Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday Night Freestyles

Man, listen.

I just KNEW that I was gonna post every day this week. Just KNEW it.

But alas, that didn't happen.

I have been walking around with posts in my head, but I got too busy. And when I get home, I'm flat on my face. Sleep.

It has been a busy but good week. I have felt HORRIBLE all month with some lingering sinus and kidney infections and trying to work. My goodness. This week  I finally saw the light. Finally. I feel 95% better.

It's just that other 5% that's a problem. And not to mention, Aunt Flo showed up.  Lawd.

And I just want to be quiet and be still and concentrate.  Folks get upset because I ain't jovial. I am rarely jovial. I do like to entertain myself, though, and most of the time, that is what I am doing. But not now. Trying to concentrate.

 And heal.

And get my life right.


Anyway.  Let me stop whining.

This hasn't been the most productive day. But my director came by my desk asking for some files, and I thought he was coming to harass me on this big project we're working on. He was overly ecstatic by a spreadsheet of my progress that I pulled up. So it was good to get some notice in my group. That's a good end to my week.

My other bright spot for the day:  The Cowgirl Cre skipped by my desk, dropped off an orange for no reason at all. 

For some reason, that gave me a little joy. I love that Cowgirl Cre accepts me just as I am, whether I am happy or sad, grouchy or jovial, sick or well. I can just be my ol' imperfect self.

Thank you for the orange, man.

Otherwise I've been printing out and crunching data all day. I think I have hammer time in my fingers.


Videos of the week. Phife Dawg of a Tribe Called Quest passed last week. Their music was EVERYWHERE last week. But I really liked that one of our morning traffic people in the ATL did a great tribute to Phife.

Oh that was good! He is definitely a Tribe fan!

And that makes me want to play some more Tribe videos. Here are my two favorite songs by them... "Award Tour" and "Find a Way"

Shoot... got me bout to CRY up in here...

Might as well play "Scenario"!

That makes my week GREAT!

That's it for me. I am glad the weekend is here. I slept most of last weekend, but I hope to be up and at 'em this week. I have much reading to do. Someone in my writer's group gave me a western story to read. Another person gave me a paranormal romance to read. They are both really good!  Digging into those will take up most of my weekend.

You have a great weekend. On purpose!

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