Thursday, February 05, 2009

ANOTHER Pleasant Surprise!!!

I was walking around the Target store on Camp Creek, scavenging around picking out travel-sized toiletries for my trip, when some random chick called my cell phone saying she had a delivery...

"Uh, I ain't at home."

"Well, how far are you from home?"

"20-30 minutes."

"Uh, okay."

We talked a bit longer. I wasn't going home. OH WELL.

"I'll just have to pick it up," I said.

She said her store was located at Camp Creek. I told her I was at Camp Creek. So she dropped the delivery back at her home base for me to pick up later.

I dropped by Edible Arrangements after I finished my shopping at Target...

Lo and behold, I picked up THIS!!

I hollered "That's for me???"

The smiling brother at the cash register yelled "Yes it is!!"

What in the WORLD!!!??

I took it out to the car and read the attached card:

"You only have 2 days to eat this... and maybe less than that before Oscar Tyrone or Kramer snatch it. This does not come close to all that you have given to me over the years, but I wanted to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday!!!

**fist bump**



My baby blog sista know her big blog sista luv some fruit!!!! I started shaking and scratching like a crackhead when I saw all that doggone fruit!!!

*LadyLee smiles like Miss Celie smile*

I just wanted to bury my head in it and chomp away! I destroyed those chocolate covered strawberries real quick. OH MY!!

I would have you know that my sister Kentucky is around here hatin'... She was a little perturbed that I'd dismantled all of the fruit (that I hadn't eaten), and placed it in a storage container... She'd never seen an edible arrangement live and in person.

She'll be alright. That's what she get for being slow to get her tail in the house.

The cats didn't know WHAT to think. They were especially perplexed by the attached aluminum birthday ballon. It is traveling around the room, at their eye level, and uh... let's just say, they are a bit nervous.

And now I got the "itis" from eating too much fruit.

And it is a weird type of "itis", worse than eating too much ribs and chittlins!

But it's all good!!! I think I will sleep it off.

Then wake up in the morning, and eat MORE fruit (and contract more "itis")

Thanks again, LBeezy!!!!:)


  1. Dang...did I miss your birthday??!!! I haaaaaaaaaaaaate the firewall at work! HATE IT!! I need a hacker to hook me up...but I aint tryna get fired for blogging at work...sigh!

    Anywho...HAPPY BIRTHDDDDDDDDAY!!! or Belated Birthday!!!!

    lol @ your sis hating for not being able to see the arrangement.

  2. I'm glad that you got to it before the cats! Happy Birthday!!!

    **fist bump**
    THE LBeezy

  3. @Opinionated Diva...

    Girl, you're like the drunk Auntie that shows up early to the party!! LOL! My birthday is on Saturday, chile!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    And my sister is a trip. She began chomping on MY fruit, asking if I could tell what store the fruit came from. What the heck??

    @The LBeezy...

    **wail, holler, screech, fall OUT on the floor... and holler some more!!**

    Fist bump, Chicken. A hearty fist bump to ya:)

  4. Looks like your birthday is shaping up to be a great one. I can't wait to hear about this cruise!

  5. That was so nice of LBreezy.

    I'm sending you out a early Happy Birthday.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    That Fruit arrangement is off the
    hinges...I love that...I couldn't have eaten it...(Well ,actually I could of ,eventually) but I would have to just sit and stare for at least an hour..

  7. Oh I'm not Late...Your Birthday is
    tomorrow...Well , as you say, Enjoy your weekend..on purpose!!-lolol.

  8. Happy Day Girlie!
    I love those edible arrangements. They are a great gift. Enjoy

  9. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful gift...never seen one before, looks yummy! Enjoy your trip!

  10. What a great gift, and it's personal.


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