Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The Breakfast Song"

I love myself some Southern Black Gal. She cracks me up!!

You sho nuff alright with me, chile.

She loves videotaping her family.

I REALLY love her Auntie Erma and Uncle Charles.

You got a talented family, Southern Black Gal. You really do.


Me and my sister were watching this video...

Kentucky is hilarious:

"Look at all those rings on her fingers."

"She looking sad because she is embarrassed."

"She bought that shirt at Sears."

"That is not a perm in her hair. She pulled a straigthening comb through that."


Anyway, that is a good song. Managemnent has had to hear me sanging

"No more Samples!! No more MANAGEMENT! I'll be long gone!!!"

Enjoy the rest of your day, ya'll!!


  1. I have been laughing and shaking my head at this thing ever since it was first e-mailed to me...WTH????

  2. This video never gets old.

    You gonna stop saying this is my family. Even though I can see a few relatives singing this song. lol

    LOL @ Kentucky comments. I'm mad they posted the lyrics.

  3. That is soo funny!

  4. But dang, no breakfast?!

  5. Thank Ya Hallelujah! No Mo Breakfast LOL. What in the World LOL my sides hurt from laughter

  6. ugh...can't view it...what am I missing?

  7. You ain't right sayin' they're relatives of Southern Gal. I almost believed you! My belly hurts from laughing so hard.

    I have issues with this praise song that speaks of breakfast. I love food and I love Jesus, when I go "home" I hope I have both!


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