Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras (More Vacation pics)

Happy Mardi Gras to all the New Orleans Natives!!

Today is a holiday down in New Orleans. I remember when I lived down there, from 1998-2001, Mardi Gras fell on a day after Presidents day, so that was a 4 day weekend... OH JOY!

(I am actually off today with a hellacious cold. Thought I'd go to work, but when I woke up with a sore throat, I was down for the count. So, uh Happy Mardi Gras day to me today too, lol)

Anyway, Carnival starts a couple of weeks before Mardi Gras day, so while I was in New Orleans earlier this month, I was able to catch one of the parades. I believe this one was the Krewe of Oshun, which made its run on Valentine Day.

The costumes were pretty, but the floats were not grand and over-the-top like Endymion, Rex, or Zulu. I caught a few beads, but handed them off to the little kids around me. (That whole bead catching thing played out with me after my first Mardi Gras down there).

Prior to the parade, my travel mates "Delta Hound" and "Aunt Ray-Ray" wanted some beignets from Cafe du Monde. So we took the long walk from our hotel to the place. We got our treats and walked down Bourbon street towards the parade route.

"Delta Hound" wanted a drink that she had the night before at a Daquiri shop somewhere on Bourbon. Fooling with these chicks, I ended up drinking some Vampire Blood Daquiri mixed with 190 octane. (I must stop running with lushes!)

Here are a few pics of our trek down Bourbon street.

We got separated when Aunt Ray-Ray heard EU's "Doing the Butt" streaming from some club. She disappeared in there, and Delta Hound was quick on her heels.

I kept walking. After all that liquor, I felt a bathroom break coming on. (And I was NOT going to a restroom in the quarters).

That was the extent of my Mardi Gras "Fun", lol.

(I can't deal with the lushes anymore. Got an Oldgirl sipping on liquor and ish).
You New Orleans peeps... enjoy your day and your ages old tradition!


  1. Never been to Mardi Gras. Hopefully one yr.

  2. I'd like to visit New Orleans.


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