Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Freestyles... The Strange and Arse Hot Edition

It's Friday!

*wide swooping cartwheels*

Oh how glad I am of that.

And I have a 3 day weekend. Your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl is glad of it.

Once again I have all these wonderful plans. Knowing me, I will only accomplish a fraction of them. And that is okay. Just glad to be OFF, man!

And is it just me or is it ARSE HOT outside??? WOW! I tell you, my hair is a little thin in the top. It felt like the sun was sitting on top of my head. I cannot have to sunroof open. It is TOO HOT. OH MY!!

It is suppose to reach 102 degrees this weekend. ARSE HOT.

This has been a long week. I've had to be to work early a couple of days this week, so I am feeling a little O_o right now. Even had to wear something presentable, i.e., clothes I don't wear to work. It felt quite odd. I had to do that because some contractor folks were coming in. Didn't know if they would show up in their Sunday's best, so I had to oblige. Luckily they didn't,

And I won't today. NERP.

Back to jeans, t-shirt and sneakers!

On to my freestyles.

Strange stuff... Tbis was a strange week indeed.

1. These past few mornings, there are large gangs of white teenagers cleaning up my neighborhood. Not sure who or where they are from. My first thougt is that they got in a lot of trouble and are on punishnment. But it is most likely some communtiy service project. Hmmm...

I drive by slowly and peer at them curiously.

I want to ask them if they will go up to 555 (my proverbial address) and clean up any trash they see over there (Maybe a stray can or two. I don't know who keeps throwing random stuff in my yard, but they better CUT IT OUT.)

2. It was strange how Anne Curry got dissed on The Today show. That broad put in some WORK. And they placed the blame on her for their low ratings. There were SO MANY comments in different places from people saying they will not watch the program anymore. Add me to them. I could take or leave Anne Curry. But she got DISSED. Walked off with a gang of money, but dissed. Hence, I am watching Good Morning America now, which is a better show anyway.

3. Very strange that Obamacare passed... with Judge Roberts as the deciding vote. Sir, the republicans are HOT with you. You won't be invited to anymore parties. You lost a bunch of friends. Wow!

4. It is strange how Attorney General Eric Holder is being treated by Congress.
My goodness. I still don't know what's going on. But uh, does anyone remember the Iran Contra Affair? Hmm... Go look it up.

As LadyTee says... Obama and them try to get up there and do what these white leaders have done in the past! Those white leaders got away with stuff. We don't and we won't.

That's right. Not all that strange... But it is strange to hear the republicans hollering about everything that was okay in the past.

I'm just saying.

Enough of the strange moments... on to other things.

Post of the Week. From the Infamous La. I so love her musings. I stalk her like crazy. I love this post.

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning. 

That was GOOD, La. It left me breathless. I LOVE your writing, Oldgirl.

Quote of the Week: From a book I'm reading by Joyce Meyers, Power thoughts.

It is a German Proverb.

"Begin to weave and God will supply the thread."

In other words, get moving. Start stepping. Move forward. Provision will be there.

That's for Chele. Because I know she'll like it. :)

Song of the week: I love this song. It makes me happy.

It reminds me of my coworker Lieutenannt By... When he works in the lab, he plays Sade REAL loud.

By won't play the Blues for you... By will play that Sade for you!


(Trust me. You just have to be there to understand that one. LOL)

That is it for Friday Freestyles!

You have a good weekend... on purpose!


  1. Happy Friday OldGirl. Enjoy your long weekend.

  2. Have a great weekend chick!!


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