Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hangin' with LadyTee, part I


My best friend and I look forward to our birthdays. For years, we have taken each other's birthday off and spent the day together.

(Uh, that is the first and last time I put a pic of myself up on this blog, so you better catch it while you can! Pick yourself up off the floor, Serenity-30!!)

I'm not sure how this started up. It was all so automatic when we were teenagers, but I lived in New Orleans for a couple of years, and I suppose it started when I got back, in my very early 30s.

The day usually consists of a movie, lunch or dinner, and some shopping. (Yes, I frown up at this, but she's a girly-girl and loves to shop. I, a tomboy, hate shopping!).

I called her early Sunday morning to see if she was awake. I was hoping she wanted to put this off, as I wanted to watch some college basketball. But she was,and she sounded bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to "get in the streets".

The chick was very excited.

No basketball for this Oldgirl.

So we decided to head to the movies first.

We saw Taken.

Mannnnnnn, that was a goooooooood movie!


I am buying that one the day it comes out on DVD.

Really though.

All I gotta say is this: if you want to know what happened to Nat.alie Holl.away, go see the movie.

I ain't being crass, I'm just being real.

Whoever saw the movie... Ya'll know what's up.

We were two of only 5 people in the movie.

So you know how "us" do.

Heck yeah, we were talking hard to the screen. We sat there, munched on a shared bag of popcorn, and talked all throughout the movie.

"Hit that sucka!"
"Look at her, she think she getting over."
"He's a buster!!"
"That's what he get!"

And so on and so on.

A movie is good when we talk a lot.

I liked that movie, as it had a heck of a lot of shooting and fighting in it. Most of my stories have some mess like that jumping off, so this was right up my alley...

It all reminded me of when we would go to the movies during our preteen and teenage years. Back then, we would stuff our coats and purses with hot dogs, burgers and candy from the mall, and eat in the movies. We were particulary fond of the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies, but these days, our tastes are a bit more "refined", lol.

So after the movies, we headed off to do some ol' girly mess. I was whining and grumbling the whole way there, but once we got there...

I had a really good time.

To be continued.


  1. Yes, great flick!

    Took the wife to see it and we was all up and thru the theater being ethnic.

    Couldn't help it.

    You know my daughter will never ask me...

    I got that same skill set.

    Had me fussing about kids all the way home. You know my wife now expects me to... If that happens.

    Ain't gonna'. Sister girl ain't never leaving the nest.

    Oh snap, I sound like you a couple of years ago!

  2. @That Original Oldboy Hassan...

    Wasn't that movie just BANANAS? I wasn't going to go see it, but a few people said it was good, so I went.

    That "skill set" was something else, wasn't it? LOL!!!!

    (Yeah, you do sound like me, lol)

  3. Anonymous9:36:00 AM

    My neighbor let me borrow his copy of this movie. (I think it's time I returned it b/c I've had it for 2 weeks) I haven't watched it yet b/c I don't care for bootleg movies.

    You and LadyTee could pass for sisters! Or is it the glasses? lol

  4. Ditto what Southern Gal said... You two are clones...

    Not a movie person --but I'm a part of Netflix--the basic version -just to satisfy the movie folks in my house and the el cheapo in me--

    I'll put it in my line up --

    Bet you got a mani and pedi...

  5. @That Southern Black Gal...You got the bootleg version?


    Stop being all prissy and watch the dang movie!!

    People think me and Tee are sisters. Might as well be.

    @Cyncere Sista... I tell you... YOU are one person I would love to see this movie with. You know how crazy you are. I can see you hurling your popcorn at the screen, and uh, talking MUCH trash. And poor Baby Cyncere would get the "Evil Eye" from you! And it would scare her straight as far as running off doing stuff behind your back!

    Mani and Pedi? Hmmmm.... LOL

  6. I heard this movie was pretty good. My son wanted me to see it with him but I haven't gotten a chance yet.

  7. Yall got me going to find the bootleg dude. It's not a lot of blood and guts in this movie is it? I'm kinda a big chicken and squeemish too but my interest is piqued now!

  8. @That Oldgirl Chele... Uh, take the Princess to see it, too. You'll never have any problems out of her after she watch that, lol...

    @Bunny... That Ol' Southern Black Gal got ME about to go down to the bootleg man and get the bootleg too.

    The movie is not gorry or bloody... Just HIGHLY psychological. But it does have 2 or three moments in there that make you holla for Jesus... but not bloody. Hmmm....

  9. Just think about what you'll do id your child gets snatched up... You will holler 'Jesus', but you'll understand.

    Had my wife over there rooting for blood and guts... It's that kind of movie.

    I could use that bootleg.

  10. That is a good movie. I'm glad that you all had a great time. God Bless

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I picked up the bootleg at the gas station a few weeks ago...who knew? lol Great movie..and it definitly makes you think of Natalee Halloway.

  12. ooops..it's not your Birthday...lol


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