Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hangin' with LadyTee, Part II


LadyTee and I had just seen a FANTASTIC movie for her birthday. We left the darkness of the movie theater and yipped and yapped about scenes of the movie we liked, then she said what she wanted to do next.

"Let's go get our manicure and pedicure."

*LadyLee grumbling hard*

Now, look. I'm a tomboy, but I like a little girly stuff sometimes. I love makeup, stockings, nice clothes, all these things. I'm more partial to comfort these days, though - jeans, sweats, tshirts, sneakers.

I also like a nice pedicure from time to time...

But I never get my nails done.

Why? Because I don't like this type of craziness:

No. Unh-unh. Hell nawl.

You have my permission to kick my butt if you ever see me with ghettofabulous nails. Really.

Yeah, that is jacked up. But that ain't the real reason I don't get my nails done.

I work with a lot of acetone (nail polish remover), which we use for experiments, and I sometime get the stuff on my hands. So, uh, no manicures. Waste of money.

But LadyTee wanted to do this.

Now, I had gone awhile without a manicure because I got a toenail infection over a year ago. (I was HOT behind that). Then Kentucky told me that our Mama got an infection at the same place. I wanted to bust Kentucky in her eye. She got this thing for telling me stuff AFTER the fact, instead of warning me beforehand.

My last manicure was right before the cruise. I tend to get a manicure if I plan on wearing sandals or showing my feet. So Kentucky sent me to her favorite place, some place in the HOOD. There were burglar bars on the windows and the Asians talked REAL loud. They were hollering so much of their language that by the time I walked out of the place, I could've sworn I understood what they were talking about.

Kentucky got the hard verbal beatdown from me about that!

So, I was a bit whiny about LadyTee's birthday request.

Of course she paid me no mind. I have been whining since I was 10, and she has been around that long. She knows to ignore me.

"Turn right here Lee, it's over there next to the TJMaxx," says LadyTee.

(In other words "Whatever broad, park this doggone car and come on.")

I'd decided that I would just sit with her while she got her nails and feet done. I made sure to bring a current crochet project to past the time.

I was content with my plan...

I started whining all over again when I saw the door to the place standing wide open.

"Tam, look! They got the door open. It's probably hot as hell up in there! UGGGH!!"

She ignored me, and kept walking towards the place.

I continued to hem and haw.

That is, until I saw this:

Chandaliers in the Nail house!!


I was like "Wooooooowwwwww!"

Apparently LadyTee had checked the place out beforehand. She'd called earlier and had made an appointment and obtained a birthday discount. LOL!!

Shoot man... I kicked my sneakers and socks OFF so fast that they almost hit some folk in the head.


This place was SOOOOO nice. There were chandaliers, marble floors, butter soft microsuede massage chairs...

Even the water baths had color strobe lights.

That's what's HOT!!

It was nice. Asians not talking all loud and tripping. Just really nice.

And every female in Fayette county was up in there. They were real busy that Sunday afternoon.

LadyTee and I picked out our nail polish. She chose some hot pink craziness. I chose my usual dark red/maroon.

This is the chick who did my pedicure.

She told me her name, but heck, I don't remember it.

LadyTee was all smiles.

You couldn't tell her nothing. She was getting the fly nail soaks.
She was so happy that she wasn't even snapping on me when I was joning out her ring. ("Look at you girl, with that "Oh Mighty Isis" ring on. LOL)

My feet were looking pretty good.

I'm never as bold as LadyTee. She was down for that hot pink!! EWW

Now, I was a bit perturbed earlier about hanging out all day. I wanted to catch a little basketball. They had flat screen televisions on the wall of this place. We watched Enemy of the State. That was cool. But I would've LOVED to catch some basketball...

Then lo and behold, some dude walked into the place and turned on a BASKETBALL GAME.

I was in heaven.

Only caught the last lil' bit of the game, but WHATEVER.

Sitting in the nail shop, watching some b-ball. PRICELESS.

(That guy was one of the nail technicians. Thank goodness for a man who can do some nails AND enjoy a good game of basketball!)

I tell you, there is NOTHING in the world like sitting back and yacking with my BFF. We yack the same way we yack now as we did in our preteen days. Nothing in the world like that!

We were there for 2 hours. I only got a pedicure, but LadyTee got a manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow arching.

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Parillas, afterwards for dinner.

We drank virgin peach daquiris and ate until our hearts content.

We had some serious "itis". For real.

Another birthday. LadyTee's 41st. And a successfuly celebrated one at that.

Now my birthday, my 39th, was the first birthday in a VERY long time that I didn't spend with her. I was on my cruise then. (And she was so HAPPY about that, it might as well have been her on the cruise, lol).

So this was all about us celebrating our birthdays together, really.

And a fine time it was!

So LadyTee, I am soooooo glad you are my best friend. For the last 29 years, you have been there for me and supported me through thick and thin. You've been my greatest fan, my biggest cheerleader, and you have never hesitated to chin-check me when you thought I was going in a bad direction or dealing with the wrong people. You've been my greatest advisor next to God in all things, and you have never steered me wrong. Ever.

I know God really thinks about me because He has allowed you to be in my life.

(She always says that to me. I truly understand that these days).

So here's to you...

And here's to many more happy birthdays...

And even a pedicure... or two.

I love you, Tam... I really do.

Your BFF, best friend for life, LadyLee.


  1. How did I guess... mani and a pedi... Y'all deserved it.. You know I mess with the Asian guys and gals --they grin whey they see my coming -- I make them tell me their real names...tell them how skinny they are --even get the macho Kung Fu crew cut wearing guy that does my nails to grinning --

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. Where is that Mexican joint...I'm part Mexican when it comes to their cuisine. LOL!

  2. 'cuse my flagrant typos!

  3. Lord hav mercy...

    Good stuff. Funny (with your fickle self), but good. Good times, that is. The way it should be with your BFF.

    Glad y'all still enjoy each other and get out and still do stuff. You do owe her an outing for your birthday though.

  4. www.bayoucreole.wordpress.com12:29:00 PM

    That place is beautiful, if they has a place down here that looked like that, I'd be there all the time.


    Glad you all had a wonderful time.

  5. WHat a good friend you are. Spending the day with your BFF doing the things she wants to do. Very cool.

  6. Now I want a mani/pedi too! Gotta find a shop like that here. They have one in every strip mall but I'm leery of them and the sanitary process or lack thereof LOL!!!

    Glad yall had a great time! Happy Belated LadyTee.

  7. Um, so next time - take me with you - mkay?

  8. Sounded like a great day. Glad you got to watch a piece of the game.

  9. You guys had a good day. I need to do the same thing.......


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