Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Freestyles... The Rainy Day Edition

It has been raining here in the ATL...

Has it been raining where you are?

Not the little rain showers... I'm talking rain.

Torrential rain. That African rain. That type of rain where when I look out the window, I'm expecting to see Noah's Ark floating by.

Torrential rain.

My goodness.

I need for this to STOP.

There is nothing worse than being outside and it's starting to rain... and it starts to pick up.

*lee running for shelter*


I have a slight roof leak, too. Gotta get that fixed QUICK. I know it's a vent that needs replacing. If I could climb up there and do it myself, I surely would.

Alas, the sun will be back out. I do believe I will take the rain over the the 100 degree weather any day. Yes sir.

Anyway, I am glad it's Friday. I am taking the morning off. I have been having back spasms all week for some reason, and I got up extra early this morning and did too much around the house. So I needed to lay back down, honey. Not sure what this is about. If it's not better over the weekend, I will go to the Doctor.

I am looking forward to weekend. I have much much writing to do. And I needs some rest.

Republican VP picks. So have you heard the whole rumor that Condoleeza Rice is being vetted as a possible republican vice president pick?

Hmm... so just because she is black, and I am black... I'm suppose to vote for her?
Is that what's going on?


I like Condoleeza Rice. For the SIMPLE fact that she went after her own goals and dreams without consulting us negroes and worrying what we think about her. How much will we accomplish if we truly followed our own dreams? Hmm. So I like her. And come on. If she was your sister, Auntie, cousin, friend, Mama... you would be proud of her accomplishments... regardless of whether you agree with her political views or not.

I still ain't voting for ya'll repubs. I'm sorry, but Romney wanna be president because that's on his bucket list or something like that. I'm not clear on what his agenda is. Now, if I was up in the 1% I might feel different.

And he need to clear up all this hidden money he got out there in the Caymans and Swiss bank accounts. At least allow me to have the same. And talk about this Mormon faith. I'm reading the book of Mormon just in case Oldboy becomes my president. I need to know what you believe, sir. Humph.

That doesn't mean Obama does not have his issues. I tend to vote for the person who has more of America in mind. Not just one facet. That's just me, and my opinion.

I tell you what I wish, though. I wish we had 4 or 5 political parties instead of the 2 party system. That would be sooo much better and we would have better choices. Right now it's vote for this one or that one. And I want the election to be OVER so both candidates can stop pimping me!


Moving on.

Quotes of the week. I heard this last week and thought it made quite a bit of sense.

"If you don't go after something, you'll never have anything. If you never ask the questions, the answers will always be no."

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized."

Hmm.  What I get from that is that I need to be proactive. Always striving, always inquiring, and eager to take hold of opportunities.

PROACTIVE in life.  That is all.

That right there is for blogger Chele. Why? Because I know she will like that!!

Advice of the Week. My sister Kentucky know she be listening to EVERY word I say. She remember everything.

I remember when she use to live with me, she would want to talk. She would come sit on my bed when I was minding my own business... She needed to TALK. And I was gonna give my advice on some issha she was having... doggonit.

Anyway, she said the other day "I always remember what you said about this type of situation."

"What's that," I said.

"People have problems. Everybody have problems."

And the situation we were talking about is how your friends can get over into criticizing your life and picking on you about your choices. And I'm not talking about constructive criticism. I'm talking about folks just picking at you. And I will like to throw judgment and gossip into those categories.

I submit to you, and this is my opinion, that such people are doing all that as a cover for their own issues and problems. So to get their minds off the difficult process of dealing with their own lives and internal issues, they gotta judge and talk about YOU...

... just to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Just my opinion. Why? Because some mess always comes out about that person's life. My sister was telling me about such a situation.

And I'm proud of my sister. She doesn't laugh at her friend. She looks at it as an opportunity.

She asks herself how she can be helpful in the situation? How can I be a blessing? Do I have a word of encouragement. Can I be helpful?

She can do that. Because she spends much time working on her own issues. So she has compassion.

That's a little food-for-thought for you on this rainy day. Free of charge from your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl LadyLee.

Kentucky! You's a chip off the ol' LadyLee block! Yes you are.

I LOVE talking to my sister. Her perspective on things is phenomenal.  She is bright and thinks critically about things. I feel stronger and a bit more positive after talking to her. Always a good conversation.

Video of the Week. I found a concert online and watched it all day yesterday. I do believe my cubicle mateCowgirl Cre gonna knock me in the head soon. So I won't pester her today with the "Cre! Look at this!"

Yes, if she has to roll her chair to my side of the cubicle one more time, she's gonna bust me in the head with her stapler. LOL.

Yes, I found that concert... all 2 HOURS worth... on youtube.

*lee's eyes glaze over*

I called my sister Kentucky and told her about it. She was the one wailing about wanting to go, but didn't want to spend $500 on a ticket.

I know that's right, honey.

But man... watching the whole concert. WOW I would've loved to have been there.  The encore at the end just makes me want to BURST into tears. BURST into tears!

I told my sister, "Look, next time, if there is another tour, we just gonna have to go, man. We going."

At least we have the DVD. The DVD/CD combo is available on amazon for $17.

Shoot. That's a GOOD price. Got's to have it.

Alright. That is all for me. I've been sitting here blogging and stretching my back. I THINK I can make it on in to work.

You all have a great weekend.  ON PURPOSE!


  1. We had rain early in the week but its traveled down to you and we are sunny and clear. I love the rain as long as I don't have to be out in it.

    Condi ain't bit mo' thinkin' 'bout being nobody's VP. However, if she were, that would be a brilliant move on Romney's part but it will never happen. It's sort of what McCain was striving for with Palin, but Palin is no Condi. Not by a long shot.

    The quote about opportunites is right on point. I love it because it is just so very true.

  2. I'm proud of Condi too, even if I don't agree with all of her political stances. Just like I think she was tickled pink that Obama was elected...even though she's been on the opposite side of the political fence. Her accomplishments means more opportunity for you and me and one day Jordan Anne.

    Now, there are some folks I can't celebrate... but I'll leave that alone.


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