Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Snow Day 2017

I have not been posting, as it is such a chore getting my pictures up. Sigh.

But nevertheless, here I am.  And I had a most exciting "snow day" this past Friday.

No it wasn't some craziness. But snow is snow. It is rare for it to snow in Atlanta in early December. And I'd decided to work from home that day. I hadn't been paying much attention to the news, but I'd sat down at the dining room table to work on a report while the TV was on. The news was on nonstop, so I knew that there was a problem.

All looked well from my front door. 

Then all of a sudden, the snow was coming down hard. Big wet snowflakes.

Here's a view from the garage.

I was out there because I wanted to take the garbage out before it got too bad, where the ground had iced up and I possibly couldn't even make it to the herbie-curbie.

Poor Pam the Protege. Too bad she couldn't be in the garage with Lucy Junior the Lexus.

Here's another view from the front porch.

Right as it started snowing, I placed an order on Uber Eats. I have to remind myself not to do that anymore because that driver who delivered my food was frightened, and soooo sorry that he was late with my food.

I didn't care if he was 20 minutes late. He was even nice enough to text me, and I could see him driving on the app, doing his best to get to my house. I said, "Bruh... you see how bad it is out here? Thank you for bringing my food!"

I gave him a nice tip. And I silently hope he turned his app off and made it home safely. No need to be driving in the snow delivering food. Nope.

Sister Callie and Mitch were pretty much unfazed by the snow issues. Callie stared out the window for awhile. Mitch slept. They got excited, as usual, when I took the sheets off the bed so that I could wash them. When I came back from the laundry room, they were lounging hard.

Not sure why they like a bed with no sheets.

I left out on Monday morning for work and the snow was still trying to melt.
By the time I got home, it was all gone.

I'm glad that it wasn't a storm similar to the one in 2015, where we were all stuck in our houses (and the freeways) for several days.  Although that was a good time, especially since I never lost power or internet. I didn't lose power or internet this time either. But since I teleworked that Friday, I had to work all day. Ugh.

Hopefully this will be the worst of the snow days. And that would be a good thing.


  1. Hi, patiently waiting for join Instagram....

    1. I am already on Instagram. On facebook and in them twitter streets too! I mostly lurk or am apart of specific groups. Those places don't allow me to write long like I want.

    2. Cool! Makes sense. I still stop by and catch up.


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