Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ten, no, TWELVE Tuesday Thoughts

12 Tuesday thoughts.

Actually this is a combo of a "thoughts" from last week and a "thoughts" for today.  Might as well post them!

1.  My meds don't kick in until 1:30-2:00 pm.  Until then I am dragging, and that in itself is a drag.

2.  I find myself not wanting to eat during the day. I have been packing some fruit  -bananas, apples, or oranges, easy stuff like that. Not sure what that's about. It is a drag, though.

3. My cubicle mate made the best soup/stew last week, and she brought me some  (this is last week).  I added some croutons from the spot across the street from the job.

4. I must say, I had no idea what I was eating. I know it was chicken and tomatoes and something green. She said it was spinach. I hate cooked spinach, but doggonnit, it worked out GREAT here.

5. Paperwork is super slow right now for some reason. I feel like I'm digging a ditch with a toothpick. And this is alright, because as long as the ditch gets dug, well... that's all that matters.

6. I actually took a day off yesterday. Glory! But it was only because I had a late morning medical appointment. I would usually just go on in to work, but that's a no go these days. It would only wear me out.

7. I have an appointment for a haircut today. The problem is that my Barber is not an easy mile away now. He's about 2 miles away. In a bad area. We will see how it goes down over there today.

8. He is near the King Center, though. And my sister said, after walking through there a few years ago with  her class, that there was a fish house over there that sold fried fish and... wait for it... hair weave.

What a combo.  I'm going to look for it so I can take a picture. Get your fried fish and your hair weave right here!

9.  My doctor gave me a veiled tongue lashing about working too much. It has affected  my health, which I knew. All I could say was that I understand,  I am sorry, and I will do better. Period. And that is the truth.

10. She offered to write a letter to cut my hours. Trust me, it was tempting.  But I refuse to make my life hard. Folks not in great health get treated  horribly at work. I'm  just saying.

11. It is Tuesday, and I am already looking forward  to the weekend.

12. I can't deal with these cold temperatures in the ATL. Why is it 40 degrees in April??

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  1. 40 degrees in April tough?
    We had snow flurries last Saturday! No accumulation thank God.


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