Monday, June 04, 2012

Rainy Monday Morning...The Deeply Psychological Edition.

It is raining...

On a Monday morning...

In my beloved ATL.

*ladylee twirls with an umbrella in the rain*

Yeah right.

I hustled my tail right on in this workplace here this morning. Umbrella would not go up. O_o

I got wet.

Ugh!  My goodness.

I was so looking forward to a picturesque blogging week. Alas, that may not happen. My smartphone tore up on me on Friday. I spent half the day Saturday trying to get that fixed. Turns out some cable shredded in it (not sure how that happened), and they had to order me another one. And get this... it is on back order so I will have it in 10 DAYS.

That was funny. They gave me a loaner phone. Some little bootleg non-smartphone thing. I feel like I've gone from driving a Mercedes to a Yugo. It is definitely taking some time to get use to.

It all makes me ponder on how priviledged we are. I am not upset about it, but I am inconvenienced. I need to figure out how to download my numbers stored elsewhere, and I can't remember my gmail account password, etc. I lost whatever wasn't saved on my chip (whatever you call it).

Oh so inconvienced.

But like I said.. it always makes me ponder, this whole cell phone/internet issue. Most of us have a conniption fit if these things go out for any length of time.

Yet we can go sit in a restaurant and not worry about someone coming in and blowing it up. 

Those things happen, but not as often as in some other countries. You have to admit that much.

Amazing how we are so psychologically dependent on the niceties. Always amazes me.

How on earth does that happen. I mean, 20 years ago, I didn't have a computer, much less the laptop and netbook and tablet that I have. And I am temporarily O_O when anything isn't working... or working as fast as I'd like it.

I was watching something on television one day about the art of coming up with witty inventions, and the person was saying that you should always try to come up with something that is a necessity.

Better yet, one should come up with something that is a psychological necessity. 

And you must admit... all our personal electronics, even facebook and twitter...

Man, it is all a psychological neccesity to the 100the degree.

DEEPLY psychological.

Really though.

Quote of the week.  I will thinking about this one for awhile. From Joel Osteen's Sunday program.

"Everyone has a opinion and has the right to that opinion. Likewise, you have a right to not listen to it. If what they are saying to you doesn't line up or confirm what God has placed on your heart, let it go in one ear and straight out the other."

You got that right, Sir. Sho you right.

That was a really good sermon about how we are waaaaaay caught up in what other people think about us. To the point that that is all we are concerned about. We should get busy pursuing our own passions and purposes. Interesting.

He even touched on one of my favorite sayings: Don't share your dreams with everyone.

You know how I say it: "Don't share your uncommon dreams with common people."

That's because people will find a way to ridicule and shoot your dreams down.  I'm the exact opposite. My eyes glaze over when someone tells me some dream they have - at the mere thought stage,  You know, when they are rolling that thing around in their mind and they just need someone to talk to about it. That is a most cherished place to be.  What an honor for someone to share such with me.

And then to see this thought, this seed, it come into manifestation in there life... WOW. Let's just say I have a serious habit of placing some offfering in their offerning plate. Sho nuff. For I, LadyLee, was allowed to stand by and watch it all happen and unfold... from thought stage. 

That is deeply psychologicallly...

My offering to them is my way of me saying... AMEN, HONEY! 

And of course, it gives me the faith to pursue my dreams, too. I am thankful for that.

But if you know what I know, suckers don't like to see you do well.  If you remotely even think about doing something different from the general group ways of doing things... people got isshas with that.  I don't follow the crowd, and I rarely deal with people who follow the crowd. I like individuals. I like to be able to tell you from the next person.

I do believe, if we examine those people closely... they aren't even in touch with who they are. They are however QUICK to criticize your dreams and motivations. They are experts in the affairs of others, yet are not taking care of their own shaky affairs.

I cannnot STAND that.  It is all deeply psychological. 

Such folks will send people in the wrong directions. When a little encouragement may have made the difference.

I would never want to knock anyone off their paths in life. And you know how I feel about paths.

Let me be quiet, because I can go on and on...

Let me just say that it is a treasure when you find people who will encourage you to follow your dreams.  A treasure indeed.  NEVER take that for granted.

Oh well.

Yes indeed.  I don't usually watch Pastor Joel, but I happen to catch him yesterday. He made this Oldgirl think about a few things.

And that's a good thing.

That is it for today. I need to be VERY creative to come up with some blog posts without many pictures. I may have to rehash some old ones.

Either that or a complete Food-for-Thought blowout bonanza.

We don't want that. I need some smurfiness up in this joint!


You all have a good week... on purpose.


  1. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks.

  2. I would never want to knock anyone off their paths in life.<-----AMEN!

  3. It is rather disappointing to discover who isn't supportive. Thanks for another enlightening post.

  4. The Green Eyed Bandit9:03:00 AM

    Who said we don't want FFT posts? We love those!

  5. Loved this. I've learned who I can share what with. The rest can go kick rocks.

  6. Thank you for this post...


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