Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday Morning

Good Morning!

Well, it's closer to afternoon, but I am having trouble getting off to a running start.

We're all kind of laid back here at work today, as my boss, The Darth Sista, is doing some on-site training somewhere in the building. So we are all smiling big like Miss Celie smiled.

But we can still hear the click of her heels when she runs into her office on break.

I was telling the folks in the cubicle area, "She need to do some off site training. Waaaaay off-site, like at least 2 states away!"


Oh well... hopefully she won't harrass me today. I am NOT in the mood.

My weekend. I had a great weekend. Got a few things done around the house (chores are neverending; I need a maid and a butler). I had a great book club meeting, and a great financial freedom fighters meeting. I am getting a bit closer every month to paying off my debt (minus the mortgage), so I am happy about that.

I have a slight cold right now, which means my butt needs to be home in the bed. We all caught some craziness from "Aunt Ray-Ray", who had a nasty cough during the cruise.

I was looking at her sideways during the meeting yesterday.

And Aunt Flo came knocking. UGGGGGGH!!! (LOL)

Anyway, I am here, alive and semi-well. LIFE IS GRAND. Period.

Black History Month. It's almost over, ain't it?

My coworker, Lieutennant Meek-Meek, complained last week that there was not much going on for black history month. You know, like special programs, etc.

I looked at her like she was straight CRAZY.

We. Have. A. Black. President.

If that ain't black history, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

Nothing... no special programs, nothing... trumps that.

I must tell you: it is WONDERFUL waking up every morning, turning on one of the news channels, and seeing a BLACK president.

If that ain't black history, I don't know what is.

But there are some good programs on television. I've seen a lot of good programs on PBS. Ol' Cheap Seats Terry has me immensely interested in historical stuff these days, so I search out whatever I can. And if you look around, you will find good black history programs.

This week. A light week for me. My boss has banned me to instrument maintenance, which I have no problem with. I don't trust that, though. I told that broad that she likes to line up her monkey wrenchs and hurl them at me with a vengence. This pisses me off something terrible.

She's not around much for the next couple of days, so MAYBE I can get everything done on my itinerary.


Sorry about not posting more about the vacation. It was just SO immense that I can't sort it all out on my mind. MUCH happened, and the cruise was only half of the vacation. Hmmm....

Stay tuned for that... I will just let the posts flow in whatever order and not worry about it.

And remember:

No matter what's going on in your life:

You are here, you are breathing, and the blood is running warm through your veins...

You are alright. Things could be worse. I tell myself this whether I am having a GREAT day or I feel like slitting my throat and throwing myself off the roof.

I am alright and life is good. Period.

Now take that!

And have a good week... on purpose.



  1. You know I think this might have been the worst Black History Month yet.

    Usually the TV and ads are full of something black.

    I guess thats the trade off for electing Obama.

  2. I almost forgot it was Black History Month. I usually watch the MLK story at least 3 times. Now for Black History movies, they are showing Barbershop. I almost emailed TNT for the mess. That's not a black history movie!

  3. I watched a special last weekend on Billy Strayhorn and was intrigued with his life and music.


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