Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bon Voyage Pictures

I arrived at the ATL airport around 6:45 a.m. It was still dark. My sister Kentucky dropped me off. I whined the whole time ("Did I get everything"). Let's just say, Kentucky did her best not to shove my butt out the car, lol...

But it was nice to see a beautiful sunrise as I sat and waited for my plane to begin boarding.

My first real view of the ship, as we were boarding at the Port of New Orleans.

I thought we would have a big Bon Voyage, like they use to have on The Love Boat, but it wasn't like that. We had a boat drill, to let us know where to go to jump on our life boats just in case some ol' Titanic mess jumped off. And we all stood on the decks, clutching our life jackets, waving at whoever would wave good-bye to us... Oh. Joy.

So I took pictures as we sailed down the Mississippi river towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Some folks taking the Natchez Ferry down the Mississippi were very happy to give us a decent Bon Voyage. They waved and screamed and waved as we went by.

That ship behind the Natchez. THAT is the ship I want to be all up on. "The World" ship. I would love to go on a good 2 or 3 month cruise. That would be hot!!

( 65 day cruises start at about $15,000.00. Rolling all around the Carribean, South America, and Anartica. Who's going with me? Come on, Southern Black Gal! LOL)

I got a good shot of Jackson Cathedral in Jackson Square, even from the boat.

(That shot there is for The LBeezy and The Cyncere Sister, true New Orleans natives.)
A shot of a Naval ship. There's a base down there somewhere.

And what I thought was the most wonderfullest picture of all:
A delapidated building, with a most wonderful message near its rooftop:

Now if that don't jack up your self-esteem and self worth, then I don't know what will...

(More cruise pics to come...)


  1. Anonymous3:27:00 PM

    As long as you say "Southern Gal, I got you. Don't worry about the $15K". I'm going!

  2. Your Sister isn't really named
    "Kentucky" is she?

  3. Nice pictures...Nice shot of the St. Louis Cathedral..."you" one good photographer--Old Gal

    Will be there in a few days...

    Actually looking forward to it. Tired of work and need a break.

  4. @That Southern Black Gal...

    Come on girl, ain't nothing but a thang- let's go!

    *Southern Black Gal looking at Lee all crazy when authorities detain them for sneaking on the boat*

    @Keith... Nope, that ain't her name. That's what she is called on blog. She has one of those strange ebonic names, and I would suppose she is the only one on the planet with such. So I don't want to use her real name (it is easily googled).

    It's funny because I tend to call her that around the house, lol.

    @Cyncere... So that is St. Louis Cathedral. Shows you what I know. I thought it was "Jackson Cathedral", lol.

    You have fun down there!!

  5. Congrats on your cruise!! I love the pictures..Water is so beautiful. And, oh, that run down building...let's you know beauty is in everything if you take the time to notice.

    Welcome back!

    I've been reading, but since my laptop is broken I have to read on my cell most of the time and unfortunately I can't see the word verification, so I can't leave my 2 cents.

    (I'm sneaking and reading at work right now...shhh, don't tell on me)

  6. Anonymous12:41:00 PM

    cant wait to see the rest of ur pics

  7. Jeez, that's a great shot of St. come I can never take pics of it like

    Yep, that's St. Louis Cathedral located in Jackson

  8. There is no way you’d catch me on a cruise for a day, never mind 65!


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