Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blanket Watch - "The Serenity Special"

Alright, I know ya'll have been tired of me hemming and hawwing about my current crochet project - a chocolate and crimson red blanket for That Original Oldgirl Serenity 30, on the occasion of her official housewarming.

As you can see, I think she may be already adapted to using it as her "cover of choice" while lounging and enjoying a glass of Boones Farm Reisling!

That's how you do the darn thang, Oldgirl!!

I've started naming these big adult blankets, lol. This one is called the "Serenity Special"

Man, I ain't NEVER had to make a LARGE blanket that fast. Most of it was my fault. Goodness. I have WAAAAAY too much stuff going on. Way too much. I must plan my time much better. I'm a lot better than that. I need to make these a 12-16 week projects, instead of an 8-10 week project!

And what was terribly crazy were the following repetitive IMs over the past week:

serenity23: hey chick
original_oldgirl: sup gal
serenity23: you working on my blanket?

Dooooohhhh!! I wanted to throw my laptop across the room. It was if she knew that I was sitting on the bed crocheting, listening to my blog playlist, and working on HER blanket.

I wanted to strangle her... But baby sisters don't know no better. Have to let it go. I kept her updated over the past 2 months ("I'm on square 368", "I'm on square 661", etc.)

My last IM, after being asked umpteen times over several weeks.

original_oldgirl: yeah, I'm done. I washed it, and it's in the dryer right now.
serenity23: yippee


I must admit, it came out nice. I wasn't all that happy about the color combos (these are the colors of the accent pillows for her tan sofa), but after I did test strips, it was cool. I like that color combo, and these colors come in bulk and are not hard to track down. I plan on making a couple more as gifts in the next couple of years.

Since the detailing is a bit hard to see, I have a couple of close-up pictures that I took at home with the blinds open and a bit of sunshine to boot.

760 red squares/flowers instead of the 836 the pattern calls for. I got enough dayum sense these days to tailor these blankets to the recipients height or size. Bout time I got some sense in my head concerning such! STILL took 125 hours, due to silly mistakes. I need to cut that down to 120 at least.

The discussion about this blanket in advance were something else, especially since I ususally crochet a blanket as a suprise. These were the test strips for Serenity's Original blanket.

She had this GRAND vision of how she wanted her bedroom: all white, with tan walls. So I crocheted test strips and photographed them for the LBeezy's thoughts. There is a subtle difference between the top and bottom strips (pure white vs. soft white). LBeezy preferred the soft white. I liked that one a whole lot better also. Problem was, it looked dingy against the pure white. (We had thrown a bunch of white labcoats on the desk and threw the soft white on top. It looked dingy. Even our resident dude, Hen-Dog, was a bit disturbed by the dinginess).

But uh, i saved that soft white... will use later. I actually started on the tan and pure white.

Biggest problem: Serenity's doggone painter painted the bedroom walls the wrong color (gold instead of tan). She decided she liked the mistake. The whole idea was lost. Man, if I lived up in Charlotte, I would've gone over to that house on the low-low, make a few threats, and MADE that dude paint the ish right.

So, I ended up telling Serenity that I was crocheting a blanket for her, and that she should just pick out the colors from other tests strips, which were from the following...

I ain't sure what was up with the yellow. It said "gold" on the yarn package, and I decided to get a roll of that and make some testers to see what she thought.

After much discussion, Serenity decided she preferred the deep red and chocolate.

We went through the whole go-around of me yelling "ARE YOU SURE, CHICKEN[HEAD]?" She said yes, and seemed excited. I had to trek my ass all the way back down to the Southside to Union City and trade that doggone white and tan yarn in for the red and chocolate. Hard SIGH.

We found out later that the red was the wrong color. She said deep red, which means dark red to me. What she meant was the red of the color of her dress pictured above.

I called her a blind one-legged chicken[head] and kept it moving. HUMPH. I was NOT going back down to Union City to trade up yarn. The chicken was gonna have to take the dayum blanket and DEAL WITH IT.

Well, as you can see, she was quite happy with it. So much so that she didn't wait to open the gift with her other gifts. She opened it soon after I got there.

And she seems to be happy with it.

Well, I am not sure if she was happy, or if she was a bit tipsy off that wine she's drinking.

To tell the truth, I couldn't tell if she was giddy about the blanket, or just straight up lushed out.
I like to pretend she was a happy chicken because of the blanket!!

So Serenity...

You Original Oldgirl you...

I want to say congrats on your new house!

Just wanted to give you a small token of my appreciation.

I hope this blanket will be something you cherish always.

Hopefully as much as I cherish the freindship you've given me over the years...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin?

The Republicans played a serious card today, do you hear me?

I mean, they had five Aces in their hand. And they threw all that ish down.

I myself DID NOT expect for the Republican Party to pick a woman for the vice president nominee.


So, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I can vote for McCain. Afterall, there's a woman running mate.

Yeah right.

I don't care if she is a woman. Whatever. I will still be a responsible voter and continue to study everybody's record and let the chips fall where they may.

This is some serious politics at it's best. And probably the reason I can't stand politics. It's all a game, and I just don't want to play.

There are a large amount of toss up votes at stake, however. And the key is to appeal to the toss up votes.

Let's see, there are a bunch of pissed off women out there who were Hillary supporters. Sara Palin is a HUGE worm on the hook to hook them in. She's a working class woman with 5 kids. That DEFINITELY has the Moms.

What else? She was raised by blue collar parents. That takes care of that demographic. You know, working class white folks want NO parts of Obama.

She just gave birth to a downs syndrome baby back in April. That takes care of all the voters concerned with disability issues.

Her oldest son is about to be deployed to Iraq. That takes care of some to the war dissenters. (Remember, McCain has two sons fighting in Iraq, so ya'll can't holler about that.)

Downside: Joe Biden is going to whop her arse in the Vice presidential debates. And rightfuly so.

Another downside: Republicans can stop hemming and hawwing about Obama not having experience. Shut the hell up with all that noise ya'll making, because it don't matter now now this chick is in the mix... Don't nobody know anything about her, and she has been govenor of Alaksa for less than two years. Although, she ran up into that office and left bodies laying all around, i.e., she is a bit crazy about stomping out folks...

They don't call her "Sarah Barracuda" for nothing.

Yep... They shook up the game with that. Even stunned the media with this one. The media isn't even focusing on Obama's acceptance speech last night as of now.

Obama has his work cut out for him. And he's run such a polished campaign that I'm sure he will work it all out.

So... if you weren't interested in McCain as our next president before, are you interested now that he has a female, blue collar hockey Mama as his running mate??

Is the choice THAT easy?


Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am OFF!!!

Guess what?

I am officially on vacation.

I am OFF!

This is RARE!!

It feels GOOD!!

I turned in my request for leave back in early June sometime. I didn't want ANY issues with some of the more "vacationing" members of our group who basically get to take off any time they please getting in my way of being off. I wanted first dibs on Labor day vacation and I GOT it!!

So yesterday, I was supposed to work a 10 hour day, from about 6:00-4:30 (I get to work at around 5:30 in the morning). My interim boss told me I had too much time in, and I had to leave around 12:30 p.m. This was an issue, as I had to compress all I had to do into half a dayum day.

My regular boss, the Darth Sista, is back from maternity leave, and we were trying to make some corrections to some paperwork for our audit last week. She has that awful lost "deer in the headlight" look, since she's been gone for 3 months. I didn't feel sorry for her. Whatever. I did what I had to do, but uh, she got a pretty blunt email around 11 a.m.

"Look, here's the stuff you want, I got stuff to do in the lab because you know I'm gone for a good week and a half! I AM LEAVING AT 12:30. I wrote everything up, you figure out the formats, blah, blah BLAH."

I know she kicked the hard eye roll after reading that email!!

I wanted to yell "Welcome back to work, Darth Sista!" with the HEAVY foot stomp!


At 12:30 p.m., after cleaning my desk, I stood in the cubicle area I share with so many and yelled...

"Ya'll have a FINE FINE holiday. Have a good one. I'm outta here."

I got a few strange looks.

"Let me tell ya'll something," I continued. I got real loud. "Don't NOBODY call me about nothing. I hope ya'll work it out with the Mass specs [equipment I'm in charge of]. I made sure it was working, so don't nobody bother me!"

I pointed hard at my coworker Hen-Dog, who lives on my street, a few houses down.

"Look here, boy, do not knock on my door. The cats will be staring at you through the window, singing 'Lee said we can't open the door, Hen!' The only way you'll see me is if you squeeze down my chimney. That's IT!!"

Hen talked a little trash. I walked off, singing:

"I'm walking on sunshine... YOOOOO-WAAAAAAAY"

(Yes, I changed up them lyrics).

I stuck my head in several labs and yelled for them to have a FINE holiday.

I was even nice to the old creepy flirty janitor who thinks he still got some rap left. He likes to corner some of us in the halls and elevator and talk game. Dirty ol' man!!

"Where you going, girl? You going to class!?"
I usually work to dodge his rolling garbage can, but I marched straight at him, as he was in front of the elevator I wanted to catch. "NO! I am OFF!!"
"Well you have a good one."
"You too!!"

I almost yelled "You too, you Dirty Ol' Man, you!!"

(Humph. I must blog about my run-ins with that fool.)

I woke up at around 4 or 5 this morning. I got up and IMMEDIATELY started crocheting.

Kentucky came downstairs around 5:45 am. She leaves around 6 in the morning, and she was looking me with the hard side-eye.

"How you gonna be off, and be up so early, Lisa?" she asked as she dragged the ironing board out of the laundry room. "I'd still be in bed."

"I got crocheting to do. Plus I am too EXCITED to just lay in the bed. I am OFF!!"

Kentucky said nothing. Just ironed her clothes. No telling what that gal was thinking.


I've been watching television and trying my hardest to finish this blanket. I took some breaks to do some housecleaning. Yacked on the phone with LadyTee and The Cowgirl Cre. Writing Class starts tonight so I have to get my notebook and a writing sample together to turn in.

But that's about it!!

Maybe I can catch up on some of my posts. I am terribly behind!


But all I know... I am just glad to be OFF!!

Never fear, I will be posting...

Ya'll have a FINE holiday weekend!!

I know I will!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Randomness...

Happy Monday Morning!

Ready to crank up a new week?

I am!!

(No, I haven't been drinking too much coffee. I ain't high either. Just glad my audit crap at work is over, and we can all return to being calm).


Nothing but randomness today, just to get me started...

My weekend. This was a slow weekend. The only reason I left the house was to go get some medicine. That's IT. The satellite repairman came over on Saturday morning. My living room reciever hasn't been working for about a month, and I uh, been too lazy to call them. Dude went outside and giggled a wire outside which ran up to the satellite, and then had the nerve to look at me like I was crazy for not doing it myself.

Humph. I don't care. And if it happens again, he'll be bringing his behind right on about to giggle the wire again. I ain't touching a doggone thang!

Somebody remind me to switch to Comcast because I am sick of DirecTV.

Kentucky gave me a pedicure on Saturday night. I've been a crocheting fool, camped out on the couch, trying my BESTEST to finish up Serenity's blanket for next Saturday's housewarming...

The convo was interesting.

"What color you want on your toes, Lisa?"
"Dark red."
"I don't have that. How about pink?"
"You want a french manicure?"
"Do you want a design? Some little flowers?"
"Hell NO!"

We squabbled about that design craziness for a good minute. I threatened to kick her in the head if she DARED paint a dayum flower on my toenail. UGGH!

I know I got on her nerve, though, with my yipping and yapping.

"Kentucky, you pulling my big toe too hard! Whatchu trying to do, break it?"
"Gal, do you know what you doing?"
"Are your pedicure tools clean? Because I don't want any of your toe jam fungus near me."
"Watch Kramer! He looks like he's about to jump in the water bath!!"
"DO NOT let anything splash up on my white furniture!!"

Humph. I don't know if she's going to do my nails again. I know I wrecked her nerves good fashioned!

But free is good. I will make her do it again in a couple of weeks!

I missed a Financial Freedom Fighters meeting on Sunday. My gang leader called and was like "Lee, you gonna make your meeting?" I hemmed and hawwed about not knowing. So I know I am in trouble. Wonder what the punishment will be. I mean, I just didn't know. I had a couple of questions about a debt that I have. I was even thinking about it on Saturday, wondering when we'd have a meeting.

Humph. No excuses! I need to buy a calendar! My social schedule is getting ridiculous, lol!!

I'll be there next month, Tiffy D!! I surely will...

Olympics. The Olympics is over. Now, we can get back to our regular programming...

There were a lot of events I liked, among them, that Synchronized swimming. That was something else...

It don't look all that hard.

Attention, 2nd 68 Blog harem!! What's up, ladies?

Check it out! Meet me at the swimming pool behind King 2nd 68's palace today! We gonna start practicing! I think we can compete in the 2012 London games!

Man up, ya'll! We can do anything if we put our minds to it!

Presidential Election. President Obama finally picked his running mate, Senator Joe Biden.

I don't know what to think of that. I'm just glad he didn't choose Billary. You know First Lady Michelle probably had something to do with that, lol...

Joe Biden talks plenty of trash. That's all I know. Wonder how that's gonna work out? I have banned myself from ALL political TV lately, since it thoroughly depresses me. I MAY have a look at this Democratic convention. I WILL watch the debates. That's it. Anything else is a bunch of mindless whining and speculation about who said what and how they held their mouth when they said it.

Must be nice to have that to whine about! Doggonit, there are people out here who are having trouble making ends meet. I wish they would talk about THAT!


Video of the week: Courtesy of That Southern Black Gal...

Yeah, uh... you make your own mind up about this one.

Yeah, I can't get that hook out of my head. Thanks alot, Southern Black Gal. HUMPH!!

That's it for me... Have a nice day:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wholeness Anyone?

A blog I tend to lurk around on these days is "A Go Bytch"

Bytch stands for Because You Thought Being Classy was Hard.

Well alrighty then!!

LOL! That is one helluva acronym right there!

Anyway, I really like her blog. It is very eclectic, honest, and I can always pick up a nice recipe or two!

She had a very good post entitled 8 hours plus the Weekend, about how even though we have time off, we spend that time doing for others (employers, friends, family) and putting our ownselves on the backburner. She talked about not having any hobbies, and wanting to get out and do some other things seperate from her friends.

I've been guilty of this my ownself a time or two. Especially in my younger years.

But her post made me think.

And I left my thoughts in the following comment:

You REALLY need to get a few hobbies... REALLY. I didn't crank up my hobbies until I was married, was unhappy and terribly lonely and needed something to do. I wish that I would've deemed that important earlier in my life, but when we are young (as you are now), we are so caught up in the rat race, trying to jumpstart careers, and in pleasing everyone else, that truly enjoying OURSELVES is a mere afterthought. We don't even realize until later in life that this a part of LOVING ourselves, the gist of which is obtaining something we all desire- a sense of wholeness.

Let's see, with my 8 hours plus the weekend, I tend to lean towards very quiet, therapeutic activities. I love to crochet, read, and write. My aunt is an amazing artist, and has taught me to paint with oils. I also like to draw.

I told my younger siblings some time ago that it is VERY important that, at least once per month, they should go and get involved in some activity that doesn't involve friends or family - just some valuable ME time doing something they really enjoy doing. This would give them some peace of mind, as it can be a time when they aren't accountable to anyone but themselves. (For example, my brother collects medieval swords, and he would go off every once in awhile scavenging flea markets alone).

One thing I know, many of the white folks I know got this down pact. I take writing classes at a local fine arts center. This place offers about 50 different reasonably priced classes, but I rarely see any of "us" (black folk) there. It is "us" that feel awkward about really getting out here and enjoying life.

So make it a point to do such. You'd really
be glad you did!

I don't know, I just felt like that was important enough to share over here in the House of LadyLee. I tend to blog out of control in other comment sections, as is the case here.

One thing that struck me when I re-read that is how I felt when I was married. I think every marriage goes through its issues, and we are suppose to work through them, but that is one huge reason why I got divorced.

I was lonely.

And I found out later, that he was too...

He worked at night, I worked during the day, and on top of us just not getting along - well, stuff happens.

Who ever thought that you could be lonely and living with someone? I never thought such. Never thought much about that all. Granted, I was preoccupied with career and such. I had plenty of friends and family to lean on.

But, my goodness, these things do happen. A friend was expressing such to me a few months ago.
All I could say was:

"I hope ya'll work that out."

Hmmm... What do you say when someone expresses their loneliness?

I say, you better have a few hobbies or something, even before you tie the knot. You better know how to enjoy YOU.

Not even hobbies, really... You better be a whole person, and not looking to someone else to make you whole.

Now, there's a thin line between someone completing you, and you just straight up saying "if I could just get this man (or woman), life will be alright."

There's a difference. Big difference. And you should see it in that sentence.

I wish I would have worked on my "wholeness" when I was much younger. It is so important to be a "whole" person: a person who is sound in their body, soul, and spirit.

There are a load of definitions of wholeness. Yours may be different from mine, and that is cool.

Don't matter...

All I gotta say, whatever you do, work on becoming "Whole".

Be able to bring something to the table, instead of depending on someone to bring the table to you.

2nd 68 came up with a strange term that I just LOVE, and I will use it here...

An "Enjoy Today" Day.

Go and have yourself an "Enjoy Today" day. Go somewhere and enjoy yourself today.

And don't forget to Have a Good Weekend... on purpose.

I know I will.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Journey, The Passage of Time, and the Pledge

I thought I would post something from deep within the pages of my very personal tomes (journals)...

My life is sort of like the movement of the space shuttle from the staging complex to the launching pad. Although the distance is only about 2 miles, the journey takes about 6 hours. If I get in my car and drive for 2 miles at highway speeds, I will complete the trip in only a couple of minutes, maybe less. But the shuttle's journey is 6 hours. Just watching with the naked eye, it may be hard to detect the move. But over time, the shuttle reaches it's destination. It is then ready to be launched into space.

So I look at things in my life- goals , attitudes, habits, and the most crucial of intangibles (self-worth, self-love, and self esteem) and realize that although it may seem as if these things are not changing, they always are. Now they could be changing for the better or for the worst. I don't know that.

The only way to tell is: The Passage of Time.

Time tells all.

Time never lies.

Today, I make a pledge to myself not to get upset or frustrated by my goals, wants, and needs not coming to fruition fast enough.

They will come to past over time.

They always do.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Smattering of Cards!

I love decorating cards. It's a bit therapeutic for me, you see.

Here are some of the cards I mailed out this month. (My goal has been one per week, but I slip on that sometimes).

A card for blogger ATLien Nikki, on the occasion of her birthday. I especially love the young girl. Sort of akin to Nikki hanging upside down from chandalier, her locks waving in the wind. LOL!!

Sing your song, Nikki. Sang, gal!!

Miss Celie called me one night, and she was telling me about some of the strides she'd been making when it came to shaping up her current manuscript. She was sooooo excited, and I could hear it in her voice. I was sooooo happy for her. So, I'd sent a card I'd been saving for her.

I saw this ol' high ass prissy card at the bookstore a couple of months prior to this. It had french writing, and a pair of very "foo-foo" shoes on the front. I thought, "Miss Celie would like some craziness like this!" I put it away, with the thought of sending it when she got her "groove" back. So I finally sent it a couple of weeks ago.

Finally a couple of cards for my book club sistas who were celebrating birthdays this month.
Yo, I'ma need the book sistas NOT to be born on the same day! Spread that ish out!

So! That's it for my little "personal therapy". Just a little something that brings a bit of happiness to my day, and hopefully to those that received them...

More cards to come in the future!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning Randomness...

Good morning...

I ain't quite feeling that way. Let me rephrase that:

Let's hope this is a good morning. Let's try to make it a good morning.

Well, I woke up this morning. The blood is still running warm through my veins. I could think and function when I opened my eyes from slumber this morning.

Uh, that makes it a Good Morning. So with that said:

Good Morning, Blog Fam!

As always, I get to work between 5 and 5:30 a.m. I'd give anything to be back in my bed sleeping (or at least trying to sleep).

So with that...

My weekend: Considering that last week was "piss on LadyLee's head" week, my weekend was pretty sane. I was going to hide under my bed all weekend, not coming out until it was time to go to work but I decided to get out and do something. On Friday, ATLien Nikki and I were on IM, and the convo went something like this...

sensual_rhythms: What you doing this weekend, Lee?
original_oldgirl: I think I'm going to awc.
sensual_rhythms: awc?
original_oldgirl: Atlantas Writer's Club.
sensual_rhythms: wow.
original_oldgirl: Natasha Tretheway's going to be there.

Hmmm... Natasha Tretheway. Who is that, yo may ask?


She's the sista that won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry in 2007.

Come on, now! I'ma need ya'll to brush up on ya'll's current black history. This don't happen that often!!

So needless to say, I ditched my bookclub meeting, and went to see her speak. ATLien Nikki was going to meet me out there. ATL is paving it's major highways for the next 2 years, so it is terribly difficult to get waaay out to the Northside to this meeting. Let's just say, me and ATLien Nikki had some interesting convos about navigating the bad traffic. I even stood outside the place and texted her FULL directions to the place (and ya'll know I can't text, lol).

But it was a WONDERFUL talk. It was a master class in poetry, where she described her thoughts and what she was trying to with each poem, the forms, all of that. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT.

So, me and ATLien Nikki were whispering back and forth the WHOLE time.

"Dang Nikki, you ever heard of a blues sonnet?"
"I've read this poem a couple of times, and I didn't even realize that it was read forward, then repeated backwards. You ever do that?"

Doggonit, that ATLien Nikki is smart. And you know, she's a poetess in her own right. It helped to have Nikki there to ask questions, because I was in AWE.

After hearing her speak, I must refer to her now as the GREAT Natasha Tretheway.

After hearing her speak, I'm not sure one can say her name without the word GREAT attached.

I even got a FINE autograph.

All I'm saying, she is in the ATL area (and she teaches at my alma mater). If you get a chance to hear her speak, RUN to that engagement. And sit your ass in the front row. We were in the very back. If you can, sit on the stage at her feet. This poetess is THAT fly! You want to hear EVERY word.

Hear me now, believe me later...

I've had this book for minute. My writing instructor taught a whole class session on the importance of reading poetry as an aid in our writing, so that we could understand the importance of words and imagery, etc. I wanted to yell "That's bogus!", but the I was busy trying to rid myself of all the *crickets*, lol. I like to learn new things, and decided to get Ms. Tretheway's poetry collection. I was pleasantly suprised, and made quite a few notes from it!

I plan on reviewing the collection (after reading a third time). I hope that I can figure out how to do it justice.

Now, I had an ulterior motive for going to AWC also.

Ms. Natasha is Miss Celie's homegirl. They are uh, road dawgs, to say the least. Miss Celie talks about her A LOT. Yes, and you know I pay VERY close attention to whatever Miss Celie says,lol.

And Miss Celie, who's in town, has been missing in action. And you know me, I am NOT calling folks.

So, uh, I knew I could ask a question while getting my book signed.

"Yo, Tasha, where your dayum homegirl at?"


No, I was polite. She asked me how to spell my name. I told her "LadyLee". (She can sign my gub'ment name once I get my hands on the hard copy, which I saw this morning is available at Amazon.)

I asked her, "Have you talked to Tayari?"

She gave me the pertinent information I needed. LOL.

I hate that I won't be able to hook up with Miss Celie. I was looking forward to that, but my schedule is terrible, I am a slight basket case, and she's on a tight vacation schedule, looks like. She only comes home once every 10 years, so she better squeeze in as much as she can. We had a most enlightening email convo Sunday morning. I tell you, that chick knows the right words to say to egg me on!! And I am thankful for THAT.

Sunday: Sunday, I was suppose to go to my Journal writing meeting. Now, I do look forward to going to this meeting once a month, but I was having trouble with my homework. I was manageing to get it done, doodling with it here and there over the past three weeks, but I was quite perturbed in the process. It was on listing out all your fears and worries, etc... That bothered me deeply. I have this weird disconnect in my mind. For me to say that I am fearful or worried about something is for me to say "You know God, I have prayed about this, and I know your promises, but I just believe You aren't concerned and don't care about helping me solve this issue." I would NEVER say that. Makes my skin crawl to say that. And worse, for someone to say I'm afraid of something - well, let's just say, I spend a LARGE amount of time FURIOUSLY trying to pinpoint and come up with a QUICK plan to change this "fear". I mean FURIOUS, to the point where it takes all priority with me.

Yes, it sounds complicated. I am a complicated Oldgirl. But God takes FINE care of this Oldgirl. It is just a matter of me getting over myself, my concerns, my idiosyncracies, and my own personal triflement and having a little faith to pray and believe for answers...

So I'd been working on my homework from a standpoint of my personal "concerns" and what I want to do about it. I'm usually the controlling factor, the establishing witness, you see. So, I am still fooling around with that. It is enlightening, I've found some things I need to work on, and I will move forward in that vein.

(Okay, didn't mean to give you an inside look on how my mind works... MOVING RIGHT ALONG to smurfiness... )

Needless to say, I didn't go to the meeting. I called my girl Kim (the hostess of the meeting) and told her I wasn't coming and asked her to make SURE that she let them other broads know, because I didn't want my name ran in the ground for being trifling and not RSVP' ing. I try to participate in most things, but I knew I wouldn't catch half a break for that.

My sister Kentucky saw the menu for our meeting on the table... Here it is:

Chuck Roast
Chicken (baked, fried and BBQ)
Macaroni and cheese
Greens (collards, turnips)
Green Beans
Candied Yams
Potato salad
Peach Cobbler
(Note: I was going to bake 4 or 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies)

Kentucky was like, "Uh, Lisa. That's some menu. You not going to your meeting?"
I was agitated that she was bothering me. "Nope."
"That food do look good."
"Yep. They gonna get there eat on."
"You think we can go get a plate?"

We bantered back and forth about this for about 10 mintues. Kentucky REALLY wanted a plate. I told her butt to go out there and get one (and bring me one back). Kim don't care. I could call her and tell her to have some plates ready.

"But it's too far, Lisa!" she whined.


Kim's place was on the eastside, some 20 miles away, past the Dec. That was too far to go for a plate.

Now, uh-rah, if she would've been five miles away- yeah, I would've called her up and told her to fix a nice size plate and stuff it in a Wal-Mart bag and leave it outside the door, lol.

Fantasy Football. Hen-Dog scheduled out league's Fantasy Football draft for Sunday (another reason I ditched my journal writing meeting). So my team is set:

The Collie Park Original Oldboys. And this is our logo:

I talk MUCH trash when I win... about how the opponent was STUNNED by the flashy rings my players wear, lol.

But we sucked last year!

Which meant I had first pick this year.

I am somewhat satisfied with my team. I have Tony Romo, Ladanian Thomilson, Wes Welker, Plaxico Burress, among a few other gems. (ATLien Nikki, you fantasy football queen, I'm gonna send you my picks and you're going to assist me... right? LOL!!!)

Hen-Dog's Mama was in our league last year. She used to kick my butt. Hen-Dog use to have to hear me scream every Monday morning "DANG MAN, GET YOUR MAMA!! THAT BROAD IS TRIPPIN'!!"

Hen's mama is uh, off the chain, to say the least... She plays like we're playing for money or something.

This year, she is out of my way. Maybe the Collie Park Original Oldboys can handle some proper business.

Last night was pretty relaxing... My sister sat at the dining room table, working on a project for her kindergarten class. I chilled on the sofa, crocheting and watching a movie, Juno. (If you haven't seen this movie, it's no wonder that all the teen white girls are screeching "Gee, I want to be pregnant, too!!!" ~sigh).

I did much crocheting. This was nice, because I was too tense and wound tight last week to evey THINK about lifting a needle. I am making a afghan for Serenity30's housewarming gift, and it is coming out VERY nice. The main color is a little darker than her color scheme (that ain't my fault- Serenity is color blind as all get out, lol). But it is gorgeous, nevertheless.

That Oldgirl may not get her gift. I may keep it for myself, lol.

So I am hoping that this week will be a better one for me.

And for you too.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The 10th Anniversary of LadyLee's Ph.D.

Dedicated to That Southern Black Gal. Do your thang, Ma.

10 years.

10 long years, since I obtained my Ph.D. in Or.ganic Chemistry with concentration in Organi.c Synthe.sis and Dru.g Design.

You say "That's a mouthful, LadyLee! We don't understand what that is!!!!"

Shoot. I guess I better break it down for ya real simple like!! I don't even need to get all long-winded about it!

Let's see, I can go in the lab and make from VERY cheap readily available ingredients. I can activate it with a few little modifications to get you...

10 times as high. 100 times as high.


to not get you high AT ALL. Make you break out in a bad rash instead. LOL

Here's a synthesis layout right here:

Just eyeballing that... hmm, that's a 3 to 4 day process, depending on if I need to get the co.caine 100% pure.


(Incidently, I had a classmate who liked to make REAL pure speed for his, uh, personal use. He got caught drunk-driving up in Tennessee and got caught with a load of PURE speed on him. A classmate had to drive up there to get him. They were both grilled about how they got that speed SOOOO dayum pure. LOL. I remembering wondering why he didn't sell it. I would have.)

No, I never made drugs. (Me and a coworker were looking at the chemical in weed that makes you high. I drew it out, broke it down and realized that we could make it from some ingredients in a common household Pine cleaner. HMMMMMM.... Let me stop.)

I made quin.olines.

They are useful in the area of HIV and arthritis, etc... The trick for me was to come up with all kinds of different combos and have them tested for drug activities.

This ain't no technical post. I just know that if ya'll don't understand anything, ya'll know about them DRUGS!!

And NO! Do NOT run around saying "That Oldgirl be making co.caine". I don't even do organic synthesis anymore. I am a food chemist now. HUMPH.

(My field of study worried my Mama sometimes: "Lisa, don't tell no one what you do. They sometimes kidnap people who know these things, and make them work in makeshift labs." Hmm.. I'd heard this too. *Lee watching her back constantly*)

People asked me why I liked Organ.ic Chemistry, since it's so difficult. I like it because I come from a family of artsy folks who like to draw. Org.anic Chemistry takes MUCH art skill (on paper), and I can draw perfect structures. Plus, there is no hard math. I just needed basic math to do it, no calculus, none of that. I HATE math. UGGGH.

But it's been 10 long yares!

I told my cubicle mate Cowgirl Cre, who's married to Timmy-Tim, a dude I graduated with, that it's our 10th anniversary on today.

She looked at me like I was crazy, then walked away.


Now, when I was in undergrad, we had a black chemistry professor who use to talk to us all the time. We thought he was the hotness, because don't no dayum black people get no Ph.D. in something like Chemistry...

"Oh, you all need to stop bellyaching. People who get Ph.D's in Chemistry are just regular everyday people."

"No they are not," we'd yell in unison.

"Yes they are," he countered. "Just regular people. They're not all that smart. Just normal everyday people who found an interest and pursued it."

"The hell you say!" I yelled one day.

He ignored us. And we would talk about that man like a dog. "What the heck is he smoking? Talking about regular people. Is he crazy? He talking stupid."


One day...

Me and some of my classmates were sitting in Burger King downtown eating our lunch, and my girl Jill (who always was talking about she'd sleep with one of our professors... "Sex for knowledge" was her motto), said...

"You know, I heard we could go to grad school free of charge. Plus, they pay you 12,000 dollars a year stipend."

"For real?"


Okay, we all muttered about this for a loooong time. I would go if it was scot free PLUS you lay some bread in my hand.

So I applied and got in. Went to school for free, all tuition and books paid. I think I had to pay a $103.22 student activity fee each semester (and I has PISSED about that!), but that is about it. My stipend was 1023 bucks a month.

Well, I must agree with that black professor who would talk to us. We were all normal regular people.

Struggling scared upset frightened people, that is.

We were normal. We all had our lives, friends, and hobbies away from the lab. I met fascinating people. Made lifelong friends.

But I will not lie. It was HARD.

It was like being in a black tunnel, and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you run fast toward that light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that it was the end of the road... only to find out that that light at the end of the tunnel was the headlight of a fast moving train...

-heading fast toward you, so it could mow you down and KILL you.

Yes, that's how it felt. It was the DARKEST time of my life. I was depressed. I was drinking. I was smoking weed. Man, I was an awful mess.

But I had a glimmer of hope. I kept working, kept "jumping hoops".

And one day my advisor said "You're done, now go write your dissertation."

My advisor was a quirky man. He was a Polish gentleman, with one bad eye. He always wore a tight pair of Levis 501 jeans. And he was a bit too much fondness for good bourbon. (It was ODD for that dude to be drunk, leaning on you, talking about (in a HARD slurred polish accent) "Have a drink, LadyLee).

I KNOW that dude had to be drunk sometimes when I'd go to see him for advisement.

So I began to write. Timmy-Tim began to write also. We had a schedule: get to school at 8 in the morning and write until 11 at night. We would take breaks here and there, but the plan was to do this for a couple of months. I'd written up my methods and procedures for new organic compounds I'd created from day one, so I had a bunch of data, and a few published papers to work from...

So, some interesting tidbits for you...

I had a song that I'd listen to when I'd write. And this was the only song.

Xzibit's "What you see is what you get"

(Oh goodness. This Oldgirl got all teary-eyed when listening to that song... Haven't heard that in years!)

Well, I would run around screeching the chorus of that song: "Players, pimps, hos, hustlas, willies, thugs, ballers, busters, gangstas, rats, everyday all day shotcallers, high rollers, KEEP IT MOVING!"

Poor Timmy-Tim is the nicest white boy. He would just smile when I sang, but I knew he was saying quietly to himself "oh. no." LOL!!

I'm not really sure why I cared for that song so much. But it was my personal "Dissertation Song".

I sat in a tiny office and did my writing alone, away from everybody. No one really saw me. Timmy Tim said "They asked about you! I told them, she's found her a little office with a computer, and she's just working away. She's not upset or anything, she's just writing."

(I had a reputation of being the angry black woman. I still have that to this day.).

But I finished my typing.

Now what was JACKED UP (Man, I want to use a worse word), was that my advisor up and decided to go hang out in Ireland with his wife, who went over there on business once a year (She was some big time soft drink executive). So his ass just up and leaves for 3 weeks. He'd send lovely emails about the beautiful countryside, and the scenery. I wanted to thrust my hand through the computer and beat him down.

This man had me faxing chapters to Ireland. He'd make remarks and faxed them back.

Bastid! He was suppose to be there to hold my hand, and he was off having a GOOD ol' time in Ireland. HUMPH!!!

But he finally came back. I turned my in 150 page dissertation (which was very short- considering how long winded I am), to my committee, and then set up a date for my "Defense".

Now, the "Defense" is usally a technicality. You get that far, you are done. But it is basically a seminar you give in a nice small room to your committee (sometimes you can invite guests or have it open to everyone), and they sit around and ask you a TON of questions and fight with your behind.

This is your original work and you have to "defend" everything you did.

This was a big deal. Everybody had a plan. This one New York brother, who I just loved to death, just let his hair grow out. "Yo, I ain't cutting my hair until I pass my defense!!" His plan was to look like the "crazy deranged bush man" or something and scare them all.

My plan was to feed them. I'd been paying attention to what they ate. So I had a full spread of candy, chips, doughnuts, and Frutopia. My committees eyes lit up when they saw all that dayum food, lol.

Sometimes, defenses take all day! Mine took about 2 hours. I had a bunch of drawings (like those shown above- about 30 slides for a overhead projector). And I talked and explained. Explained and talked. Got pissed when I got interrupted. Wanted to break the pointing stick I had in my hand over one dude's head. My advisor jumped up one time and screamed "LadyLee, don't you let him talk to you like that. DEFEND it!!!" (He scared the hell out of me when he jumped like that. I was like "Oh no, He's had too much bourbon).

I went to the chalkboard and drew a bunch of crazy stuff... Put that dude in his place real quick. We talked and fought a bit more. Then they told me to go stand outside while they decided on whether to pass me (another technicality- I saw them in there eating M&M's, laughing and talking, making a sista wait in agony).

The door finally opened after 10 minutes. They came out and shook my hand, and said the sweetest words I'd ever heard...

"Congratulations, Dr. LadyLee"

Whoa. I smiled. (N'awl Man, I'm hardcore! I didn't cry!)

What a relief. Wasn't done yet, but I had to make a bunch of corrections to my dissertation.

That took about 2 weeks. I wanted to sock one advisor who really made a bunch of corrections. When I took it back to him so he could read again, he was like, "Oh no, LadyLee, you didn't have to make the corrections. I was only doodling around."


My acknowledgments were a whole different story... My professor was reading it, would look up at me over his glasses in disdain, read, look up at me like I was crazy. I'd sit there and smile like Celie!

My acknowlegments were REAL hood and funny!

Funny points:

"I'd like to thank my girl Weenie for letting me stay with her when I was homeless!"

"I'd like to thank my girl Dr. K. Gal, you know we use to do our Bitch and Beer Tuesdays and bitch and moan and cry!"

"Thanks Auntie Joyce and Uncle Shawn for selling me that Nova. I love that car!!"

"My homegirl Lady T-double-EE, thanks for your support!!"

"I'd like to thank my man, Oldboy."

"I'd like to thank my cats, the ever so cosmopolitan Jeremy Girard, and the thuggish ruggish kitty Oscar-Tyrone- who'd attack my printer everytime it started up!"

Yeah, I thanked my cats. LOL.

3 LONG pages of shoutouts! And at the end I put Master P's words in BOLD text!

"Make em say UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!! Naw, naw, naw, naw, NAAAAAWWWWW!"

(I really wanted to put the "players, pimps, hos, hustlers" chorus above instead, but uh... I don't think I could get away with that. LOL)

My advisor said "Why don't I just not read that part."

*LadyLee smiling hard like Celie*

I remember taking the completed dissertation to Kinkos copy center to have it copied onto this REAL EXPENSIVE cotton paper. (Man, that paper cost 90 bucks). I had a copy made for myself, one for my mama, one for my Auntie, and one for my Grandmama.

I stood in the copy center pleading with the woman "Please don't mess this up. I have to turn this in tomorrow. Please."

She looked at me like I was crazy. Whatever. I was gonna bust out every window of that place if they messed things up.

Me and Timmy-Tim went to the graduate school office to turn everything air. We walked out of that building and stood on the sidewalk together.

"Ladylee," he said, and sighed hard. "We are done, girl."
"We sure are," I said.
"I'm going home," he said. "What are you about to do?"
"I'm going to the movies!" I said.

We shook hands and went our separate ways.

I walked to the CNN center and saw the movie How Stella Got her Groove Back.

I remember sitting in the theater wanting to scream "I don't have anything to do!!! I can just sit here and enjoy a movie!!!"

I didn't too much care for the movie. But it was nice to just sit... and be still.

Graduation was interesting.

We got there, the 7 of us who were graduating together. We took pictures, even did some hardcore gangster stance pics in our caps and gowns, lol.

I promised myself I wouldn't cry, and I was doing well.

So we were at the ceremony. Ph.Ds get awarded before Masters and Bachelors.

Timmy-Tim got his degree. He was sitting in the front row, where we all lined up.

I was 2 or 3 rows back. So when it was my turn, my Advisor went up to get my suede hood in place.

I was cool. Real cool.

But right before they called my name, Timmy-Tim reached back, put his hand on mine and said,

"Way to go, LadyLee."

Man, I started crying. All me and Timmy-Tim had gone through flashed right before my eyes. Me and that boy had to get each other through it all. I cried, but I had to get myself together real quick.

They called my name...

"Dr. LadyLee, Dept. of Chemistry, advisor Dr. Strek"

I went up, received my degree and my advisor hooded me (placed hood arond my neck) and we gave each other a BIG bear hug. He looked at me with that one good eye of his. I smiled at him, and I wanted to say "Thank you, and I don't want to EVER see you again".


I went back to my seat. I was a sniveling emotional mess. The chairman of my department had to get up and come over and console me.

Man, ya'll just don't understand. That was the WORSE time of my life. But I had FINISHED. I was done.

My fiance through a huge party for me and a few others that had graduated. That was a GREAT party. You thought you saw some good food pics here on this blog? We had some GOOD food and champagne that weekend.

But that was my journey. I moved to New Orleans for some post-doc fellowship work, learned a whole different type of chemistry (got tired of that organic chemistry) then came back to ATL after a couple years to take the job that I presently hold.

But what a journey it was.

I have a book club sista, Kat, who's in the middle of her dissertation process. She's getting her Ph.D. in some other area, business related, I think. She has that tired look in her eye. I keep telling her "I know it hurt, Kat, but once you get to this step you are DONE. Just keep writing and making corrections. It is done!"

She's plugging away. And she will finish. I know she will.

I did.

That's a process that everyone should go through.

I learned after going through that, that all crap in life is temporary. There is a beginning, a middle, and a an end. Just get through it.

So with that, let's eat! You can grab some leftovers out of the fridge, i.e. scroll down to the last post and pick up a plate.

Thank you for celebrating my Ph.D. anniversary with me, and-


*LadyLee looks around the room. She looks over and sees a pissed off Ms.Behaving"*

"What, girl?"

"I'm from New York, and we don't eat leftovers, so you have to cook."

LadyLee stares hard at her. "Uh, no. You in the ATL now."

"You better cook. And this time we want steak. T-bone steak," she said.

"YEAH," someone yelled. It was Opinionated Diva. "Make mines well done. That's how we do it in New York."

LadyLee got mad. "Shut up, Opinionated Diva. And for your information, I know you the one who stole all my iron pills out of the bathroom last time you were here. Got the nerve to come up in here talking trash after stealing from me. You really need to go sit down somewhere before you get your feelings hurt."

Opinionated Diva *shudders*, but holds her hard stance.

Terry, who's sitting in a cheap seat in the corner (he refused the luxury of the recliner) blew cigar smoke high in the air. He took a long draw off his cigar and said "Lee, you want me to throw these broads out of here?"

LadyLee shook her head. "N'awl. You sit there and enjoy your thousand dollar cigar and eat your plate of biscuits. Just relax, I'll take care of this."

Terry got comfortable on his cheap seat. He blew a large smoke ring into the air.

Opinionated Diva pulled up her shirt. The butt of a gun poked out from her waist band."You better cook, LadyLee." She pulled the gun out and gripped it hard.

LadyLee stared. Then she said two words real slow.


Everyone was still, looking around for whoever LadyLee was calling. All they saw was her cat. He'd been sleeping on the top of the recliner.

He was demure enough. No one knew why she was calling him. He was 11 years old, and needed his rest. LadyLee really needed to be worried about Opinionated Diva and Ms. Behaving crashing the party and tripping out.

LadyLee pointed hard at the two ladies.

"Why is that cat looking all crazy like that, LadyLee?" Ms. Behaving asked.

Sic em, Oscar-Tyrone!!!! LadyLee screamed.

The party people scrambled out of the way, careful not to drop their plates of leftovers on LadyLee's white furniture. Oscar-Tyrone flew through the air and landed on Ms. Behaving's head. He tore all the braids out of her head.

Sic em, boy!!!!

"Teach those broads not to come up in the House of LadyLee talking smack!!

Oscar-Tyrone jumped to Opinionated Diva's head. Scratched her face up. Both ladies ran from the house hollering and screaming. LadyLee stood on the porch and called Oscar-Tyrone off the ladies. The cat walked back to the house with a mouthful of Ms. Behaving braids in his mouth.

"I TOLD ya'll I ain't cooking! Don't come back here no more. Oscar, put that yakie hair down and come in the house!"

Opinionated Diva had dropped her gun on the porch. LadyLee reached down and snatched it up and put in in her own waist. "And if ya'll come back 'round here, I'ma shoot you with your OWN pistol!!"


(Ya'll know I had to concoct a corny story for my anniversary).

It's been 10 years... and now, I can say something similar to what that black college professor told us 10 years ago...

I am LadyLee. Just a normal, everyday girl, who worked hard and got a degree.

Now I understand what he means. Some 15 years after he'd uttered similar word.

I leave you with one thing:

Whatever goal you have, just try. Just try to do it... You'd be suprised at your achievement, and more importantly, alllll the things you'll learn along the way. You really will.

Thank you all for hanging out for this week of celebration.

It was sooo much fun!

I want to do something to celebrate tonight but I have no idea. I hung out at the 'Shed with blogger Atlien Nikki last night (girl, I STILL got the 'itis), so maybe that will have to do!!

I know what you can do to help me celebrate...

Have a great day, and a great weekend... on purpose.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

***Welcome to Bloggaversary #3***

Yes, Yes, Ya'll!!!!!

Yes, Yes, Ya'll!!!!

And it don't... STOP!!!

3 years strong Ya'll!!!

And you know, ya girl's all


It's my anniversary!!!!!!!

*LadyLee jumps up on table, smashes Punch bowl to ground and screams at the top of her lungs*


Someone tugs at my sleeve then grabs my arm. I look down to see who it is, and it's that doggone blogging cop The Dreamy One.

"What you want, gurl?"

"Ladylee," she says. "Honey, you need to stop all that hollering and calm down."

"Let me GO, gal!!" I yell. I try to snatch my arm away but her death grip is firm. Her freshly manicured nails dig deep into my arm. "You're hurting me, Dreamy!!!"

"You need to get your black tail down off that table. Come on now."

I look her up and down. She is dressed to the nines.

"Dreamy, you got your gun tonight?"

"No, Mami. I came here to party."

"Does your black tail have your nightstick or your taser gun"

"No Ladylee. I'm off duty."

*LadyLee shoves Dreamy hard out of the way with her foot and continues yelling*


Come on now, y'all know how I do this!

Can we have some Station Identification !!!

Who am I?


What am I?



Ya got that right!!

If you didn't know, ya better ask somebody!!

It's my blog Birthday... My blog Birthday!!! It's my day, and thangs gonna go MY way!!!


*LadyLee jumps down off table*

It's hot in here. Somebody hand me one of them church fans.

No, hand me one with Martin Luther the King on it. That will cool me off faster.



Yeah, you know I have to set it OFF like that, to let ya'll know where you ARE.

You're at the House of LadyLee, where we keep it SMURFY.

3 years. 3 years strong.

Who would've thought.

Now, when I started this blog, it was just something to do that seemed fun. Afterall, I was in the middle of a manuscript and I thought it would be cool to do some extra writing.

Lawd have mercy, who would've thought that it would have developed into the conglomerate that it has become... LOL!

I would've never thought that I'd hook up with some people who have had a most powerful influence on ME.

Some peeps who straight up POUR into my spirit.

Right now, I am running on low, almost on empty. I have only slept 8 hours in the last 3 days... I'm a bit stressed and I got a lot taxing my mind right now. A whole LOT. Hell, I have an interview today at 12:15 p.m. and honestly, I ain't in the mood for it, and I may just walk in there and lay my head on the table.

Yeah, my mental gas tank hit empty just like the next person does... It truly does.

And when I'm like that, which is exceedingly rare (Thank God)... I go have a look at THIS.

People ask me,

"LadyLee, why do you do birthday tributes?"

I do them just to let you know that you are LOVED, and I recognize the importance of you in my life... No, I don't give a damn about your flaws and all that. We all have them (Lawd knows I sho nuff do).

But I want you to know that you are IMPORTANT.

And I want you to be able to click on something and read something GOOD about yourself. Something GOOD about YOU.

Just my way of me "Pouring into YOUR spirit."

And you know that is the overall theme this week...

So in honor of the whole spirit of things... I want to dedicate my bloggaversary to some peeps who have really poured into my spirit.

And they have done it with one thing...


Words, words, a plethora of words...

Today, I honor the Original Oldgirls and that one Original Oldboy. This list contains a hand-picked few. And there are more to come.

I thought I would do several posts to get all the people in, but i just don't have the time or the energy right now. Plus, I gotta prep for my dayum interview (excuse the language, but that's just how I am feeling right now).

So here's what I am going to do. I'm going to add to this list All the bloggers (and readers who lurk like they done lost their minds) who have had influence on me. If you read me and/or have had personal contact with me, or if I am an avid reader of YOUR blog, your name is on this list.

As Zhane says in the first song of my Playlist... I am Sending my Love to YOU!!!!

But up first, in no particular order...

Now, ya'll know, I'm not only the Original Oldgirl... I am also the SPEEDRACER.

And I have my own personal Superhero, who swoops in when my writing spirit is a bit troubled. The writer who I affectionately refer to as "RACER X".

Also known as "Miss Celie". Also known as The Almighty Queen (of Lurk City, since she lurk on here like she done lost her natural mind)

The baddest writin' diva in the solar system.. That Original Oldgirl Tayari Jones.

Man, I LOVE THIS DAYUM WRITER. All day, er' day. I've been her #1 fan for the last 4 years, and posed a very mild threat (involving guns, shanks, and hot grits) over on her blog for ANYONE who DARES to say different. HUMPH.
Ya'll wanna know how much I appreciate this writer?

She has over 20 tributes to her on this blog. 20. Miss Celie, if you ever feeling low, you can always mosey over the house of LadyLee and read about how WONDERFUL you are.

She is the BEST mentor I've had EVER. And I have A LOT of mentors in different areas of my life. Man, she mentor me so well, I don't even have to talk to her. I just send out telepathic vibes..

*LadyLee squints hard and sends out vibes*


I just send out vibes. She gonna call or text me within the five minutes, or she's gonna put up a blog post that answers my questions. THAT's what I call a good mentor.

I am her #1 fan.

Really though. I am a FAN for life.

Girl, thanks for doing all you do to help develop the writer in me. You are always on hand for advice and a girly talk or two... Thanks a BUNCH. I am so glad that even though you are a celebrity, that you and I can be friends. (I'm JUST now getting to the point where I don't freak out when we yack on the phone, lol).

You alright with me, Miss Celie. You sho nuff is, chile.

The Microphone Queen, The Original Oldgirl Sharon: I met Sharon back in 2005 at the NBCC here in Atlanta. I'd gone there (of course) to meet Tayari Jones for the first time and to see her read. (Man, that's the ONLY reason I came up off of 235 bucks for registration fees, lol). But Sharon and I were in a Novel writing workshop together. People who know me, I am notoriously quiet. But this woman was all involved, asking questions. She grumbled something to herself in frustration, and I let her know of a nice book that would help her with her writing issues... I got her contact info and sent her the book...

That was the beginning of an AWESOME friendship. Hey girl, we've had many serious talks over the years that have increased me as a person. And I can appreciate you calling me out on my bullsh**, lol. I can't put a price on it, it's priceless. Thanks for being there for me! Thanks for continuously pouring into my spirit.

That Original Oldgirl Chele: In the back of my major journal, I have my list of favorite authors. Nestled comfortably below Khaled Hosseni and above Kimberla Lawson Roby at #9 is Michele Matthews, aka, That Original Oldgirl Chlele. She has written 2 books, Raymond's Daughters, and Confessions of a Beautiful Woman. Both had me all emotional and crying. That means they were GOOD. Thanks for writing those books. Both poured so much into my spirit at a time when I needed them.

I absolutely love her blog and her self-assessment. Chele, you've taught me to be true to ME. When I'm hurting, I can say I'm hurting. When I'm being trife, I can say I'm being trife. Because I've seen you so often not point the fingers at others but back at yourself and say "Wait, hold up. I'm the one that needs to change here." Thanks for that. Thanks for pouring into my spirit, girl.

That Original Oldboy Hassan: Hassan, Hassan, Hassan.

Hassan is the KING of self-assessment. I would read his blog and be like... "A brother don't look at himself THAT hard". Man, he lays it waaaay out there. This brother has talked about suicidal thought, all KINDS of stuff. And has talked of how he's gotten through it. This brother looks at himself and won't lie about what he sees. I've learned from you, Hassan, to assess myself in that manner.

The most important thing Hassan has done for me is to straighten my head out concerning my depression over my brother joining the Army at a time of war. It was because of you, Hassan, that I was able to find peace on the situation (you remember your comments). You really poured into my spirit at a time when I was REAL upset and truly felt like a failure. (Verbal slaps to the back of the head can do that to you). And now man, you got me about to go out here and start a revolution! Thanks for letting me know it's alright to look at myself, to find the flaws and to fix them. You're the KING of that.

And thanks for letting me know that I am not a failure.

That Original Oldgirl Serenity30: I've read Serenity30's blog since she was Serenity23, lol... It's been amazing to see this chick make goals and follow them through, make more goals an follow them through, and keep it going. You can't get Original Oldgirl status 'til age 30, and this woman was REALLY working for hers. (Yeah, I hope that ain't the only reason she was working so hard, lol.)

I'ma tell you something right now, and this is for you young bloggers who are trying to find your way (*Lee clearing her throat hard* ya'll know who ya'll are): Go read Serenity30's blog from head to toe. I'm talking all 1035 posts. All the way from when she was a straight up chickenhead, kicking rocks trying to tare up everything to NOW, when she's a FULL grown woman making a GOOD way in life.

I promise you, and I'll bet the house on that... You'll develop a VISION for your own life after pouring through that.

I'm just saying. Man, real talk... Ya'll got resources out here. You got a full blog of her stuff. She lays out the EXACT process for achieving whatever you want to achieve in life. And you will see it from the point of where she didn't know her head from a hole in the ground, to NOW, this point in time, a woman depending all God in all matters, with manisfestation of mere dreams abounding...

You go and read that, and are STILL lost... well, you just don't want to be found, or you just don't want to find your way bad enough...

Let me put it bluntly... If you don't go read her entire blog from start to finish and it don't change you or make you say "Gee, I got goal, and now I know I can accomplish that goal, whatever it may be."

If you don't say that?

Then you is just one sorry ass muthaf****.

I am sorry to tell you that, as I don't like opening my book of cuss. Ya'll know we don't cuss too much in the House of LadyLee.

But that is what you ARE. Shoot man, everybody got a goal or two they want to achieve. NEWSFLASH: she got the plan laid out for you, fool!!!

*Lee burying Book of cuss back in her backyard*

I'm just saying...

And she inspires ME, an old Oldgirl, to be better, to want better and to DO better. Thanks for pouring into my spirit, girl.

The Original Oldgirl LBeezy aka LBigga aka LBoogie... First of all, you got too many names. Goodness. Choose one. Thank goodness I know your gub'ment name.

THIS is the blogger who I BITE. When I say BITE, that's an old school rap term.

BITE means "to copy". So when you see...

*crickets* or *gas face* or *LadyLee hurling herself off the roof*

That ain't my "originalness" coming through. That is a technique I bite from LBeezy. Shoot, I don't think she uses it anymore. (She has grown). You know it's a trip when I'm like, "I'ma borrow that stuff" and she's like "Whatever, I don't care." LOL!!

She was one of the big time black bloggers at one time, but a bee-yotch name 'Trina (Hurricane Katrina) derailed a little of that. No, I suppose that ain't the only reason she chilled off blogging and all, but this chick loss everything, had to pick herself and her son up, and move to another state. But when you're going through, well, a damn blog ain't all that important, you know? I've seen her come from losing everything, to building her life back up. She's a successful engineer, who has taught me much about keeping finances in order and is the one person who can say "Lee, let me put my 2 cents in... blah, blah, blah", and it will be the very thing I needed to straighten out my head.

She has a quiet blog (and I know she loves it that way) and I've learned from her that you should do blogging because you LOVE it, and your love for it is pure. You have to have passion for your blogging.

So, LBeezy... I want to thank you ver much for pouring into my spirit.

Well, well, well, that takes care of alllllllll the "Originals"- bloggers who have had a PROFOUND affect on me over the past 3 years.

There are 2 "Originals-in-Training" right now, who will get their Platinum Plus card carrying Original Oldboy or Oldgirl status later this year.

And I will give you a clue to who they are: they are the only 2 WHITE bloggers who read my blog.

**blog family gasps**

Yo, The House of LadyLee is Equal Opportunity!!

I loves the white childrens too!!


Another is a recent blogger whose blog I LURK like crazy on, and just now have started commenting. I found her through the Original Oldgirl Sharon. (Whoever Sharon rolls with... well, I know they got some dayum sense).

So, look out for those status updates during this year...

UPDATES: See, I was telling the truth! Here are more bloggers!

Terry off in his Cheap Seats: This right here was my Daddy in another life (if I believed in reincarnation, lol). Man, I love your writing, I love that your blog is about what you want to write about, and I love your storytelling skills blended with the history lessons. And thanks for lurking like a MUTHA over in these parts. It is ALWAYS great to see you leave a comment, because I KNOW it is gonna be a good one!!

That Southern Black Gal: The best Lil' Wayne jock ridin' blogger out there. I LOVE YOUR blog. You blend subject matters better than anybody. I LOVED-ED it that, girl!! And you've always supported this Oldgirl. Keep doing what you do!! (And I'm sorry for the Lil' Wayne thing. Serenity rides his jock more than you. I don't listen to todays music, so you gonna have to give me a sanger that you jock. To me, Lil' Wayne represents what is vile about todays music... Perhaps you jock Flava-FLAAAAAV (Inside joke). You know what I mean.


Kayla: Girl, I've been reading you a loooooooong time. Long, long time... You have written some poetry that has made this Oldgirl smile, and I don't even get off on poetry that much. But with you, when I see a poem posted, I'm like "Oooooh, she wrote a poem!" You make me excited about poetry. Your poetry pours into my spirit..

Frank aka "Luke Cage, the Urban Knight: You know what, man? Your posts are soooo long-winded. Even more long-winded than mine. AND I LOVE THAT, MAN! LOVED-ED IT! And you know, I don't even think or you as a regular man walking around in regular clothes. You always wear your favorite superhero uniform, and a person has to look at you a certain way because you are what I always call you... a hologram. LOL!! I love your posts. You did a podcast all about one of your fears one day, and I will NEVER forget how you bared your heart that day. I was so glad you were MAN enough to share. It really blew me away, and that day, I thought about the things that scared me. Thanks for pouring into my spirit...

ATLien Nikki: Yeah, yeah, I know you scream Brooklyn, but uh... WELCOME TO THE ATL. Girl, you know I love your blog (with your doggone nasty self), and I love your way with words. I could go on and on and on... but one thing I know: I will never forget dinner at Agave, where we talked about things outside of blogland. Glad we could share like that. You got a friend for life that day. Thanks for taking time to pour into my spirit, and for me to do the same for you! I AM DOWN FOR YOU, NIKKI!!!

The 2nd 68: I'ma tell you something. When I opened up your blog, and saw that you had put me in a BLOG HAREM, I was like WTF? But I am very PROUD to be chosen for your personal harem (that still sounds, *crickets*), amongst the other ladies whose blogs you deeply admire. I love your blog, as it is funny as all get out, and I love it more when you lift that ol' 80's Adidas tight t-shirt and show us what's deep in your heart: your undying love for your wife, your love for family, and the need to be happy. I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU, MAN! Thanks for pouring into my spirit..

Opinionated Diva and Ms. Behaving and Dreamy: I am glad to be in the 2nd 68's blog harem with you three chicks. Why? Because your blogs are FUNNIER than mine. I said it... FUNNIER! When I need a good HARD laugh, I run up on you three. I am proud to be in 2nd 68's harem with the all of you. Yes, all of you need to help me in the kitchen (especially Dreamy's black tail), instead of sitting on ya'lls asses all day and/or taking turns satisfying King 2nd 68. LOL. Thanks for giving me a good laugh at times when I have felt like doing nothing but crying.

Beleiver64: This blogger right here is my spiritual soul sister for life. She has a very keen eye for reading things over here at LadyLee, reading between the lines, and hitting me up on a personal email thread for a little one on one talk. I love those words "Let's explore this, Ladylee." Those are GOOD words. She thoroughly understands my bad habit of retreating into myself on a few matters and does an excellent job of bringing it all back and REALLY ministering to my spirit. She says all the hard stuff, but mixes it with kind words. THANKS, HON, for taking time out with me. As I always tell you... I know God loves me because he sent you from alllll the way across the USA to deal with me... Thanks for pouring in my spirit.

La: Man, La is the truth. Shoot. This is a newly added blog to my blogroll. La is hands down the best pure writer in blogland. Yep. It's true. Hands down.

Now, me and ATLien Nikki were hanging out at the 'Shed tonight (8/14/08), chowing DOWN, when she asked me...

"Lee, have you checked out La?"

"Shoot yeah!"

And all of a sudden, in unison we yelled "LA IS OFF THE CHHHHHAAAAINNN!"

Man, if it wasn't a shame, we both would have jumped up and torn the Watershed down. (But our food was too expensive to be throwing around. The Watershed is NOT McDonalds).

That's how much we like La. I like her so much, I'ma start campaigning for her for the Black Blog award for best writing in a blog.

Reading La gives me the same feeling I have felt after some good lovemaking with a FINE man, followed by a nice fat joint, a COLD Bottle of Boones Strawberry Farms, and a rack of spare ribs.

Yes... the feeling of being FULLY satisfied and satiated. It doesn't get any better that La!!!

This chick somehow found her way over to my blog and left a comment on my last post. It made me want to go curl up in a corner in a tight fetal position. Honestly, my blog is not even worthy of her reading. I'm just honored that she saw something she like. You are the MAN, La!!!

Ms. I just hung out with her last week. She is a member of Lurk City. I haven't met anyone who absolutely LOVES books as much as this woman, and I mean ALL genres. I can imagine her walking down the street and she sees a tattered book laying on the ground. She will pick it up, dust it off, and hold it close to her bosom, like it is solid goal.

It is a book you, see.

And it is worthy to be cherished no matter how tattered, dirty or skanky it is.

Now THAT's a chick that love books. LOL!!, you were in town the other night and we enjoyed a good dinner and good convo... You are one smart cookie, you lurker!!! Thanks for pouring into my spirit.

The Good Nurse: This is one of Tayari's homegirls. So you know, anyone cool with Miss Celie, well they gotta be good people. She's just a master lurker. We hooked up at the Watershed, and uh, fooling with her, we got put out (I ain't fooling with you no more, man. LOL). Good Nurse, I called you and asked you about some supplements I was taking, and you took the time to talk to me about it on a level I could understand. Thanks for that, hon! It meant a lot.

Tiffy D: My beloved "Gang Leader" of my Finance group, the Triple F Possee, i.e., the Financial Freedom Fighters (FFF: AcTiVAte!). She is one of my favorite book club sistas, Now, this chick had me emailing her all my posts every morning. She is an AVID reader of my blog, but never comments, making her a master lurker. We kick emails back and forth like crazy about my posts... I learn MUCH from this chick, financial and otherwise. Thanks for pouring into my spirit, Tiffy D.

(stay tuned for more blogger names added here)

I think what I'ma do, is just keep adding to this post, so I won't have to keep doing a bunch of posts, lol... The next post I will do will be on my celebration of my 10th anniversary of my Ph.D.

So come back and look around in this post, above for YOUR name and my thoughts about YOU. I will be adding throughout the day, today and tomorrow.

So with that...

You know how I roll...


Let's EAT!!!!!

Now some of ya'll KNOW ya'll ain't "regular". Haven't been to the bathroom in DAYS!! So have some of this good fresh fruit!!

Uncle Cre, pull out the witch kettle and boil up some grease. I want some good HOT fried Tilapia today!!

"No, LadyLee."

*LadyLee's smile melts from her face* "Whatchu talkin' about Uncle Cre?"

"LadyLee, now, I just fried up all that dayum fish last week for that dayum friend of yours. What's her name?"

"Nikki, you talking about ATLien Nikki?" I ask.

"Yes. that was 5 gallons of grease. I ain't frying no more fish! Ya'll shoulda saved some from then. Got me all out here fighting with mosquitos and frying fish. NO!"

"But that was over a week ago!"


"I want some fish!!!"


*LadyLee wails out of control and falls out on the ground and has a SERIOUS tantrum*

Dreamy walks into the room. "Uncle Cre, please fry this child some fish. I'm tired of her black tail hollering like this. And this fruit she laid out is just about gone. I'll drench it in cornmeal, just get that witch's kettle and get the oil hot. Thanks, Papi."

Uncle Cre looks at me laid out on the grown hollering down and shakes his head. "Alright gal, I'll fry you some fish."

*LadyLee smiles hard*


We got the HOT. FRIED. FISH for the Party People!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I got the grill going. It's still summertime! GRILL, GRILL, GRILL!!!

And you KNOW there's always someone hollerin' about they don't eat pork. GEEZ!! So for them, I grilled up some shrimp and crab!

I cooked up some gumbo...

And for you REAL country folk: My grandma brought over some chittlins! (Dang. We don't have many chitterlings left over. Blogger 2nd 68 ate most of it before we could get it to the table).

Hold your horses. The salmon and biscuits are almost ready!

And for the super health counscious folks, we have all the stir-fry you can eat!

Good LAWD, there is some good eatin' up in my Party!!!!
"Where the Liquor at, LadyLee!" Blog Fam screams, even though they got a case of the "itis" right now.

I tell you... black folks. You know we love the libations...

I don't drink, so it don't matter to me, but for all you drunks, we got that

Bitch on Ice... So nice so nice.
Come on, sang with me... *Lee does the running man dance*

"Bitch on Ice... so nice, so nice! Bitch on Ice... so nice, so nice!!!"

(Note: Tayari, I have a bottle of that for you. PLEASE don't let me forget to give it to you while you are in town, homie!!)

Grab a plate, and Party ON!!!

Oh, and don't forget to leave room for dessert.

Tiny, grab that ice cream out the freezer!

Party People, make sure you have a few of LadyLee's Oatmeal Raisin walnut cookies and Chocalate Chip Pecan cookies.

And we got a little double chocolate coffee infused cake! Have a slice!!

Whew!!! That was a GOOOD party...

Thank ya'll so much for stopping by and helping me celebrate my Bloggaversary...

Now... you ain't got to go home, but you got to get the hell up outta HERE!!! You can come back for the Ph.D. party on Friday, but right now, I got the "itis" and I need to lay down.

Dreamy shakes her head. "Now, LadyLee, you know your black tail is wrong for this."

"Whatever, Dreamy... you get your blacktail (and your alter egos Ghetto Mary and Creamy), up on out of here."

You can leave your wrapped gifts and love Offerings at the door as you go out...

Make all checks payable to

Dr. LadyLee
2008 Original Oldgirl Alley
House of Lady Lee, GA 30303

Thanks much!!!

(Come back to read the rest of the blogger shout-outs, and come back Friday for the Ph.D. celebration party!)