Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vacation Food Pics (part I): The Itis

One thing about that cruise: I had the "Itis" something terrible.

There was too much food. WAY TOO MUCH FOOD.

EVERYTIME I turned around, it was time to go eat.

"Come on Lee, let's go eat."

*LadyLee scrunches up face*

The whole trip, I was whining, saying "It's too MUCH!!!!!"

There was food 24 hours a day. DANG. Breakfast in the morning, complete with a made to order omelete station. All the fruit in the world. Every dang cereal imaginable. Pizza and ice cream 24 hours a day. A stir fry station everyday. Hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos all the time.

Goodness Gracious alive.

My roomate, "Delta Hound", didn't like the buffet style stuff that was always available. She liked to go to the main dining room and be served!

They did have it all set up nice, though.

But I preferred to dine on the Lido deck. The main dining room felt too much like a restaurant with all the fancy napkins and fancy menus.

(White folk sure do like to lay out in the hot sun, don't they? LOL!!!)

Man, I got to the point where I would just stuff my bag with fruit and take it back to my room. i know people were looking at me like "Dang! She stealing free stuff!" Whatever. There were a couple of times when I had only fruit for breakfast or dinner.

The BEST seafood I had, though, was not on the boat. It was at the Club Cozumel Caribe private beach in Cozumel. I had some calamari and some coconut shrimp.

That seafood was GOOD. Even the tequila sauces and cilantro sauces were off the chain. And this place, Club Cozumel Caribe, is supposedly $130/night for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo rental. The studios were cheaper, around 50 to 60 bucks a night.

(I would have my tail down there ALL the time if it wasn't for the $600-$800 plane ticket. )

(Don't think I didn't check all of that out. Don't let AirTrans mess around and have a 100 dollar special. An Oldgirl is GONE if I can hook that right there up. LOL!!!)

Back in New Orleans, one of my favorite places to eat is at a seafood place called Deanies, located in Bucktown near Lake Ponchartrain.

My good friend Gigi (who I will talk about in a future post) and I stopped through there.

I had the barbequed head-on shrimp and french bread.

That was some GOOD eating! Messy as all get out, but good!!

Gigi had the HALF seafood platter.

That don't make no doggone sense AT ALL. That is enough food to feed a small tribe.

Cowgirl Cre made me email the place to ask if they could ship a platter overnight by Federal Express! LOL!!

(You should see the $49.95 full seafood platter. Way too much food. Way too much.)

Gigi nibbled on hers, and then boxed it up and took it home to the family!

Too much food... all the time.

Itis to the max!

Stay tuned for another food post next week.


  1. OMG! that food looks scrumptious...I love calamari! You ate good miss lady!

  2. Now that's right up my alley. I love having food like that available 24 hours. I would eat myself sick. I'm loving that half seafood platter.

  3. I had a great uncle (who recently passed, God rest his soul) who would overdrink and would then mumble "ToooMuuuuch, TwooooMuuuuuuuch!" as he drooled and fell asleep in his chair.

    Dammit... ToooMuuuch, TooooMuuuuuch!

  4. That's what I hear about those cruises ... unfortunately, I'm on a mission to get bathing suit ready by June. So, I'll just have a salad.

  5. Just looking at your photos is making me hungry and it's nearly lunch time. lolol.

    I was on a flight to Japan once and everytime you turned around ,it was time to eat and they were serving us food. (I think I was falling asleep a lot and waking up at different feeding times) Anyway,I couldn't eat another thing so I tapped this sister on the shoulder and offered her my food. She gave me one of them "Black womany looks" Then I looked at her platter..It was loaded...I smiled, apologized and just went back to sleep with the platter on my lap.

  6. Not a fan of calamari, but everything else looks too good!

    Keith, LOL

  7. I'm not a fish lover, but I'll have some crab or lobster with melted butter for dipping.

    All the talk about food and hotels reminds me of vacations long ago.

    Um, you would never catch me on a cruise. I only have one word...Titanic!

  8. I went to Deanies on Haynes Blvd in New Orleans East...Food there Ok--but had my sis told me that the one in Bucktown is better --I'm not sure if they are affiliated.

    Also told me that Bucktown is known as a place where our friends in "White Sheets" frequent.

    Nice photos of the parades...I'll post mine later.

  9. Anonymous9:37:00 AM

    Hey Lee, that was too funny. The first thing I saw when I opened the blog was "IT'S TOO MUCH!" And that just tickled me about you. I remember seeing your face when we encountered food on the ship. We had a great time didn't we. Especially on the private beach with that wonderful food. I am happy you had a great time on your first vacation as an adult. We just have to go back there. Hint, you are going 40 next year and that restaurant is already set up for a wonderful party. Just let me know.

    Special K


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