Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Afta-Noon ramblings...

Good Afta-noon!

How is everyone faring?

I feel fine. Still under the weather, just a tad though.

The current temperature here in the ATL is, uh...

I don't know. All I know is it is NICE outside. A bit cool, just enough for a light jacket or sweater. But it is suppose to reach the 70's today. GLORY!!!

My weekend. I'ma try to make this a short post. (Shut up and stop smirking!)

I had a great weekend. The Iniquitous One, Nikki, stopped by The House of LadyLee on Saturday night.

Yeah, she still alive, ya'll... just not blogging right now. I cooked dinner and we hung out.

I will write about that this week sometime.

My BFF's birthday is today, but we celebrated yesterday...

Happy Birthday LadyTee!!!!!

She turned 41, but she said she don't feel a day over 20. Go head on, girl!!

And LadyTee looks to be about 20, so she is holding her age VERY well.

I will write about that later this week also.

So hanging out with the two of them, my BFF since age 10, and my buddy as of late, Nikki, made for a GREAT weekend.

Quote of the month: This one is from a blog that I absolutely LOVE, According to Aretha .

I like her blog because she is very positive about how she approaches her issues. Not knowing what to do in a situation doesn't get her all discombobulated. She becomes more intuitive and analytical concerning it, instead of falling apart. And there is always a spiritual thread looped through it in somehow, in some way.

And you know, this Oldgirl likes that!

She is fasting and praying during her lent season. I think she even stopped watching television during this time. I am terribly excited about this. I was hoping that she would post or at least write out in her personal journals some of her personal revelations, because there will be many without all the distractions. (Well, I was REALLY hoping she posted them... I am REALLY looking forward to what was going on in her spirit).

And this quote was simply remarkable (from Lent Lesson #3)

"The fact is that sometimes we actually are only visitors to a situation, a place, or a person…it’s called a season of your life. I appreciate God’s glory and mercy even when I don’t completely understand what’s going on. So, with that, I appreciate being in this space at this time in my life and I won’t allow my complaining to block the blessings that are here for me to receive or those blessings that are supposed to be provided to others through me."

I don't know, Mayne... I felt my heart beat a little faster when I read that one.

I've been meditating on that every since I read that. That was some good stuff right there.

We are living in a time where we just need to stop trying to figure out everything in our minds and simply be thankful and appreciate where we are right now in life.

You and I are where we are for a reason.

And it is for a season.

You know, I figured out the reason that I get all bent out of shape about stuff was because I feel the situations are permanent.

Nothing's ever permanent. Everything is temporary. Everything.

Just like a frickin' hairdo. A hairdo don't last forever.

Don't believe the hype.

All situations are subject to change.

And I give myself only a limited amount of time to complain about a situation.

I mean, I am only human.

I hurt.

I cry.

I whine.

I yell... and much more.

But, I make SURE I follow that up with twice as much thanksgiving. God has given me much. Not only that, but He has always kept me out of messes I don't even know about.

I am thankful for that.

And I don't want Him to ever say "You ungrateful thing, you. Nothing is ever good enough for you."

And I sure don't want my blessings blocked due to lack of gratitude. EVER.

And let's not EVEN get over into the notion of blocking blessings that are to be provided to others through me. Let's not even talk about how my complaining could be messing things up for someone else.

THE HORROR!! That even makes the *crickets* pause and think. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ALIVE!!

Thanks for making me think, Aretha.

I really love your blog...

That's it for me. This was short (for me, that is).

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

And have a good week... ON PURPOSE.


  1. Yeah...I like that one...

    I've already "cut and pasted" and will print and re-read and let it soak in...Nod my head while I'm doing way of acknowledging when something is good for my soul.

    Might just print out your whole post...

    Thanks Old Gal..You're good for something more than just crochet lessons...I need round 2 -- and Teenaged Cyncere --needs an excuse to get back to your crib :)

  2. I'm glad you could connect with a my learned lesson. You were absolutely right, without all the distractions, things are revealed so easily.

    By the way, Lady Tee does look 20..tell her to bottle and sell her beauty

  3. So much muthaflippin' word in this post til it's unreal!!! I'm cutting and pasting too and hanging it up on the wall man!!! This is so inspiring to me, thanks a mill!!!

  4. A very inspiring post which is good for me because I can't figure out a damn thing most of the time in my life. lolololol..

    Lady Tee does look twenty...Wow..
    Black really don't crack! lolol.

    So check it out..Tomorrow is my birthday..I will have a guest do the post for me, but do come by and have some " cake" (You'll understand when you go on my site
    tomorrow. (Smiles and church hugz!)

  5. YES! YES! YES!
    Just what I needed to read on my Lenten Journey!

    The only thing constant is CHANGE! and you know I have seen a lot of it! LOL!

    Although LOVE never changes. LOVE IS!

    Short post? Really? Ha ha ha!

  6. @Cyncere... Yeah Cyncere, that's a quote that's going to go on a notecard. It'll get posted on the bathroom mirror for sho. I can contemplate it while brushing my teeth!!

    @Aretha... When you said you were going to do what you were going to do during Lent, I was like..

    Ah, suki-suki NOW!!

    Aretha 'bout to drop some WORDS, man!

    I've been perusing those Lent lessons. Make sure to post more, because they really do speak to an Oldgirl. Really.

    @Bunny... That quote was so alive that it was breathing... so hot that it could catch fire! lol

    @Keith... lol@ "Black don't crack".

    Happy birthday, bruh...


    BABZ!! Wassup, Ms. Lenten JourneyGirl?

    You dropping the knowledge over at your spot with the daily lenten nuggets... I might have to post some of your discoveries too!

    I knew you would like that.

    And you know that was a SHORT post for me, Babz... Stop trippin'!

  7. What we can always count on is change.

    Living in the "now" and recognizing blessings and lessons gives way to spiritual freedom.


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