Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have NO idea how to blog about my vacation without being terribly longwinded. (Yes, even I upset myself with my long-windedness).

But when I think of this vacation, my very first one to be exact, I think about where every thing started.

Where and when the seed was planted.

(Yes, I still have "seed" on the brain.)

Anyway, ya'll know I just love me some Tayari Jones aka "Miss Celie". She is my idol. I'm down for Miss Celie. She's the baddest writing diva in the solar system. She is the MAN. I have NO idea how I even have my favorite author on speed dial, lol, but heck, I ain't complaining about THAT at all!!

One thing that that Oldgirl does is travel.

And I don't mean a little bit of travel. She does it with a vengence. This broad goes EVERYWHERE all the time. I really don't think she knows how to sit still. She would probably pass out if she had to... I get all tired in trying to just keep up with her, lol.

Let's just say, she's been to Africa twice in the last few months.

That's what I call traveling.

Well, I have been living vicariously through her travels.

She'll blog about it. She post some pictures. We have spoken on the phone about it. We have emailed and texted about it. The chick is very detailed. She tell it ALL, lol.

Somehow, all her words have been affecting me.

And you know what I be screaming every now and then: Words produce thoughts, thoughts produce action, etc...

One time, sometime back in the Summer of 2008, she went somewhere called the Adironacks. I remember looking at the word, wondering how to properly pronounce it, much less where it was at.

Of course we talked about it.

But, she posted some pictures that just struck me for some reason.

I suppose it was because I'd seen similar terrain on my travels back and forth between New Orleans and Atlanta when I lived down in New Orleans.

But at the same time, perusing these images and talking to Miss Celie about it... well, something took root.

Started having some thoughts of:

"I'ma go on a vacation."

I put that water picture up as my screen saver on my computers... So everytime I turned a computer on, I saw that water picture.

So, everytime I turned on my laptop (and for a VERY long time, my work computer), I saw water.

And I thought about going somewhere where there as water.
I was invited to go along on a couple of cruises. Didn't make the first one, as I thought the price was a bit too steep.

But I happen to go on the second one. And the icing on the cake was that it was starting on my birthday. THAT was a good sign.

So, I actually went on vacation. Took a 5-day cruise that stopped in Cozumel and Progreso.

And now...

I have some water pictures of my own:

From the Cruise ship:

From a private beach in Cozumel.

Again, from the ship.

From that same Cozumel beach.

In Progreso, Yucatan.

I even caught a couple of amazing sunrises.

I have a gazillion pictures, but I won't post them all. Just those few were the ones I loved the most.

So, Miss Celie, and blog fam... I must say....

Words and images can be powerful seeds. I am glad the good ones took root in good ground (my heart).

I am so happy that I have my own travel tales to tell.

Happy indeed.


  1. Welcome Back Old Gal!

    I read the first day of your short story and since I mostly do this on the "man's" time-- I have to find a quiet moment to read through all of them...with a glass of wine or a cooler...lounging in my bedroom...with Law and Order on the tube :)

    Hope you got your groove on! Great water pics...I too love the serenity of water...

    Can't wait to see more :)

  2. congrats i love to travel also and it puts you in your place to allow yourself to release control. knowing that the world wont stop because you are not doing your usual routine, that the lord creates wonderful things and water brings you sooo much peace.

    enjoy queen

  3. I'm making one of YOUR water pictures a screen saver and using it to inspire me to see some water this year!

  4. Beautiful pics and I am able to sense the serenity of your vacation simply by looking at them!

  5. Anonymous10:30:00 AM

    You sure know how to write a post!

    Beautiful pictures. Now you got me wanting to take a vacation.

  6. LUSH!

    Now I can go back into your archives and read with those beautiful photos in my head.

    You got me dreaming of a vacation.

  7. You have everybody wanting to hit the road now! Including me!

  8. i hope u plan at least 2 of these a year ...r and r helps the mind and soul

  9. the sunset pictures are very pretty! thanks for sharing

  10. Beautiful pictures! I'll skip the cruise and take a plane [or two] to Progreso!


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