Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Wrath of Darth Sista

I am off today...

And I will be off until February 17th.

Management is not happy about this.

But I currently have a TON of vacation time.

An Oldgirl likes to take OFF for her birthday. In this case, I head out on a cruise on my birthday. So let's just say, I need a little more time.

Management clench and gnash their teeth over this phenomena...

So, I imagine my good supervisor, The Darth Sista, pondering my impending vacation as she looked through her closet for shoes to match her snazzy outfit.

"LadyLee is taking off today. I have to be SURE to give her a very hard time. I need some special shoes just to help me harass her."

And she found those special shoes...

After yesterday, I am convinced they were "I'm gonna kick LadyLee's ASS" boots!!!

(I am SHOCKED that she posed for these pictures.)

And that is allllllll she did yesterday: harass poor lil' me. Several times yesterday, I heard the unmistakable "click-click-click-click-click" of her special boots on the floor as she prowled through the halls...

...looking for me.

I didn't notice them at first, as I stay the heck out of her way with a vengeance, but we had a looooong team meeting yesterday afternoon, and I was sitting up against the wall, perpendicular to her. I pondered those boots something terrible...

"Those boots are HOT! Got the lil' S&M buckle on the side!"

"Dang, she must be going straight to the club after work!"

"Shoot man... she must be the feature attraction at the strip club tonight. She's gonna work those boots while working the dayum pole!"

"Them some HOT boots right there!!"

She asked me the status of my instrumentation. My brain was frozen. *Crickets abound*

She knows me pretty well... I had that "I don't care, Darth Sista, I'm going on vacation!" look in my eyes.

Oh, she was really hot then.

Harrassed me even more.

She even walked over to my desk to make SURE I was working.

I let her have her Micromanagement Queen fun. Didn't matter. I am off until the 17th.

She called to see if I would be around for a couple of days, sort of thinking she could send some work home via our group SuperHero Hen-Dog, who lives down the street from me.

I would NOT give her a straight answer on that.

I said "Uh, you gonna have to catch me at Wal-Mart or a stop light, man!"

She really was hot behind that.

And uh, Hen-Dog... I know him. He ain't knocking on my door with paperwork!


But I got her back. I called her on her cell phone a good hour after she'd left work. I could hear her infant whining in the background as I asked questions.

I hung up, called her again with more questions.

I snickered. I told my coworker Lieutennant Meek-Meek, who was standing next to me, "I oughta call that broad again."

LOL! No, I left her alone. Didn't want to get cussed out. None of that.

But it is good to be off...

And Darth Sista can safely put her "Ass kicking boots" away.

(Or, maybe she needs them for the strip club after all!)


  1. Anonymous10:16:00 AM

    You silly.

    Those are some hot boots. I need those in my life.

    If you don't post before you board your cruise, have a wonderful time.

  2. LMAO! You funny Old Gal...

    I like boots --not the three inch stiletto types but the lower heeled lower cut version.

    Enjoy your time off and pick "you" up a hottie on the cruise!!!

  3. LMAO! You funny Old Gal...

    I like boots --not the three inch stiletto types but the lower heeled lower cut version.

    Enjoy your time off and pick "you" up a hottie on the cruise!!!

  4. Nice boots.

    Have a great vacation!

  5. You are so I love those boots, they're hot. Have a wonderful time off.

  6. "I oughta call that broad again."

    ROFL! I enjoy reading about the office antics and you're humorous take on it all. Good enough for a sitcom. Really!


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