Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings...

Oh, I have looked around, and seen that I haven't been blogging lately.


Well, my laptop is acting up. I got a couple of viruses on it, and well, it is just SLOW. So, I am trying to work that out. I don't care to blog from work, but sometimes, you do what you have to do. (Plus the boss is OUT today).


So, I guess I will ramble off the top of my head.

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

And I will try to keep it short.

(Yeah right)

My weekend. I had a great weekend (well great for me). I didn't do anything Saturday except lounge around the house and read and crochet. It was a VERY quiet Saturday, something that I really needed.

Sunday, I did my weekly shopping at the Farmer's Market. I also had a Financial Freedom Fighters meeting. That was interesting, as someone is always meeting a goal or what-not. It does me good to hear this, and I even got a few ideas. My budget for April is already made, and I plan to pay off one BIG balance credit card by the end of April. So, uh, an Oldgirl is ECSTATIC about that.

So, it was a quiet weekend... just like I like 'em.

"The 72 hour rule". Sunday night, I had a really bad headache. I have NO idea what that was about. I went to bed (should've taken some tylenol, man!), and when I woke up Monday morning, I felt a good bit better, but not quite.

So I called into work, said I would be in around 12 or so. Since I run on CP time, my boss knows that means 1 o'clock.

But when I got in, I had to deal with all these emails from a skittish co-worker concerning some equipment that I am responsible for. It wasn't working or something (who knows).

Some people don't understand email etiquette.

Pissed me off. Wasn't a good idea for me to go talk to the person who sent it ("Knock it off with the #$$*$% emails!!!"). I decided that I would work on my personal work first then go take care of that.

So this person reported me to my boss. And my boss called me.

That really pissed me off.

(I need to do what I sometimes do: be hard to find and just not answer the phone. Better yet, I need to just take the WHOLE day off).

I had finished my personal stuff by then (I was going to spend an hour on it), then I went and fix the problem (Of course it was simple... took all of 3 minutes).

I have a rule that I follow these days to stave off my anger:

Wait 72 hours before I say anything to anybody who has upset me.

I thought that was dumb. But let's say that I wouldn't dare call it dumb.

I got that particular rule 6 years ago... when praying about some other stuff that was pissing me off.

That was a good answered prayer. One that I will always remember.

I have this wild tendency to go off and talk a lot of crap. I am hotheaded, I will admit that. This has been solved in the majority of cases (I would say, 95%), by just waiting around before I say anything.

This gives me a chance to:

a. cool off.
b. think about the situation.
c. Just leave things alone. Lo and behold, the thing takes care of itself. It is as if that that is just the right amount of time for problems to be solved on there own.

All of that makes the "72 hour rule" NOT dumb. Not in the least.

So, I haven't said anything to this coworker. I kept getting accosted about simple mess, though.

I did send some return emails, as I was still being harrassed.

"I am working on my worksheets. When I finish doing what I am doing, I will get to it. "

I had the urge to put that in ALL caps, in BRIGHT red, in size 32 font, with a whole bunch of exclamation marks.

But I didn't. For that I am proud.

An Oldgirl is growing up.

And squashing the anger.

So, I feel better today. Much better. I think I was a little dehydrated this weekend. I am use to drinking a gallon of water a day, and I have slipped on that lately, I suppose.

I was standing on the dock yesterday telling my favorite custodian this. Her solution was simple:

"Why don't you get a buzzer and place it around your neck and set it to go off when it is time to drink some water, LadyLee."

I stared at her hard. "Yeah right."

LOL. Ain't no way I would do that. I just need to drank some water!!

So that's enough of my mindless rambles...

Hope your week is going well!


  1. 72 hours, huh? I'll have to try that.

  2. Dang I couldn't last 72 hours LOL! My mouth opens before my brain tells it to shut up!!

  3. 72 hours is good. I might last 72 seconds..lol

  4. Anonymous10:52:00 AM

    I might need to incorporate that 72 hour rule into my life.

  5. You are so right about waiting—great advice!

    A reminder on your work computer may help with your water intake.


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