Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peach and Blue (Through and Through)

“She likes me better than she likes you,” Blue said, as he lay back on the couch, his shade bright as a cloudless morning sky, as if he was being illuminated by the sun.

“You just look good on her,” Peach snapped. “I am good for her through and through.

Through and through.

Blue let the words settle within. His shade darkened to a midnight hue with that retort.

“Sometimes that’s what’s best,” Peach said, when he didn’t reply.

“What’s best is not what it always seems, though,” Blue shot back.

“I beg to differ. I work from the inside out. You are just… there. On the outside.”

Blue said nothing. He only stared. He would knock the fuzz off of Peach, but he wasn’t violent.

He was Blue. He was very calm.

“And worse yet,” Peach continued, “you’re more than a color. You’re a mood. And not a good one at that.”

Blue darkened even more. He wished Peach would just sit there and be quiet.

Peach had Blue right where she wanted him. “When people think of blue, they think sad. Down. Depressed. It’s not a good thing that she likes you, because when you get up on her, you change her for the worst, and that’s not good.”

Blue became his darkest, a shade unnamed, a shade close to his cousin Black. “You have a point. No I’m not good for her. But I still look good on her.”

Peach nodded. “I’ll give you that, Blue. I’ll give you that much since it makes you …happy.”

Blue smiled, his shade going bluish-white.

Yes it made him happy.

Through and through.

(From Women of Color Writing Workshop, May 2012. Writing prompt: You favorite food and favorite color having a conversation)


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