Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Chayse!

I would like to wish a Happy belated Birthday to my favorite House of LadyLee Mascot...

**Happy Birthday Chayse**

Chayse turned 5 last Saturday.

(Man, I can't even remember turning 5 years old. I am getting old)

She is a great kid, and a most excellent mother to her son Kramer William!!

Uh, yeah... Kramer is still on some weird extended "permanent vacation" at my house. She comes over to visit her child periodically. (I'ma call DFACS on her lil' behind).

I sent her a birthday card in the mail.

She is a Dora the Explorer FANATIC. I bought the sticker set some 4 months ago, and I had to tare up my bedroom looking for them. There was NO way I was going to keep the stickers around (Besides, that wide-eyed monkey creature creeps me out a bit. He looks high or something.)

I also bought her 4 books. I don't have any wrapping paper, so I used scrapbooking paper. It seems to have worked just fine.

I even put her name on them.
I had to buy her some books that had BIG words and paragraphs and stuff. We've read together a few times, and she likes that type of stuff ("Don't help me with the words, Miss LadyLee, I can sound them out myself!!!"). So, uh, with her high reading level, I had to get some stuff for an 8 year old - Snow White, A princess book, a fairy book, and a Little Red Riding hood book.

I showed the books to her Daddy, our workgroup Super Hero Hen-Dog, and asked if I had to read them to see if there was anything inappropriate in them. He said "No, if there is, she will tell us."


Alrighty then!

He said she started reading her books right then at her birthday party.

Now that's a chick with a future. Put the toys down and read books!

So Chayse, Happy Birthday Chile. You alright with me.

I hope, no, I KNOW, that year #5 will bring great things!!


  1. Happy Birthday also March baby!!!!

    Why again is HER cat living in YOUR house? I think you told me but I may have forgotten... too much studying...

  2. Happy Birthday Chayse that is so sweet. We are both March babies

  3. Happy Birthday Chayse!!! My son is a March baby too!!

  4. I am almost tired of those books already, but you did select well. She loves them. She even took Snow White to school to share with her classmates today. Thanks Much.

  5. Happy belated Bday to Chayse!

  6. She is too precious for words! Happy belated Bday Chayse!!!

  7. She's a cutie pie!!!

  8. She's such a cutie! Maybe you can introduce her to Tyler when I put him on the bus to spend the summer with you. LOL

  9. Happy Birthday! She is too cute....


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