

I just wanted to bury my head in it and chomp away! I destroyed those chocolate covered strawberries real quick. OH MY!!

I would have you know that my sister Kentucky is around here hatin'... She was a little perturbed that I'd dismantled all of the fruit (that I hadn't eaten), and placed it in a storage container... She'd never seen an edible arrangement live and in person.

She'll be alright. That's what she get for being slow to get her tail in the house.

The cats didn't know WHAT to think. They were especially perplexed by the attached aluminum birthday ballon. It is traveling around the room, at their eye level, and uh... let's just say, they are a bit nervous.

And now I got the "itis" from eating too much fruit.

And it is a weird type of "itis", worse than eating too much ribs and chittlins!

But it's all good!!! I think I will sleep it off.

Then wake up in the morning, and eat MORE fruit (and contract more "itis")

Thanks again, LBeezy!!!!:)

The Wrath of Darth Sista

I am off today...

And I will be off until February 17th.

Management is not happy about this.

But I currently have a TON of vacation time.

An Oldgirl likes to take OFF for her birthday. In this case, I head out on a cruise on my birthday. So let's just say, I need a little more time.

Management clench and gnash their teeth over this phenomena...

So, I imagine my good supervisor, The Darth Sista, pondering my impending vacation as she looked through her closet for shoes to match her snazzy outfit.

"LadyLee is taking off today. I have to be SURE to give her a very hard time. I need some special shoes just to help me harass her."

And she found those special shoes...

After yesterday, I am convinced they were "I'm gonna kick LadyLee's ASS" boots!!!

(I am SHOCKED that she posed for these pictures.)

And that is allllllll she did yesterday: harass poor lil' me. Several times yesterday, I heard the unmistakable "click-click-click-click-click" of her special boots on the floor as she prowled through the halls...

...looking for me.

I didn't notice them at first, as I stay the heck out of her way with a vengeance, but we had a looooong team meeting yesterday afternoon, and I was sitting up against the wall, perpendicular to her. I pondered those boots something terrible...

"Those boots are HOT! Got the lil' S&M buckle on the side!"

"Dang, she must be going straight to the club after work!"

"Shoot man... she must be the feature attraction at the strip club tonight. She's gonna work those boots while working the dayum pole!"

"Them some HOT boots right there!!"

She asked me the status of my instrumentation. My brain was frozen. *Crickets abound*

She knows me pretty well... I had that "I don't care, Darth Sista, I'm going on vacation!" look in my eyes.

Oh, she was really hot then.

Harrassed me even more.

She even walked over to my desk to make SURE I was working.

I let her have her Micromanagement Queen fun. Didn't matter. I am off until the 17th.

She called to see if I would be around for a couple of days, sort of thinking she could send some work home via our group SuperHero Hen-Dog, who lives down the street from me.

I would NOT give her a straight answer on that.

I said "Uh, you gonna have to catch me at Wal-Mart or a stop light, man!"

She really was hot behind that.

And uh, Hen-Dog... I know him. He ain't knocking on my door with paperwork!


But I got her back. I called her on her cell phone a good hour after she'd left work. I could hear her infant whining in the background as I asked questions.

I hung up, called her again with more questions.

I snickered. I told my coworker Lieutennant Meek-Meek, who was standing next to me, "I oughta call that broad again."

LOL! No, I left her alone. Didn't want to get cussed out. None of that.

But it is good to be off...

And Darth Sista can safely put her "Ass kicking boots" away.

(Or, maybe she needs them for the strip club after all!)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Thanks Serenity 3-0!!!

Walked around the corner, and these were in my cubicle!!

Thanks baby blog sista, Original Oldgirl Serenity30!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Chicken Tale

Chicken is good.

I like it cooked in a variety of ways, but I really like it baked or stewed.

This curry chicken from Cynthia Nelson's Taste of Home blog looks quite scrumptious:

Throw that on a plate with some rice and beans and it is ON!

Now, baked or stewed chicken is great.

But ain't nothing like fried chicken!!

This batch of "chicken in de ruff" from that same Taste Like Home blog looks mighty tasty!!

Even good ol' Indian street food like chicken-on-a-stick looks good, like these tasty Tandoori pops, from the foodie blog Hooked on Heat...


(I posted those pictures for That Original Oldgirl Chele. She sho nuff loves herself some good food porn. Gotcha, didn't I, Oldgirl!? LOL).

Well, that was the one place I messed up during our fast: I had some fried chicken.

Yo, it wasn't like I meant to.

Fooling with my lil' sister Kentucky is what did me in.

It's all Kentucky's fault!!

And here's what happened:

Well, the night I went to visit my father, on January 12th I believe, I was having isshas. Real crazy isshas for a couple of days.

I was craving some good fried chicken.

I don't know why. I only eat fried chicken only once or twice per month. I just didn't get it!

And when I went to my father's house, I had to pass a Mrs. Winner's fried chicken restaurant.

I slowed down and leaned over the steering wheel a bit. The big red, yellow and white sign was talking to me...

"Come hither, Oldgirl. Come hither, and get a piece of chicken. You know you want it."

Man, I had to talk to myself. REALLY talk to myself.

And keep on driving.

On my way home from my father's house, I had to pass the same restaurant. But I paid it no attention because I was deeply pondering this meeting with my father. Passed right by the place without so much as a second look.

But I made it home, parked in the garage and went in the house and I saw this...

My permanent houseguest, Kramer William.

My attentions were focused on him for the rest of the week. Everytime I saw him, I'd say:

Hey, there little boy Kramer!

Look at that lil' leg of yours!

Bet I can salt and pepper up that leg!

Shake a lil' flour on that leg!

Drop it in some Hot Grease!

Hawt Grease!

Fry it up, real crispy like.

Good eatin'! Gooooood eatin'!

Poor Kramer.

He already doesn't get much attention, and is rather bored with us all, even his boy Oscar-Tyrone.

Normally, he'll come up to me, and I would rub him. But I think he saw that look in my eye. He'd scramble away, just out of my reach.

(Incidently, the other cat Oscar Tyrone, was no where to be found.)

I was borderline delirious. Yes I was.

This went on for a few days. Eventually I was alright. There would be no meat until February. Just accepted it, and kept it moving.

That was until I opened the fridge early on the following Sunday morn to retrieve some bottled water. There was a strange Wal-mart bag in there. I felt it with my hand.

It felt like a pack of chicken.

I smiled like Miss Celie smiled.

I walked into the living room and called upstairs to my sister.


She, in her usually calm manner, opened her bedroom door and looked out over the banister. "Yes, Lisa?"

"You bought some chicken?"

"Uh, yeah."

"What are you going to do with it?"

"I wanted to fry it. But I was waiting for you to leave so I could and not mess you up. But you won't leave."

"And I ain't leaving," I quickly said. "Fry it up, because I want a piece."

"B-, But," she stuttered. "I don't wanna mess you up, Lisa. And the grease from the take-out chicken places messes my stomach up. I can only fry it myself, but you won't leave."

"Whatever!" I yelled. "Fry it up, before I get around here and fry up Kramer!"

*Kentucky peers over banister down at LadyLee, her eyebrows raised in pure fright.*

She could've said no, but Kentucky is the type that wants no problems. So, she fried up some chicken that night. Doggonit, it was GOOD. I think I had 4 chicken wings.

But after it was all said it done, I was laying in the bed later that evening, thinking quietly to myself...

"I could've had a V-8."

Didn't have chicken again until the Superbowl. Still had that feeling that a V-8 would have been more enjoyable.

Me and Kentucky are still laughing about that.

I'm sure Kramer is breathing a sigh of relief.

But I still feel like, there is nothing in the world like GOOD fried chicken.

Even if I don't really care for it like I use to.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Afta-noon Ramblings...

Good Afta-noon!!

Howdy Do?

(That means... How thangs hanging today?)

I am fine.

The current temperature in the ATL is 40 degrees. And it's suppose to rain today. There is nothing worse than it rain AND being cold. UGH!!

I still haven't decided whether to buy a coat or not. By the time I decide, it will be HOT outside. LOL.

My weekend. It was all over the place. I've been running around, trying to get ready for this cruise. I absolutely HATE shopping. Hated-ed it. So, that was the gist of my Saturday. Heck, I didn't even buy anything, just did a lot of perusing. But I'll be shopping every night this week. I have a slew of Kmart, Wal-Mart, and Target gift cards, so I will be hitting those places up this week for little dinky stuff.

I also went to another one of Green-Eyed Bandit's son basketball game. They uh, got a little more rowdy this time. And her son's team lost. I suppose I may be a jinx. Hmmm....

Now on Sunday, I did make one purchase... a new camera.

Very simple and very cheap. And I even bought a 4 G film card for 12 bucks. That means I will be able to take 24,3971,389 pictures while on this cruise. LOL!!!
I watched the Super Bowl last night.

Go Steelers!!!

That was a GOOD game!

The church fast is over. We had the nerve to have fried chicken, ribs, honey barbeque chicken, fries, rolls...

My body is like... "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!"

Ugh. Let me tell you... I have no taste for meat anymore. And I didn't even care to try something sweet. THE HORROR.

As Opinionated Diva says... "I ain't able!!!!!"

My body is giving me the *side-eye* and the *gas face*.

Alas, I am back to eating my niiiiiice fresh fruit and salad and soy milk. I will probably stay this way until my birthday... or beyond.

One of my goals over the next million years is to go vegetarian. And if I want some meat here and there, then I will eat it. My goal it to rarely eat meat. But I have completely lost the taste for it, and anything sickly sweet. So, uh, we will see where this goes.

My work week is only 3 days long. This makes me feel more smurfy than usual.

That also makes it a GOOD week automatically.

The rest of ya'll, especially ya'll that work the full 5 days...

(Ha! Ha! I laugheth at YOU!)

Ya'll make especially sure to have a good week... on purpose.