Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crochet... LadyLee Style

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you'll know that I LOVE to crochet.

My cubicle mate The CowgirlCre taught me how back in 1999.  And I took to it like a fish to water. I even read a few books on it, and would come back and tell her what I learned. She would shrug. She didn't care much for my observations and chalked up to my anal Ph.D. analytical ways, lol.

One thing I love is making baby blankets. They are super quick to make (30 hours or less). I tell you, I can start blankets in January, with no inkling of who it's for, and it always turns out that a couple of people will announce that they're expecting a baby that year. So I always have a blanket in some stage of completion. It makes for a great and inexpensive baby gift.

Here's the beginnings of a couple of baby blankets I made for Serenity23, who is due any day now.

Little tiny squares taking no more than a couple of minutes to make.

Here are the final finished blankets.

Whoops! That picture is too dark.

*snatching blankets off sofa and placing them on armchair*
You still can't see it well. These light pastels don't photograph well.
She's having a boy, so I didn't get to put a ruffle on the blankets :(

Straight edges for boychild!

I like when new yarns come out. I especially like the vagrieted yarns (yarns that change color). The blanket above on the left is made from yarn that changes from baby blue to white to baby green.  I've never seen that before. And when I see new yarns, I buy them and make something with them.

Here's a better photo of that one.

Here's a better picture of the edging of the one that has more colors.

I like that one better because I can make it for a boy or a girl. The girl's baby blanket will have a nice ruffle on it. (I like ruffles!)

So those were my crochet projects for the first half of the year. I mailed those out on Tuesday, and she should get them today. I really hope she likes them

I am making a couple of more baby blankets. One is for someone who is expecting now, and the other... who knows?

It is good to have an extra blanket on hand if someone is expecting and I need a good gift a give...


  1. How sweet!

    I learned to crochet from my mother as a child. She learned from her mother. I have not made anything in quite some time but your photos make me want to buy new needles and yarn and make...something!


  2. You do beautiful work. Makes me wish I was having a baby ... NOT!!!

  3. They're beautiful! I used to make baby blankets whenever I had a new niece or nephew. I just love baby blankets!

  4. Oh I know she'll love it!! I want to learn how to croquet. I'm going to google it now to see if anywhere in my area has classes or something.

  5. JustMoe5:22:00 PM

    Those are beautiful ... I always wanted to learn but never took time out to learn.

    Congratulations to Serenity !!

  6. I learned to crochet off of Youtube. My bookclub wanted do different activties so I looked up crocheting on Youtube then I read magazines and books. I have made 5 throws one was for my grandson with the yarn that changed changed from white to different blues.

    I am working on a throw for my moms, I am slow going at it.

  7. Yep the baby blankets are so nice!! We have had fun analyzing different patterns over the years. The convos we have in the cube.

  8. I should get back to crocheting too. My mother says " what am I your crochet elf?" Congrats to Serenity, I wondered what happened to her blog.


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