Monday, July 30, 2012

A Rat Licking Ice and Other High Class Problems

My goodness.

It's so quiet over here in the House of LadyLee that you can hear a rat licking ice.


I heard that phrase from a preacher once. Yes, the place was that quiet. And I thought to myself that I just have to use that in a story. It is such a bold visual.

And that is how quiet The House of LadyLee is lately. Why? Because my internet/DSL has been out. I was working on a post on Friday morning and then bing! Internet was gone! Spent that evening on the phone with AT&T. Ran to the AT&T store twice for a new wireless modem. Still couldn't figure it out, so here comes the repairman all up in my house. And it turns out that my house alarm wires were interfering with my DSL wires.

Okay, whatever that means. My house alarm is cellular now, so rip all that wiring out and keep it moving. So that's what he did. And now we have internet!

Such a high class problem, it was. I am always amazed and reminded of how dependent we are on our electronics. I mean, I couldn't use my netbook, my laptop, or my kindle. Clutch the pearls. How could it be?

There are people with more pressing problems. Heck, I just wanted to do a blog post. That is my personal therapy. Sigh.

Anyway, I am back online now. Haven't tried it out much until this morning. Seems to be working just fine!

*putting ice licking rat out of the House of LadyLee*

Ha Ha!!

I am off today. I called in sick, man.  I did too much this weekend and wore my delicate self completely out. So I woke up this morning walking and moving like Frankenstein. Every joint and muscle hurts. I got a ton of yardwork done, everything from cutting the grass to raking to trimming bushes and edges. I just did it all, honey. Then I got the notion to clean up the house. My goodness. Then all the internet mess.  What a quest it was to get a new modem.

The store was funny... I was told on the phone that I needed a new modem, and it wasn't under warranty. Then when I got to the store they said that I could just exchange it. Alright, I aint gonna fight with yall... just gonna go BACK home and get the wires and turn it in. Thanks much!

That has been happening lately. I have the money to pay for things, and I try to pay, but the people say it says here that you only owe x amount or nothing at all. I pose a question, and they repeat themselves. I ain't arguing with folks. Okay thank you, good bye. *lee kicking up dust heading out the door*

I didn't like being out in the sun on Saturday. Plus there was a Braves game at the Turner Field, so I have to do some serious rerouting to get home. That's no fun when it is hot, hot, hot. I find it is better to drive Lucy in this heat. Pam and her 4 cylinders and that air conditioner... sigh.She gets cold and all, but she don't like it. She gets the shakes at a stoplight. (High class problem).

So needless to say, the only productive thing I've done this morning is watch the Equestrian Cross Country in the Olympics. Horses running through the woods, jumping over stuff and running through water. I was sitting here thinking "That CowgirlCre would get a kick out of this!" Who knew that that was an Olympic event? Wow?

I have a TON of posts, most of which are dependent on getting pictures up. This new google blogger stuff is a beast. I need to be more patient. (High class problem).

As you can see I love the phrase "high class problem". I learned it years ago from the great Tayari Jones. I tend to generate a lot of fiction on paper. She said it was a high class problem to have. Some writers are "eekers", i.e., they have a hard time generating good material. I am a "gusher". That means I can write and write and write. I found her classifications to be profound. (And you know I pick up every word she says like they are little morsels of gold flying out her mouth, lol).

Every since then I tend to categorize my problems. High class problems are problems that I don't need to be griping about. I continuously remind myself of that.

Now, don't get me wrong. A rat licking ice is not a high class problem. You better do something about that thirsty rat. Quickly. lol

Sooo... that is all for today. I want to post, post, post.

And that I will do.

July is coming to a close... this year has flown by, hasn't it?

Make the remainder of July count... on purpose!!!


  1. It's so quiet over here that you can hear a rat licking ice.<--- SAY WHUT!?!!?!? BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  2. Girl you know I DVR'd the 3 day eventing!!! I was trying to watch some of the taped footage while I got ready for work. Yep.. I was almost late!! LOL! All the pretty horses and excellent riders. I dont think the tv does them any justice bc the jumps are HUGE!!

  3. High class problems, indeed.


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