Monday, March 02, 2009

Let it SNOW


It snowed in the ATL on Sunday.

This is odd. And it felt like the weather forecasters were not making the HUGE deal out of it like they usually do. Maybe because it was the weekend.

But I did get a chance to go outside and take a few pics of this rare event.

My neighbor came outside while I was snapping pictures. (It is rare to see me, so when they do, they run outside. LOL). He told me to look at the duplexes down the road.

These are our neighborhood's beloved prostitute houses...

Look real close at the middle of the picture.

A tree fell on the prostitute houses. OH LAWD.

"I went down there, LadyLee," my neighbor chimed. "Its all flooded out."

I looked at him strangely. He quickly corrected and said the root system was flooded out.

I just KNOW he didn't go check on the prostitutes. LOL!

Snow on the roof of my house!!

I left the front door cracked. Cats trying to escape!

(Yeah right. If water gets on their paws, they'll be running right on back in the house!)

Picture perfect. Thank goodness this is a rarity, though.
My sister Kentucky parks in the driveway. My car is in the garage, which is in the rear of my house. But with all that wet pavement, I am sure it froze over last night! So, uh, I won't be going in early. I plan on going to work around noon when all the fools have cleared off the road.

Snow on the front porch!!!

Snow on the steps!!! Hope it clears up, because I would hate for Kentucky to bust her tail when going out to her car!

There is footprint evidence of SOMEBODY having the nerve to walk to my front door and ring the doorbell.

Of course I didn't answer it. Crackheads and locals better catch a clue. LadyLee don't answer the door.

Hope it's not snowing where you are.

If so, be safe out there!!


  1. It snowed here too. Surprisingly, school was NOT cancelled but there was a two-hour delay. I'm working from home today ... too many accidents reported.

  2. Anonymous3:34:00 PM

    It snowed here Saturday evening into night fall. Woke up Sunday morning and couldn't tell it snowed. The sun was out early.

  3. It snowed here as well. I'm gonna have to post pics

  4. Oh that dusting is charming! WE GOT 10-15 INCHES BABY!

    WE KNOW SNOW! Connecticut was underneath it. I paid some kids $30to shovel my steps, walkway and driveway. Yes it is pretty BUT I AM SO OVER SNOW!

  5. I was so safe that I'm STILL at home (mainly b/c schools closed). I posted some pics too.

  6. No snow here in Cali! There is a little rain on the way though.

  7. No snow in Nawlins but, it was chilly for a bit.

  8. Oh, we got PLENTY!! And I couldn't have been happier. LOL I love the snow. Matter of fact. I'm going skiing next week. Yay! Hey Lee!


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