Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Morning Randomness.... HOT!

Man oh man!

It is HOT!

Hot, hot, HOT!!!

I can say it in french... IL FAIT CHAUD!!!

The high this weekend was 106 degrees in my beloved ATL!!

What the heck is going on?

I've been remotely watching the news, and it looks like somewhere out there, there are are areas that have lost power. Not sure what part of the country that is, but OH MY! I can't imagine!!


And I know better. Your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl has been in the house. Even though my air conditioner isn't the best. I keep the thermostat set at 78 degrees, and with this hot weather, it is having a heck of time keeping up.

And that's fine. I talked to my sister, and her friends are using her house as a "Cooling station".

"My thermostat is set at 70 degrees, Lisa," she said.

I jumped in the car on Saturday and headed out to her house. She lives out in Peachtree City, on the far southside. Interestingly, that's only 20 minutes away. (I live downtown. Most places in any direction are 20 minutes away. I like that!)

It was so cold that I needed a blanket! LOL

I slept well on her sofa. That is all.

Sunday I stayed in. I need to cut the grass in the backyard, but uh... that will have to wait for when it is cooler. NOT IMPORTANT.

I did my chores on Sunday, and I did a little rewriting. I wrote the latter half of a novel earlier this year, and I am rewriting the first half for the month of July. Tayari and I were discussing that she likes to write her work over from page one, on a blank page. I was aghast at the idea, but need to try that with what I am working on now. So, that is the goal. Seems to be moving pretty fast so far. It is good to have a laptop with the rough draft up, and a netbook right next to it. Better than looking at a hard copy of the draft.

I am OFF today. *big cartwheels*

I would love to be off tomorrow too, but I have a repairman coming in to handle some broken equipment. What's so funny about him is that I went to high school with his twins. One of them was in my 6th grade class. What a small small world it is!

But it should be a slow week at work. Should be. We will see.

Today I'm going to the farmers market. I would like to go after work tomorrow, but it will be a MADHOUSE the day before a holiday. WOW! Learned that lesson. I am NOT fighting and pushing and shoving over a bag of carrots. No ma'am. No sir.

It will be bad today, but worse tomorrow. I will deal with today's tomfoolery.

I have a dentist appointment today. The very last of my dental work. No more of the fine Dr. Watson... not until my teeth cleaning in November. (Awww...)

I think Serenity is scheduled to have her baby today. So girl, praying that you have a safe delivery and all is well.  Can't wait for the little one to get here!

With that, it's time to get on out of here. Gonna get dressed and get out before it gets TOO hawt out there!

Right now it's 73 degrees.  That's COOOOOOOL.

It willl be 103 degrees later.

Time to GOOOOO!  Right now!!!


Have a good Monday!!! On purpose!


  1. DOGGONEIT!!! I forgot you were going to be off!!! Whelp!! Enjoy your day honey!!

  2. stay cool Lee! And for goodness sake turn that a/c at least down to 75. Makes a big difference. I use to keep mine on 78 and the house wouldn't get that cool...those 3 degrees make a big difference. I thought I would notice a big jump in my electricity bill by putting it on 75 but nope my bill actually went down. Guess it wasn't having to work as hard when I kept it on 75. That has been my experience at least.

    praying for all the people without the luxuries of electricity and so forth right now.

    also saying prayers for Serenity and her new bundle of joy that is soon to arrive.

  3. It's hot as heck out here too...don't think we hit the 100's yet though. My a/c is catching hell and I can't go outside because of this respiratory thing I got going on.
    Patiently waiting for cooler days.


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