Friday, July 06, 2012

Freestyle Fridays... the Holiday Edition

It's Friday!

Still hot outside... but it's not ARSE hawt. Our temps in the ATL have been in the high 90s. That is hot, but compared to the mid 100s, the high 90s feels good.

This is a friday of a holiday week.

I tell you... When the 4th of July falls on a Wednedsay? WOW!

What is the point? I like my holidays on a Friday or Monday.  Makes for great 3 day weekends.

And I must remind myself to take off from work during a big holiday week JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE DOES.

Geez. Work has been swashbuckling. And that's the way it is when most of the group is off. Ugh.

*reminding myself to put in for 2 weeks on Christmas and Thanksgiving*

Humph. And the only real reason I went to work is because I have a repairman coming in to look a instrument.  And that didn't even work out well. He'll be back next week.

One great thing about today (among many great things, of course):


Glory! *cartwheels*

No balling out of control for me. Bills have already been scheduled for online payment. Sigh.

This has been a relatively quiet week. I was off on Monday, and I had some dental work done. I STILL have one more appointment. Then I am done. Dr. Watson is fine, but he ain't that fine. Tired of seeing him!

My teeth are the bomb right now, man. And that's a good thing!

I didn't do anything for the fourth of July. It is too hot to be all outside. I try to cook something out of the norm on a holiday, and I had some good boil, i.e., crabs, shrimp, potatoes and corn. It was good-t.

Barbeque! Now last Memorial day, my sister wanted some barbeque. I haven't barbequed anything in some three years, but to appease her, I dusted the cobwebs off the old grill and cleaned it out. Then I grilled up some meat.

I never posted those pictures... but here you go. Because your friendly neighborhood oldgirl will NOT be doing that again anytime soon.

Chicken, beef ribs, and pork ribs.

Look at those beef ribs!
Look at those chicken wings!
Kentucky brought over a pack of hot dogs! And look at that steak and sausage!

Actually, I don't do well looking at those pictures. I was a feeling a bit blah behind eating. I am still in my 95% reduced meat range, so when I eat it, I feel a little left of center.

I like to cook for my sister though. It gives me an excuse to help her out with food. I made some potato salad and baked beans, and trust me... she took a lot home.  She won't see me barbequing anytime soon again. Nerp.

Let's just say your girl has been burying her head in stuff she likes... tons of salad and fruit... *lee's eyes glaze over*

Quote of the week.  I read a lot. I'm reading a book titled 1000 Character Writing Prompts by Bryan Cohen. You know I LOVE writing prompts, and this is a very good exhaustive compilation of writing prompts. They are all grouped together by personality.

The first line under the "twisted" personality...

"When you look into the eyes of some people, you can't help but think that they might be just a little bit off."

Uh, yeah.  Ain't that the truth.

It goes on to give10 really creepy character writing prompts related to that. There is a long paragraph on some odd person, followed by the question of what caused them to be this way.

Interesting... But I ma more interested in that particular line. THAT line is a writing prompt unto itself.


Song of the week. People love this guy. I never got into him. But he has a few songs that I like. I really like this one.

Whelp! This is a yardwork weekend. There was a crazy storm out of nowhere on Tuesday evening, and every stray tree branch in the world is in my yard. Luckily they are small enough for me to pick up and place in a couple of lawn bags. Many folks got much worse. So that should be fun to do (not).

Serena Williams goes for her 7th Wimbledon win... You know I'll be watching that match. Hope she makes quick work of her opponnent. You go girl!

You all have a great weekend!

On purpose!


  1. I pulled up a chair...I thought you were going to give us your writing from a prompt.

    Oh, I love me some Kem.

  2. @remnants... Oh no, honey. I wrote that down in a notebook so I can use it for later.

    I am so-so with Kem. He has 3 or 4 songs I like, though!


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